Fitting In


Is it my imagination, or are many of the curvy women in the entertainment industry losing weight? While weight loss and dieting have been in style for decades, it seems as if there has been a particular weight loss trend in black Hollywood. Suddenly, women who were always beautiful and talented are decreasing in size, and increasing in popularity.

For instance, let’s take a look at Jennifer Hudson’s transformation. Before the weight loss, Jennifer was tremendously accomplished. She is a past American Idol contestant, a Grammy award winner, and an Oscar award-winning actress. Despite her resume, Jennifer’s media attention was relatively low. The press rarely talked about her, and her fashion choices were apparently, nothing to rave about. To the world, Jennifer was simply an extremely talented artist who just didn’t look the part.

Eighty pounds later…

Jennifer Hudson is everywhere! Every blog, online and print magazine is talking about her. People can’t seem to get over how beautiful Jennifer Hudson is. I get it. Most of society equates beauty and attraction to one’s dress size. To lose weight is usually deemed an accomplishment. But, wow, I could not have predicted she would receive this much attention. Losing the pounds has suddenly made Ms. Hudson one of the most talked about women in Hollywood. Wasn’t she beautiful before? Wasn’t she just as talented?

This sudden obsession and increase in media attention surrounding Jennifer Hudson, is just another example proving the very strong influence size and appearance have on determining the success of one’s career. Will other established curvy celebrities feel the need to lose weight, in order to get the acclaim they deserve? Have they always felt that way? It seems as if Jennifer’s peers are already picking up on the trend. Recently, Raven-Symone and Marsha Ambrosius unveiled their new slimmer figures. It was just last week when Jordin Sparks showed off her new size 6 frame. Thus far, the response for all of these women has been phenomenal. Going from plus size to skinny is one of the best ways to get noticed and to gain popularity. If Jordin’s team is smart, they will profit from the weight loss buzz, release a single next week, and make a few public appearances. VOILA! Jordin Sparks goes from average cute American Idol winner to gorgeous superstar American Idol winner.

But is it all about the weight? Are plus size women, who have been in the entertainment industry for years, ever going to reach the peak they deserve because of their size? If Kelly Price dropped to a size 4 would her career resurrect? If Jill Scott shed some pounds, would she attract the attention and press she deserves?

Let’s talk about it!

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  • Jenifer looks good. That girl is smaller than Beyonce now. I know how some women can be when another loses weight, I’ve seen Jennifer get some of that one line and in the streets.

    I bet she won’t play any more mammie roles.

    • Bronze

      @Chic Noir

      LMAO…….. Mammie roles…………. and I’m sooo sure she won’t be dumb enough to gain weight for a role either…like ole what’s her face….Fanny…Fantashia. I forgot what movie though.

    • haha

      the “mammie role” was her chracter in Sex and The City.

      I know SJP don’t want Jennifer showing her and the beat poon crew up in the third SEX & The City movie lol.

  • jennifer really looks good because she has an hour glass figure. That really sets her apart from the crowd.

  • JMM

    Being healthy and being thin are not mutually exclusive as a size 16/18 woman who exercises four times a week and eats a balance diet, in good health. It bothers me that society believes to be healthy you have to be thin, being healthy is a state it’s eating veggies and getting your cardo, it isn’t a look. More cases of heart disease and diabetes are correlated with genetic risk than weight. more thin ‘healthy” people die of heart attack than fat. You can not look at someone and determine their health. The media and celebrities should stop using weight loss as a means to be ‘acceptable’ being talented and admired is acceptable. An being health should be something people can pursue at any sized weather or not they lose 80 lbs.

    • It bothers me that society believes to be healthy you have to be thin,
      Society only says this as an excuse to beat up on Fat people. I’m sure you know this. It’s something about human nature to want someone to look down on, fat people are it as of now.

  • Cherry

    One of my pet peeves is when black women love to rave about being “thick” but then shove down hate on those who decide to lose weight or already is skinny. What do Jennifer Hudson, Monique, Raven, and Jordin have to owe? To me, they’re taking a healthy step to feel better and avoid the prospect of obese-related diseases. I am in the position of losing weight, 30 pounds lost. I have to re-evaluate the reasons why I want to shed the 50 extra pounds. To me it’s more than looking good. I have some health-related problems on my mother’s side of the family, so I owe it to myself to prevent that. Another reason is starting fresh. I am sick and tired of seeing rolls in front of the mirror. Yet I accept my large breasts and frame. I appreciate my body due to the reason that so many don’t have their body parts, and all the time I felt as though I took it for granted. I am fed up with paying more for jeans and a tee; the illusion with spanx when going out to buy a bottle of milk. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself, even if it somewhat relates to the harsh standards of society.

    Also, although I love the Madison plus and YFF blogs, I am tired with people encouraging those to stay fat. If y’all want to deal with larger bmi’s and diabetes, fine.

  • MP

    I don’t think any of the celebs you cited as examples have gotten “skinny,” although they have all lost weight. They just got rid of some extra baggage. Why should they be overweight if that’s not what they want? I doubt that any or all of them did it to fit in, because they were already established. Jennifer Hudson was all over the media when she was up for that Dreamgirls Oscar. Then she slowed down and had a baby. But she still had some random Christmas special on a major network at her old size. She has been all over the media again because her record label and the diet company she endorses want to get paid, not because the media suddenly find her interesting. It’s not all about her weight, it’s about money and PR.