Bare or the Bush: Off With The Pubic Hair!

by Arielle Loren

My pubescent years must’ve been the best entertainment for my mother. For weeks, I had analyzed, touched, and tried to conceal the black bush that was growing on my vagina. After countless mornings and evenings of attempting to stuff the hair into the creases of my cotton underwear, I eventually stole her cuticle scissors to cut my black grass. Don’t worry. She never noticed and respectfully, I never returned them.

I grew tired of my secret sessions with the cuticle scissors and finally asked my mom, “Is it okay to shave the hair on your vagina?”

She chuckled and said, “Yes, some women shave it, but if you do, it only will grow back more quickly.”
Disregarding the second part of her answer, I immediately asked, “Is it okay if I shave it?”
She shrugged and said, “Sure…just use caution.”

I had never been more excited to take a shower.

Where did I get the desire for a hairless vagina? The ideal didn’t come from one exact place, but I had seen enough video vixens in bikinis and yes, even some glimpses of porno to know that my vagina had more hair than the “norm.”
Bare vaginas were the standard. I wanted a standard vagina.

For years, I rarely let my pubic hair grow beyond a millimeter. I obsessively trimmed it, particularly when I became involved with boys. Disgusted by female pubic hair, my high school boyfriend certainly appreciated my bald vagina. Since we were engaging in oral sex, I obliged to his preference, simultaneously assuming that most men held similar sentiments. I certainly wasn’t a fan of men sporting full on bushes above their penises, so the feeling truly was mutual.

Noticing my near bald vagina, a recent partner asked me why I shaved my pubic hair. While I felt cleaner and sexier with less hair, my knee jerk reaction involved my relationship with men.

Less pubic hair facilitated more oral sex.

He laughed, obviously not expecting my answer to be so blunt. Yet, he replied that he personally loved pubic hair on women. He enjoyed putting his face in bushes.

Perhaps if we both had been alive in the 1970s, I would classify his answer as the norm. Historically, pop culture and pornography didn’t encourage female porn stars or women in general to wax, shave, or Nair their pubic hair until the 1990s.
I would argue that the majority of women keep their pubes trimmed low and bikini lines bald. I know few women that vocally rock a full bush.

As women lay on spa chairs all over the world to get their pubes ripped off, I have to ask why we participate in these shenanigans. After my first wax, I thought hell rose through my vagina’s pores and vowed to never do it again. But I still shave quite frequently. Indeed, it is a chore.

Please tell me…

Why do most women trim or completely remove their pubic hair? Why have bushes faded from the norm? And do you prefer bare or the bush?


  • smarts

    This was a wonderfully refreshing article. Kudos Clutch!
    I dont shave, but whenever the prospect of sex comes around, I trim or shave. I dont like to though. I rather be natural because I hate razor bumps and the annoyance of having to get it done ever 6 weeks! I’ve never had a humiliation issue with my pubic hair (except for underarm hair eck!) so Ive never felt uncomfortable around because of it. My last ex said he loved it, so it’s not a foreign notion!

  • Cali

    I get what my waxer calls an “extended bikini” – a Brazilian w/o the landing strip in front, I keep that super short & in the standard triangle shape. As for why, I just like it better & feel cuter when it’s “done”. I’ve never shaved/waxed the front bare, that’s a little much imo. I feel like as an adult there should be some degree of hair, but definitely groomed. I’d never rock a full bush around a guy, it would feel too strange. Maybe it shouldn’t feel strange, but it really would.

  • Ashleigh L. Atwell

    I think it’s a societal norm for the most part.

    I shave and trim but I rarely go completely bald. A 10 year old is supposed to have a completely bald vulva, not a 20-something. Y’all can have that waxing. It isn’t that serious.

  • MW

    I began waxing because of dance and continued for all of the “normalities” impressed upon us as young women.
    I don’t do it religiously but I’m certainly aware of the passing weeks, the longest I’ve waited is 7 weeks between waxes.

    Interestingly enough, I’ve found, for a man who matters (not a hook-up, not a one night stand, not some guy who’s more of a touch and go) they rarely care.

  • Nike

    If I am being sexually active, I shave. If not, I only shave once in a blue moon. The up keep is annoying shaving regularly. For me, being bare makes everything that much more sensitive to the touch during sex.

  • OSHH

    I did the bare thing for about a year and grew tired of that look, and the hyper- pigmentation and hair bumps, buying expensive products to keep hair bumps to minimum, exfoliating the area etc… so now I just trim hedges.
    For a man, I prefer bush, anything else looks suspect (to me) on a dude.

  • Jennifer Louise

    I prefer completely bald, waxing only. I hate shaving because the hair grows back faster and thicker, and razor bumps are not the business. I also wax other parts of my body because it lasts up to 3/4 weeks for me and honestly I feel cleaner and fresher, and even sexier because of it. I feel PREPARED. Prepared to wear a tank top, shorts, or bikini without having to worry about something that’s growing to be showing… but hey to each her own!

  • OSHH

    ITA pubic hair doesn’t embarrass me nor does it prevent me from being or feeling prepared etc. I don’t have those kinds of hang ups.

  • Ciara

    I shave and trim when I’m sexually active and for hygiene purposes. Hair holds odor and bacteria and that’s for any part of the body. On the other hand, I don’t go completely bald because the hair is there to protect the vagina from bacteria and other things aren’t good for the vagina. I agree that at least a trim facilitates more oral sex. I’ve never had a sex partner requested baldness, but just enough of a trim for him to reach the inside without struggle.

    To answer the questions, I think women groom largely for their sexual partners (and men). I think bushes are no longer the norm because of the media focus on groomed and bald vaginas, in addition to women being more in touch with their sexuality and sexual organs. Discussions about sex and vaginas are more socially accepted than before.

  • Mercy

    Great article. I always wanted to shave it all off, but I have really kinky hair down there so I am afraid of razor bumps and ingrown hair.

  • Kam

    Completely bald. Not because of a man or anything but for the fact that I’m an active woman and it can get up to 105 degrees in Arizona. I’ma just leave it at that. ;)

  • Clnmike

    Never was a fan of the clean look. It felt like I was looking at an anatomy book or worst it looks like she hasn’t reached puberty. In addition razor bumps down there is a scary look. Its also kind of sexy when she has the hair peaking out side the panties. Also bushes can be fun, I knew a girl who shave hers in a heart.

  • Girl 6

    Great Article. Was just thinking it’s time for a trim. I’ve never waxed, just doesn’t seem like the appropriate place. Trimming and shaving the sides works best.

  • Belle

    Keep these articles coming, Clutch! I don’t like shaving because of the ingrown hairs and bumps. However I do keep my the hair very short because the bush feeling annoys me. My s/o likes it that way because it makes it easier to well…you know:-)

  • Robin Nicole

    In my late teens I was very strict with my grooming regimen. I would shave and/or wax every couple of weeks, to ensure there was no hair down there. I found that it increased my sensitivity… Now I am a bit more lenient. I have reduced the grooming to once a month, and I don’t shave it all the way down. I think I may have to take a tip from Clnmike’s friend and experiment with shapes!

  • ash

    i find that men/women(if your bi) just want it trimmed, very few care too much because they are happy just to be getting anywhere haha

  • binks

    I think as the time changes so does the standard of beauty(more or less) depening on what it is to a certain degree.I can’t speak on why most women trim, shave, wax etc. but I think it does have something to do with imagery just think about it when we see the vagina in almost any context in this day and age it is usually bare or with very little hair as possible and when we do see a bush usually the first response is “she needs to do something with that hair” and a major factor IS men. Personally, when it comes to excess hair I just don’t like it so I wax.

  • serenissima

    i normally keep my pubes trimmed because sex is just better for me when im bare down there… i feel oral sex and other stimulation more intensely. and when im not having sex on a regular basis, i usually let it grow out to a bush that rivals the one on my head lol. but when i try to have sex with that afro, forget it! i can have dryness and some really painful friction that just makes sex not fun when im too hairy… ive also never had sex with someone who had anything bad to say about pubic hair; contrarily most have said that bald vaginas are creepy because they look like a child or weird because they mean a girl is trying to look like a porn star. so nice and neat is it for me

  • Leanee

    Women may feel pressured by the men they sleep with, and some women simply like it bald. I think pubic hair is fine. I don’t feel the need to shave mine off. Not to say that I haven’t ever shaven, though. I hate the prickly feeling when the hair starts to grow back and plus I get razorbumps that itch.

    And it feels so fake for me to shave it because it has never been my thing. My husband doesn’t really make a big deal about it, either (although he has mentioned once or twice that it had gotten kind of long, in which case I might trim just enough so it won’t be long enough to twist, lol…sorry if that’s tmi). Hair holds odor, but some of those odors are phermones.

  • Drew-Shane

    I never really heard about my girlfriends’ experience with shaving until we got older. I hear about them going to the spa and getting trimmed up and even waxed off. I found it interesting, since I never heard about it growing up.

    Very interesting post!

  • Jaslene

    Wow tmi the first paragraph. I just trim mine it is actually good to have some hair down there. I find that having a bald vagina is kind of disturbing its like being a little girl again.

  • Tracie

    Bald Eagle, hunny! I want to be free! lol
    Seriously, I don’t like that mess on me!

  • Odwalla

    I’m a baldy… For reasons listed above e.g. sweating, bacteria, but also because it makes me feel ready. Ready for what? Whatever. Also, my hair doesn’t grow in very full and I don’t think patches are the hottest look so yeah, I nair down there.

  • Tracie

    I’m dying to try waxing, but im extremely terrified!

  • Ana

    I love my bush! All day, every day! My favorite part is the part that grows in the crease and inner thigh, outside the cover of my undies. Seriously, it’s so beautiful. As a female who loves other females (is it a dyke thing?), I appreciate when there’s hair down there, or I can hang with a clean clean shave, but once 5oclock shadow hits, it’s all too rough.

    I’ve never waxed, but I did basically everything else growing up. Most of the hair removal came because of boyfriends and leotards/cheerleading bloomers/swimming. I must admit, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m gonna do when I’m ready for the beach. Last summer, I wore “standard” bottoms when I was with close friends and the beach wasn’t hella crowded. I do need an alternative bottom or more confidence. Either way, I love my bush!

  • EmpressDivine

    Personally I think the baldies look like little girls. Dudes that like absolutely no hair get the side-eye from me. That’s like digging chicks that wear pig tails and school girl outfits. Personally I prefer the 5 o’ clock shadow (a la early 90s George Michael). It’s low enough not to get in the way but not so bare that you look like you’re 8 years old again.

  • Mina

    In all honesty- i wax for ME! The 1st time i did it was 4 years ago and I promise u I have never looked at a razor or depilatory cream for my region again. There is a freedom and an extra amount of cleanliness that I appreciate- im beach ready all year round ! And now with hard wax in a lot of waxing salons and spas its less painful then strips! But doing it so long I really dont feel much! #baldy&lovingit

  • zy

    I remove the hair for me. it has zero to do with oral sex and it never did. istarted shaving/waxing my pubic hair when i was about 17. best thing i ever did. i just can’t stand having hair anywhere other than my head/eyebrows/eyelashes. everything else must go. i work out regularly and frankly, having hair there is not sexy, it truly increases the amount of perspiration in that region and i just can’t deal. lol the only time i don’t shave/wax is when i’m menstruating simply because the skin is super sensitive during that time so i avoid it by being sure to be bare the week prior so i don’t have to sweat it. we’re no longer in the stone ages where hair meant warmth. it’s ok to let it go now. lol

  • Alexandra

    I’m not sexually active & I shave sometimes; its a must for me during warm weather. So that stereotype is not true. I shave for myself, and comfortability.

    But most of the time my bikini line is bare & all else is trimmed down. Seems like basic maintenance to me. I would recommend waxing though, because it’s quicker & it takes longer to grow back. But dont forget to use whatever products works for ingrown hair prevention. They are not a pretty site. Azulene oil is good.
    And I also agree that women should take notice at men who require it bald.

  • Rastaman

    I will have to agree with you sista about the childlike appearance that some of these ladies seem to going for, it makes me wonder who told them it was a good look. I want to think its more the influence of porn rather than pedophelia that is behind this desire because it would be easier to understand. The women I have encountered who go with the no hair have beeb because of differing reasons, one was a dancer who pointed out that it is just more comfortable and the other did it because her boyfriend wanted that look.

    I date women and unless she has alopecia or some other hair loss condition I am looking to see hair down there and I like the feel too.

  • Shureesh

    wow………….is this really an article? why is it anyones business what you do down there just shave ur shit for hygiene purposes damn.

  • Carol Akiiki-Matama

    I don’t shave because that skin is so delicate and I’m afraid I’ll cut myself. I don’t wax because I don’t ever want to experience what “hell rising through my pores” feels like! I always keep a “petite” pair of scissors with me…they’re curved which makes it easier to catch the hair on the bikini line. I’m one of those people who have little to no hair on my arms and legs…so shaving and waxing have never been a part of my grooming routines. I shave my armpits regularly but my mother swears that if I had never started, I wouldn’t be doing it today. Which is probably true because her armpits are naturally bare. The bush is not for me but I don’t knock it either. It’s a matter of personal preference.

  • unique_one

    I like mine trimmed. I’m not sexually active but I sweat A LOT so keeping the hair down there trimmed is a must. Also, my hair grows fast all over so waxing is out because it’s too expensive and probably hurts like hell. shaving has too many draw backs, so I’ve found using veet around my bikini line and carefully trimming with baby scissors gets the job done…but it’s time consuming as hell. *oh the joys of being a woman*

  • African Mami

    Don’t you feel the least empowered?

  • Shureesh

    @African Mami….well because im not sexually active and I choose to do it for me I would say its pretty empowering in itself lol Im doing all for ME so hell yeah I do!

  • That kind of Girl!

    I was a wax freak until my husband told me it turned him to see a little girl inbetween my legs. I keep it very low and I still get the sides and the between my butt cheeks waxed. I kinda miss my boldness, i always felt so fresh.I think it strictly depends on teh woman, it’s not for everyone. You shouldn’t have a jungle down there either.

  • Robbin Melton

    I absolutely love my bush and I appreciate full bushes on others, as well. I’ve oft wondered why people are obsessed with being bare down there…looking like prepubescents and Barbie dolls…it seems a little weird to me to want to look like a little kid. In fact, it down right creeps me out. Granted, I’m not opposed to trimming in the warmer seasons or occasionally shaving to please my man since he likes it, but I’m au naturale, all the way up to my “Macy Gray in a headlock” tufts!

  • 05girl

    wow. never knew women shaved south of the clit! Just thought folks waxed if they needed to get down there. I think I would be irritated shaving or nairing down there…

  • Ebonylolita

    I only shave the lips….. easy access for HIM. I trim the top. I get razor bumps & CANNOT deal w/waxing. I’m a WOMAN & the hair is there for a reason so I just keep it NEAT. Like bikini-ready neat. No baldie. ALL the men I’ve ever been w/appreciate my cut :)

  • Laina

    Just an F.Y.I. : shaving your vagina does not get rid of bacteria that would be present if you didn’t. in reality, shaving (especially, as opposed to waxing) increases your vulnerability to bacteria and disease ebcause your pores are opened, and the hair that catches sweat and dirt is gone.

    i’ll keep my (very) hairy vag, thanks. if a guy doesn’t like it, he can get to steppin’, cus i won’t say a word about his hairy parts.

  • MP

    I don’t know why other women do what they do, but I trim and shave my VULVA because I like my bush more domesticated than wild. I don’t like it bald because it looks prepubescent and I’m not a fan of the growing back process. Furthermore, the upkeep for a baldy is not my speed. I don’t care enough to pay someone to wax me and I’m afraid it may be painful, but I’m not opposed to it for the awkward, hard-to-reach parts..
    I don’t have any hair growing inside my vagina.

  • Paule

    I, personally, like to sport a half bush. It’s the best of both world. I can feel sexy and clean “down there” and still can look down and see there is something still there; kinda like a reminder that I’m still a grown-up and not a child waiting for puberty to hit. The same way women like to groom their hair- rocking out different styles and cuts- I like to groom my “down-theres”- a cute trim one weeks and a mowhawk the next.

  • SPstyles

    I totally agree! I love my landing strips and diamonds (upside down triangles!)
    Its like business on top, party on tha bottom!!! lol Being completely bald definitely has that pedofile feel to it… like i dont even wanna touch myself, lol.

  • Krystal

    Does waxing prevent ingrown hairs?

    I used to shave but now I Nair once a week..sometimes I go 2 weeks. I think once you start, you kind of get addicted to having less hair. I thought my bf liked it but apparently he prefers hair..I guess it is warmer or something…but I dont think I can go back to a full bush anytime soon.

    I’ve thought about waxing but I think it is one of those things that you have to keep doing.

  • Mack

    It distrubs me that there are 45 comments on this article (including mine) and NONE on the article about the “…Attack on women” article.

  • Shifty

    Thank you MP. I swear…if you have hair on your VAGINA that’s a problem, seeing how it’s on the inside of your body.

  • KingJason

    Men like it bald because hairiness is gross

  • KingJason

    …naw just kidding, hairiness impedes certain activity

  • LNicole

    i shaved once as a teen and vowed I would never do it again. The razor bumps were killer and it itched like I had crabs or something. It was torture not being able to scratch it!!! I don’t do any trimming, shaving, waxing and my husband and I have no problems. I will admit, I have like 10 minutes to shower after a workout or it’s a potential problem, but I always plan accordingly so it’s all good.

  • shaw

    I was a little late to the game. I had a boyfriend in college tell me I had too much and to shave some off so I obliged. I have been off and on since then. Some days I like it gone and some days I need something there. i don’t know where this comes from. Ever since that one BF told me to trim it up, if I have something there I haven’t had complaints. Too much makes it funky but when its gone I feel naked like a prepubecent girl. I guess I’m in the middle.

  • Miss Jae

    I don’t have that much hair “down under” to begin with & what is there is straight & thin. My honey-do doesn’t mind, so neither do I!

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    Women shave/wax to appeal to men, or other women, sexually, and also because a lot feel that hair in and of itself is disgusting, and will do anything to rid themselves of it.

    No idea why bushes have fallen out as the norm. Shit changes, I guess. Also porn isn’t the same. Having a bush down below is a niche now.

    I prefer a landing strip over all. I’m not comfortable with a bush. I’m also not comfortable with seeing or feeling my puss just completely bare. Having a little something there is sexy to me.

  • http://aol B.T.

    I love woman that have hair down there!.. I go completely crazy if a woman does not have hair down I like the fresh womanly smell that come’s from a woman that has hair… down there! it’s a must for me and my woman… All I say is that God made it that way for a reason and I agree with him!… Keep the hair! See-ya!

  • dasia

    Personal hygiene. I prefer to go bare not for a man, no I do it for me. I never liked the bushy look.

  • charbaby

    i’m with you! i like being natural and thankfully i’m not intimate right now so i can be natural as i want but when i’m involved I ask my guy what he prefers. if i have to get down and personal i prefer a trim because i think the hair is there for a reason.

  • Rayna

    Shaving leaves bad razor bumps, but waxing is fairly good. Bare is best for me.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    bare?, hair?, i don’t care. it’s all good.

  • Tracie

    I posted my comment yesterday, this one is about the picture that is with this article. So, you guys are really making it hard for me to surf your site with this picture on here like this. I mean how ima explain this to ppl that walk behind me and see it each time I view the home page. I mean can yall like minimize it or something. lol

    And lets not mention how HUGE it in the sliding menu on the homepage, Yesterday, i clicked to the homepage and walked away, came back with another co-worker to my desk…and it was big as day! lol

    Handle that please! lol

  • misu

    i had that problem when i shaved 2.. but now i use nair and wipe it clean.. i also purchased a Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver w/Pivot Action and Bikini Trimmer and it gets the job done.. no cuts, no shave cream..

  • sunshyne84

    lmao I think I wanna vajazzle mine with a black fist.

  • African Mami

    @ TKOG,

    But there’s lots to be discovered in a jungle…kinda mysterious don’t you think?

  • Tiffany W.

    Has it occurred to any of you ladies that hair grows there for a reason? Lol, I mean the reason why it grows back is because it is suppose to. There is nothing unhygienic about having pubic hair on your privates. It is actually more unhygienic to shave or wax, because it opens yourself up to possible bacterial infections with open wounds or if the wax isn’t the cleanest.

    I’ve done waxing, shaving, and I left it alone. Shaving is the worst, because of things said before (Razor bumps, ingrown hairs, etc) Waxing is….different. I felt like a child. I didn’t like nor did I hate it. It was just….mmm different. Leaving it alone, with occasional trims, is the best policy for me.

  • Miss

    I too tried shaving it when I was younger and hated it! It always itched growing back as some of the other readers mentioned. So, from then on I would just keep it neatly trimmed. I’m 29 yrs old and just started waxing and I love it! I’m married and the Mr. loves it too, but I did it for me. It’s just more “clean”, plus it feels great! don’t like the “bush” doesn’t look feminine to me at all. Now the waxing does have it’s moments where I’m laying there like “damn, OUCH”! But the pain goes away and I’m good for a month +!

  • Yolanda

    I’m a seasonal girl. When it gets warm outside I shave more frequently, but in colder months I refuse to shave, I will not walk around with a prickly vagina. This was all peaches tile I got a BF, but I told him straight, and he was cool with my light bush, he does prefer a low bush, but likes both bald and bush. So I guess it worked out, but growing up I had the same problem as the Arielle. but I was (and still is) very hairy, legs arms, knuckles (genes of my father, damn bear) but over the course of Nair and wax this hair has grown back slowly, but still thick, so I say its 1) a choice of what you and your partner like and 2) what is best for you to deal with, it’s yours and you have to look down there every day.

  • Joe Likes

    I’ll say that I prefer it shaved. Now I like the look of a well shaved/trimmed pubis but the clean shaved pubis preforms the best during sex. My girl got a Brazilian wax last summer before she went on vacation and let me tell you, that had to be the best sex that we’ve ever had. As a person who likes to give oral sex to his lady, it was an absolute pleasure to kiss and orally make love to her vagina. It was smooth as silk. Regarding hygiene and odor control, shaving definitely helps to reduce the natural musky smell that genitals can sometimes produce. I recommend a Brazilian wax to anyone lady who has not tried it. If you can deal with the pain and discomfort of the procedure (which most can) I say try it once. Both my girl and I agreed that the sex was 10 times better due to the hyper sensitivity of the bare skin which took our sex to a entire new level (and mind you it was incredible before the waxing). It may even help some of you ladies who find it difficult to have a orgasm through intercourse achieve one. Good luck ladies on exploring yourself :-)

  • Jenroses

    I Hate To Say It But : A True Woman Would Maintain And Take Care Of Herself And Have It They Way She Feels Comfortable

  • Anisah

    I’m definatley a baldy! I’m a Muslim and in Islam, BOTH men and women must shave their armpits and pubic hair and I love it. Not only do I feel clean, I feel more attractive in the bedroom.

  • Leo Leone

    Okay, shaved women are cute, no doubt…Ans so much more kissable…But so are women with a well trimmed patch. You can get really creative in how you style yourself. Even more fun is when my woman lets me do the trimming. Yeowsa, that’s real eroticism, there.

    There’s simply no reason to limit yourself to one extreme or the other…There is a happy middle ground here. The real fun is in finding it together!

  • dcmoviegirl

    There is universally appliable opinion on this. It’s just a matter of personal comfort and aesthetics.
    That said, If hair impedes you, you’re doing it wrong.

  • DuecesWifey

    I am in complete and total agreementt with you. I shave for ME and no one else. Makes me feel so fresh and so clean.

  • http://xxxx xoxo

    I don’t have sex regularly so dont shave. However when I do I shave…:):)

  • musiclova

    LMFAO, yes I saw the article and realized that since I am in my university’s public library that it just might look like I am looking at naked pictures while people are passing me by.

  • ml

    Umm brazillian wax is the way to go if you want to keep a man….

  • mj

    i trim. I personally like having some hair down there I feel naked without it and the ingrown hairs and razor bumps and scratching from shaving just isnt worth it. If a man is passing up some punani because it has some hair on it then i question his sexuality. Plus i think it is just a sign of adulthood and not the prepubescent stage.

  • KARO

    ever since it started to grow i wanted it gone

    shaving takes too much time and does give you ingrown hairs and bumps

    for about 5 yrs now i nair/veet almost weekly takes 3 minutes

    i might let it get a little peach fuzz but thats it

    who wants hair in their teeth lol

  • Kassie

    I like having hair there. It’s a bit trimmed, but other than that- I’m low maintenance. It makes me feel sexier and more womanly.

  • Travis

    You said it… less pubic hair facilitates oral sex. I’m a dude, and I keep it trimmed pretty close more or less for that reason. I’ll be totally blunt: when I go down on a girl rocking a big old bush and I get a mouthful of hair? I’m coming right back up again.

  • Jean Grey

    I was trimming for years before I had sex or was intimate with a man. I started off just trimming it down and at the bikini line was good. But now I like a landing strip. Shaving or waxing are both fine. But I cannot under any circumstance go bare! Idk how you all do it!

    Trimming up my landing strip makes me feel sexy. Just like wearing beautiful underwear and sweet perfume. It’s all for me. How it makes my man feel when he’s going down is just a pleasant side effect ;)

  • zombiezilla

    I’ve also been hyper-concerned by my pubes. I have to say, in addition to the drastically unrealistic sexual images men and women are socialized with in porn and otherwise, this preference cannot be divorced from social norms and sexism/patriarchy. It’s also, resultingly, about one’s own relationship to one’s body and sexuality, as well as self-esteem issues when it comes to dealing with men/partners. A few months ago, I realized that I had literally been damaging my body–I had scars from in-growns–usually after getting waxed, shaving, when I was going to be with a new partner–and it was kinda a wake up call. The act of waxing, shaving, etc. felt symbolically like violence against my genitalia–and i felt like a funky hot mess. So I gave it a break, and simultaneously began evaluating my sexual relationships with men and what I truly wanted from sexuality. Anyhow, long story short, I’m in a better place and I’ve since gotten a brazilian wax, and I have to say, finding a place that was able to do it (technique and product) without giving me ingrowns has made a huge difference in how i feel about me and it. And ditto re whoever said that about questioning someone’s sexuality–hair is a part of us, and we groom other parts of our body but going bare (and I didn’t even talk about sexualization of children/childlike-ness in this context) just aint real.

  • FBK

    I trim a little bit, just enough so that he doesn’t get lost in the wilderness. Once, long ago i went completely bald and did not like the feel of it.

  • chinaza

    Women should just do what’s comfortable for them.
    Pubic hair is normal and natural in a grown woman.It’s not dirty nor unhygienic nor ugly.
    If a woman makes her decisions based on what a man likes sexually,then she needs a reality check.He won’t make a decision to be with you-or not -because of your genital landscape.

  • Sean

    I am a man. I have always found the bush on women to be very sexy. To me it is the sign of a woman. In my mind bald is indicative of pre-pubescence. I want to be with a woman. Also, the bush individualizes. There is a sameness to bald. But a woman’s most erotic area should carry a uniqueness to it; and the same is true for men. Therefore I am not saying I only like a full grown out bush. I like what each different woman does; whether it is full, trimmed, a strip, a V, etc., it’s all good and uniquely erotic.

  • kckitten

    Personally, I opt for the brazilian wax as a much cleaner, safer and enjoyable (no … really) option. After the waxing, a slight amount of lavender oil is especially soothing. A very narrow “landing strip” down the middle is recommended, however. My esthetician says a very minimal amount of hair is advised for hygiene purposes. Anyway … after getting regular brazilians, I absolutely love the way a thong feels against my baldness. It’s liberating and feels so clean and … well … sleek. Plus, my man loves it and pleasing him is what pleases me!

  • Ash

    Great article! I only shave when involved with a man, but when I get comfortable, I let it grow out. I hate those dang razor bumps tho! I have been searching for a cure, and it looks like I found it. To be honest… I LOVE MY BUSH! I hate shaving in general so it should be completely acceptable for me to not have to shave/wax/Nair so frequently. Let’s change the standard. I never knew a man who shaved his pubes. If he makes you shave yours, shave his! #GIRLPOWER! from the Bushwoman

  • Tricia Lee

    Take it All off! That is most requested, and is the service of choice at Polish Bar Brooklyn. Easy Breezy, and more and more women are overcoming their fears of waxing and hair removal in general. I think it’s great!

  • corb

    by the way lov the reference photo. i’ve shaved myself in a experiment one time and it was weird no hair not smooth but prickly and a bit uncomfortable i must say. in the ffurture i’ll just go with a good trimm job. also i could care less whether my parther trims or waxs or shaves hers as long as hers are clean.

  • Twix

    I love her hairy, hairy, hairy…. and my bikini line, curly and long running by my legs…. I feel absolutely sexy that way. I build up my confidence just by letting it grow out and I feel so proud that I accept my massive bush. Nothing is sexier than confidence. And my man. absolutely. loves. it. If a man doesn’t mess with me cuz I have hair down onmy vulva, makes me wonder. R u some sort of a pedophile? Ladies, stop cutting ur beautiful crown for the simple reason to please a man… When will we start pleasing ourselves?

  • lydia

    I”ve shaved, I’ve waxed, I’ve naired, but all in all, I can appreciate the bush. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like hair, other times I like to switch it up and have no hair. Interesting article though!

  • Bree

    I prefer all my hair gone. It’s an uncomfortable feeling to me to have hair down there. sweats so much easier when there is hair. I hate it. And I prefer my partner to shave if he wants any type of oral sex to take place.

  • GG

    I prefer to keep it bald. I don’t like hair anywhere expect my eyebrows and on top of my head. I’ve never gotten waxed before but I plan to because shaving is not always the best route. I often get marks from the razor or other random nonsense. For me, I just feel more free…more clean with a baldy.

  • Jo

    On myself, though I shave my bikini line semi-regularly I leave the rest. I prefer it that way; I occasionally get shaving rash or ingrown hairs which is annoying enough on my bikini line without extending it. I also prefer the way it looks and feels.

    On other woman (who are my preferred sexual partners) I don’t really prefer a bare look, though I wouldn’t ask them to choose otherwise. And it really doesn’t facilitate oral sex for me! A bit of hair is far easier to navigate than stubble rash is. And the sensation of hair is more pleasant, both in touching and being touched.

  • xenu01

    Here’s the thing, Travis. Most vulva-having ladies have hair above and on the outside of their outer lips. There’s no hair in the part you’d be licking. So if you go down on a girl with a bush and you get a mouthful of hair, you need an anatomy lesson.

  • wildcard

    Brazilian wax here! Every four weeks. It just makes me feel a bit more comfortable, especially during the hot months in Florida. It’s just the same feeling as shaving the underarms, legs, or men shaving their faces to keep the “clean” look. Just because everybody doesn’t see it doesn’t mean u just let it look like whatever!

  • Dee

    At most I give it a little trim if it’s started to get a little unruly. I’ve never really considered doing more than that, especially since my boo is eager to please regardless of the bush factor.

  • African Mammi


    A desert is NOT going to keep a man from straying/moving on/forgetting you exist temporarily or what not. If he wants to, he will REGARDLESS. He might decide to venture into the jungle…

  • sunshyne84

    lol well that’s an interesting philosophy

  • Bookeater

    I don’t shave or trim my pubic hair. The very idea of putting a sharp object (or hot wax) in such a sensitive area unnerves me.

  • Florence Anne Burns

    I’m going to steal part of MJ’s answer… a little hair, nicely trimmed because I’d feel naked without it. Yes, I’d feel naked even while fully clothed.

  • Char

    I love waxing. I like how I feel after a great bikini wax. I have a bit more than my bikini line waxed and less than a Brazilian. I see a lot of comments about ingrown hairs. Try PFB Vanish to get rid of ingrown hairs or razor bumps. I just blogged about the stuff. It’s great.

  • Tastyleisti

    I generally trim these days, although I have shaved and waxed in the past. I recently read that the average female “shaver” spends $10,000 over the course of her life on shaving products. Waxers spend even more. This is crazy! Think how rich we could be if we just let our bushes grow proud and full!

  • Henrick

    Hi.. I loved everything you told about your bush and the parts you have it (especially outside of the cover). Please, get in touch with me.

    henrick_pp at hotmail dot com

    Henrick Stümmerman

  • Henrick

    Hi.. I loved everything you told about your bush and the parts you have it (especially outside of the cover). Please, get in touch with me so we can talk about that.

    henrick_pp at hotmail dot com

    Henrick Stümmerman

  • April

    I dated a man who luckily, like the man in this post, actually LIKED pubic hair and all other hair. When I first met him, he asked that I grow my eyebrows back in and cease to arch them, but when we began having sex, he commented that he prefered hair because quote “One, I’m black and Spanish; and two, having a woman with no hair is like having a little girl.” I was so relieved to finally find a man who appreciated my bush (I grow hair like crazy). So I believe many women shave because it’s an “in” thing, and I personally shave because it feels better and cleaner (I’m no longer dating the hair fetish dude lol). But on weeks when I know I won’t be engaging in sex, I just simply let the hair grow because I hate having to shave every other day.

  • April

    LOL at xenu01′s comment

  • Stan

    There is nothing particularly attractive in pubic hair so removing it is a pretty and good things to do. I am happier with my wife when she is nakede now way does Pubic hair make a woman a woman. Similarly going bald on the pubis in NO way makes the girl look under age or pre -pubescent. These parts grow in length, thickness and that is why they bear no clue as to what happens to the girls sexual organs. I happen to like giving oral sex and dislike hair in my nose or teeth.

  • steve sharkman

    shaving or waxing down to look like a five year old is gross and sick. also, beware of any man who likes the “litte girl” look. he’s a pedophile at heart.
    real women wear hair.

  • dewayne

    I am a married Firefighter and I love the fact that my lovely wife is growing back her pubic hair. I love the feel of it and the fact it screams “I am a woman” not I am a girl. As far as oral sex goes, it only creates more attraction for me to please my wife orally. Bring back the hair and stop/drop/roll!

  • jasii2bombiie

    The doctors say dont shave it bald because females can get bacteria easier in the vagina. They say its better to trim and line up the vagina. I trim a and line it up. The hair is there to protect you. I still get oral sex and im not bald and my guy friends like it with hair instead. Why would you want to be bald? Your not a baby. Just shave the bikini like and trim the hair low.

  • Ann Killilea

    I rock a full bush. When in college (1997 through 2002) all my friend had full bushes too – I had never heard of anyone shaving or trimming until about 7 years ago (so I think the 1970′s analogy applies to porn stars, but not the population in general). And all the guys I dated loved to bury their faces in my vulva, and feel the hair tickle their cheeks. Also, although shaving and waxing can be fun for me on a very rare occasion, I love my hair best because, when it isn’t trimmed, the hair ends get all soft and when they are touched, they send electric shocks of pleasure through my body. I thought it was straight up etiquette that a guy feel and touch and twittle your pubic hair for a few minutes before touching skin. I have a best guy friend who prefers bush because he says he can turn on a tease a woman so much more with pubic hair. He can make her beg for sex better, and I don’t know if women who haven’t had full bushes understand the pleasure they provide (because, when trimmed close, the hairs don’t transmit the erogenous sensations in the same way). And some guys are loosing the skill of how to work a woman, really turn her on, by playing with her hair. Oh yeah, and vagina’s don’t have hair. Even inner vulva’s don’t. The inner labia and clit is hair free. Only the out labia, monds, butt crack, etc. have hair, so when spread eagle, there is lots of skin for lickin. I have enjoy going bare underneath (I leave the bush in front) on occasion, mostly for something new, but what I miss most when I do that is my pheromone rich smell. Shaving and waxing cuts off the little follicles that make the sexy pheromones, and without that smell, sex and masturbation get kind of boring. Pussy is supposed to smell like pussy, and that smell is intoxicating like nothing else.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    reminds me of my first wife……yum

  • Ricky Ticky

    I can honestly say I prefer a full bush on a woman. When I was teenager, I didn’t really care how much hair was or wasn’t on a vagina. But, once I actually had sex, and more importantly oral sex, with both shaved and hairy vaginas, I only take hairy. You may get hairs in your mouth, but vaginas are more pleasing in every way with hair on them. That’s just my opinion. I know it’s not what most other guys would say, but they’re missing out.

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