As Black History Month comes to a close, I stumbled on “All Black Everything,” a wonderful new song by Chi Town rapper, Lupe Fiasco.  In it, Lupe wonders what the world would be like if racism never existed.

He raps,

You would never know/
If you could ever be/
If you never try/
You would never see/
Stayed in Africa/
We ain’t never leave/
So there were no slaves in our history/
Were no slave ships, were no misery, call me crazy, or isn’t he/
See I fell asleep and I had a dream, it was all black everything/

Uh, and we ain’t get exploited/
White man ain’t feared so he did not destroy it/
We ain’t work for free, see they had to employ it/
Built it up together so we equally appointed/
First 400 years, see we actually enjoyed it/

Constitution written by the W.E.B. Du Bois/
Were no reconstructions, Civil War got avoided/
Little black Sambo grows up to be a lawyer/
Extra extra on the news stands/
Black woman voted head of Ku Klux Klan/
Malcolm Little dies as a old man/
Martin Luther King read the eulogy for him/
Followed by Bill O’Reilly who read from the Quran/
President Bush sends condolences from Iran/
Where FOX News reports live/
That Ahmadinejad wins Mandela peace prize/

Hmm. Imagine that. A hip-hop song that didn’t include “b*tches,” “n*ggas,” or somebody getting shot?Could it be?

Even though I like all kinds of rap–from grimy to uplifting–I must say it feels good to be able to sing-along with a song without feeling like I’m betraying my inner-feminist.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until Lupe’s album drops next month. But until then, I’ll definitely be rocking “All Black Everything.”

Listen to “All Black Everything.” What do you think a world without racism would look like? Speak on it!

  • Tish

    I’ve said for years that in some form Black is what everyone wants to be. I’m not saying that every non-Black person you meet on the street has this inner feeling to want to be Black. But if you think about it, just looking at the children today in some way they get to a point where they want to be around Blacks or emulate Blacks. No one wants to actually be BORN Black (speaking on non-Blacks) but want the..searching for a word…whatever to be Black or experience the “swag” I guess of being Black. Music, sports…etc…it’s like being Black without actually having to have the dark skin.

    Do I cry out “woe is me for being Black” HELL no…i LOVE being Black and to me it’s what ever one tries to be, in a sense. I’m feeling that song 100%

  • Bri

    I’m currently in Studying in Africa for a Semester and I was all for this song until I listened to it harder. And then I heard the same thing @Tomi did. It totally seems like its a song about not having white influence. I’m here in South Africa and how shocked was I to know that they took slaves from other places asia, india. so there was slavery. When I was little my mom told me about how there was slavery in Africa.

    My favorite line though is the eminem line.

    Its an interesting song to hear while IN Africa. Especially South Africa.

  • MW

    The problem, I believe, with your first statement and the Tea Party reply is that while not perfect and certainly not a lasting problem fixer, integration alleviates much of the issues that come from unjust systems and conditions of impoverished (unwittingly mostly Black) neighbourhoods: if a school’s financial abilities are based upon solely the property taxes in one neighborhood of people working within racist systems and making subpar wages, those children cannot thrive against their odds: before they’ve turned 18 they’ve been doomed.

    I’m personally against affirmative action in practice, but I certainly believe that some evils are far more insufferable than others.

  • jmar

    All black everything? Really? When you close your eyes all you want to see is black? How is that a world without racism? How can you expect people of other races to think he ever ment equality? I think we all know what he means. And OMFG at all the slavery talk! Let it go people! YOU were never harmed in anyway by slavery and the people living today never had slaves. Why are you blaming people that have nothing to do with it? They dont look at you as slaves, so wh do you look at them as slave owners? If you keep trying to feel guilty and act like white people owe you something you will never get along. And if you think it is so bad in america and you hate that they ever brought you here, why dont you get a plane ticket.

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