Is The Melo-Knicks Trade Really La La’s Power Move?

by Leslie Pitterson

Late last night, the much buzzed about talks between the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets had came through bringing Carmelo Anthony back to his native state.

The forward had already gone through a long round of talks with the New Jersey Nets, which has resulted in nothing more than one angry Russian billionaire, angry fans and disappointment.  So the biggest story in sports this morning is more an exhale than a big surprise.

But while basketball fans in New York are walking with swag in their steps this morning, the ones in Denver…well let’s just say they woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  And it looks like Denver fans are putting salt on more than just the snow.  Nugget’s fans aren’t just mad at Melo for leaving, they’ve got a beef with his lady too.

In the sports section of the Denver Post, columnist Benjamin Hochman writes:

“[Anthony’s] desire was to get to a major media market, preferably New York. Doing so, he believed, would help his goals of becoming an international celebrity, and help him expand his interests in producing movies and music. His quasi-celebrity wife, entertainer La La Vazquez, had her own desires for stardom on a bigger stage. She even turned her marriage to Melo into a reality show.”

Though the wounds are still fresh, Denver fans’ assumption that the Carmelo trade will benefit La La is not unfounded.  The move to New York will also allow La La to return home to  the city of bright lights.  But if it’s a smart business move for the VH1 hostess, it’s even more so for her baller husband as well.

In defense of La La, she has stuck by her man in a city that was not the ideal place of residency for her career for years.  To imply that she was somehow a nudge in her man’s decision ignores his own driving ambition and downplays her loyalty in less than rosy times.

The initial time in Denver allowed Melo’s career to flourish, but after years of attempting at greatness, the faith in the ability of the team to breakthrough seemed to reflect in the athlete’s decreased presence in the sport world. 

If Melo is making the move to New York to elevate his brand, is La La wrong for doing the same?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    he is not a shooting guard, he is a forward……

  • t. price

    “The forward had already gone through a long round of talks with the New Jersey Nets” it said that in the second paragraph. lol

  • sunshyne84

    People get too attached to these folks. You have to think about your life first and if you believe moving across the country will help further you in your career go for it.

  • Clnmike

    In this case he secured his happiness and got paid, that’s what we all want. Don’t know how happy he will be with half of the Knicks top scores gone in the deal.

  • boho.barbie

    I do not know La La personally but from what I’ve seen of her, she seems really down to earth and low key. She even managed to keep her wedding show on VH1 really classy and non-exploitative of her family nor herself, which is a huge rarity on VH1. I think people are also forgetting that they both have family ties to NY, so why not move closer to your loved ones and play for one of the best known teams in sports history?

  • Keisha

    I thought he was from MD?!?

  • Urbanchica

    like Miss Sophia told the sheriff….”HELL NAW!!!”

  • jusSayin

    Can I live?

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