Well, I guess the Good Book was right. The children shall be the ones to lead us.

Recently a video by two young girls—both 9 and 10 respectively—has been making the rounds on the interwebs. Apparently the girls, who go by the name “Watoto From The Nile,” were fed up with Lil’ Wayne’s misogynistic lyrics and decided to do something about it.

Instead of just sitting back and accepting the lyrics Wayne doles out, the girls, Nya and Nia, decided to write the New Orleans rapper a letter. Rapping over Weezy’s “I’m Single” the girls respectfully call him out.

“This message is for Mr. Wayne/
I’m sorry plus I must complain/
Bout what you do and what you say/
I’m sorry that I feel this way/
And I’m a girl that’s only 10/
But for my sisters I must represent/
How old are you? I know you’re 20-something/
Excuse me for the interruption/
I guess that means that you’re a man/
But something I can’t understand/
The way you talk, the way you act/
I hate when you be doing that/
And people say ‘say no to drugs’/
So tell me, sir who should I trust?/
You or them? Are you promoting something?/
It’s time my people stopped the fronting/
Single…you lack knowledge, information, inspiration, in your single”

Well, damn.

Between Willow Smith’s exuberance and girl-powered images and these young ladies’ positivity and fearlessness to demand better treatment of Black women, it seems like our younger sisters can teach us a thing or two about loving ourselves enough to demand better.

Even though Watoto From The Nile’s message may not have an effect on Lil’ Wayne’s music, he has been properly (and respectfully) called out. Now, I wonder will other rappers sit up and take notice.

Listen to Watoto From The Nile’s open letter to Lil Wayne. What do you think?

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  • Mona

    It’s a shame that these babies have more sense than a lot of grown women. I’m proud of these little ladies and hope that they continue to demand the utmost respect that they so deserve.

  • Lauren

    How is it ‘noble’ and ‘honorable’ to be a hypocrite?!

  • Alexandra

    I also think they shouldn’t even know what kind of lyrics that comes out if his mouth, but I don’t see anything wrong with them calling him out on it.
    Wayne is free to degrade whoever he wants with his lyrics, and they are free to question/analyze/criticize his lyrics.

    What if they weren’t young girls? And were adult women instead?