Former Victoria Secret Angel and supermodel Tyra Banks is heading off to school–at Harvard University.

The 37 year-old model turned entrepreneur is enrolled in the Harvard Business School and is taking an executive education course geared towards entrepreneurs. According to reports from The Boston Herald, Banks has been seen all around Boston with her Wall Street investment baker boyfriend, John Utendahl.

Banks is the leading lady of her own career. She built a $90 million brand from her own entertainment company, Bankable Productions. Banks produces the CW’s “America’s Next Top Model” and co-produces ABC’s “True Beauty”.  Also, she recently signed with Random House to publish three novels this year.

The last time Banks was in a classroom (for non-modeling or public speaking purposes) was 20 years ago. The model graduated from Immaculate Heart High School in 1991 before leaving the United States for Paris to puruse her dreams as a runway model.


  1. Its never too late to learn more. Although she has successful businesses, she shows younger people, women, especially that there is always more to learn. As for her “pimping” other son ANTM, they chose to do the show! They have the option to do more and become successful after the show. Tyra Banks got them through the door. Its their responsibility to put it to good use. Look at YaYa and Eva!

  2. OhMyEyes

    For those wondering how she’s able to enroll without having a degree under her belt: It sounds like she’s just taking an extension course, not trying to earn an MBA. Most universities offer these and anyone can take them as they usually don’t have prerequisites.

  3. Deech

    See, THIS is what i admire about Tyra Banks and her brand. She’s in this for the long-haul, and not some petty project. She’s an innovator and she is an inspiration to all young girls and women, especially ex-models.

    Take for example Paulina Poraskova(sp?). She put up a big stink after Tyra let her go from ANTM, and she’s never been the same. So she goes on her blog to take potshots at Tyra’s weaves and bossy attitude. Ex-models like Paulina are mad because their looks have diminished and they have nothing to show for themselves but to write about it expecting people to feel sorry for her. Why she won’t get how own business started is beyond me.

    Go Tyra Girl! We need more women like you in this world!

  4. I am not apologizing for her choice in men that’s personal. I come from the generation that did not see black women in the media at all, unless they were playing subservient roles.
    I am so dam proud of what she has accomplished with her life, lets us appreciate were she started from, what she had to overcome and where she has taken her career. I’m CERTAIN you all know that ANYONE black or White to have used creativity talents to leveraged her business skills to get to where she is today is INCREDABLE. She has done all of this without a Harvard MBA. With just old school common sense & street smarts is quite an accomplishment. She has achieved her success with CLASS.
    You don’t see her name in the trades associated with scandalous behavior. She gives back to society in a big way. So to all you Haters out their get over it.

  5. wow!! she speaks as if she is kind of slow so I dunno lol

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