This week when pictures of Beyonce in the studio recording her fourth solo album surfaced, most of the questions weren’t about the Queen B- they were about the guy sitting across from her. That guy is Frank Ocean.

He’s the latest addition to Cali’s much buzzed about Odd Future crew and one hell of a crooner in his own right. And sure, he’s a singer who used to battle rap in high school, but whatever you do–don’t call him Drake.

As he frequently discusses on his Twitter page, the singer does not like to be pigeonholed to one genre. To underscore his point, he often lists his music on iTunes as “bluegrass” or “death metal.” But don’t let his eclectic categorization fool you, Ocean is steadily emerging as the voice that will dominate our radios come summertime.

After releasing his mixtape “Nostalgia, Ultra,” Ocean was lauded by Diddy, John Legend and Lupe Fiasco as one to watch. The mix has contemplative jams and ones like “Songs For Women” that could rock on late nights too.

Ocean brings a hip-hop funkadelic that is more Andre3000 than Kid Cudi. His vocals have a range that could give Young Money’s singer-rapper a hard time and his story-telling ability in the vein of Slick Rick. “Nostalgia, Ultra” pulls from rock, indie, old-school hip-hop and brings them all together seamlessly.

Truth is, while he’s been inspired by many artists Frank Ocean doesn’t feel quite like anyone else out. And that’s definitely a good thing.

Still not sure? Get your free download of “Nostalgia, Ultra” from  Odd Future’s website and tell us what you think!

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  • Fox

    After reading comments I declined to download it. But someone posted a youtube link to the song “We All Try” on Facebook and I listened to it and LOVED it. After that, I decided to download the entire mixtape and I’ve been listening to it ever since. No satanic vibe here. Now his group “Odd Future”? Yeah they are on some other s***. I don’t mess with that. Is it wrong to like him but not his group? I hope not, because I really like the mixtape.

    • Fox

      Here is a link to the song with a download link. Check it out! Just give the song a try, I’m sure most of you will like it. It’s a really nice song.

    • Tiffany

      Most people like Method Man…but not the whole Wu-Tang clan…so it’s possible. lol!!

      It took me a while to get into Odd Future too…but there not (that) bad….at least, not to me.

  • Fritzie

    Everyone has an opinion but its not that serious. I think some ppl are just taking this man and his music to seriously and making it more than what it is. At the end of the day its just music, his music, his art, the way he wants to present it. No one is perfect so to sit here judging the man on his music and his assumed character is pointless. I picked up no satanic innuendo’s in his lyrics so I can’t relate with the religious based opinions, although I am religious myself. In “We All Try” the first thing he says is “I believe Jehovah Jirah”. Well, I believe he’s got a youthful but very truthful, and relatable way of conveying his story-like messages, so as an artist, I can vibe with it and can respect it. The cursin makes the musical experience more real in my opinion so it doesn’t phase me much.
    His crew is another story, they just angry, but if u really pay attention to Frank’s lyrics he’s coming from a similar but very different place than the rest of the members. A more vulnerable place and that separates him from the rest. I have yet to find an interview where they r all in the same room together.
    Like a job u work with ppl who don’t necessarily share the same beliefs as you but are there for the same reasons to make that money like everyone else in this world, so relax ppl. At the end of the day its just music.

  • Jenn

    Oh my goodness! I was soooo excited about Frank Ocean until I heard about & started reading all about Odd Future. I do not believe for 1 second that he would associate w/ them & NOT share some of the same views. I really don’t believe in coincidences either & I think they know exactly what they’re doing. Frank’s music is in no way satanic. Its beautiful. His voice is beautiful. He’s the one that ppl think “isn’t that bad” & ppl are only paying attention 2 his talent. But if u were a christian, would ur closest companions be atheists? If u were jewish, would ur bffs be nazis? I think its no mistake he’s the one in the spotlight out of that group. Seems like he’s the one being used 2 pave the way, then when the rest come 2 the forefront, ppl will associate them w/ Frank, not their satanic (or atheist/no religion, as some would rather believe….smh) ways.