Looks around from computer then whispers: Shhh…but I am obsessed with Meagan Good’s eyebrows. No, really I Google her just to look and them. I wonder how I can get my hairy friends to look that good on me. I’ve been trying to master the perfect shape for years but to no avail. It’s been quite a battle. However, there are two against one, so I’ll argue that I’m at the disadvantage. That’s why my left eyebrow always looks completely different from the right. Yet, I don’t want to look like I’m always asking a question. I’m sure you don’t either, so follow the following steps.

1) Find out your face shape.

There are six basic face shapes: oval, round, long, square, heart, and diamond. Pull your hair off of your makeup-less face and be honest with yourself. My face isn’t shaped like Meagan Good’s face. Although I love her eyebrows, I’m more in love with the fact that she has the perfect shape for her face.

2) Find out the best eyebrow shape.

Eyebrowz.com has great pictures that will help you determine the best shape.

3) Keep them shaped up every couple days.

Every morning take a minute to clean up excessive hairs. However, never use a razor. Use wax or tweezers. For any mistakes, fill in spots with a black eye pencil or see your beautician.

Do you keep up with your eyebrow regime? What’s the best shape for your face?

-Shavon Donnell

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  • Girlllllll…Megan is a great beauty, but those brows are no bueno. Such as shame, because she is really beautiful. Personally, I love Beyonce, Keira Knightley and Kim Kardashian’s. For me. thickjer is always better. And just say no to black anything on your brows though.

  • binks

    I love a set of great groomed brows. But it is SO hard to find a person to do yours properly and how you want them…sighs… But I agree with most on the board not feeling Meagan’s brows

    • chile tell me about it. I just had mine jacked up. girlfriend thinned and shorted my brows way to much for my liking. This has me pissed like you won’t believe. I think from now on, I’ll groom my own brows.