I personally do not see anything “African” about this photo. What I see is a light skinned celebrity partially painted in brown goo with a hat on her head that reminds me of the type of pilot’s hat Amelia Earhart would have worn. And what is the point of the dark brown goo paint anyway? What message is she (they) trying to convey? I stared at this photo for several minutes waiting for it to speak to me and I got nothing…

  • Jenroses

    Beyonce Looks Stunning In These Pictures

  • Kudzai

    I think it is wrong to typify all africans as very dark, we all know that africans come in every shade, from white to black and so I have a problem with the black face culture. It is interesting that on TV we never see the darker toned blacks but in the fashion world they are all the rage, and if they are not available we just paint them black literally. Beyonce has just insulted the whole african continent, even more so because she is black and should be more sensitive to that.

  • Sugar Brown Tan

    Beyonce sells.
    Beyonce’s safe.
    Actual black skin, unwanted.
    Game over.

    • Melinda

      Well said,Sugar Brown Tan.