Kim Coles Natural Hair Journey and Grow-Out Challenge

by Laquita Thomas-Banks

By now, most all natural hair wearers and hair enthusiasts have all heard of the latest celebrity who is now wearing her hair natural – Kim Coles. She decided to embark on the natural hair journey – giving up her famed Living Single micro-braids – announcing and debuting her new natural look via Afrobella.

“The bottom line is that it’s all about self-love. It’s all about being really comfortable with who you are the way you are…” she stated on her Kim Coles Open the G.I.F.T.S YouTube channel.

You can follow Kim Coles’ natural hair journey via her YouTube channel, as well as join her 2011 Grow-Out Challenge. The 6 month challenge, which started this month so there is still time to join, is sponsored by Kim Coles, CurlyNikki, and Jessicurl via the NaturallyCurly website .

The site states that you can join the challenge whether your goal is chin length or mid back length, to grow out your chic TWA, or to simply achieve healthier natural hair. “Kim Coles invites curlycues everywhere to embark on the sometimes difficult, yet, completely rewarding challenge of maximizing growth potential, maintaining length, and revealing your healthiest hair possible,” it adds.

Each month, CurlyNikki, Kim Coles and Jessicurl will select three lucky entrants to receive a Personal Hair Prescription, as well as a supply of Jessicurl products. Visit the NaturallyCurly (link below) to enter.
Also, Kim Coles is documenting her natural hair journey on her YouTube channel. Check out the following videos, where she talks about her reasons for going natural, her inspirations, and shares pictures of her hair journey. Also visit her channel to watch her Monthiversary video and more.

Kim Coles Natural Hair Journey Part 1

Kim Coles Natural Hair Journey Part 2

Kim Coles Natural Hair Journey Part 3

More Information
More Kim Coles Videos
Naturally Curly/Grow Out Challenge

  • Rina

    Congratulations to Kim and may her natural hair journey be a pleasant one. I’m wishing her the best and will be looking forward to seeing the future pics.

  • ash

    amazing she look exactly the same way she look 20 yrs ago!

  • Miss Jae

    Kim hasn’t aged a day! And those earrings are the biz-ness!

  • Clutch

    Her earrings are by Rachel Stewart :) Here’s the link:

  • zy

    She looks great! I swear the woman doesn’t age!

  • Miss Jae

    Thank you kindly! ;-)

  • African Mami

    I WANT those earrings…where can I get them…anyone?!

  • Clutch

    Her earrings are by Rachel Stewart :) Here’s the link:

  • kim coles

    Hello All!
    Stopping by to say HELLO and thank you for your lovely comments.
    As I write this I am almost 3 months into my extension- free hairdo and I am happy.
    It requires more work, but it is worth it!

  • Rainbow

    Love her. She seems so likeable. I’ll be keeping up with her videos.

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