A video of a man disciplining his teenage nephew with a belt whipping has gone viral on the interwebs.

The nephew apparently posted items on his Facebook wall that suggested his involvement with gang activity. His uncle, aware of his nephew’s social media use, chose to correct him and get a message across to him through humiliation on a video that was posted to the Internet.

The video raises questions on the appropriate style of regulating youth and internet security, especially in a day and age where youth’s online presence is becoming a growing concern in regards to safety and crime.  Also, another notion is challenged; how much does public or private humiliation impact a child in regards to discipline? Does corporal punishment serve as an appropriate means to modifying or correcting behavior?

Watch the video here! Do you believe the uncle’s style of discipline was fair?

  • DebDeb70

    As I read the responses I realize that it’s easy for us to sit in the comfort of our homes and arm chair quarterback his uncle’s disciplinary tactics. It is also quite easy for us to make rash judgements such as…”Clearly his parents are not doing what they need to do”, or “his uncle went way to far and because of that he will have low self esteem issues.”
    REALLY PEOPLE??? Kids are killing kids in the name of street cred, in the name of you live on 125th & I live on 124th, in the name, you wear red, and I wear blue. We complain that kids are in gangs b’cuz they have no family life at home. Well clearly he does here, and yet we crucify his uncle. “He need’s to be in after school programs.” WHERE??? They are getting cut left and right. Parents can’t keep their eye on the kids 24/7. Let’s face it, that was not our son/nephew getting involved in gang activity, and posting it on the internet. It was his. We don’t know the back story, only what we see. His uncle wasn’t just angry he was scared. Scared of losing his nephew to senseless violence.
    Look, I believe that children should love their parents, but I also believe that there should be some healthy fear of them as well. That way he or she will hopefully think twice before they do something foolish, or dangerous. There is a GREAT possibility that someone from a rival gang could have seen his video post, made him his next target, and posted his killing on the internet. What would be your reaction then? I could hear it now…. “That poor boy, and his parents.” “If only he didn’t post that nonsense on FB.” Those words do little comfort for his grieving family.
    So the next time we see something like this on FB, or youtube, ask yourself this…..What’s worse, the uncle beating him, or having to bury him?

  • Maurice

    I agree with @ DebDeb70 and many others That Uncle needs to be thanked because too often parents want to be “friends” with their kid(s) instead of their parent(s). These kids today need to be whipped period.

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