I love people. I enjoy meeting interesting folks and getting into discussions about everything from Jesus to The Wire to the day’s news. I love how with some people you have an instant connection no matter their race, age, or background. But as much as I love people, sometimes they annoy the hell out of me.

We all have things that get on our nerves. Bad drivers, rude customer service workers, loud neighbors, spotty bus service are just some of the things that will set us off in a quick minute.

But instead of telling someone off who is working your very last nerve, take a moment and vent.

When someone—a student, impatient drivers, or even my momma—tap dances on the last good nerve I have left, I text, tweet, or post an angry little Facebook note. Not only does it keep me from strangling someone, it reminds me that I’m not the only one who has dealt with such foolishness before.

So Clutchettes and Gents, what are some of your biggest pet peeves and how do you deal with them? Sound off


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  • Brit

    1. I hate when people ask stupid questions, because Im going to give you a stupid answer.
    2. Label Whores- no i dont need to know wht your wearing and how much you paid for it if its cute its cute!
    3. dumb people who think they are super smart
    4. people at ylour job who spend all day on the computer but dont know how to work them
    5. jobs that dont work with your school sched…geez i can graduate in decemebr but have to WAIT ugh
    6. VPL why?
    7. tight underwear
    9.People in general
    10. neck tattoos
    11. Weave that sheds alot
    12. Messy Women
    13. Messy Men
    14. Clutter
    15. strangers who stand too close and who feel they should be all in your face
    16. complainers…
    17. randumb people who ask “is that your hair”
    18. people who cant walk in heels but wear them everywhere.
    19. facebookaholics
    20. churchgoers who are in the club evry thurs, fri, and sat

  • kay

    I have plenty of pet peeves, but this one seems appropriate to mention around POC. I hate sunflower seeds! Well, not the seeds themselves, but finding the shells littering public spaces, especially Metro cars. It’s so disgusting. Ick. Who would eat and spit out food in public? So gross. You would think coming across the shells is a rarity. But I ride public transportation all the time, and I come across shells at least once a week. Ugh.