My pubescent years must’ve been the best entertainment for my mother. For weeks, I had analyzed, touched, and tried to conceal the black bush that was growing on my vagina. After countless mornings and evenings of attempting to stuff the hair into the creases of my cotton underwear, I eventually stole her cuticle scissors to cut my black grass. Don’t worry. She never noticed and respectfully, I never returned them.

I grew tired of my secret sessions with the cuticle scissors and finally asked my mom, “Is it okay to shave the hair on your vagina?”

She chuckled and said, “Yes, some women shave it, but if you do, it only will grow back more quickly.”
Disregarding the second part of her answer, I immediately asked, “Is it okay if I shave it?”
She shrugged and said, “Sure…just use caution.”

I had never been more excited to take a shower.

Where did I get the desire for a hairless vagina? The ideal didn’t come from one exact place, but I had seen enough video vixens in bikinis and yes, even some glimpses of porno to know that my vagina had more hair than the “norm.”
Bare vaginas were the standard. I wanted a standard vagina.

For years, I rarely let my pubic hair grow beyond a millimeter. I obsessively trimmed it, particularly when I became involved with boys. Disgusted by female pubic hair, my high school boyfriend certainly appreciated my bald vagina. Since we were engaging in oral sex, I obliged to his preference, simultaneously assuming that most men held similar sentiments. I certainly wasn’t a fan of men sporting full on bushes above their penises, so the feeling truly was mutual.

Noticing my near bald vagina, a recent partner asked me why I shaved my pubic hair. While I felt cleaner and sexier with less hair, my knee jerk reaction involved my relationship with men.

Less pubic hair facilitated more oral sex.

He laughed, obviously not expecting my answer to be so blunt. Yet, he replied that he personally loved pubic hair on women. He enjoyed putting his face in bushes.

Perhaps if we both had been alive in the 1970s, I would classify his answer as the norm. Historically, pop culture and pornography didn’t encourage female porn stars or women in general to wax, shave, or Nair their pubic hair until the 1990s.
I would argue that the majority of women keep their pubes trimmed low and bikini lines bald. I know few women that vocally rock a full bush.

As women lay on spa chairs all over the world to get their pubes ripped off, I have to ask why we participate in these shenanigans. After my first wax, I thought hell rose through my vagina’s pores and vowed to never do it again. But I still shave quite frequently. Indeed, it is a chore.

Please tell me…

Why do most women trim or completely remove their pubic hair? Why have bushes faded from the norm? And do you prefer bare or the bush?


  • April

    I dated a man who luckily, like the man in this post, actually LIKED pubic hair and all other hair. When I first met him, he asked that I grow my eyebrows back in and cease to arch them, but when we began having sex, he commented that he prefered hair because quote “One, I’m black and Spanish; and two, having a woman with no hair is like having a little girl.” I was so relieved to finally find a man who appreciated my bush (I grow hair like crazy). So I believe many women shave because it’s an “in” thing, and I personally shave because it feels better and cleaner (I’m no longer dating the hair fetish dude lol). But on weeks when I know I won’t be engaging in sex, I just simply let the hair grow because I hate having to shave every other day.

  • dewayne

    I am a married Firefighter and I love the fact that my lovely wife is growing back her pubic hair. I love the feel of it and the fact it screams “I am a woman” not I am a girl. As far as oral sex goes, it only creates more attraction for me to please my wife orally. Bring back the hair and stop/drop/roll!

  • Ricky Ticky

    I can honestly say I prefer a full bush on a woman. When I was teenager, I didn’t really care how much hair was or wasn’t on a vagina. But, once I actually had sex, and more importantly oral sex, with both shaved and hairy vaginas, I only take hairy. You may get hairs in your mouth, but vaginas are more pleasing in every way with hair on them. That’s just my opinion. I know it’s not what most other guys would say, but they’re missing out.

  • June

    Pubic on women is glorious to look at. Nothing is more sexier than a woman standing before you wish her vagina sporting a nice trimmed or all natural bush. It’s a turn on for me and I love to see women with it. It Instantly gets me aroused.

  • steve sharkman

    shaving or waxing down to look like a five year old is gross and sick. also, beware of any man who likes the “litte girl” look. he’s a pedophile at heart.
    real women wear hair.

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