When you first transition into the natural world, you’re instantly introduced to new hair care methods with a new vocabulary. At times these new terms and hair care methods can be a little confusing and even intimidating. I remember feeling completely lost the first time one of my favorite natural YouTubers said she co-washed her hair before doing her twist out.

The first thought that came to mind was “What the heck is a co-wash?” After much-needed research along with trial and error…which finally morphed into an awesome hair regiment, I’ve discovered the answer to this question. Whether this is your first time hearing the term or you were fortunate enough to know that a co-wash simply means washing hair with conditioner, these are the ins-and-outs of a co-wash.

Why Co-wash?

Cleansing the hair with conditioner can loosen dirt, dead skin and any other residue while not stripping oil and other nutrients from hair.
While many people wash with a shampoo multiple times of the week and condition, every so often, most natural women do just the opposite by co-washing on a regular basis and shampooing sparingly.

The Process:

1. Wet hair with warm water
2. Separate hair into four sections and saturate each section with conditioner.
3. Using your fingertips massage the conditioner into your scalp and work it from root to tip. Focus on covering the ends of your hair.
4. Let conditioner sit for a few minutes.
5. Rinse thoroughly.
6. Apply leave-in conditioner and style as usual.


Finding your own personal routine can take time, but after a few consistent no-poo washes (another term for a co-wash meaning no shampoo), you’ll feel a difference in the softness and strength of your hair.

-Margaret Francois




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  • I probably co-wash three times to every one time I wash with shampoo. I definitely find that my hair only needs shampoo if I’ve used a lot of product, or haven’t washed with shampoo in a month or so, but co-washing definitely helps keeps the hair from drying out and still gets it clean.