How-To: Oil Rinse and Why You Should

by Clutch

We’ve told you about the importance of co-washing your hair using a no-poo formula but when you want to shampoo (like the model to the right), oil rinsing is a great way to revitalize hair after the process.

Even if you’re just co-washing,  there are several benefits of oil rinsing for relaxed and natural hair. Try an oil rinse to lock in your hair’s moisture, increase shine, soften hair follicles, promote growth and ease the detangling process.

Follow these steps to oil rinse and you’ll be on your way to stronger, longer hair.

1-Wash your hair with shampoo. If you are only co-washing, rinse your hair ensuring it’s completely wet.

2- Part hair into four sections (or more depending on hair’s thickness and length).

3- Saturate hair and scalp with the oil of your choice. Don’t be fooled by fancy products and packaging, take it back to basics with natural products from the pantry like jojoba oil, meadow foam seed oil, avocado oil, amla oil, argan oil, and coconut oil, which are all great mixed together or used singularly. (You can use an application bottle if you mix multiple oils together.)

4- Using the tips of your fingers gently massage the oil from root-to-tip stroking in a downward motion.

5-Cover hair with a plastic cap and leave the oil on hair for a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour (You can decide on a longer length of time at your own discretion.)

6- Detangle hair using a wide-tooth comb or a Denman brush and rinse the oil in hot water.

7- Follow-up with your regular conditioner. Rinse out with cool water to remove oil residue.

Do you oil rinse your hair? Are you happy with the results? Share your experience in the comments.

-Margaret Francois

  • Xta28

    I swear by oil rinsing now! It does miracles for my hair. I immediately notice the difference in its vitality and strength when detangling and rinsing out for the last time. I currently use my Carol’s Daughter Lisa’s Hair Elixir as a pre-poo deep oil treatment (done once a month) and an add in to my Giovanni’s Organics Triple Tea Treat Conditioner (done once a week). I don’t find a need in making sure the oil and conditioner is completely gone because both are so light and my hair loves the added moisture. Adding oil rinses to your hair regime is an inexpensive way to deep condition your hair. Give it a try for a month or two, I swear you will notice the difference and love it!!

  • jaded

    I did it for the first time today with coconut oil. I actually put it in before shampooing overnight. Wow! I noticed the difference. My scalp was much happier with me and my hair was shiny right after wash. I need to do this all the time now! (I used extra vigin coconut oil I picked up at the grocery store)

  • bb

    Just did this yesterday and I felt the difference immediately. My hair feels really soft now :-)

  • Stopitnow

    Is this okay to do on relaxed hair?

  • binks

    thanks for the tips, I always do it before I shampoo but I will try it this way. But I must say my hair does feel the difference either way when it comes to oil

  • i like

    this was wonderful and helpful

  • Gabi

    I love doing this, i started last year while transitioning and my hair (both relaxed and natural parts) love it.

  • shar


  • smememe

    I’ve done oil rinsing but my method is simpler … I only leave the oil in for a few minutes before rinsing it out and i only use my fingers to comb it through. I can’t say that I’ve notice that much of a difference in my hair. What’s the reasoning behind leaving it in for so long?
    Not to sound nitpicky but this sounds like a hot oil treatment/conditioning method not an oil rinse.

  • Leandra

    Depends on what products you are using with the Denman Brush, your hair type, technique, and how wet your hair is. I have been using the Denman Brush to detangle my hair for years since I went natural and it’s better than the wide tooth comb in my opinion. I have 3C type hair (very tight spiral curls) and the hair in the Denman brush is minimal compared to other tools I’ve used to detangle.

  • Shar

    But its not a dangling brush. I don’t care what hair type you have. That not what its used for

  • TheCapriciousD

    I will definitely be trying this next time I co-wash.

  • Brasilia

    Okay, I tried this yesterday…and apparently I’ve done something wrong. I wanted to wear my naturally curly hair today and for some reason, the curls didn’t form. I don’t know if I didn’t wash the oil out completely or if I left it in too long but my hair was limp and then it became frizzy. I had to re-wash and condition my hair today. I’ll try it again later. But I’m with smememe, this seems like a hot oil treatment which I’ve done many times before but got better results than what I got yesterday.

  • hate doing my hair

    My hair has probably broken off a couple of inches because I hate doing it and because it is painful to keep my arms behind my head for any extended period of time becasue of an incident many years ago. I usually brush my hair straight and leave it in a bun when i go out other than that its in braids. I am trying to learn was to be no fuss about washing my hair. I usually like to get a dandruff shampoo that has the conditioner and the shampoo all in one. It dont have dandruff but I get the itches. LOL I use a shampoo that my doctor prescribed when I was a kid and works wonder on my scalp but makes my hair stiff as a board. That is the downfall on like 200 people complain about how it makes your hair stiff. So, I really am looking for a way to do an oil rinse. I have such dry hair!

  • hey

    that is the thing about being black or biracial black hair no one hair is the same. What i love most about my hair is its fullness but lately its getting flater and flater. My hair is more in the curly zone my mothers is more in the wavy zone. but her hair isnt dry but mine is! REally really dry! I think it is the dandruff shampoo they have so many bad chemicals that zap moisture i have to use an organic shampoo for moisture but then they dont have any for itchy scalp! so this oil rinse that may be down my lane.

  • gyspy

    That is the thing about black hair it is so beautiful so fun and so pretty and you can do so much with it can be an obsession but dang its alot of work! I dont get how people no matter the color obesses over celeb hair styles with those expensive extensions. There hair is so full and not wispy. Everyone trying to have the kardashian or paris or jessica fullness and quality texture provided via extension that cost a lot of money that is why chicks end up with fusions they are beautiful too my friend wears them and they make her hair look really good! It is amazing how much a difference they make but when her cash is low. ITs another story! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Perhaps i think usng the wrong shampoo and brushes can make all the difference good tips.

  • Adriii

    I’ve tried everything and the Denman is the best detangler for my hair. As Leandra said, depends on your hair type.

  • Jaki D

    It depends on how you use it. Just like anything else, what works for one person may not work for the other.

  • iM

    i just tried it today ehh its okay my hair did shed a lottttttttttttttttttttttt less but i don’t know if that’s due to a new conditioner i tried- suave almond and shea butter . oh and ps suave almond and shea butter makes my hair sooooooooooooooooooooo soft i tried trader joes nourish spa and i don’t know why everybody is raving over the product i barely felt a difference in my hair. i used it as a leave in and a rinse out. when i used it as a rinse out i left it on for 3 minutes

  • CurlyBunnie

    I have done oil rinses w/a mix of different oils. My hair sheds so much less and is very moisturized. I usually steam my hair w/the oil on it for 1/2 hr.

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  • TeAhnnie

    I used a free SLS shampoo and I added plain yogurt to the mixture of my oils (grapes seed, coconut, and olive). I left it in a shower cap for about and hour. I followed the rest of the direction and I’m proud of the results. My hair is transitioning so its becoming just a tad difficult to maintain, but the oil rinse was easy. My hair is soft, the ends are wonderful, and my hair has the perfect shine.

  • Peggy Shelton

    My hair was shedding horribly and nothing worked to stop the breakage. After my first
    oil rinsing with olive oil, the breakage stopped immediately. My natural hair has more
    moisture and shine than ever before. Since the breakage has stopped, the growth is

  • TWH

    I actually just started this process this week and what have seen so far is amazing. My hair was super soft, detangling was a breeze. My hair is shinny, not greasy and it feels moisturized. It still sheds, but not nearly as much as before. I think that will lessen over time.

  • RJ

    I found out about this topic from youtuber denimpoxie and gave it a try. First result, detangling went far better! I also had to come up with a method to do it safely in the shower without it becoming a slippery hazard. Second result, I’ve reduced my breakage and shedding by 70%!!!! This is no exaggeration! I love the way my hair can recover from strawlike crunchiness to a calm and deeply moisturized state. Thus is everything!!!!!

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