Recently a video depicting a fight between two young Black commuters and an older White passenger on a New York City subway went viral. Although altercations on public transportation happen every day, this one seemed to touch a nerve.

The video, which was reportedly shot in Brooklyn, begins in the middle of a brewing conflict. Although it is unclear what happened immediately before the women began shooting verbal jabs at one another, one thing is clear: The conflict kicked into overdrive when a White passenger called one of the young Black commuters an “animal.”

After an older White woman observes one of the young Black women eating she scoffs, “What kind of animals eat on the train?”

Predictably, this sets the two young women off. No one wants to be called an “animal,” but when this insult is hurled at an individual of color from a White person, it becomes that much more loaded.

After the White woman calls the women “animals,” “pigs,” and “idiots” for eating on the subway (which isn’t illegal, by the way), they begin to let off a series of insults calling her a “bitch” and commenting about her weight.

When the two women stand up, the situation goes from bad to worse. Somewhere between the name-calling and the herky-jerkiness of the train, the women end up bumping into one another and a full-on fight ensues.

On many websites, the comments have mostly centered around the behavior of the young girls. Many focus on their choice to settle their beef with the woman with their fists. However, while the teens should have let the woman’s insults roll off of their backs, the video clearly shows the older woman instigated the situation by calling them “animals” and later pushing one of the girls first (peep the 2:37 mark).

When the confrontation turns physical, a Black man jumps in—presumably to protect the White woman—and breaks up the fight. He goes on to lecture the girls and tell them they need to “chill.” Never mind that they were insulted first, by the looks of the video, many already blamed them for the confrontation.

I agree with writer Jamilah Lemieux when she wondered why no one was willing to defend the girls before things got physical. Had another passenger told the woman to leave them alone or called her out for calling them “animals,” perhaps the entire altercation could have been prevented.

But they didn’t. No one thought to stick up for these young Black girls when they were being disrespected, but many leapt into action during the fight and even scolded the girls for their actions. To me, this speaks volumes about how some view Black women.

Did no one step in to stop the altercation before it got violent because the girls seemed “tough,” and could handle this woman’s hideous remarks? Or did they not step in because defending Black women isn’t that high one most people’s list?

Unfortunately, I’m willing to wager it’s the later. Many have taken literal and metaphorical jabs at Black women for years and the only ones upset have been us. Even though it’s unfortunate no one spoke up for these girls, it isn’t surprising.

So ladies, be careful out there because sometimes we all we got.

What do you think? Does this incident say anything about how Black women are viewed or is it just a stupid situation that got out of control?

Let’s talk about it!


  • Domino

    The white woman was waaaay out of line. She deserved what she got. Learn to keep your trap shut. They were minding their business and even if she didn’t like them eating its such an unnecessary bone to pick.

    But I must keep it 100 with you Clutchettes. I ride the metro all the time and I wish black people would stop getting the “who me?” face every time someone points out that black people act ghetto on the train. And before you clobber all over me…it aint all black people who act like fools but the fools are usually black.

  • Lanette

    That woman should not have called them animals. She had no business taking it to that level. If she keeps it up she will get her ass beat down. I am not saying they were right but she wasn’t right either.

  • blackfate13

    I am not surprised! As a black woman I don’t feel like we have any cheerleaders. I don’t know if it’s because black have been through the struggle and everyone feels we can hold our own or if they feel like we are not worth it. Whatever the case its very discouraging.

  • Lanette

    that white woman is a fool, she had no business talking to those girls at all. She was out of line and she will get that ass tossed up again for having a fat mouth.

    As for the girls–i have no idea how the 1 eating could stand eating on public transportation but that woman had no business commenting. She’ll do it again and she’ll get that ass stomped on. I’m not saying that’s right but it’s reality.

  • Bx

    I’m from NYC and I have witnessed my share of fights on the train and this like many of the fights I have seen could have been avoided. I would like to know what sparked this whole altercation because the usual causes were a non-factor here. I thought this was interesting for a different reason. The history of black and white women relationships is not something that is discussed.

  • Sade

    I think when strangers make comments that outrageous you just assume they’re crazy, and everybody knows you don’t enter into debates with crazy people. It was a nasty comment but it demeaned the girls to beat on the woman that way. Does the world have our back? Maybe not, but if all I have is my self-respect I’m holding that quality tight.

  • liz

    i gotta agree with Michelle C,

    so you have an ignorant bitter older woman< so whats new?

    that does not mean the younger girls have to get to her level .They should know that is not a cute look . And race is not even a factor here and should not be,
    all you have to do is look that miserable woman up and down, say have a nice and don't worry there are no animals in hell . No need to let her negativity get into your brain and ruin your day. The world is full of rude people, but you don't have to be miserable like them.!
    Keep it classy ladies because now you look just as ugly as her. smh

  • liz

    * have a nice day

  • sunshyne84

    This video really bothered me. I definitely would have stepped in if I were there whether they were black or male or whatever, that was unnnecessary. We want our youth to know better and do better, but we talk to them with disrespect. Respect is a two way street and they learn that from us. We always want to tell people to turn the other cheek, but what does that solve? If we don’t face the issues then we will continue to have incidents like these. It’s just like bullying.

    She lucky she didn’t get spaghetti in her face.

  • Lee

    That woman had no business calling those girls names. However, two wrongs don’t make a right. The older woman didn’t hit them so the girls should have just said their piece and kept it pushing. Striking any person is not only against the law but it’s also dangerous. What if that woman had a gun? Last time I checked anyone can carry one as long as you’re not a felon. You should always be mindful of that.

  • Lauren

    I 100 percent agree.


    What was the purpose of calling them names. Wonder if these were grad students at NYU coming home from a tutoring session-hungry?Just saying.Regardless, with age you learn not to respond to everyone.What was the animal thing?What? I mean she is obviously isn’t happy with her life to call them animals.Who does that? Do I walk in the mall at 11:30 at lunch, with nonworking white women with baby strollers and call them lazy? Just asking…

  • Jenni

    I take the train every single day. Eating is not illegal (yet). What I wondered was did that woman even take a NYC train before in her life?

    There are a whole lot of worse things that goes on down there.

    She should not have called them animals, I’m sure that if she could have she would have called them the n-word. The girls should have let it go. There have been many a time that I’ve had to take a deep breath on the train and “let it go”. We have to learn to pick our battles.

    Not surprising that the “brother” would step up to protect the white woman. That’s what they live to do.

  • S.

    It’s funny that the author acts surprised at how Black women are viewed by society. You’re just *now* realizing how society views Black women?

    I honestly can’t identify with these girls either because their personality is far from my own. I would have never handled the situation like this…. I would have laughed, shook my head and continued to eat. You can’t go jumping in the face of everyone who has a problem with you, that’s ignorant and lowly.

    I can no longer act like I don’t know what people are talking about when they say “angry black woman” or “black girl with an attitude” when we have tons of black girls acting up in likes this incident after incident. Clearly there is a problem…

    and although i agree that it’s messed up that no one group in society has *ever* had our back we should know better and do better. Let’s stop making excuse for each other instead of holding offenders accountable

  • Audrey

    I feel bad that no one stood up for those black young ladies. The white woman had no right to call them names. As a black woman myself, I have experienced being yelled at in my face and spoken to badly by white women and men. No one stood up for me. You try and keep your cool because you know you’re being bated and that they want to see you flip out. Unless it happens to you, you don’t know how degrading and alone it makes you feel. Both the attack, and the lack of anyone standing up for you. As black women in America we must circle the wagons and support one another.

  • I.s. Bronson

    The white lady was just as wrong as the black females. That lady is older and should be wise. She started the whole confirtation by calling the black females animals. Every opinion does not have to be spoken out loud.

  • S.

    It’s because of girls like them that society (wrongfully) assumes that Black women will (an should) handle these type of situations ourselves

    When was someone suppose to jump in? Between “fat’” and “bitches”? o__O

  • jade

    This is ridiculous. It was not ok for the girls to act the way they did. The white lady should not have said those things, but after she said what she did, the 2 black girls called her fat, bitch, etc. It never had to get physical. Those girls look old enough to know better and to be able to have some composure. People say things you don’t like all the time. Are we saying its ok to fight every time someone says something we don’t like?

    As far as the topic of the article, I do agree that the other people on the train should not have jumped on the girls as if they were the only ones in the wrong. But I think black people feel like they have a responsibility to other black people. Sort of like if your friend was in an altercation, you would grab your friend and tell him/her to chill versus the other person.. maybe that is just me? It did bother me a little though that no one said anything to the white woman or attempted to stop the issue before it got physical

  • binks

    Two wrongs don’t make a right like Lee mention but I don’t get why the white lady commented in the first place. It is public transportation worst things happen then eating on a subway, so why is she acting brand new…blank stares and like mention it isn’t illegal.But some people do think they can talk to you any kind of way and expect you not to say anything back and let it slide. I mean who does that, them eating wasn’t killing you or affecting you in anyway, shape or form. Clearly her response wasn’t warranted or even needed to be mention she just wanted to hear herself talk. I wish the black ladies would have handled it better and use their wits and better judgment, I get being angry but popping off clearly didn’t solve the problem. I mean let’s not be brand new people not coming to black women defense isn’t a new revelation. And I agree the people should have stepped in earlier they waited until after the conflict heated up

  • Nneoma

    Anyone wonder whether this older lady has mental issues? For me, everyone in public is bat-sh*t crazy unless proven otherwise. You can’t rationalise with crazy people. Just don’t respond or if you are incorrigibly immature, engage in a war of words with the lady – like mom says, use your words, not your fist.
    Like someone mentioned, my blackness nor my femaleness nor any combination thereof will not be used to justify unbecoming behavior. The behavior of all the ladies involved were unbecoming – but especially that of the young women who decided to descend on an older woman.
    And the man who decided to intervene – good for him. He saw a situation in which younger (and perhaps stronger) women were ganging up on an older one. Race aside – any gentleman would have intervened. As to intervening in a war of words with a potentially crazy person, so beneath me…

  • Dream J.

    honestly, the white women started it yeah 2 wrongs dont make a right but now we are baby-ing the white women and she can play the victim and we continue to look like the bad inferior uncivilized race which she already thought in her head b.c she came out her mouth the wrong way ppl eat on the train all the time was her inner black panther and maroonage that caused her to react instead of being a submissive uncle tom or coon … if you wanna make things all black issues ….she shoulda kept her mouth shut like any other NYer that sees something weird or out of place … done *breezy voice*

  • ash

    no matter how much education i get, how calm i act and what i accomplish i know i can count on ghetto black women to make me look bad..

    this the A train in Brooklyn, I ride that subway everyday I bet you they started it first.. I am sure of it

  • Dianta

    I don’t know I’m a little on the fence about this one… I did not like the fact that the white lady picked a fight with the two young girls, she was out of line. However, the two girls reacted as if they didn’t have any common sense. Instead of telling the lady to mind her own business and leaving it alone they escalated the issue. They started calling her names back, they got up in her face, they acted like children too. My point is… somebody has to be the better person but both parties chose to act like “animals”. If I went off and reacted to every single negative comment someone directed towards me I wouldn’t have a job, or many friends at all. I think people need to choose their battles more wisely..and this was just a stupid issue that could’ve been ignored or handled more professionally. I’m tired of watching young black women my age ( im 21, and I think they were close) act like we don’t know how to handle soon as somebody says something we want to get defensive and loud..and LADIES don’t operate like that. After all we’ve been through in this country, why would we want to stoop to their level!!”Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him.”-Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Sam

    What bothers me more about this situation is that no one stood up for the two black women. It seems to me the white woman started it–as a black woman I am no stranger to having random whites come up to me and attempt to tell me off for doing nothing wrong. People have to remember that to a lot of non-blacks being black is enough wrong in itself for another person to take issue with you. I also find that people have this thing where if they have an issue with one black person they have an issue with us all. I wouldn’t be surprised if this particular white woman had become *annoyed* with an individual who happened to be black before and decided that today was the day when she wanted to “get back at us” by starting a conflict. Yeah; starting a conflict with two random women who did absolutely nothing wrong by her.

    These women do not shame me with their behavior. They were antagonized and reacted. What is shameful is that people allow for us black women to be disrespected in public but then get mad at us for reacting and having to stick up for ourselves. Everyone wanted to jump up and break up the fight when the black women reacted but they stood by and let the white woman say whatever she wanted. Everyone else there could have spoken up long before the black women had to get out of their seats.

  • MissWonderful

    @ Michelle

    I get your point… but I think you TOTAL failed to recognize the young lady was ACTUALLY struck by the same women who called her a animal. I am certain you would protect yourself from harm, would that be corrected?? Because that first blow could be you last breath, who knows!

    Now if ppl take race out of it. You have a OVER jealous women policing the subway as if eating on the train is illegal which it is NOT illegal. Calling a young lady out of her name because she is eating her meal on a train.

    And a young lady who is being verbally insulted and then struck by the OVER jealous women. And the young lady friend jumps in to protect her friend.

    Both parties could have handle the situation better!! but the adult women should have minded her own business!! if she was upset about subway riders eating on the train, she should have contacted the MTA regarding their policies.


  • MissWonderful

    I get your point… but I think you TOTAL failed to recognize the young lady was ACTUALLY struck by the same women who called her a animal. I am certain you would protect yourself from harm, would that be corrected?? Because that first blow could be you last breath, who knows!

    Now if ppl take race out of it. You have a OVER jealous women policing the subway as if eating on the train is illegal which it is NOT illegal. Calling a young lady out of her name because she is eating her meal on a train.

    And a young lady who is being verbally insulted and then struck by the OVER jealous women. And the young lady friend jumps in to protect her friend.

    Both parties could have handle the situation better!! but the adult women should have minded her own business!! if she was upset about subway rides eating on the train, she should have contacted the MTA regarding their policies.

  • MissWonderful

    @ Ash

    LOL!! how in the hell can someone else actions make U look bad!!! your thinking like a slave, you have the WE issue. If your so educated continue making your mark in the world. Remember you are responsible for your actions, not your ppl. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOUR super bias… the young lady was actually verbally attack then then struck. And your talking about someone making U you bad!!

    Ooooh poor little lost black girl… Ash wake up!!!!!

    If crazy how bias ppl especial black ppl are against one other, once it comes to the “BLACK OR WHITE” situation. What happen on the train was not about race!

  • Alexandra

    Eating, drinking and playing music on the train is prohibited. I ride the train several times a week and you will see cops on some of them trying to enforce those rules. But despite that, people still eat on the train, drink their hot coffees and play music on their phones/iPods for everyone to hear, instead of putting thier head phones on.

    But all three if these women are in the wrong. The young girl was inconsiderate for eating in the train, and it’s none of that woman’s business why she wanted to eat. Calling her an animal was unecessary. She must’ve forgotten there was no computer screen to protect her. But the girls should have never got up, and continued to ignore her. At one point in the video we even see the girl turn her back and continue eating.

    On the other hand if that woman was so bothered by her eating, why couldn’t she just get up and move? I do it all the time. You don’t have to say everything that’s on your mind. You’re looking for trouble doing that. So many things could’ve been avoided. And in my opinion it started with the older woman.

    Anyone who lives in NYC knows very well people eat on the trains everyday. You can’t stop people from eating where they want (unless you’re a cop/guard), but you can avoid it by not sitting near them. False sense of entitlement on her part. The girl was already eating, I’m sure she knew she annoyed some people, getting up was the silliest thing to do. After she put the food away, she should’ve ended the convo there.

  • ALIG83

    Why do you refer to the White woman as ‘White lady’ but refer to the Black women as ‘Black females’?

  • ALIG83

    No one stepped up for the Black women because the whole scared White woman and crazy Black woman thinking came into play.

    The Black women acted in a stereotypical way, which was to talk back and laugh. I am willingly to believe the White women did what she did because she thought people would be on her side.

    As someone who rides public transportation, I hate it when people eat on the bus/lightrail/subway because the smell isn’t always pleasant and they leave their trash or throw it out of the window.

    Honestly, the Black guy who broke them up seemed as if he just wanted to be apart of something. He also seemed like one of the type of guys who thinks he can ‘school the youngins’

  • Janie

    It’s a little hard for me to understand everything everyone is saying in the video. But it seems like something was going on between the women before the video started. I don’t think we’ve seen the whole story. Also, I think the black teen pushed against the white woman first, then the white woman hit her. Not to say they aren’t ALL behaving badly! Just I don’t see this the way you wrote in the article. I also don’t see the black man is just trying to protect the white woman — where do you get that idea? I think from the first time he spoke, he was just trying to get them all to STOP. Now, at the end, he was blocking the black teens from getting to the white woman, but I don’t think that was for the benefit of the white woman. It looks like that was just the best position for him to keep them all apart. I think sometimes people are too quick to assume everything is about race — even to the point of being willing to accuse the black man of being racist against the black teens! Sometimes, it has little or nothing to do with race. The three women seemed to be picking up (at the start of the video) from something they had already started with each other, so we don’t really know who started it or what it was about. The man didn’t seem racist in any way to me — he just wanted it to STOP.

  • M

    If the eating of the food was bothering her that much she could have atleast taken the time to convey it in a proper manner. But attacking someone verbally by calling them names means that you’re looking for a confrontation. So a confrontation is what you will get.

    I often times see some young white people doing some socially unacceptable things without being corrected by anyone, white or black. But the minute someone of color gets out of line it’s as if some white people feel it’s thier duty to put this black person in his or her place.

    I saw an experiment in which both a young caucasian boy and a young black boy where suppose to pretend to steal a bike. The caucasian boy was left to do his thing with the odd glance here and there while the police was immediatly called for the young black boy. When asked why he felt compelled to call the law he simply stated that het felt that it was his duty and honestly believed that color was not a factor. But the fact was that the caucasian boy had been working the lock for hours without having the police called.

    Is this the world we live in?? WHY!?

  • Clnmike

    I don’t like the way this article frames this scenario, I see it as a nut case who verbally assaulted the young girls and the ladies showed that they could defend themselves, the only intervention needed was to prevent a fight and the ass whipping this woman deserved. Not to protect the women in this case. How ever once blows were thrown you damn right someone should have broken it up and gave those girls a talking to! You think when the cops get involved and they look at that white woman and turn around and look at the two black women they are going to care who said what? Those girls are going to JAIL. Black men have seen this scene play out over and over again and the loser and winner is always the same. Is the writer brand new to this planet? This article was insulting and came off as a woe is me, no one loves black women piece. Its because someone cared about those girls is the reason they got blamed. You don’t lecture someone you don’t give a rats ass about you do it to the ones you do care about because you see the mess they are about to step in before they do.

  • Be On Purpose

    Life isn’t fair. Things do not always work out as we’d like them to. People WILL say and do HORRIBLE things. That’s all a part of life. What matters most is how YOU the individual CHOOSE to manage the situation. Life is about choices. We can choose too or choose not to.

    Resorting to VIOLENCE is NEVER the solution. Becoming belligerent, obnoxious, and obscene is NEVER the solution. You are only morally and legally justified to use violence AFTER you’ve been physically attacked yourself-self defense.
    These girls could have:

    1.Obeyed the rules and regulations of the transit system
    2.Moved to another location on the train or got off at the next immediate stop and took another train to get to their destination
    3.Ignored the woman and conversed with each other
    I’m going to keep it real 100% but I see this type of behavior often with young black women and I AM A BLACK WOMAN. It’s particularly acute amongst poor and working class black girls.

    These girls lack grace, manners, and a light disposition. It’s like being lady like isn’t valued anymore. We function within a different historical and cultural context than other races of women. It is clear to me that there is a war going on against black women and it appears the youth don’t know it yet…

    I can’t side with these girls even though the white lady was out of line for trying to police the train. That’s not her job that is up to the transit system. I know I would be afraid to say anything to anyone these days because people will shoot you dead on the spot.

  • Be On Purpose

    Sir, I respectfully disagree with your assertion that “someone cared about those girls.” If that woman cared about those girls she could have communicated her displeasure with their behavior in a more humane and compassionate way. Life is about choices. She chose to begin the conversation by disparaging and debasing them. She lacked wisdom. If you seek to influence, inspire, or persuade someone to do something breaking them down is an ineffective method.

    Also, like black men, black women have the right to challenge perceived attacks on their image. No one is obligated to sit back and just take it. There are entire industries devoted to protecting black men. Black women have the right to defend ourselves.

    This entire situation was preventable. If young black women aren’t careful, they too, will see their incarcerations rate increase like young black men over frivolous crap.
    Finally, young black women must wake up: WAKE UP and PAY ATTENTION to what’s going on ***RIGHT NOW***.

  • negra bella

    co-sign 100%. but the man who got in between everyone def. deserves props in my opinion. most of the time, everyone scatters.

  • Domino

    lmao Lanette I was thinking the SAME thing! It’s the New York City train system….rats might attack you!

  • Clnmike

    I don’t think you comprehended my comment, I wasn’t referring to the woman who insulted them as caring about them, everyone knows she doesn’t care, I am referring to those who felt the women were out of line for fighting her over words which they were. They are the ones who will pay the price for it.

  • Guest

    @ALIG83: Good catch.

  • C

    I know I may get attacked by some of you, but I actually saw this whole thing from that [white] woman’s perspective (and yes, I am a young black woman like them and like most of you).

    I ride the NYC Subways regularly and I have to deal with the filth and inconvenience of those who eat and drink in the train cars. Almost daily, on any one of these train lines, there is a car with a sticky, disgusting stream of spilled coffee, juice or soda either on the floor or the seats; food wrappers casually discarded anywhere; and sometimes spilled food (Its not uncommon to see nearly full containers of a fast food meal thrown casually under a seat). In addition, even if the person doesn’t spill anything or leave anything behind, there is the inconvenience of food odors in a confined space – especially when the train is crowded (which it appeared to be in that video). For those of you who don’t take public transportation try opening a container of hot food in your vehicles, with the windows rolled up (you can turn on the a/c if you like – most NYC subway cars are air-conditioned but you will see it makes little difference) and drive around like that for 30 to 45 minutes and see how you feel. Though I do concede that your car is a smaller space than a subway car – the effect is the same.

    I understand this woman’s annoyance and disgust at these girls. I don’t think she was targeting them because of their race. I think she made a comment to them that a lot of people in that subway car (of all races) probably wanted to make. Eating a container of food in the subway is filthy, disgusting, uncivilized behavior. That girl could have eaten that meal before she got into the train or waited until she got home. If she was ‘starving’ she could have bought a candy bar and had that in the mean time. But she chose to open a full container of a savory meal on a crowded train during what appears to be rush hour. Maybe that woman was already having a bad day and she couldn’t take it any more and had to say something. Trust me, I’ve been there – tired from a long day at work, fed-up with the hassle, crowding and delays on the subway system, maybe dealing with other things on your mind, and here is one more indignity to deal with! Maybe that man ‘defended’ that white woman (and no one else seemingly defended the girls) because THEY were out of line to begin with, or because it was two against one. Maybe he wasn’t ‘defending’ her at all and just wanted to put an end to the situation and the best way he saw to do it was to ask them to calm down because he could relate to them better.

    We don’t know what transpired before the video started rolling but obviously it was heated enough that the person who recorded it thought it was worthy of capturing. Though I am aware that anytime an incident involves two or more individuals of different races race eventually becomes an issue, I don’t think that was the case here.

  • Mel

    I think that lady was just upset they did not share their food with her. If someone was yelling at me the way she was, I would just walk away and laugh. She’s obviously crazy why fight with a crazy person? They have their own demons to fight.

  • JerseyBred323

    It amazes me how that “Black” man didn’t address the precious White woman for telling those young Black girls that they were destined for jail. Why aren’t there any issues with that bigoted statement?

    And those girls got up because they’re stop was next; not to fight. The train jerked and one of the girls accidentally bumped into her and the stupid bitch reacted by pushing them. People are actually defending this grown woman for her disgusting behavior towards those young girls.

    And I wonder if she would say the same thing to White people who eat on the train like everyone else. I don’t like when people eat on the train but referring to people as “animals,” “idiots,” and suggesting that they’re destined for prison isn’t right.

    These girls were right to defend themselves. No one else was going to do it.

  • Lauren

    Ok I take that back! The older woman was clearly in the wrong they shouldn’t have reacted like they did but she was eating and minding her own business and that woman wouldn’t shut up. I also don’t think that man was ‘lecturing’ them to protect the white woman maybe he knows from personal experience that when the COPS come who is going to be in the most trouble. Hint it won’t be the white woman.

  • Jen

    We can’t on one hand (Clutch, Essence, etc…) excitedly pose the question “who’s watching the grand finale of Basketball Wives or RHWOA”, promote advertisers like VH1 and Bravo then act surprised/shocked to see teens displaying this type of behavior…OUR culture celebrates “hit first, think later”. My cousin is a middle school teacher in Chicago and and last Wednesday two girls in her class got into a fight when one girl said (mimicking Evelyn from BBW) that she was a “non-factor b&*%h”…everyone in the class instigated with a resounding “ooohhhs” and “awww snap, she got all Evelyn on her” because they had all just seen is a few nights ago on tv. This is a cycle that is spiraling out of control!!!
    The white woman on the train was EXTREMELY wrong. It is NOT illegal to eat on MTA and she needed to keep her comments to herself, but the sisters needed to exhibit self control and prove that they were bigger than their provoker…but where are those types of examples? The Tammi’s, NeNe’s, Evelyn’s of the world have displayed that it is okay (not matter your age) to resort to fighting as a means to resolve problems. I’m not blaming this subway incident or any other incident solely on them, but they are a big cause of this “mentality” and problem, especially since they are adults (all over 30) and claim to be sophisticated and upper class. Go to any fan forum site for these shows and most readers will claim that they like NeNe and Tammi the most because they are the “realest”. So real nowadays being real equates to being short tempered, loud, having no couth and being ready to fight all of the time. There isn’t much by way of entertainment that counters that notion. This is a sad state that we’re in.

  • lee

    i agree with you. i think no one said anything to the white woman because they figured she was crazy. apparently the girls didn’t get the memo.

  • Margaret

    You expressed my feelings exactly. All parties were wrong here. I can’t defend the girls reaction any more than I can defend the woman’s actions. It was a situation that was completely avoidable.

  • lee

    i do not see that white woman as a victim. to me she’s just as wrong as those girls. however, the girls were dead wrong for getting up and getting in her face. they escalated a situation that was already bad and made it worse. that was uncalled for and they could have gotten themselves arrested. they should have just left it at fat bitch and kept it moving.

    so no. no victims in this situation. just a bunch of idiots.

  • lee

    if she, you, or anyone else feels that strongly about the rules on the train, write a letter. period.

  • serenissima

    oh, boy. where do i begin on this one? i live in new york city and ive been involved in fistfights on the train with young girls in the wrong but, IMO, these girls were not in the wrong in any way. she was exercising her right to eat her food on the train (its not illegal, as Alexandra stated above) and the White lady started insulting her, then put her hands on her first. im sorry but, if you touch me, youre getting the smackdown… thats how i got into my fight on the train. the girls did nothing wrong. and the people jumping in to protect the White lady just goes to show that young Black girls really are on our own a lot.

    i also got into a pretty bad verbal altercation with a White lady in a FedEx Kinko’s, where a friend and I were printing out work. the lady was annoyed that were speaking to each other (not yelling, not listening to music, just speaking in normal tones of voices) and proceeded to insult us by saying we had no home training and just similar taunts as the woman on the train. she was an older White lady just like this, and clearly of the same mindset, that all young Black girls can be spoken to however they choose.

    ‘Racism still alive, they just be concealing it.’

  • dvine

    after watching this video.. i’m appalled @ everyone’s behavior on here.. you got the person recording this and then posting it.. you have the 2 men sitting near the white woman who tells the 2 girls 2 chill out and doesn’t tell the white woman 2 calm her ass down.. then you got the 2 girls arguing w/the old lady instead of letting the remark rub off of them after they insulted her back… it should’ve ended there but than they got up and the white woman got up and it appeared that the white woman hit her and then all hell broke loose.. but why instigate?! i bet next time that lady will keep her mouth shut.. i’m sure she wanted to call them niggers and felt that animals were more appropriate and i hope these teens or young adults learn to handle the situation better…

  • Mrenee

    I ride the subway everyday, and I see both sides of it. However, when you live and ride the subway in NYC, you sometimes need to learn to just keep your mouth shut. I don’t like to smell or see people eating food on the train. I also don’t like when people clip their toenails or pop their gum, or put on make up or ask me for money or play their music loud or just plain smell. I could go on and on, but who am I to say what others can do?
    I remember not long ago a spanish women (who seemed a little mentally ill) kept calling out to this young asian woman, Hey China! You could tell the girl was uncomfortable, a white lady got on the train (she reminds me of the lady in the video) and told the spanish lady, ENOUGH! Stop it! and low and behold the spanish lady stopped her taunts. However, most people won’t stick up for others on the train. Hey, I’m just trying to get from point A to point B like everyone else.
    As far as seeing it both ways, the white lady probably didn’t want to smell or hear the girl eating (or maybe she wanted some), but she should have just moved. I believe the girls should have ignored her or else moved. Those girls showed great restraint compared to some of the young kids I see on the train. As far as the brother getting between the two, he did the right thing, but its a shame that he had to. I’m too old for such childish behavior, but if someone attacked me verbally, I would embarress them…with words, there is a way to talk to someone and let them know that you’re not going to be put down or take their mess. These girls haven’t learned how to deal with the likes of that woman yet, they still need to mature. I do think we need to educate our children at home with better etiquette and also how to deal with the face of racism.

  • serenissima

    its not illegal to eat and drink on the train… the girl wasnt doing anything ‘inconsiderate…’ i think they got up to get of the train at the next stop (they grabbed their bags and other items)… and the other woman pushed them first, prompting them to defend themselves. but they were in the wrong?

    im genuinely baffled by this response


  • Mrenee

    I agree Liz, excellent points. Keep it classy ladies.

  • serenissima

    and im pretty sure this White chick did NOT have mental issues, its just NYC. people think they can say and do whatever they want to whomever they want all the time. she deserved those little punches and worse, if you ask me

  • ToyGirl

    What I don’t understand is how the older woman thought she could say those derogatory things to those young women and have nothing said back to her! I was appalled while watching the older man tell the young girls to basically behave…who the hell was telling the older woman to behave?!

    And it’s so typical that the older woman had enough “balls” to start the argument AND the fight and then she ended up being comforted because of her tears?! Come on…are we still a brainwashed society or what?


  • Lee Watson

    Great! They should have kicked her ass. I know I would have. I am sick of ignorant white people, and I am sick of people making excuses for that ignorant WHITE FOLK animalistic behavior. White people always do wrong and try to hide their hand, and it seems like the public tries to help them with the hiding.

    Good job girls! Next time, knock her ass out to give all loud mouth opinionated people something to think about. And, the thought should be “MIND YOUR BUSINESS”.

  • serenissima


  • zombiezilla

    If ur a woman or girl of color, queer, no one has ur back. i’m an asian woman and been stepped to, been masturbated in front of, practically assaulted etc. sometimes during rush hour in NYC and not a single soul has stepped up to help me. ditto to so many comments on this, i am glad to see so may woc saying all these things that are w/in a framework of racism and misogyny against women and girls of color. and i am appalled at the way social media and digital tech has made people more keen on videotaping some sh*t instead of actually engaging and trying to deescalate the situation, makes me really sad. and i am SO TIRED OF FOOLISH ENTITLED WHITE PEOPLE ON THE MTA, esp the gentrifier yuppies–drives me nuts. Sheesh!

  • The Taker

    Im team Spaghetti Girl all day, everyday, I hope they make some t-shirts. Let some stranger call me out of my name especially if I havent done anything wrong and just minding my business and best to believe Im going to get the cussing, go even farther to put your damn hands on me and I wont have to explain what will happen nest.. Forget all this “you need to act like a lady, blah, blah,blah”. Ignorant ass white people can talk and degrade black people all day along but let one or two of us start defending and standing up for ourselves and watch negroes come defend the poor white people who got their ass handed to them. Ol’e white heffa called the girl an animal and she got her ass stoled on. When people learn to mind their business especially over trivial ish like this, the world might actually become a better place.

  • The Taker

    Dammit *next*

  • Kamahla

    I was very disappointed, but not at all surprised, to see this video. It’s just another day on the train in most cities. And that’s a shame.

    While I’m not completely sure, it does appear that the Caucasian lady started it, from what I could tell. I totally disagree with the lady insulting them. There’s no excuse for that. I hate all kinds of things that go on when I’m on the train, but I keep my mouth shut, because it’s not my place to tell someone what to do. And I certainly don’t call people names, just because I don’t like what they’re doing. No excuse for that, either. That being said, I am equally disgusted with the girls’ behavior. They are inexcusable too, and I completely disagree that they needed or deserved defending.

    If they weren’t going to ignore the lady’s insults to keep it from escalating to an argument (which I totally understand), then fine. I respect that. I usually chose to ignore such ignorant comments from strangers, but if they wanted to address the lady and defend themselves, there’s nothing wrong with that. They were totally holding their own with the verbal back-and-forth, and they could have left it at that. No one needed to go to the other side of the train. The lady was wrong, but you can’t blame her for getting up when TWO girls (let’s not forget that she was outnumbered, so that’s yet another reason why those girls didn’t need defending) got in her face. That has nothing to do with race as far as I’m concerned. Why are people expecting her to stay in her seat when approached, but not expecting those girls to have stayed in theirs???

    Again, the lady should have never gotten physical first, but at the same time, that only happened because THEY went over there because THEY wanted a fight. Not HER. And SHE was the one who was cornered. Those girls obviously weren’t going anywhere, and she was in the unfortunate position of not being ABLE to walk away. The only way off the train was through them. And they knew that. And after repeated “get out of my face”, can we really blame her for pushing/shoving? How many of us would be approached by TWO people, repeatedly tell them to move (to avoid a fight), before we shove them away? Honestly?

    The girls defended themselves just fine when it was just an immature (on BOTH parts) and petty argument. Why are we angry when the lady defends herself when she finds herself outnumbered and confronted (again, they came to HER)?

    I’m NOT taking these girls’ side – at all. All parties involved were disgustingly wrong, so why should I jump on the side of one party and defend foolishness just because we’re the same race?

  • bb

    When you get into an altercation (especially with someone of a different race….hell even the opposite sex) you will not be given the benefit of the doubt! I’ve seen this time and time again, and I’ve personally dealt with situations like this myself. Black women are left defenseless in American society for anyone to attack verbally/physically with the provoker receiving little to no punishment. The stereotype of the “Angry Black Woman” has made it acceptable for others to treat us this way. It automatically places the blame on black women for any negative action made against us–as many believe regardless of the situation we MUST have started the altercation with our angry bitter attitudes. When we are looked down this way how can we help but develop some of those feelings–which are rightful in our circumstance?

    This is our unique struggle. We must teach future generations of black women to be the “grown-up” in any situation they face. We must teach them to fight with their minds and not their fists to counteract this stereotype placed upon us. We must teach them to LOVE themselves.

    Already living in a society which looks down upon us, we must show that we deserve respect by respecting ourselves. Too often I see black women try to receive validation from others — leaving themselves open to be disrespected and hurt. When you go through life seeking validation from others you will NEVER (let me say that again, NEVER) be fulfilled. Only when you TRULY love yourself for who you are: When you can look in the mirror and be content with your physical features and all that you are within will none of these negative messages society places on black women bring you down.

    Why? Because you know yourself well. Who are they (society) to tell you who YOU are.

  • Kamahla

    They lady had no right to taunt you, I totally agree. But you don’t know that she wouldn’t have taunted white girls for talking just like she taunted you and your friend. It isn’t always racism. In this situation as well, we don’t know for certain that this lady’s ignorant and immature comments were racially motivated. I don’t see race in this situation. I see two girls who were eating on the buss, not caring who might not want to smell their food. I see an ignorant rude lady calling them out on it when she has no right to. I see two girls defending themselves against the lady’s comments because she was wrong for saying them. And then I see two girls take their “defense” too far, coming over to her, starting a fight when it could have been done with after they defended themselves verbally. I see the ignorant lady defend herself when approached for a fight. In my opinion, everyone was wrong, regardless of race.

  • Dream J.

    Years ago when lynching was legal things like this used to happen to US all the time so now that it’s the other way around we are in the wrong? That’s all I was trying to say …

  • ash

    maybe i should say make US look bad, we dont even have the beginning of the tape to know who really started it.. they could have just got off on their stop and not walked up on the lady and try to pour spaghetti on her because thats quite LOW CLASS and IGNORANT. But if you want the benefit of the doubt fine you win, white woman called them a name and she got her ass whooped and once again black people look violent.. YAY YOU WIN!

  • Mercy

    @ ALIG83 – wow thats deep

  • Mercy

    lol. As New Yorker, I assume everyone is crazy when I ride the train.

  • yup

    On this subject though, I will say that the older woman was out of line. The younger women just stooped to her level by getting involved. They should have ignored her and moved seats. This would have been the adult thing to do.

  • Leah

    “I also don’t see the black man is just trying to protect the white woman — where do you get that idea? I think from the first time he spoke, he was just trying to get them all to STOP. Now, at the end, he was blocking the black teens from getting to the white woman, but I don’t think that was for the benefit of the white woman. It looks like that was just the best position for him to keep them all apart. ”

    AGREED–think about what would’ve/could’ve happened if he hadn’t stepped in and prevented the teens from pummeling the woman. They could have (and probably would have) been arrested and charged with assault–something much more serious than having to withstand someone’s ignorant verbal abuse. They (or their parents) could also be sued by the woman which could have serious economic consequences for their family.

    As I see it, the man was doing them a huge favor by preventing them from making a really huge mistake which might bring repercussions larger than what they would expect or could handle.

  • B

    Clnmike, I actually agree with you. At first, I was in agreement with the writer of the article (and she does have a valid point, I think), but you make a good argument.

    The only person who looked as though he/she was trying to protect the white lady was the black woman/man who was sitting behind the white lady (whom we can see after the fight has ended and leaning toward the white lady, perhaps checking to see if she is okay. “God forbid Miss Ann got injured!”). I think the fact that the guy took the time to lecture the girls (to persuade them, as you said, not to get into this mess) was perhaps an indication of his sincere interest in the well-being of these girls. He definitely could have spoken better (i.e. instead of inadvertently casting blame on them and none on the white lady. In other words, “Hey, girls, don’t waste your time arguing with this crazy heifer, she’s not worth it” would have worked better), which is why I think people feel that he was defending the white lady.

    I don’t know what happened before the beginning of this footage, but I’m just appalled that no one else spoke up against this white lady (especially at the “animals” remark). But, then, I’m from the good ole South, rather than NY or the northeast, so maybe it’s a cultural difference. Guess I feel like back home someone would have spoken up against this lady, if only to tell her, “Woman, you need Jesus in your life, you really do.” lol.

  • ALIG83

    @Mercy and Guest, I was just wondering because I have noticed than within the Black community, referring to Black women as ‘females’ has become very popular.

  • ALIG83

    @Ash, actually, ignorance has nothing to do with what happened. Ignorant does not mean rude or poorly behaved.

  • Clutch
  • mluv

    I would have just ignored that lady instead of getting confrontational. It was really pointless for that lady to resort to name calling, etc but she already had it in her mind the “stereotype” or just a pre judgement of those girls just because they were eating on the train. I see people eat on the train ALL the time. And If it was me eating and someone wanted to call me out I would have just walked away or move to another seat. It’s that simple. As someone else said, they are not gonna give blk women the benefit of the doubt. And now these girls could be facing assault or battery charges. That woman was in the wrong BUT she did ask for it, but maybe she’s not a new yorker and MAYBE she could have been racist, menopausal,menstruating,or plain psychotic.

  • Isis

    Yeah I noticed the black dude protecting the white woman. A mess

  • whyaskquestions

    from the outside its easy to say, i would have just walked away. but lets keep it funky. if a white woman called you an animal while you were on the train minding your own business you would have been highly upset. i probably would have done everything exactly the same to be honest. lol. they stuck with words, they did get up to leave. however the lady stepped to them and she pushed the girl first. so thats what happens. lifes a bitch. and so is that lady.

  • Shannon

    They seemed to be getting verbal well before the ‘animal’ comment was made, which is nearly twenty seconds into this video. The person that filmed this started filming after the verbal confrontation had started. I would guess that the older woman moved seats when the younger project bunny started eating. I would also bet my house that once the woman moved, the project bunnies made a few derogatory comments about her. It’s a fact, project bunnies always try to keep it real on the A train.

  • Rebecca

    UMMM How about no one stepped in because it is none of their business… But also, had a white women called me an animal I probably would have been mad too, but i’d would have just verbally assulted her. never got up. This got way out of hand but it is entirely this white woman’s fault, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating on a train as far as i am concerned.

  • Alexandra

    @ serrenisma

    Theres always a sign or two on the cars advising people not to eat, drink, play loud music, hold the doors or lean on the doors. Just a correction, yeah food is not banned, but drinks are. From MTA: Section 1050.6; No person shall bring or carry onto a conveyance any liquid in an open container.

    It’s your right to be baffled. I just think its inconsiderate to eat a big plate of greasy food on a crowded train. Thats me. I see big difference in eating an odorless cracker or bagel, from a taco or full course meal. As I mentioned, I see people eat on the train everyday. I don’t personally care. If I can’t take the smell I will move, not speak out like that woman did. In my opinion, I think the girl was doing a good job at not getting mad right away and turning her back at one point. Getting up and continue arguing was not a good idea. Look how it ended.

    In the end the food ended up on the floor, leaving a mess. Not classy. I see leftover food containers on the train all the time. And that is inconsiderate to me whenmMillions of people ride the MTA everyday.

  • Misty Knight

    Yeeeahhh I’m kind of confused as to how this situation escalated to blows. I’m actually shocked to read all these accounts of being yelled at by racist strangers, I ride the train all the time, and though I am a magnet for crazy folk, Ive never had any altercations with them. But I’m in Chicago, maybe its an NYC thing, or maybe I’m just lucky?

    However this white woman did not look crazy, and the use of the term “old white lady” conjured an image of some silver haired, senior citizen with a cane, pearls and a cardigan. This broad is like in her late forties and would not qualify as mentally unfit. She was just an as*hole. I see people eat on the train or bus and don’t think twice, and it wasn’t like the young girl was eating sloppily. Now I’ve seen some people (who seem to be unstable) just spill debris all over the seats, that is annoying, but most of us just look in disgust.
    However her slurs did not merit violence. Ive watched this video a few times, and I am not sure how and why the black young lady ended up in such close proximity to her face. Nor did I see the white woman throw a punch. And why did the other young black lady feel the need to get her licks in? she wasn’t even nudged!

    I also think the black man was talking to the young women , maybe because he felt that he’d be more relateable to them, or because they were also black , they’d be more receptive. It seemed like he was trying to calm them down for their own good, two visibly angry young black woman, and one sobbing portly white woman (with glasses) is not a good image, if the cops were to get involved, no matter who started it, that incident could have ended a lot worse.

    In summation it looks like an as*hole, said the wrong things to the wrong people with poor decision making skills, and short tempers. Frankly there are no victims here.

    To be honest what was more disturbing was that black woman cradling the sobbing white instigator after she got bopped. Like….For Real? That was awkward….and weird.

  • Ebonylolita

    THIS is why I keep my lil hooptie & pay Geico each month. If that was me It would have went down like this>>>>> White Woman makes the “animal” remark. I would have turned & told her that SHE was behaving like an animal for fixing her mouth to even say ANYTHING to me about my food & called her a racist CUNT for even choosing the word animal. Then I would tell her if my food disturbs her she can take her train fare & MOVE to another seat, car or whereever she thought ANIMALS were’nt. I wouldn’t get out of my seat & if she chose to continue to “express herself” I would continue to verbally express MYSELF!!

    Too often black ppl as a whole are told “don’t say anything” when Whites or Others make disparaging remarks towards us. HOW DARE YOU!!!! The minute we take steps to defend ourselves, we’re perceived as ABW. WELP!! When you are unnecessarily disrespectful to ANYBODY they become Angry. Black Women or Men do not hold the patent on Anger.

    If you don’t like what happens on the train get a rahtid car or move to another cart. I wouldn’t have allowed the woman to hit, push or use the “swaying train” as an excuse to physically touch me. I know how the world perceives me & my ppl. So…. don’t walk into the trap of the helpless white femake routine, but I’d Cuss her out to rahtid & continue eating my food *Cha*

  • dhuhaa

    it is very derogatory to be sitting here calling them project bunnies. Would you want to be called that and how do you even know they are even from any projects. I haven’t watched the video yet however from what I am reading they lady should have acted like the adult she is supposed to be and leave people alone

  • chanelA

    ughh black folks honestly play the ” none of my business” card way too much…. and at the worst times!

    its called helping your fellow human being! so you mean to tell me that if you’re walking down the street and a woman is getting raped in an alley in broad daylight you’re just wanna either watch or not help cause its “none of my business”.

    the thing is the SAME folks talking about not doing anything about.. well anything cause its not their business are the same folks getting attacked and raped in public and wondering why nobody stepped in to help. people dont care about each other anymore and they mask if with ” its not my business” and “thats on her/him” and “they had it coming” no sense of community for nothing!

  • krenz

    Once again, black men jump up to defend white womanhood! Where were they when the white woman, called the girls Animals? why didnt they defend them? BECAUSE BLACK PEOPLE HATE ONE ANOTHER. Look at how we treat one another. Black men especially love them some Becky. Even the black woman in the flick was trying to console the poor racist white woman after she got checked for her nosiness and racist remarks. Who stood up for the girls? NOBODY. You cant expect young girls of any race to control themselves in a heated situation. Those black people who witnessed that should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Ronnie

    I did not see the woman change seats. She had been sitting there all along. I do not condone what the young women did, but neither do I condone what the woman said. Racism has to be seen for what it is and that is exactly what her comments were born of. What does it matter if the young women live in the projects? As the saying goes: walk a mile in my shoes… I believe the woman’s comments were not only racially motivated, but also ageist, meaning she being an older woman and the younger ladies being her junior, she felt superior. As an older person, I was brought-up not to eat in public unless you’re in a restaurant or an outdoor event. Younger generations have not been taught the same. I am shaking my head over the actions of everyone involved. I do believe that had someone spoken-up, it would not have escalated to the point that it did. I would not have taken kindly to being called an “animal”, either. I don’t know anyone who would, regardless of skin color.

  • OhMyEyes

    Why are there so many videos of people in New York fighting on subways? I swear that whole city is a damn zoo.

  • ash

    yes because of course instead of walking away but standing over someone threatening to pour spaghetti on them isn’t ignorant..
    sorry youre totally right

  • Shannon

    I can say this because I live in Brooklyn I take this train and i see it happen daily. I fail to believe some white woman surrounded by black people would say something stupid first, now say they was the only black people on the train i could believe it.
    and i have walked a mile in the project shoes so if anybody would know it would be me, i dont see why people are taking up for this kind of behavior. if she would have told me whatever she told those girls trust me i would not have gotten in her face and started fighting but what difference does it make, just another video of black people looking violent as usual, so 1 step forward for those two girls and 2 steps back for the black race because of course violence is the answer, im sure martin luther king would agree

  • whyaskquestions

    This comment and the people who replied above me are all part of the problem. You all refuse, absolutely refuse, to believe that a white woman started the altercation, despite seeing the woman stand up in her face and pushing her TWICE before the girl struck back. Despite that, it still had to be the black girls’ fault because thats what black girls do, right? I’m assuming yall are black women and this further illustrates the point of an infected perception that we have. We even believe this about ourselves. Smh.

  • serenissima


    YES. your comment should end this thread.

    when i got into my altercation in the FedEx Kinko’s there were other Black people all around and the White woman still had the nerve to step to me (in case you missed that comment, an older White lady around the age of the woman in this video started an argument with myself and a friend for speaking in the Kinkos).

    maybe Shannon and others have never heard of this little thing called WHITE PRIVILEGE. if they had, there is no way in hell they would be making statements like ‘I fail to believe some white woman surrounded by black people would say something stupid first, now say they was the only black people on the train i could believe it.’ White folks believe they can say and do whatever they want to whomever they want, whenever they want.

    i stopped reading her comment after that remark and the calling of the Black girls ‘project bunnies.’ Who says they live in the projects? Assuming she’s Black, her comment showcased racism at it’s worst and most basic form: self-hatred.

  • Kamahla

    It’s correct that we do not know who started the verbal part of the confrontation. I am inclined to believe that it was the older woman. And I believe that she was wrong for her derogatory remarks. But, the girls were holding their own in their participation in the verbal confrontation with the older lady. But THEY were the ones who made it physical by getting out of their seats. Which makes them ALSO wrong. I wouldn’t take either side, because the entire thing is pitiful and ridiculous, on both sides. So that’s why I refuse to take up for the girls. As far as the man breaking it up, I see people break fights up all the time. I don’t see it as a case of “let me save the precious white woman”. I honestly see it as a case of “I’m gonna break this up for whatever reason. It’s two of them, and one of her. Let me grab one of them.”

    I’m disappointed in these girls for trying to resolve this with fighting. It just wasn’t necessary. And it’s against the law to put your hands on someone. Unfortunately, the older woman could have claimed self defense, which is messed up because she probably started the whole thing. If for no other reason, they should have left it on the VERBAL level to avoid getting into trouble. So, no, I don’t think these girls (and, please, let’s not use the term “project bunnies) deserve to be defended because they were just as wrong as the older woman. Who cares what she said? They can say whatever they want right back (and they DID). But they were the ones who got up, and they were the ones who cornered her. Anyone would attempt to physically remove someone from their path if they were in their face and refused to move – and you were in a position where you COULDN’T walk away. Black, white, or blue.

  • Shannon

    well i will be the bigger person and say i am sorry for calling them project bunnies but i am just sick of tired of people getting on the A train loud and ignorant and fighting for petty things . im looking at the bigger picture on how this reflects on us as black women. I dont want to be seen as violent, uneducated or ignorant because i worked too damn hard NOT to be that person and i just feel that everytime their is a video or a showcasing of us being the stereotype it reflects us as a whole. because like the lady above me says THEY COULD HAVE JUST WALKED AWAY OR GOT OFF ON THEIR STOP but instead they GOT IN HER FACE AN INCH FROM HER and expected her to do nothing after they were told to relax. I know that in my position i would have called her a name and moved on(or kept it verbal) never would i have EVER walked over to the lady to further escalate the matter because its JUST SPAGHETTI and an ignorant a** woman..but now these two girls are going to jail over what? some words
    When you start the words *black women* on youtube,google, yahoo, or any other site guess what comes up ?? ” black women fighting, black women angry, angry black women beats so and so” and that is reflecting on US whether you want to believe it or not. But if you want to take up for these two girls go ahead but I won’t because I know this (the fighting portion) could have been avoided.

  • Anonyme

    Wow! Lynching was never actually legal. It was all to common and people got away with it.

    But to compare what happened on the subway to lynching is so wrong. You need to read some Ida B. Wells.

  • Akhibrass

    Wow, so much fail in these comments.
    First, there is more than just the black/white thing to consider.There is also the age differential that plays a role in how people perceive this situation. Many of the commuters may have seen these young women as the “typical” loud mouth, New York kids who occupy the subway cars and turn them into their own private clubhouse.
    Second, calling someone a name is far different than throwing a punch at them. Yes, when you see two people argue most people are apt to leave them be and not get involved. In this case, given how the young ladies were more than willing to reply back to the white lady, most felt that it would have just escalated things if they got involved. I’ve seen arguments on the streets all the time and NO ONE EVER intervenes.
    However, anyone with common sense knows that a fight as BIT different from an argument. Once blows are being thrown than things get different. The black man was right. He wasn’t protecting a White woman against Black women he was trying to end a bad situation with as little hassle as possible because as another commentator pointed out, once the cops got involved it would not have looked good for the girls and not just cause their black but because, there are TWO of them against a much OLDER person.Two huge factors that confound the whole, “race” angle.

  • Akhibrass

    It’s also very clear that they got in the white ladies face not the other way round and she pushed the girl to get her away from her. I think a lot of people would have done the same thing. They also clearly needed no protection given that they were so willing to gang up on an older lady. I consider myself Pro-black but race allegiance doesn’t trump common decency. I would have intervened on the older ladies behalf as well. It was no fight, it was a beat down in progress. In that case, one is morally obligated to come in on the side of the one who is outnumbered.

  • Akhibrass

    Stooping to the ignorant level of others is clearly the most productive strategy for black people to adopt. Yep, stay classy.

  • Akhibrass

    Here’s the young ladies black knight in shining armor right here:

  • Moni

    This whole situation is completely ignorant. The white woman thought she was within her rights to say what she wants (FAIL, this will cause you to get knocked out) and honestly, eating on the train is just plain ridiculous. I have a problem with it because trains are jerky and foods get splattered. I don’t care who you are, I don’t want to smell like your breakfast/lunch/dinner. I don’t care if it’s spaghetti, donuts and hot coffee (which people will stand over your head and drink all the time) It’s ill mannered and shows that you were not taught any. I will say this though, this is one of the reasons why I refuse to use the term “getting beasty” which was the “in” word for 2010. I have been saying this to my family and friends. We are always given the term animals whenever someone describes us, “animals”, “thugs” “bitches” “ho’s” “ghetto” “classless”. I’m sick of it. There used to be a time when if you was called out your name, those were fighting words. Actions and words speak for themselves. To each his own. Not only does the statement “It’s not what you’re called, it’s what you respond to” applies, so does my grandmamma’s advice “If you act like a lady, you will get treated as such.”

  • Akhibrass

    I haven’t seen one person point out that the girls were in the wrong because VIOLENCE is wrong period.
    You don’t have the right to hit someone just because they say something you don’t like. There is no equivalence. Isn’t that what we teach our children? Oh, nowadays, maybe not.

  • Lauren


  • dusttracks


    that woman is too old to be picking with those girls. they should have really taken her for a ride…

  • dusttracks

    yeah…and she even struck out to hit one of the girls…amazing…
    i’m getting the heck out of here. things are too bad to fix.

  • whyaskquestions

    @ Kamahla and shannon

    watch the video again.

    they did not start the altercation. they got up and had slightly moved away from her when the man in front of them decided to give them a lecture. an argument between the girls and the white woman got started up again and the white woman stood up and got in the girls face. then the white woman pushed her in her chest. even after being pushed the girls (and all these alleged good samaritans around them) did nothing after the first push. the lady pushed her AGAIN and then the fight broke out.

    watch it again and pay attention this time. you all are doing everything in your power to believe these girls were the cause of the fight. because as stated earlier, you sincerely believe that white women are not aggressors and black women are. and again…thats the problem.

  • Kamahla

    I totally agree that they didn’t start the fight. And I never said that the older woman was not to blame. What I said was that the fight began verbally (again, probably started by the older woman), and only escalated to being physical by the two girls. They were the ones who got out of their seats. If the older woman got up in their faces, I’d be blaming her for the whole thing becoming a fight.

    What I said was that I don’t understand why I should be angry that the lady pushed them when they would not get away from her after she repeatedly told them to, but not angry that they got up in her face, clearly wanting to finish an immature and petty argument (again, on BOTH SIDES) with a totally unnecessary fight.

    I do not, nor have I ever, thought that black women are aggressors. What I said was that in THIS particular situation, these specific black girls were responsible for the fight getting physical. If SHE had approached THEM, they told HER to back up, and SHE refused. I’d be blaming the older lady for the fight breaking out, just like I am blaming her for the initial verbal confrontation.

  • afrikan

    but why in the hell eat food in the damn subway! black people can’t we be civilised at least once. i just can’t stand this bs. let’s be real it’s so ignorant!

  • The Taker

    Ummmmm…. Excuse you, white, latino(a), asian people eat on the damn subway all the time, ESPECIALLY in NYC. Just yesterday your sweet little white folks was eating a full on meal of McDonalds. So please go somewhere else with your comment.

  • mai

    What really sucks is that this was turned into a racial issue.

    The older woman should heve kept her mouth shut either way. Who cares if someone is eating on the train? You never know what someone’s time constraints or daily activities are. What if this girl was working late into the night and off to school the next morning and she grabbed the first thing she could to eat? Does that make her an animal or does that make her efficient?

    Seriously though, the girls weren’t bothering anyone – they were talking amongst themselves and doing what most people do and move on with their days.

    Shame on that woman. Even after her first comment she could have closed the matter by not continuing to escalate the situation by arguing. She started it. She could have apologised, moved, stopped arguing or caught the next train.

    All I know is everyone around them were disrupted because of foolishness. Shame on all of them, sometime stupid comments need to go unheard: with that said, I’m sure that woman wont be doing that again.

  • Tracey

    I’m sorry Lee but I guess you missed the point (2:37) where the woman pushed the girl first and her friend is clearly yelling “don’t touch her.” This woman was clearly picking on them because they were black. Would she have acted the same way and spoke the same if these teen girls were white? I think not.

  • Tracey

    I have to disagree with you. Many people may have felt like saying something, but everyone was smart enough to keep their cool and mind their business. Even you said that you keep your mouth shut when you see things on the train that are out of order. Instead of doing that, she called them “animals.” Also, from the looks of things and the way they had gathered their belongings, it seems as if they were about to exit. SHE then STOOD, and pushed one of them. I don’t know where you’re from, but where I’m from, when you truly feel threatened, you run from the fire, not towards it! I don’t condone their behavior, but she was the ADULT in the situation and should have acted as such. I work with teens daily and I am Black too, but there are just certain teenagers that I don’t say anything to, or if I do, I do so very sweetly and carefully. We live in a society that is raising more and more angry, aggressive, and non-caring children. You never know how they are going to respond, no matter the nationality. You just don’t pour gas on a fire to put it out.

  • Tracey

    Yes right Akhibrass, I don’t know what video you watched, but she pushed twice and stood still. Not once did I see her “try to get away” as you claim. And you do not push people to try to get away. You turn and go in the other direction! She started it, they finished it. End of story.

  • Tracey

    Well damn Afrikan, was she down on the floor on all fours eating the spaghetti with her mouth from the container like a pig? What made her eating the spaghetti so uncivilized? She was using a fork, didn’t drop anything, and had plastic under it. If eating in public is now uncivilized, close all restaurants and drive-thru’s immediately!

  • Kamahla

    No one said that she pushed them to get away. Akhibrass said that she pushed them to get them away from her. She told them to get out of her face and they refused. She couldn’t walk away, because she was cornered.

  • Jenny

    Flat out, it’s nasty to eat on the subway. You can do it, but it doesn’t mean that it is too be done. And because of these shenanigans, MTA is considering a formal rule against eating and drinking on subways. People will be able to get a summons for doing so.
    No one stepped in to defend the women, because it was clear that these girls were handling their business for themselves. Before you hear the white lady say “animals” you can hear the girls call her a “racist beeyatch” so these parties were clearly in for a game of tit for tat.
    If someone had made these young ladies eat on the subway, you would have heard all kinds of protests. It would have been deemed too nasty for them to do. Because they want to do it, suddenly the train seems the appropriate spot for a picnic.

  • Nadell

    because of someone’s color, they feel they are superior and i guess it is assumed they do have this superiority so they can do whatever the heck they want and assume no consequences for their actions??? then the blame is wrongfully placed on those who are actually the victim. WOW! then it appears that the instigator is the victim and ‘woe is me’….

  • gee

    R U Serious?!! This touches a whole lot of my nerves!
    First of all, the girls were right that woman was “grown” (albeit immature) & chided those young girls into a confrontation.

    Secondly, If those girls had been white and eating on the train — which many people do — would she have called them “animals” or “idiots” ??…hmm, probably not.

    Third, that b….h did start the altercation by pushing the girl twice!!! OMG where is the lawyer? I see public humiliation, slander and assault charges here.
    Lastly,That white woman needed to be reprimanded.

    Thanks to the camera man, the black AND white men that stood between the altercation.

  • D-Chubb

    If it ain’t illegal or against the rules, keep your mouth shut. If they don’t spill it on you, don’t worry about it.

  • janice

    What else you expect from black animals. Just look at celebrity apprentice this season.

  • Stop the Media Smear Campaign Against Black Women

    @BeOnPurpose: I agree with you that if Black women and girls are not more careful in how we react to injustices, then we will see our incarceration rates rise,like with Black men.

    In my opinion, there is an entire campaign being waged against Black women to cast us out of normal society, to destroy our image, and demonize us. Being waged by white media sources, and even Black men entertainers who have allied with the media slandering sources.

    The unfortunate result of this is that Black women are angrier than before, and that anger is manifesting in our real life situations. The demonization and stereotyping of Black women is also manifesting in real life – people feel free to harass, intimidate, and ridicule Black women because they know they can, and nobody will stand up for us. This is what happened on this train. An entitled white women felt it her right, be she crazy or not, to harass two Black girls because she knows that she will be looked upon as “the poor, woe is me, innocent-til-the-end white woman”. Unfortunate, but true. And since we can’t change her or anyone else’s perception of Black women, it is up to US to react in such a manner that works to our benefit – meaning keep us out of the hands of law enforcement.

    Many Black women and girls are angry to find out that after all of our years of supporting the Black community, the Black community, particularly Black rights organizations and Black men, will not support us back, and will throw us under the bus in a minute. Some white people, particularly some white women, know this and will do every thing in their power to harass us and cause us grief – and they know they can do it in front of other Blacks because no one will come to our defense.

    But I don’t think we can let that be a deterrent to how we handle ourselves, in public and private. The main thing is to just be cool, understand the reason for the hate against Black women, and fight against it in more EFFECTIVE ways than fighting on the train with some crazy old white lady, even though she was the instigator, threw the first blow, and was totally in the wrong.

  • Rayve

    I felt as if the lady should have minded her own biz nomatter what race or gender u are u have no rite to down grade the next. Why worry about somebody else eating on a subway when ur not. That the problem in todays society everybody is worried about the next instead of worring about them selves. So i think that the lady was in the wrong for saying anything to the teens. But u also have to look at it like this she must have had an issue other than them eating on the subway because why else wud u flat out call some one an animal. I know it had to be a color issue. When color shud never be a factor about any situation because at the end of the day we all came from the same seed.

  • janice

    These girls are animals. Who eats spaghetti on the subway ? Rats and animals. Blacks always make excuses for their own peeps and hate to be called out on it. Why you think black animals are not caught many times when they commit a crime. Because black witnesses use the don’t snitch crap and these animals know no one is going to say NUTHIN !

  • janice

    These girls are animals. Who eats spaghetti on the subway ? Rats and animals. Blacks always make excuses for their own peeps and hate to be called out on it. Why you think black animals are not caught many times when they commit a crime. Because black witnesses use the don’t snitch crap and these animals know no one is going to say NUTHIN !

  • http://[email protected] Ross

    @janice, you “daughter of a racist whore” yeah two reality tv sluts represents all but 20 millions black women in this country… I like where your head is at, by the way your next Klan rally is this april 20 (hitler b-day) your patron saint you shouldn’t miss it. B@#$H

  • JS

    Some people have to grab a meal on the train. I’ve had to do it many times before, going from my job to night school. If the girl was throwing meatballs on the floor than I would consider her a pig, but she wasn’t. Being called a pig unprovoked would of pissed me off too. She shouldn’t have been harassed.

  • Jerry

    Actually , I thought the girl eating the spaghetti was cute and mature for a teenager . How many young adults have that much patience to turn the cheek these days . Yes , the agitator was wrong . I also admire the good samaritans that broke up the fight . GOD bless them all . Conclusion… we all need JESUS in control of our hearts / lives or forget about living !

  • Ben Dan

    Are you allowed to eat on the NYC subway? I know a lot of subway systems ban eating and drinking. But if NYC does not have such a rule, then that fat white woman should have kept her piehole shut.

  • greg

    The white woman was at fault and someone should have scolded her.
    But having said that let me say the following:
    While this is not to say all Black women(Sanaa Lathan,Gabriel Union, Thandie Newton and Zoe Saldana will be excluded from this generalization) most of them
    happen to exhibit the following traits which make it most difficult to stick up for them.
    They have a heightened sense of sensitivity to there self image and they are
    always trying to right percieved slights whether real or imagined as a result they are
    Bellicose, Belligerent, ungrateful to men who stick up for them, LOUD and most
    unlady like, and emotionally selfish. It is almost as though they think if they act this way noone will bother them. Unfortunately this wall they have erected contributes to the negative stereotype.
    The SAD thing is that Most of these Black women have NO idea that their behavior is
    so grating to most. They will always blame others for their behavior or their lack of

  • greg

    Also in the interest of fairness let me talk about white women as well.
    Some white women. Namely those who are over 50 or foriegn born white
    women, have an unrealistic sense of entitlement and they are very
    prejudice toward Black people and black women in general and
    they feel they can say anything they wish with impunity. They remember
    the old days when Black people were treated like animals and they
    hide behind their own insecurities by clinging to thier antiquated
    unevolved thinking. The younger generation of white women is alot more
    evolved and mature mentally and some of them realize that EVERY RACE
    has their problems. But the bottom line is, Every race has smart people, rich,
    poor, religious, hedonistic, criminal and gifted. Noone is better than
    anyone and anyone who does not embrace this is not really evolved mentally.

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