With the economy still slowly limping toward recovery, many of us are still pinching our pennies. Higher gas and food prices are already putting a damper on our budgets, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to have a little fun and look good doing it.

Despite having less discretionary cash on hand, there are still plenty of wonderful things that are within our budget. With a little creativity (and comparison shopping), you can still treat yourself to a few luxuries, and maybe even have a few bucks left over when it’s all said and done.

Check out 10 things under $10 & share your cheap and chic things!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips: These polish strips give you the look of minx, but for a fraction of the price (only $7.99). Not only are they super cheap and easy to apply, but they also add a dash of style to any outfit. This week I’ve been rocking the “Misbehaved” strips (fishnet print over champagne polish) and I’ve gotten so compliments on my nails. Most want to know where I got them done and don’t believe me when I say, “I did them myself.” #win

Two Words: Happy Hour! Happy hour is perfect for divas on a budget. Not only will you mix-and-mingle with a cool group of people (if you pick the right spot), but you’ll also save a bundle on drinks. Who said being on a budget couldn’t be fun?

Matinee Movie Tickets: Movie tickets have gotten ridiculously high over the years, but if you still love to take in a show on the big screen, hit up the matinee. Matinees are usually the first few showings of the day and can save you up to half off the normal ticket price.

A surprisingly good bottle of wine: Love a good vino? There are a plethora of wonderful wines under $10. Trader Joes, Target, your local grocery story, and even 7-11 carry pretty good bottles of wine well below $10 a bottle. Do some research and find a delicious (and cheap) wine you will enjoy.

A Netflix Subscription: If you’ve canceled your cable subscription because it costs too much you might want to think about adding Netflix. With plans starting at just $7.99 a month, Netflix offers countless film and TV titles that you can watch on your laptop, Smartphone, or TV.

Download Music: The record industry may be suffering, but it’s totally for our gain! Remember when CDs would cost between $14-$18 a pop? Well, thank God for the Internet.  Sites like Amazon and iTunes allow you to download your favorite songs and albums starting at just $0.99. Custom mixtapes, anyone?

Magazines: Even though many are turning to aps, iPads, and Kindles, I still love sitting down with my favorite glossies and getting lost in the articles, fashion spreads, and celebrity interviews. With most mags hovering around $3.99, you can indulge in a couple of them to get your fix. BONUS: Check the tear-out cards for deals on magazine subscriptions.

Cute Accessories: Want to try a new accessory trend without committing to the high price tag? Forever 21, H&M, Etsy, and Icing never fails when you’re looking for super cute accessories for a fraction of the price. (And you won’t even care if you lose an earring!)

Flip-Flops: Spring is just around the corner and you know your toes are itching to break out of heavy winter boots. Now is the time to start stocking up on flip-flops, so when the weather warms up, you’re ready. At just $2.50 a pop at Old Navy, you can get them in every color of the rainbow.

Drugstore Cosmetics: The choices are endless. Lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, oh my! If you’re looking to try some new makeup color for Spring, don’t sleep on drugstore brands. Not only are they comparable to department store makeup lines, drugstore cosmetics allow you to experiment with new colors and products without draining your pocketbook.

Clutchettes and Gents, what are your favorite things under $10?


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