Yesterday must have been asshole appreciate day because they were out in full force. As I strolled through my neighborhood attempting to work up a sweat, I was accosted not one, but three times by wayward dudes who apparently have no clue how to approach a woman.

While street harassers annoy me to no end, men who step to me properly—even while I’m in en route—always get a smile and a respectful response. But yesterday was something else entirely.

As I made may way through my neighborhood focusing on keeping my head up and my abs sucked in, I repeatedly heard, “Damn you thick boo, can I get your number?” or some variation there of.  Because this (and other wack ass come-on lines) has happened to me many times before, it made me wonder 1) why some men feel like this is the way to make a proper introduction and 2) who is falling for these weak lines and giving these brothas the false notion that they can approach any woman in such a way.

Because I am a digital girl, I took to Facebook and Twitter to discuss my annoyance with said brothas’ introductions. And it appears, I am not alone. Many of my friends either “liked” or commented about their own experiences with less-than-ideal introductions. Aside from the ,“Damn, you thick boo,” intro, some come-on lines that failed badly were:

  • “Hey….girl!,” while being yelled from across the street.
  • “Damn, you sexy as hell…when am I gonna hit that?”
  • “Aye girl, Can I get your number? You gonna let me come to your house?”

Needless to say, each of these failed, miserably. And yet women are forced to suffer through terrible pick up lines every day, and some men just keep rolling them out (Don’t believe me? Peep this).

But instead of being incredibly frustrated about the myriad of horrible ways men step to women, let’s have some fun.

Give us all the gift of laughter and share the worst pick-up lines you’ve ever heard. Don’t be stingy, you know you have some good ones!


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  • snickerz

    “If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?”

    Or simply just: “So what’s gooooood shawty”


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