A video of a man disciplining his teenage nephew with a belt whipping has gone viral on the interwebs.

The nephew apparently posted items on his Facebook wall that suggested his involvement with gang activity. His uncle, aware of his nephew’s social media use, chose to correct him and get a message across to him through humiliation on a video that was posted to the Internet.

The video raises questions on the appropriate style of regulating youth and internet security, especially in a day and age where youth’s online presence is becoming a growing concern in regards to safety and crime.  Also, another notion is challenged; how much does public or private humiliation impact a child in regards to discipline? Does corporal punishment serve as an appropriate means to modifying or correcting behavior?

Watch the video here! Do you believe the uncle’s style of discipline was fair?

  • http://www.vexed-v12.com stacie-ann/vexed-v12

    thats how you do it! fuck that. beat his ass! i’m a new mother of a little rambunctious baby boy & i’ll be damned if my son grows up to be a gang member. i think he should have gotten more of an ass whoopin’ than that. he’s too big for that belt. he needed to be stripped butt naked and beat with the belt.

    idk if it will deter him from “gang bangin” but its a damn start.
    black people were raised on “spankings.” it would have been harsh if the uncle lost control and started punching him in the face and whipping him with the belt in the face as well…. i see nothing wrong with a spanking.

    we need more involved parents in the black community…. let’s get involved in our children’s lives.

  • http://brittanyhollowaybrown.com Brittany

    I think this was excessive, especially posting it on the Internet. And I did get belt ~whoopings rarely but that’s when I was younger. This kid is a teenager, I think at a point, it’s humiliation and not discipline.

  • donna

    I think he could have handled it better, maybe calling him on it and making him post it but not beating him. If he was being pressured to join a gang before this it’s only going to be worse now because he really has something to prove.

  • Lorvibe

    The funniest thing i seen in a while.

  • OhPuhleezee

    Better a whipping from his uncle than a whipping from some real gang bangers.

  • Catherine Jones

    It was VERY APPROPRIATE and I feel that we need more black men to stand up like this one is willing to do and take back our homes, neighborhoods, schools and young men whom so many are readily and irresponsibly reproducing into society whom are a burden to society and the juvenile justice system. I say, “Bravo!”. to the disciplinarian uncle. The young man will be better for it. Many of us, in my generation, received similar forms of discipline and – as you can see – it didn’t kill or harm any of us. If you (generally speaking) don’t whip your child, the police will be glad to do so…and they won’t nicely or politely ask for your or anyone else’s permission to do so either. Not only will they beat them to the white meat, they oftentimes will kill them. How’s that “corporal punishment” for ya’?!

  • http://twitter.com/supaflynfuchsia Fuchsia

    Love this!!! He’s lucky to have an uncle who cares that much. I don’t see anything wrong with corporal punishment if you fully explain to the child what they did wrong. In cases like this when it comes to gangs the pain of a belt whooping isn’t even close to being jumped, shot, or thrown in jail.

  • African Mami

    Very necessary!!! The only thing I didn’t like was the cursing. But good job uncle!

  • Cakes

    This I can guarantee: He won’t be on facebook talking that fake gang mess again! LMBO!

  • Isis

    I love this too!! We need more parents/family members that care enough to keep us on the straight and narrow. Good job!

  • Zoe

    If this is an act of humiliation, then more of our children need to be humiliated more often. However, I can’t help but look at another unexpected outcome of this video. The teen may feel even more pressure to show his peers that he is a “g” and actually start gang-banging, when til this point, its only been a front. Overall, the uncle had the right idea.

    lol @ the last line in the video, when the uncle says: “now post this on ya wall!” lol

  • Leah

    Is the uncle trying to humiliate his nephew…or himself? He’s the one that’s on the video without a shirt on, with a beer belly, and with his pants halfway on the ground–not to mention his foul mouth.

  • EmpressDivine

    It was most definitely fair. I’m sure that the lil boy won’t claim to be in a gang again. Even if he did nobody is gonna believe him now!

  • bama_momma

    I’m a white woman and I say that more teenagers need that butt whipped. I took my share of butt whippings and it was safe to say that I didn’t want that anymore. I agree with the previous posting that I could do without all the cursing, but sometimes I guess they need to have the fear of God (or Uncle) put in them to change their behavior. I have 3 kids of my own and I won’t hesitate to spank if it’s warranted. Good job, Uncle! Nice to see family that love their youngsters enough to put them on the straight and narrow!!!

  • Brennia

    always stay involved and police your children – may be their only hope, but PLEASE pull your pants up…..

  • binks

    I was raise old school so I don’t have a problem with the whipping. Heck a lot of kids need a spanking or whipping every now and then. Though the video might have been a bit much but I get what his uncle was trying to do especially something as serious as gang activity. I think anti spankers tend to look at corporal punishment in the extreme instead of the other cases that isn’t so extreme because it does deter behavior when and only if it is done right, explained and stressed upon that said actions was wrong. Besides, I rather take a whipping from an uncle then end up being dead, hurt, or sentence to prison over gangs activity

  • African Mami


    If humiliating will keep him off the streets, and one less casket bought. SO BE IT!!! Let the whoppings continue to rain like showers of blessings.

  • Beth Alvarez

    I think he was 1000% right!!!! Put the fear of G-D in them when you still can too many lost children!!! The world has gone crazy! Someone needs to stop it and that starts at home!!! My father did just that and so did I and we all grew up with love and RESPECT!!!!

  • DJ

    This man has the right idea. If we had more people in young people’s lives like him maybe the state of our youth would not be so bad!

  • Mike

    Yeah! If more parents (or in this case, guardians) would do this, a lot of this bullshit would come to a screeching halt. I’ve worked in school district settings and have seent he crap and disrespect these punk-ass kids have for adults and authority figures. When I tell them that if I had tried that shit when I was their age,I woulda got a whooping like the one in the video. They think I’m kiddin when I tell them that corporal punishment was allowed when I went to school and if administered, I was ure to get another one when I got home, and my backside remembers them too. I went to school with the children of some of the folks that were involved or saw what happened in the Watts riots of 1965, and even those kids had respect for authority and adults in the late 60′s and early 70′s. If they didn’t, they got exactly what that nephew got in the video. Those were the good old days.

  • Hmmmmm

    his unc pants are hanging off because he took his belt off duh…

  • TL

    Good uncle. There should be more uncles, brothers, fathers willing to take these boys down before the gangs take them. It doesn’t matter what color they are either. Black, brown or white. It is TIME to take back our streets, schools and communities. The liberal BS that has scared parents into submission has created the social mess of today. I don’t care if it takes the belt, shunning, humiliation–it is better than a box six feet under.

  • http://AOL Bonnie Wolfe

    For the size of that boy I’d say he got off real lucky. That wasn’t a whooping. That was going thru the motions of what it could be. He is so fortunate to have an Uncle that will take time with him. Most of us know that “talking” to them does little or no good what so ever. They’re going to lie until you hear what you want. His Uncle is trying to save his life. Do whatever it takes to head them in the right direction.
    Three Cheers for Uncle. And a little soap to the mouth, better fitting pants and he’ll be on his way too. Good luck to you both. It’s going to be an uphill battle but you’ll get there if you try.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ebonylolita Ebonylolita

    GLORAY See the problem is NOBODY is usually watching the kids when they get on the Internet & act a fool. Whether they’re fronting or really involved in gang activity it is the job of the FAMILY to correct them. The Uncle did a GOOD job of that. The boy should have been embarrassed to be on the Internet engaging in “FakeGang” behavior. THIS should not embarrass him. Coming from a good family is NOT an embarrassment. THAT needs to be broadcast ALL over & the uncle chose to do that. Now maybe this boy will focus on getting his head right & not over internet fuckery. I work in law enforcement and am SAD to see how family’s turn their heads at their children, mainly son’s, negative attitude/speech/behavior. GET IN THAT ASS in 2011 & they won’t be seeing me in 2029!!!

  • poppy

    I can’t get mad at the uncle. He was trying to save his nephew from gang banging from the consequences of a stupid decision. I’m not sure how effective this is but at least the nephew knows his uncle cares.

  • tim hooper

    I feel that the Uncle was doing the right thing. Some may think it was cruel, but giving the behavior of young people today and the penalties for gang behavior, it is quite possible this is what’s needed to save our youths lives. Better a belt today….than a bullet, life sentence, or casket tomorrow.

  • KingJason

    The boy needed that ass-whipping and he will thank his uncle one day for steering him away from the madness.

  • http://facebook ROBERT HARDNICK

    I recognize that the uncle is trying to save his nephew and i applaud him accordingly. I do believe that this young man will think twice before doing something like that again. Who knows what one if these barbaric ignorant wanna be gang members might do to him and his family on the strength of what the nephew has said on Facebook. We as parents, adults aunts, uncles, etc, need to start monitoring what our kids are doing, weather it is on or Facebook, school or even at home. The responsibility is on us to make sure that our kids are safe and doing the right things. The uncle did the right thing in correcting the nephew, and more of us need to step up and save our children. However, to post this on the internet, was really out of bounds as far as I am concerned. I cannot see how that is going to help that young man in the future. Everyone that saw this video was glad to see this young boy getting disciplined and it was funny to them. Put yourself in his shoes, I could see that he was not hurt from the whipping itself, his feelings were hurt, and most certainly his pride was hurt. We should use discipline and a tool to teach our kids that there is a consequence to everything they do. Humiliation is not a good way to discipline our children and I am sure that none of you that saw the video would like to see yourselves being punished for the whole world to see. Further more even though he disciplined the young man does not guarantee that he will change. PUTTING THIS OUT OF FOR EVERYONE TO SEE JUST MIGHT HAVE A NEGATIVE OUTCOME. Somethings should really be left in the privacy of home.

  • http://www.vitamins-and-health-facts.com Contrice

    I feel that if more parents or guardians took the time to do some type of drastic intervention, then the world would be a better place. People join gangs because they are looking for family, support and unity. They are looking for somewhere to belong and someone to care and understand. If a positive family gives that and shows that than many more of our youth would be headed in the right direction.

  • yoyoyo

    SMH at you all condoning the use of violence to teach a child. This is why black people will never get anywhere. Blacks have been abusing their children for years because a GOOD WHIPPING will set a child straight. Well what are our black children doing now? Underperforming in school and acting out in violence.

    I’m sure this boy will act out in violence in the future. He will also suffer from self esteem issues. If he was raised correctly he wouldn’t be on the internet posing as a gang banger in the first place. His activity would be closely monitored and he wouldn’t have time to play around because he’s be in school/community activities and doing his HOMEWORK!

  • what-what

    I feel two ways about this, I understand the concern for the humiliation aspect of it, but if this incident humbles him and keeps him off the street then fair dues. I don’t know if the humiliation will actually come from the beating or the fact that he had to acknowledge he was being fake. Yeah I found it funny, but my first reaction was one of empathy because I could relate to the belt beating experience, many people have had ass-whoopings, and many in a public place. I’m not saying there won’t be a backlash, but maybe it won’t mentally scar him for life. #justsaying.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ashley-Sykes/1065177536 Ashley Sykes

    oh lord. i just knew the “put them in the corner” police would come around. some people wont learn unless pain is involved unfortunately. you can sit there and tell your kids over and over not to touch a stove but until they actually TOUCH the stove and see that its hot.. they wont do it again will they?

    i feel that abuse is when you beat the kids for no reason at all,to take your frustration out on them or for dumb little reasons. if you walk in on your 17 year old child having sex are you gonna tell them to get in the corner or that they’re grounded? HELL NO! lol

  • ash

    i suppose its better for him to get hit by uncle then get killed in the street

  • chinaza

    Let me get thie clear.This boy “will act out in violence in the future” and have low self-esteem because of his uncle? The same kid who was already lying about killing people on Facebook? And what do any of us know about how “correctly”he was raised?
    That’s the real problem in our society.All the enablers who refuse to allow our young people to take responsibility for their choices.
    This boy chose to glorify violence because HIS mind is violent and anti-social.We choose our behavior and he was equally capable of writing about becoming a teacher or talking about a movie or writing a poem.but he chose to make himself out to be a gangster.
    It’s not his uncle or his family or his pastor or his best friend.It’s him.
    It’s just as easy to be positive as to be negative.Guess what? he chose the negative.
    His uncle did what many adults fail to do. He drew the line of right/wrong and refused to compromise and be politically correct and stupid.He acted like a man.

  • http://cluth Tlady

    Some one needs to really pull the uncle’s coat I had some what the same thing with my daughter she wanted to be grown while I was working hard taking care of her and other small children this child got very disrespectful something I would not have never done to my mother or any one elses I was fixing to give her what I grew up with a good old ass whipping, how bout she called the law on me before I could get that ass, the law came and told me if I did they would take me to jail. I could not believe that! sisters and brothers I am sure u all no how that shit turned out!!! my point is dont let them no what”s coming and dont put it on the air keep doing what you doing you are alrignt rope like okra and keep it strightn other wise you will lose them dont cut them girls no slack either……

  • minna k.

    i have to agree…

  • hunnybee

    I agree with the uncle and appluad what he did, we need more uncles like him. If this same young man actually did all of the things he claimed to do as a gang member we would be watching him on an episode of the First 48 as a victim or criminal. I would much rather see him embarrassed than lose his life over the senseless violence he’s pretending to brag about having committed.

    This is not abuse, the young man could still walk, talk and had all his mental functions after the whooping the uncle gave him. This is discipline for the 2011 generation.

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com chic noir

    Blacks have been abusing their children for years because a GOOD WHIPPING will set a child straight. Well what are our black children doing now? Underperforming in school and acting out in violence.

    Maybe it’s cause we stope whiping them. Oh and the single parent families with no man in the house to keep the son str8. women can’t do it alone.

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com chic noir

    If he was raised correctly he wouldn’t be on the internet posing as a gang banger in the first place. His activity would be closely monitored and he wouldn’t have time to play around because he’s be in school/community activities and doing his HOMEWORK!

    Are you kidding me???? These kids are fame hoes today. It ain’t always about being raised right if your kid is one of the sheeple. Do you ever look at these teenagers myspace and facebook pages??? Have you looked at the facebook walls of some 30 year old people???

    Look who the biggest star in this country is(kim K), what is her claim to fame??? Famewhoreism is an American disease

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com chic noir

    I 100% cosign ash and right on Ashley Sykes.

  • DebDeb70

    As I read the responses I realize that it’s easy for us to sit in the comfort of our homes and arm chair quarterback his uncle’s disciplinary tactics. It is also quite easy for us to make rash judgements such as…”Clearly his parents are not doing what they need to do”, or “his uncle went way to far and because of that he will have low self esteem issues.”
    REALLY PEOPLE??? Kids are killing kids in the name of street cred, in the name of you live on 125th & I live on 124th, in the name, you wear red, and I wear blue. We complain that kids are in gangs b’cuz they have no family life at home. Well clearly he does here, and yet we crucify his uncle. “He need’s to be in after school programs.” WHERE??? They are getting cut left and right. Parents can’t keep their eye on the kids 24/7. Let’s face it, that was not our son/nephew getting involved in gang activity, and posting it on the internet. It was his. We don’t know the back story, only what we see. His uncle wasn’t just angry he was scared. Scared of losing his nephew to senseless violence.
    Look, I believe that children should love their parents, but I also believe that there should be some healthy fear of them as well. That way he or she will hopefully think twice before they do something foolish, or dangerous. There is a GREAT possibility that someone from a rival gang could have seen his video post, made him his next target, and posted his killing on the internet. What would be your reaction then? I could hear it now…. “That poor boy, and his parents.” “If only he didn’t post that nonsense on FB.” Those words do little comfort for his grieving family.
    So the next time we see something like this on FB, or youtube, ask yourself this…..What’s worse, the uncle beating him, or having to bury him?

  • Maurice

    I agree with @ DebDeb70 and many others That Uncle needs to be thanked because too often parents want to be “friends” with their kid(s) instead of their parent(s). These kids today need to be whipped period.

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