Much has been made about Beyonce’s latest single, “Run the World (Girls).” From Bey stans loving the video and choreography, to others complaining about the busyness of the track, Beyonce’s “Girls” hasn’t quite had the impact she, or her label, might have liked.

An interesting thing that has grown out of the single and Beyonce’s reemergence on the music scene, however, has been a discussion of feminism. Clutch’s Arielle Loren and Jezebel’s Dodai Stewart both wondered if Beyonce’s brand of girl power was just another side of contemporary feminism or a ploy to make money. Although both writers came to different conclusions, their articles sparked an interesting conversation—is Beyonce really a feminist or just a woman who knows that empowerment anthems (usually) sell?

Last week, video blogger and self-described “thinker,” NineteenPercent, posted a response to Beyonce’s “Girls” video. In her video response, NineteenPercent wonders how girls or women can really run the world when we are constantly discriminated against.

Although NineteenPercent says the “video is not about Beyonce” specifically, using the song to spark a discussion about the standing of women—who are the majority of the population—seems like the perfect tie-in.

Check out NineteenPercent’s video, “Beyonce-Run the Worl (Lies)” and let us know what you think!

  • Vertis

    Women aren’t competent enough to firmly unite without experiencing feminine issues with themselves and other females. Whatever society is likely formed will not last, as women bicker amongst themselves over petty issues like appearance and clothes, sex appeal and the like – wasting valuable time conversing like children, instead of sharing ideas of productivity (ways to benefit their selves, families, workplaces or humanity). Women strive to be taken care of by men, catered to in one way or another, led and commanded by their male counterparts.

    In short, women are a long ways away, biologically, from maintaining gender equivalency. Women must evolve in the way they think.

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