CLUTCH is getting ready to unveil its new redesign and with that we are gearing up to introduce several exciting changes. One new feature we are super excited about is giving you, the reader, more opportunities to contribute to Clutch.

We know that we have some of the most vocal, intelligent, and entertaining readers around, and because of this we want to give you more of a voice here at Clutch!

What does this mean? Well, we are looking for readers who have a way with words to share their thoughts, words, and opinions with us. Many of you already have people talking, whether it’s on your blog, Tumblr, or Facebook account, and we want you to share your writing with us.

What are we looking for?

We want your opinion on what’s hot in the news, the streets, and on your mind. We want short (250-400 words), well-written pieces about issues dearest to you. Want to share your best weight loss advice? Bring it on. Want to write about grappling with life’s toughest issues? We want that too.

We know our readers have a lot to say and now we’re giving you more space to share it.

Interested? Email your best ideas and/or blog posts to [email protected] and we just might feature them on our daily blog!


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