Recently, the music world and blogs (including Clutch) were abuzz with the news that Rihanna’s LOUD tour was struggling.

It seems like the kerfuffle began when Page Six, the notorious gossip arm of The New York Post, reported that Rih Rih was having trouble selling out shows in the U.S. and that she had to cancel tour dates in Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Indianapolis and maybe even Boston due to low-ticket sales.

Well, just when people were starting to write-off the Bajan-beauty, industry insider, Bob Lefsetz talked to Irving Azoff, dubbed “the most powerful man in the music industry” by the Wall Street Journal, to get the facts about Rihanna’s tour.

Apparently, The New York Post had it wrong. According to Azoff Rihanna’s tour is doing just fine.

Lefsetz recounted Azoff’s main points on his blog. He writes:

1. There are 56 sold out Rihanna dates in Europe including 9 02’s. Live Nation has the tour worldwide and it’s all cross-collateralized.

(Speak to any touring pro and they’ll tell you that the European business is healthier, that promoters can make more money there.)

2. 64% of tickets for Rihanna’s domestic shows have already been sold.  And right now, they’re selling at the rate of 700 a day.

3. Rihanna’s Boston show is four months out.  Projections say that 90% of the seats will be sold by showtime.  Yes, those are just projections, take them however you want.  But there are other inaccuracies in the “Post” story.  It states that break even is 15,000 when only 13,500 seats are for sale.  And it says that 3,700 tickets have been sold when the actual count is 5,800.  Begging where the writer got her information, because it’s so wrong.

While many wondered if Rihanna’s tour woes were a signal that fans really didn’t want to see her sing live, Lefsetz reminds us that the music business is still struggling. He writes, “I believe there are not enough superstars and tickets are overpriced and that that will be reflected in the final numbers.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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  • Fashion Diva

    It’s kind of sad that all these blogs & other websites took Page Six’s story at face value.

  • Jaslene

    I never want people to fail I just don’t think Rhianna should be in the position she is in anyway. I know a lot of people that like her music and would buy the cd but not see her in concert and maybe in the music world 64% is good but in any other aspect its considered failure.

    • isolde

      Why would 64% of tickets sold in March be a failure for a tour leg that starts in June? Oh, the reaching . . .

    • Natural_Beauty


      Exactly they are REALLY reaching. 64% of tickets sold when your tour is months away is alright, especially when they’re selling at a rate of 700 a day. The music insider in the article even states that. Some people just hate the fact that she’s doing well. It bothers them for some reason as if her success affects them.

  • Kee

    I am not buying it either. Ri Ri has gone way to far and people like me are kind of sick of her 2 to 3 notes songs. I can not take this chick seriously.

  • Leanee

    I don’t want to see Rihanna (or any other bw) do badly, so if her tour is doing better than we think, then good for her. That still doesn’t change my opinion that her performance skills are not good, nor would I pay to see her. iTunes and awards shows are the closest I have ever been to her music and it’ll stay that way.

  • Ann

    Thank goodness I don’t know anybody that’s fan of hers at my campus. I wonder how long she can get away with being a terrible singer and a horrific dancer.