Friday Jul 29th

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Why Black Marriage And Child Bearing Is A Reproductive Rights Issue

I interviewed a group of very successful Black women in 40s and 50s and realized one trend among them: they were never married and none of them had children. Their careers were their lives and most seemed rather proud of that fact. It wasn’t until...

Marilyn Mosby: “We Do Not Believe That Freddie Gray Killed Himself”

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby took to the podium to break her silence after it was announced that all further trials in the Freddie Gray case were dropped Wednesday morning. The top prosecutor defended her decision to announce charges against six Baltimore Police officers in...

6 Reasons Why No Black Person Should Be Republican or Conservative

By now, anyone following the 2016 presidential preliminaries knows the name Donald Trump and most Black people have been exposed to his political ideologies that are not only riddled in sexism, racism and xenophobia — but has also galvanized support from poor Whites who feel...

No Charges Filed After Black Texas Girl Suffers Rope Burns To Her Neck

Investigators say there will be no charges filed after a 12-year-old black girl suffered rope burns to her neck during a school field trip to a ranch in Texas. The Waco Tribune-Herald reports that Blanco County Sheriff’s Capt. Ben Ablon said Monday that there’s no...

A Black Woman’s Rant On America Currently Sucking

We are at a real low point in American history. As a Black woman who loves writing social commentary, it is really affecting my ability to do my work. The politics, the culture, the economic situation of the country? All of it is really depressing,...

Roxane Gay And Yona Harvey To Write “Black Panther” Sister Series Focusing On Black Women

According to The New York Times, Author, Educator and Feminist Roxane Gay is set to write a new Marvel comic book titled World of Wakanda, a companion story to the series and upcoming film Black Panther set for a November release. Poet Yona Harvey will...