How-To: Braid Outs

by Laquita Thomas-Banks

Braid-outs are a great way to achieve a textured/wavy look. They are also very versatile. You can wear your braid-out, as is, or wear it as a textured puff or updo. Braid-outs are also quick and easy DIY – do-it-yourself- styles that can be achieved with as little as six to eight braids.

Braid-outs can be done as simply as sectioning your hair, adding a small amount of water and/or pomade/alcohol free gel – depending on your hair texture, and braiding each section. After a few hours or overnight, apply a little oil/pomade to each braid, un-braid, fluff and go. You can control they size of your waves by making your braids big or small.

Braid-outs can last anywhere from one to two weeks, and can be done starting with wet or dry hair. They are also a great way to stretch-out natural hair. Some people re-braid their hair each night, but this is not necessary. Maintaining braid-outs is also very easy. Simply cover at night with a satin bonnet, and fluff in the morning.

As the wavy texture of your braid-out fades overtime you can simply re-braid sections or your entire head at night and start the process again. You can also turn your braid-out into a textured puff or updo. Also, after braiding you can add rollers to the end of each braid to achieve a wavy/curly look.

Quick Braid-out Tips

1. Make sure you start by braiding with even sections of hair to avoid having to split sections while braiding, which will result in a frizzy braid pattern.

2. Keep your braids in long enough, preferable overnight, in order for your hair to set/form the braid wavy pattern.

3. When working with wet hair, make sure your braids fully dry before unbraiding.

4. Add a little extra oil/pomade at the end of each braid and twist the ends with your fingers (or roll on rollers) to avoid frizzy ends.

5. Before removing braids add a little pomade/styling product to each braid for added shine and to help fight frizz.

Check out the videos below with step-by-step instructions on how to do braid-outs on wet and dry hair, as well as on various lengths.

Dry Hair

Short Hair

Cornrow Braid-out on Wet and Dry Hair

Medium Length


Long Hair

Braid-out w/Curled Ends Ninapruitt



  • oknow

    good job ladies..

  • KeeKeeAlNatural

    I have not tried the braid-out yet but I will. Nice post.

  • Alexandra

    I don’t do braidouts much. But a lot of these braidout results look great.
    And I follow 3 of the women in these videos

  • J

    I am 4 years natural this month and loving it. I love rocking my braid and twist outs, especially when it falls just right on the 2nd and 3rd days. The problem I’m having is when it’s time to wash and redo. I find it very hard to detangle and sometimes feel like I’m doing more damage than working with a manageable press. I want to keep rockin’ my braid outs, but I don’t want to keep losing hair trying to get a wide-tooth comb through it. Any suggestions?

  • Kam

    I know some beauty mags say not to comb hair when it’s wet but I usually detangle in the shower when I have the conditioner in my hair (with a wide tooth shower comb) or dampened hair. I then braid/plait the detangled hair to prevent it from tangling again.

  • Brasilia

    I’ve been doing this for years, washing my hair, braiding it and letting it dry naturally and removing the braids the next day. It was something my mom did for my hair when I was younger. I still do it to this day. It’s a great option to get a wavier texture to my hair.

  • Tammy G

    The braid out is my favorite style. I wear my hair this way 98% of the time. Twist outs don’t do as well on my hair, they always end up looking like a wash and go but with more work.

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How-To: Braid Outs
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