Monday, the Internet erupted after evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa posted an article on Psychology Today that asserted that Black women were the least attractive women on earth.

Rightfully, many were up in arms, bombarding the Psychology Today Twitter timeline with scornful tweets and emailing the editors to express their displeasure with Kanazawa’s article.

After undergoing a title change, the article magically disappeared from the Psychology Today website, but that may have been the least of Kanazawa’s troubles.

According to Jezebel, Kanazawa’s racist article may cost him his teaching position at the London School of Economics (LSE) due to complaints from the student body.

After students at the LSE read Kanazawa’s article, they voted unanimously to have him fired from the university. The LSE, who issued a statement saying Kanazawa’s article does not represent the entire university, has also launched an investigation and will decide whether or not to punish the so-called scholar.

No matter what happens to Kanazawa’s career at the London School of Economics, he has been exposed not only as a racist, but also a pseudo-scientist that dabbles in faulty data to push his ignorant agenda.

  • Domino

    So glad to hear this. Its good to know we’re not the only ones who have to stand up for black women. Psychology Today publishing it is what really bothered me though.

  • Nadell

    This PSYCHO I mean psychologist had the nerve to discuss unattractiveness when clearly Kanazawa is not the epitome of a Kodak moment! The audacity baffles and tickles me nonetheless!!! Possibly his findings are in fact personal findings – the pot calling the kettle black.
    Perhaps folks will take notice — keep your absurd opinions and false findings to yourself when it comes to an entire group of people. I guess he assumed he’d just get by w/ his comments and no one would confront.
    I applaud everyone who stood up and let their voices be heard!!!!

  • WoW

    Firing him does nothing. Who do you think is teaching in the most prestigious colleges and universities?

    I say they should have put him in the field to test his theory. Make him travel to Africa, Asia and America and do a 5-year-study. To Prove it.

    Nothing more humiliating than disproving someone’s theory that they spent 3 months to present.

    If anything the editor should have been fired. This would have never seen the light of day had the editor been on their J.O. B.

  • Nadell

    @ Domino
    you are absolutely right! PT needs to be dealt with as well. There’s some corresponding action that should come their way. Kanazawa would just be some crazed professor or whatever he is making statements such as this but the fact that PT allowed his statements to be put out there gives them direct responsibilty.

  • Gigi

    How is he going to call black women unattractive when he is a 1 on the number scale, if you are going to call people ugly you should not be busted looking yourself.

  • African Mami

    Oh SHIT! He is a professor at one of the most PRESTIGIOUS colleges in the world?!! I don’t care, either way ….I think he needs to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

  • Trudy

    Good. This is what he deserves. As I tweeted on Monday, science itself was insulted much worse than us Black women were on Monday. Complete disregard for proper research and guessing a conclusion at the end of a study? Even 4th grade students conduct better research. His racist beliefs have been masked by faulty research for too long and it is about time he is called on it. Also, those students at his school deserve better. I’ve had it with Black women being society’s punching bag.

  • Tomi-chan

    The logic that only attractive people should write about the psychology of attraction is quite possible the most hypocritical thing I have heard. Ever. Aren’t we angry at Satoshi BECAUSE he thinks beauty and attraction are “objective” things? *Sigh* And just like that we move three steps back.

    Anyway if the college was really tired of the way Kanazawa was presenting his ideas under the name of their school, they would have stopped him at “Why Ann Coulter Should have Nuked the Sh*t out of the Middle East”

    LSE, let’s not pretend race is a neutral topic… you did it to save face.

  • Alexandra

    This is not going to change anything. He is not the first or last that will conduct a study or survey trying to ‘figure out things’ about Black people.
    Studies like his has been done plenty if times before. His only drew attention because a popular media outlet published his ‘findings’.

    And I agree with Tomi.

  • Alexandra

    Excuse the typos :-)

  • zy

    you hit the nail on the head here. I was wondering why more people weren’t up in arms about the damn article actually being published. not only did they willfully publish a bunch of blatantly racist drivel, they also published an article with no scientific basis whatsoever. the credibility of the magazine as a whole is at question as far as i’m concerned. as for the idiot author… i hope he loses his job indeed. it’s high time people are made to be TRULY held responsible for the shit that they allow their minds to manifest.

  • Mimi

    I agree zy. It’s time for more severe punishment when it comes to stuff like this. The standard “if I’ve offended anyone, I’m truly sorry” drivel isn’t gonna work anymore. My other gripe about this whole situation is that PT took the article down after negative reactions to it. You had the balls to publish it in the first place, then leave it up and take the heat for it. Don’t lose your guts after you get feedback that you don’t like. Stay in the kitchen when it gets hot. Besides, don’t they realize that in this day and age, someone somewhere will still be able to find it and post it on another website?

  • Mimi

    HAHAHA!!! I never even thought about his looks until you mentioned it I just took a long look at his pic. What the hell is that huge mole/growth/thing near his mouth??? Herpes? As we all know, beauty is subjective and since he was allowed to publish drivel, then maybe someone will publish an article about how they find people with disgusting looking growths near their mouths unattractive.

  • Melinda

    There is a God! It’s great to see that we are being taken seriously.

  • miss British

    I actually live in London and I for some reason surprised when I heard that such foolish article was actually allowed to be publish. I did not not buy the newspaper nor listen to the radio show the little sh*t bag was on, any person let alone black person that brought the newspaper or listened to radio show is an illiterate idiot for taking part in the hype and raising the sale ratings, now thats out the way.
    How about the idiot (whatever he’s name is) does research on why the hell he’s Chinese nation keeps getting plastic surgery to change the shape of their eyes. Maybe just maybe they are trying to look more European just a suggestion, i mean it must be some sort of epidemic when channel 4 made a documentary about it?
    am i supposed to be happy that he “MIGHT” get fired as far as i’m concerned it to be a definite. What he wrote was not only racist but it was also rude and offensive. Why in the world would one want even conduct such research, he obviously has issues with the black race and wants to cause a division between black men and women (by say that one is basically superior to the other). We need to not believe the hype and sue this man and the papers behind.
    signed shakarah

  • oknow

    these ppl are phony as hell.. if they didn’t agree w/his shyt than why was it published?! his ass need to be fired.. what did he get out of writing this article? why is he so concerned w/the black woman when his ass isn’t even black? these racist assssholes always have a way of showing their true colors and get punished for it..

  • anony

    yeah, really. i’ve heard no uproar about this on news outlets or anything, but why would i? it’s just black women. and that was a sad truth masked with sarcasm. the only place i’ve heard any outrage about this has been on the black blogosphere amongst black women (because we only have each other) and a few black men who actually still give a damn about us and aren’t agreeing. this is welcome news, i hope he is disgraced. i’d love to see the look on his troll face when he realizes that picking on and berating black women is sometimes met with–gasp–outrage and concern.

  • http://www/ TheRetroNatural

    Exactly, I wrote to PT on twitter and got on them about it because ultimately, they had the power to either let it be published or can it. They chose to allow it and now they wanna!

  • QueenofNewcastle

    Ok so he is a martyr now for free speech. Well done! I’m being sarcastic. He didnt actually say black women were unattractive he said they were rated the least attractive by many people other than him. He just presented the findings of other research done on “attractiveness.” This isnt good at all. Now you will hear howls of “Political Correctness gone mad.”

    He got fired. He will just get hired by another university as the “Professor who dared to say what people dont want to hear.” He will have big right wing money thrown behind him for all sorts of research now.

  • Laila Apples

    But don’t YOU support his claims?

  • Lyoness

    As someone who works in research, I completely share your feelings!! No wonder people think science isn’t to be trusted. PT isn’t even a real, top-tier journal that told me something right there. But PT is probably happy because all press is good press *sarcasm*

  • QueenofNewcastle

    @Laila Apples

    What is there to support? He was reporting what others have said? Do I agree with the respondents, NO. THat isnt the point. I may not agree with what you say but I have to defend your right to publish it. Even if it is personally insulting to me. God forbid I write something controversial and lose my job over it. Challenging his views is one thing, Hounding him out of his job just puts paper and publicity in his pocket.

  • Jennifer

    I propose boycotting any company that buys ad space in the next issue of Psychology Today. Clutch should put together a list of their advertisers. That and losing subscriptions is the only way to punish them.

  • Jennifer

    This is only his latest in a line of racist “research” studies. He has hit the trifecta when it comes to racist ideology with regard to black people. According to his research conclusions, we are dumb, lazy, and ugly. One more topic, on our sexuality, and he’ll be made chair of the school of the KKK.

  • Jennifer

    He is being fired for using shoddy research methods and for declaring his conclusions on attractiveness as objective. Read up on the story before you jump out with faux outrage. Also the original title didn’t have rated in it.

  • Jennifer

    I should add, I don’t care if he ends at BYU or Greenwich University. I just want him out of an institution I respect.

  • imagineme

    I am a black woman and how can the least desired woman be the most attractive or even semi-attractive?…A black women is the least wanted female in the world so it only makes sense she would be the least attractive…However overtime beauty standards change overtime…As beautiful Kim K and Beyonce are they wouldnt be considered as attractive if it was 10-15 years ago…But what he said is common-sense and society in a whole doesnt view a black female as valuable then other race…Does it mean every black female is ugly…no…..

  • QueenofNewcastle


    But he didnt draw those conclusions did he? According to him he was interpreting data. He was attempting to explain why people thought the way they did. He is a psychologist after all.

    As respected universities are concerned, I believe he belongs with the fruits, nuts, and flakes at SOAS to be perfectly honest. Worst academic year of my life.

  • sli

    Black women are the least desired according to whom? It doesn’t matter how society views black women. What matters is how we view ourselves. We are beautiful,and it’s about time we started believing that and stop buying into these bullsh** articles that come out every week. Clearly you do not have a very high opinion of yourself. Please tell me you don’t have any daughters.

  • Proud Black Sister

    Hard to believe that in 2011 we still have neanderthals walking the earth and clearly this man is one. This backwards thinking is the reason the human race struggles to come together as just humans and stop judging each other based on the color of their skin. Judging from his pic he’s is not someone I would look upon as beautiful either inside or out, while I do not find him attractive I don’t view all asian’s as physically unattractive . Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but ugly is to the bone. I consider myself a beautiful black/native american. There is beauty in all races of people, just as there is ugliness. And finally he’s never viewed every black woman on the face of this earth so how can he make a general statement as that unless he’s seen us all,

  • Jennifer

    He did. He drew those conclusions. I wish you would read up on it before trying to troll on this site. I am posting this from a commenter on the linked site that knows the data Kanawhatever relied on:

    the thing that’s really infuriating about this guy’s POS article is that he didn’t even do any real research here. the add health data is collected by UNC and the CDC and this guy merely glanced at some of the reports and drew conclusions. he didn’t do any statistical analysis, or any actual research at all. he also doesn’t understand why the attractiveness questions were included in the first place–the TEENAGERS who participated in the survey are asked to rate their own attractiveness and then be ‘objectively’ measured by the interviewer to asses whether there is a disparity in their self-perceived attractiveness that could predict eating disorders, self-esteem issues, suicide, etc. it’s not to come up with some ‘how attractive are different racial categories’ index for chrissakes. as someone who regularly uses, analyzes, and interprets the add health data i’m furious that this guy (who clearly has no training in population-level research design or analysis, because that’s not what evopsych does) had the audacity to look at some graphs and claim he’d done some scholarly research. he should be fired, if for nothing else than doing shitty, lazy work and claiming it supports racist ideology.

  • Brittany GIRL

    Look at those eyebrows!!! That pudding face!! He has the nerve to call someone unattractive. He looks like a werewolfand I bet he is 3 feet tall too.

  • browniegirl360

    sadly, this is not uncommon as this has been going on since the beginning of time. black women have been scorned all in the name of white women insecurity. In order for white women to feel good about themselves; black women have been scorned for that. i would be surprised if he did actually lose his job.

  • browniegirl360

    Maybe he should do a ‘study’ as to why Asian women marry white men at a higher rate than do ….them??? In looking at him we can see why trick mirrors will always be around…I say this because he don’t see his own lack of attractiveness yet he calls black women the ugliest women on earth?

  • browniegirl360

    This fool is Japanese, please don’t insult Chinese people by confusing them with this asinine little maggot!

  • browniegirl360

    Exactly! I also agree with RetroNatural, they allow this chit to be published because they agreed with it. they didn’t expect the response because it is about the most unloved, undeserved and protected woman on earth…BLACK WOMEN!!!

  • browniegirl360

    You’re not convincing at all; in fact you need to re read the article.

  • Ginger

    Lol, I so agree with you Sli…black women are the least desired by who? It seems every feature we were born NATURALLY with has to be purchased by other women and on top of that…it SUDDENLY becomes attractive..Jen Lopez with the butt now we got Kim K who I still and will always believe bought hers. You got Angelina and a quite a a number of other white women with the lips. Don’t know if Angelina Jolie’s lips are real but pretty sure the rest of the white women’s aren’t. Let’s not get started on the tanning that has always been something they do but is now becoming a craze for some…and now I’m hearing about round noses being looked at now as beautiful thanks to uh, Jessica Biel???…lol. I’m sure everyone is seeing where I’m going with this. So to wrap it up, it;s gonna take a whole hellava lot more than this crap to convince me that my beautiful sistas and I are not desired OR the least attractive. As far this creep here, I just had to laff when I read about this cuz I really can’t and won’t take this seriously.

  • Africa

    Since slavery Black People were told by White People that we are ugly to dehumanize us. Our facial features and dark skin did not fit their standards of beauty. It was and still is an accepted way to psychologically and emotionally abuse Black women, men, and children. Unfortunately, once it became unacceptable to write and speak of Black People in that manor Black people began publicly assaulting each other and their children calling them ugly, failing to see the beauty of our African heritage. Bleaching cream is still bought by Black people to lighten their skin. The psychological and emotional damage runs deep. It is only through our perseverance and dedication to speak out about our abuse and the continuous fight for our basic human rights that change and progress has emerged. Had this professor studied his own history in relation to Whites he would have known that Asians are and were consider ugly by White people. To allow him to continue teaching would do great harm to the future of any Black student who takes his class. Not because he thinks that they are ugly but because of the other racial issues and stigmas that he no-doubt associates with Black People.

    Many Black students are aware that White and Asian professors view Blacks students as intellectually inferior. However, most professors have the intelligence to know that they would place their educational career in jeopardy should they write or speak publicly their true thoughts about Black People. Though Black people are aware that our people have fought hard and died because of racism and prejudice we still knowingly accept the use of the word negger by Black people, we still allow and practice self-hatred.

    Why are Black people still allowing the music industry to give contracts to musicians who use the word negger in their songs? Why are we allowing are sons and daughters to buy and listen to songs that degrade Blacks men and women. How many KKK members have you seen riding through the Black community you live in doing drive by shootings? The Black solution to that problem is to move into a White community or Asian Community. And their solution to that problem is to do a drive by shootings or burning.

    Sadly, every race that is not consider White wants to be accepted by Whites and far to many Black people want to show their White friend, boss or significant other that though they are Black they are different or they are always trying to inform them about how much of every other race they are mixed with accept Black. I can not express how sick I am at people especially my Black people asking me the same tired old question what am I mixed with or saying “you got good hair”. How can Black People ever expect to be respected by other races of people when we do not respect ourselves and other Black people. In every State in America where there is a large Black community, every year there is a least thirty to one-hundred Black men and women murder by the hands of Black People. This is horrifying to me. This is genocide. Why isn’t the Black Community in an uproar? Why isn’t this a national crisis?

    Why isn’t Cornell West, President Obama, Tavis Smiley, Al
    Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, your mother, father, sister,
    brother, niece, nephew , cousin, aunt and uncle
    AOLing, Twitting, Facebooking , Texting about this UGLY

    The depth and beauty of our African and African American
    women,men and even our culture has been so greatly
    marred that other races of people see an ugliness that
    lays deeper than ones outer beauty. Not all Black People
    are asleep. The professor was indeed very careful not to
    fully illuminate his ideas. The roots of Africa run deep.

  • Candy

    I don’t care about his findings. What bothers me is why he did the study in the first damn place. Am I the only one who is curious as to why female attractiveness needs to be “studied?” What exactly is he trying to prove? What is the purpose of having a least attractive “race?” In 2011 are we are still trying to rank female “attractiveness?” Scientifically, no less? Whatever, dude.

    Additionally, I think Clutch published an article a while ago about white feminists not being there for to stand up for black women (and other women of color). Well, here is the perfect example…

  • opinionatedgal

    I hope he does lose his job.

    A person can produce a study that supports any “conclusion” they purport.

    Imagine if someone were able to produce a study and data that says, “white children were less “likable than children of other races.”

    What would be the point of the survey? It would be obvious that there is some type of learned bias dynamic at play because, there is nothing inherent in race that would cause one group to be “more likable” than another, it is “learned behavior.”

    The same thing goes for his study, it you want to take it seriously.

  • Tomi-chan


    You really did not read what he/she said did you….

  • sli

    Yes, I did read what she said. Obviously, you think I misunderstood her statement, so why don’t you explain it to me. I’m open for correction.

  • imagineme

    I will reinstate my statement…Black women are the least desired we couldnt be the most attractive.obviously..and any problem you have have with yourself not with him..His not the problem….Its not his problem he feels you are the less attractive and less valuable…Its your problem….Even some black men feel black women arent as desirable compared to other races…and to many black men the value of a black women is in the size of her ass…And I hope he doesnt lose his job..This should be common knowledge…Their will always be a least desirable or attractive race or anything and it happen to be black women..According to society the Black women isnt wanted as much as other races..look around you..look how many black men speak about you..go to the hood..and etc…This is public knowledge..

  • imagineme

    And sorry people …their is a such thing as least attractive..least successful..least subscriptions…least delusional..least this and that…I repeat does the mean every black female is ugly no..You can watch the news…everyday Black women and children are kidnapped or missing do you see them consistently as you see these white children that are missing …ehh no…Because the value of a white child is different from the value of a black child…according to society…Could this be changed yes…So some1 who is very attractive is very desirable..And if you feel this is incorrect..then move on..However many people have agreed with females may be viewed this manner..but their tons and tons if not most of black women who view the opposite races as the least attractive… If the majority of this earth was blacks..most likely a black female would write an article stating that the Asian race is the least attractive..In conclusion…most black women tend to find black men the most attractive so it doesnt matter if Kanaazawa or other races find you unattractive because the feeling is mutual with black females…Duhh..Are you dying to be with a white..asian..middle eastern man???Are you?..If so then this article should bother you..

  • Tina

    Sometimes ignorance is very apparent. Even if he felt this way who did he survey to get the results that all black women were least attractive? Just because he does not like them does not mean the entire race does not like them. Who was he speaking for? Like one of the other comments it is disturbing that Psychology Today would even publish such foolishness. What does this say about them? Has an apology been issued by PT? All involved in that article should be fired and furthermore blacks should boycott. I think like most myths they feel blacks don’t read and they felt that article would not be read or it would just be swept under the rug. Well let this be a lesson to all those involved that blacks are intelligent enough to read and that is one of our attractive traits.

  • imagineme

    I dont know why black women are such in a rage about this article…

  • Tina

    Where did you get your data? Who did you survey? Now granted some of the things some black females do are ignorant and some do value their body to consider themselves attractive but what about the intelligent ones who want something out of life? Education is attractive! There are enough issues surrounding color without ignorant statements like Kanazawa’s. Society wants minorities to feel things are getting better but they are not; as long as magazines and professors feel their data is concrete we will never overcome. As long as people like you continue to agree and make a general statement putting all black women in a box we will never overcome. I really do not care what color you or and what you like but the least you can do is research before you consider all black men have nothing nice to say about all black women or the value of black children. If you watch the news the reason the white children are reported as missing is because their relatives may have taken the time to report them missing and contact the news station. The news station does not just show up and decide to report the little John missing and dismiss the fact that little Jane is missing. It does not work that way. Things were designed for blacks not to know what their resources are and take advantage of what is out there. So when John’s parents report him missing Jane’s parents does not know what to do; therefore, it does not get reported. Does not devalue the black child just means it was not reported to the station. It appalls me when people make racists statements and feel they are right to feel how they feel. Everyone gets angry to some point and may dislike another race but to use your status to make ignorant statements seem valid is simply wrong. This is a professor teaching young minds, that makes me angry. I have two young minds and I would not want them going to college to be subject to such ignorance when they are simply going to get an education. So have your views and I have mine, I just feel before anyone tries to give facts about how black men feel they should hear all black men not just a select few. I hear plenty of black men say positive things about black women the same goes for the negative. In the instances of the negative it may be deserved but that does not speak for the entire race of black women. There is negativity for all races it does not make those options valid or factual for the entire race. It is so sad people still cannot seem to grasp this world is a melting pot and people cannot escape other races no matter how hard they try; they can either deal with it or find somewhere else to live where there is no diversity. Good look with that!

  • Tina


    I went up further and read your view from the beginning. I understand what you were saying about black women being less desirable and attractive 10-12 years ago but this is now 2011. You should understand as a black woman it is a struggle not just as a woman but as a race. There are stereotypes and misconceptions throughout life. Like I said it was expected for us not to read; 10-12 years ago we were desired it was just in secret, just like now. For the record Kim K is not black she has a figure as a black woman. There are too many other races that want to have the features of a black woman but continue to dismiss the black woman. Wake Up! We all need to wake up! Does not matter who values me as a black woman I value myself and not matter what negative commits continue to surface I will never be devalued.

  • imagineme

    I never said Kim K was black ..I used her as an example and I am not talking about her body I am talking about facialyl… Facially Beyonce and Kim K wouldnt have been considered as attractive if it was 10-15 years ago…Beauty standards change over time now women with “darker hair..eyes..etc” seem more attractive compared 10 years ago.Also I stated…Most Black women desire and value black men the most..So why would you care if an Asian or White calls you ugly or the least attractive race…When the feeling is mutual..Do you want an Asian or White man Tina and whoever else?.. If not I suggest you to move on and kick rocks….Seriously.. why do you care if he views you as the least attractive?…Why?..Could it be you actually believe so?…This is whats wrong with Black women..I believe that blacks are the least valued..and just look at society and you will see…Tina your comment wasnt of great significance to me…I will agree to disagree…

  • imagineme

    And Tina you do obviously care considering the length of your dont say you dont..He was speaking not from your view..but from his or society or a small or large group perspective…Is he not allowed to say Black women are the least attractive?..Because I am allowed to say Asian or Whites are the least attractive or whatever…Black women get over it

  • Laila Apples

    …Most Black women desire and value black men the most.

    me:this is debatable in 2011

    Do you want an Asian or White man Tina and whoever else

    maybe she never know.
    and there were many people that were not black women who also were offended by what this guy said as much so that these non black others were starting to protest LSE and psychology today.Apparently he has been saying very negative things about many other groups as well.I think everyone has the right to be offended by what ever and complain about it freely.Now what I don’t think is fair is people saying Asian men are not the ideal man and getting mad that an Asian man said that about black women.I think that is pretty damn silly.

  • Chrissy

    Imagineme I think you and I are >>here<<

    I understand everything u are saying. I honestly do not believe the outrage over this. This man is just actually saying what the greater society thinks about black women as a whole. And as a whole society does not view black women as being attractive in comparison to other women. This is not the first time something like this has been said. Now when it comes to indivdual black women, this study doesnt mater. Because men date indivudal women not groups of women.

    And if black women find black men the most desirable then like you said, who cares what those other men think. You dont want them anyway right?

  • Laila Apples

    To me the problem wasn’t him stating his opinion.The problem was him pretending to have gathered real evidence to back up his claim, and publishing it to the dumbed down masses, who don’t always read for themselves to gain a better understanding and tends to take everything at face value.And him being a scientist that teaches others.

  • Laila Apples

    I know the problem some black women said they have is black men saying many of the things this man said.

    On another note I no longer believe that the majority of black women are truly anymore attracted to black men than they are to non black men.

  • Trice

    Honestly, this is the same old ignorant mess that continues to be recycled. I am a black woman and I am beautiful. It does not matter whether anyone, black, white, asian or whatever thinks, I know that I am beautiful.

    For years white women where put on a pedestal as the most beautiful in the world. Ironically, the features that black women have always had are now being thought of as beautiful when a select few white women have them (most have paid for them). That seems to be the real truth….our features are admired but only on another races body, give me a break! Sister’s have had booty, full lips and curves since the beginning of time.

    Me personally, do not desire a man other than a BLACK man so I’m glad that this Asian and whoever do not find black women attractive, I would never date any of them anyway.

    We come in different shades, shapes and sizes, we are colorful not colored. Keep trying to steal our swagger ,style, music, talk, walk and everything else, the insults are just a cover for envy.

  • Jenell

    Completely OT: He looks like a werewolf??!!! LMAO!

  • Teneerah Baker

    Who cares we all know that black women are the most beautiful women on earth! This guy and whoever think like him are delusional! Lol@!!

  • bb

    When he actually gets fired, hit me up.

  • Chase Stallings

    I ponder has he ever dated ANY African-American women?
    His views are much like how most vistors view black America. Also, the same reason people from Third World countries look down to us.
    That reason is: people from other countries adopt the superior white society attitude that they are smarter, more intellectual, or even more beautiful than us.
    Black America, even in terms of beauty, attains the social standard by which other races seem to elevate themselves.
    Everything we do is criticized, studied, and disected. Most conclusions come to the same result, that they are superior or more attractive than us.
    This in my view is a very ugly opinion, regardless if he is white, Chinese, Korean or otherwise.

  • Patricia

    Thank God his opinion does not matter ! We all have them. We all have our preferences. I, personally, do not find asian men attractive at all. Does that stop the world from turning ? I think not. And the beat goes on …

  • Shellfish789

    This guy is truly out of touch….EVERYTHING A BLACK WOMAN HAS IS COPIED BY OTHER RACES….NOT ONLY COPIED, but Brought…..OTHER RACES OF WOMEN are paying BIG MONEY to have Fuller lips, hips, Kinky hair, Brown skin and Swag in their talk and walk…..alot of them are dying in the process or getting cancer from layin in the sun…..the very same people who try to gain “Black Assests” are the very same people who go around and belittle BLACK WOEMEN……BLACK WOMEN ARE ADMIRED ALL OVER, and PUT DOWN AT THE SAME TIME… what is that telling you “JEALOUSY”….and this CREEP have the NERVE to come to this county and be racist…..He should loose everything!……

  • Shellfish789

    I agree with Trice…” the insults are just a cover for envy”…THE CONSTANT INSULTS TO BLACK WOMEN IS NOTHING BUT ENVY AND JEALOUSY….

  • HeavnsGirl

    I don’t know why people care so much about what this dude thinks. Maybe we should put more effort into just being the beautiful creations that God made us to be, and that we know that we are, and keep it moving.

    It’s not what they call you, but what you answer to that matters.

  • Pema

    DId you actually read the article? I’m not one to get “up in arms” over other people’s opinions and I read the article slightly amused. Everyone has their preferences as far as beauty is concerned. This is not an opinion piece; it was presented as solid scientific research.

    However, his “research” is shoddy at best and he continuously uses the word “objective” where subjective should be used. It’s psuedo-science thus the reason any university should be wary of keeping/placing him in a teaching position.

  • Pema

    The problem does not lie in his opinion. The problem lies in his attempt to pass it off as scientific research. Read the article, it’s not science at all — it’s opinion. This poses a problem for the university if he’s supposed to teach proper research methods and scientific inquiry.

  • Patricia

    Unfortunately, our brothers reject their sisters a lot by dating outside of their race more than any other men on this earth. When they do that they send this message to the world ” Look even I don’t like my women!” They prefer to be with a white ugly, unintelligent, fat, old white female instead of being with a classy good-looking , smart sister. A race which do not protect their females, which reject their sisters will never be respected by the mainstream! We must not forget, that for centuries black women were used as a sexual instrument to white men and black men were being lynched just for looking at a white female. You don’t see Jewish men dating Nazi females! Black men are really naive because when they are finished with white females, they make our sisters pay for instance by being evil with them at work, etc. I am glad that Obama sent a strong message by dating a beautiful smart dark skin sister. I precise dark skin because unfortunately too many times our brothers put on pedestal the light skin sister. Their music videos are proof of it since the early 80s. As long as we won’t learn to really love one another with our diverse shades, honestly I don’t see how we can be respected by other people. I could go on and on but I will finish on these words.

  • Imagineme2

    lol, wow. If the man does not like black females well kudos for him. He has his right to an opinion, so does everyone else. But, I am curious as to who the study was based on is any of that information stated???

  • Imagineme2

    Get it Tina, Tellem lol

  • Patricia

    Unfortunately, our brothers reject their sisters a lot by dating outside of their race more than any other men on this earth. When they do that they send this message to the world ” Look even I don’t like my women!” They prefer to be with a white ugly, unintelligent, fat, old white female instead of being with a classy good-looking , smart sister. A race which do not protect their females, which reject their sisters will never be respected by the mainstream! We must not forget, that for centuries black women were used as a sexual instrument to white men and black men were being lynched just for looking at a white female. You don’t see Jewish men dating Nazi females! Black men are really naive because when they are finished with white females, they (white women) make our sisters pay for instance by being evil with them at work, etc. I am glad that Obama sent a strong message by dating and marrying a beautiful smart dark skin sister. I precise dark skin because unfortunately too many times our brothers put on pedestal the light skin sister. Their music videos are proof of it since the early 80s. As long as we won’t learn to really love one another with our diverse shades, honestly I don’t see how we can be respected by other people. I could go on and on but I will finish on these words.


    The title of the post says it all: He MAY lose [his] Job.
    There’s a big difference between “will” and “may.”

    This is appalling.
    Why anyone, why any reputable journal would endorse his claims by publishing them,
    I’ll never understand.
    Libel is an actionable offense.

    And I’m sick and tired of black women being degraded and dismissed in the name of [insert any nonsensical agenda here]!
    Stop shitting on black women!

  • HeavnsGirl

    A man who doesn’t know me has no hold over me. Black women don’t own black men just because we share skin color & ancestral history. Black men don’t own black women, and have no power to hurt me by “rejecting” unless they know me personally, and is in a position to do so. Some random black man walking by with a non-black woman does not have the ability to get to me like that.

    It’s time we stop being reactionary and look at the truth of this. “Brother” and “Sister” are just words unless there is a real relationship. All black people are not friends and not all non-black people are enemies.

    Relax, relate, release.

  • kim

    If you are a black women, you need to see a psychologist. You really are sick.

  • israelite-monster

    other women trying to look like black women is minimal because it is a short term thing just to be smashed. long term is a different story since BW r not being married much by any race. the article he did was not very specific, it didn’t not mention what type of attraction like body or face, long term, intra-racial (since no race looks all the same and Bw can look more euro or mixed can be a factor too) or whatever. i believe from the neck down or body-wise BW which can include mix/latino women and even some arab women are the most attractive. the face can be a toss up for any woman. i believe tri-racial latinas are the best and got the total package from head to toe. i don’t think he should lose his job all because BW didn’t like it. other people are not storming over this. in general i think his article was true on how people think, it wasn’t meant to be liked.

  • LO

    Thank you Tina. I read so many comments on this artical. Unbelievable what some people feel about the black race. “white kids are worth more than black kids to society if they are kidnapped” wow. but who cares what society thinks we as a people Love our children just as much as any race.

  • cherbear

    ??????????? wtf……….

  • ruth takahashii

    Much ado about nothing. Beauty is subjective, and everyone has an opinion,
    so, who cares what he thinks? (somebody who is very insecure)

  • Stephanie Louis

    A Euro-centric society dictates how we eat, how we are entertained, how we socialize….etc. Eurocentricity governs the world. In ancient Egypt, if you lived within the Egyptian kingdom, you would walk talk dress like the Egyptians, even if you were Jew.
    Here in 2011 we are governed by ideology. And until we as a society learn to cut the puppet strings, we will always be subject to thoughts like these.

  • browniegirl360

    Typical ignorant ass kneegrow; you don’t know enough black women to say anything about them. It is clear that you never had a mother as your actions and stupidity is clear. You are most likely one of those stupid funny dressing convicts standing on street corners using religion to bash and degrade black women. Pathetic loser!

  • browniegirl360

    er…imaginieme, where did you get the impression that it’s black women that is enraged over this article? Black women are not the jealous women you may assume they are, in fact they are actually obsessed over, which is why everyone is always talking about them instead of moving with their own lives and minding their own business; like you should.

  • browniegirl360

    er…imagineme, where did you get the impression that it’s black women that is enraged over this article? Black women are not the jealous women you may assume they are, in fact they are actually obsessed over, which is why everyone is always talking about them instead of moving with their own lives and minding their own business; like you should.

  • browniegirl360

    The problem with broads like you is that you too bash black women when you really don’t know what you are talking about; maybe you’re jealous or something don’t know. Just black women don’t care, does not mean she will take your shit either.

  • browniegirl360

    I too agree with both of you, this is nothing more than JEALOUSY and ENVY! If it wasn’t envy and jealousy they would not have anything to say about us. Yet we are the topic of conversation time and time again. These ignorant low life bigots are nothing and are worthless and they KNOW it…

  • browniegirl360

    I for one do not care who black men choose to date, and have said many years ago that I don’t need a black man to make me happy and I meant that. Besides, where is it written that I’m to be with a black man anyway? In my case, Mr. Right is White. No one has the power to define me or my beauty as I could care LESS about the opinions of others. Like my father always said; ‘ an opinion is just like an asshole; everybody has one’. If I’m to keep company with anything, it would be facts not opinions.

  • Chanda

    Are you kidding me!!!!!! He looks like a troll with a huge monkey on his face. The mole on his face is massive. Did I forget to at that this Satoshi person has a receeding hairline. His face looks like a Mushroom. Let’s face it he is a racist Japanese man. He must be gay because he comments that “black men are the most attractive than any other race”. Please get a life. Men of all races are extremely attracted to black women. Whether they come out and say it or not they like the fact that we have nice thighs, hips, behind and breast that we did not pay for… Oh! did I forget full lips and the fact that we do not need to tan. I will end by simply stating that we do not age as bad as other women from other races. So for the woman that the other races marry and think they have received a trophy just wait a few years. I assure you that they will look ten years older.

  • D-Chubb

    Whether or not only Black women were offended (which is definitely sufficient) and whether people agree is not the point. Clearly you don’t know anything about being a scientist. There are standards that every scientific article has to meet, and Kanazawa did not meet any of those criteria.

    First his thesis was faulty. If he really wanted to explore this territory, it should have been something like, how are women of different backgrounds viewed in the general population? He needed a representative sample of men and women of different backgrounds, ages,etc. He should have conducted an experiment showing his sample pictures of women of different shades or ethnicities. He then should have asked them tailored questions that measured their reactions to the pictures. THEN, he would have been able to come to whatever conclusions based on EVIDENCE.

    What Kanazawa did was rehash someone else’s study. He used the reactions of the people doing the experiment to make his claims, not the subjects of the study. Any old hack can read somebody else’s stuff and make shit up. And since that is what he is doing, he clearly should not have a position at the London School of Economics. In fact, his license to practice Psychology should be reviewed for failing to meet ethical standards.

  • KeeKee

    Aint that a b*tch!!! I’m so glad this is happening. Its a beautiful thing when black women come together and stand up for what is right.

    And you’re right…Karma is a b*tch! :)

  • Jackson

    Are you shitting me right now? HE is the one that wrote that article??? lol…he sure does look like a troll. How in the blue hell can this pancake face man write anything saying black women arent attractive? This is a joke. Why dont he write an article about how asian women are leaving men like him for white men?…in droves. I hope they do fire this SOB.

  • Nearli

    insecurity has nothing to do with’s about what is socially responsible because face it, people en masse are mindless and will believe anything..(reference the world is coming to an end..)….for as long as recorded history goes back, people of color have been persecuted, shamed, beaten and all but destroyed..and now in present day, the eye of beauty sees blonde, blue eyed as standard beauty…I see your name is Japanese…how would like it if some professor came out and said all asian women are sexually promiscuous being nothing more than whores and golddiggers?…It would hurt whether true or not….that professor was wrong…because as a woman of color and an attractive one to boot, I have never met his statement was not only irresponsible but it did shows he lives in a tiny box..the one in his mind.

  • israelite-monster


    i didn’t say BW were ugly. i even gave them some props, so what the deal with you? no i’m not a those dudes on the corner, i agree & disagree with somethings they (israelite dudes) say. yes i know many BW and other women too. i notice a big difference with most times other women r better but many r just the lesser evil, of course not all. the “mother” thing u said was an attack and false but i’ll let it go, i just tell the truth. just to clear it up. peace ;)


    read my comment again i did criticized his study. too many people on this site (which i believe is mostly BW) think with emotions and not their brains nor allow other opinions.

  • ripuree

    There is no way that black people are going to convince Caucasian/Asians like Satoshi Kanazawa that black women are not the ugliest in the world. When he has proof of how black women are still willing to spend billions annually making Asians wealthy from our preference of Asian hair on our heads. So Change.Org (which has put out a petition to fire Mr. Kanazawa) would be doing a greater service, by putting out a petition for black women to boycott all the Asian Beauty Supply stores, in every predominant black community.

    For too long Black women have enabled too many Asian Beauty Shop owners to gain wealth, exclusively from our communities, while they don’t hide how they truly feel about us. In the nineteen nineties, another Japanese claimed that the U.S. is lagging behind in Math and Science because of the presence of Hispanics and Blacks. Yet no matter how much insults Asians sling at blacks; any Asian coming to any part of the world where there are a considerable amount of Negroes; are guaranteed to quickly become rich off products for our hair.

    If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, (and throughout the world black women’s priorities are Asian/ Caucasian hair and lighter skin shades) aren’t we saying that in order to be beautiful we must drastically change the main markers of our Image? And if we can’t bear to look at our own selves, how can anyone else consider us beautiful?

    In the final analysis its what black men and women exude about our own image that matters the most. And right now we are not exuding an air that we accept and adore our own image. So we should thank that man for airing the dirty laundry that has been stinking up our souls, and preventing our upward growth.

  • CG

    He’s a dumb-ASS

  • ProfessorX

    I see and hear what your saying re: black women making asian beauty supply shops richer…but why just focus on black women and synthetic hair… white, jewish, asian, latin women wear fake hair as well…not sure why all of a sudden black women are so “unhappy” with their beauty so they believe fake hair will make it all better when white women have been wearing weaves and wigs to “enhance” whatever they’ve got going on for years!!!!

  • Kathleen Cross

    Kanazawa has pulled the lid off an ugly little secret many people are hiding. He was idiotic enough to reveal his bias against Black women by trying to scientific­ally rationaliz­e it, while many (of every ethnicity) don’t know or admit they have it.

    Ideas about beauty are not “objective­,” they are learned. If something can be learned, it can be unlearned and/or relearned. Western culture has systematic­ally diminished the value and dignity of Black women, and consistently upheld Euro-featured women as the “ideal” or “standard” for what it is to be beautiful or desirable. Ev­ery parent of a little brown girl knows how creative and diligent we must be to counter their daily social brainwashi­ng and instill a sense of beauty, value and dignity in our daughters. We should not be the only ones doing that for them. ALL PARENTS of all children should be instilling in their sons and daughters an appreciation of beauty in all of its diverse human expression­s.

    The Los Angeles Times Magazine’s February issue features a sleek photo spread on the “50 Most Beautiful Women in Film” How many of the 50 do you think are Black?

    The Media’s relationship with us is supposed to be reciprocal–we watch/listen to their broadcasts, buy their publications and support their advertisers. So, why didn’t the editors of LATM care if my brown daughter saw herself when they publicly defined beauty?

  • Kathleen Cross

    Due to case sensitivity, all caps in the link above results in an error message. You can find the LA times article at the LA times website, or my response to their article

  • Natasha Millikan

    Two things.

    It is disgusting that Psychology Today printed this rubbish. I knew they had been bought out when they published an article about how there is a food which puts curves and slims women’s bodies right where they want it, and increases muscle mass on men. Milk. That article was written by the dairy industry. I think it is disgraceful that that magazine has turned into such a sop because it used to be trustworthy. I think there should be far more uproar that they published it. Because of the racist content AND the faux research.

    Also, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. While I have never heard a white or Black man put down how Black women look, I have certainly heard from many of my white sisters and have my own opinion, that Asian men are by far the least attractive race. I’m not going to write an article about it; but imagine if a magazine published that! I personally have also found the Asian men that I have dated and known, to be very very boring. My theory is that it is because they don’t relate to women as people because their societies devalue women so much. In any case this is my (and my friends’) opinion. I wouldn’t write an article on it even if I saw flawless research on it. But its true for me. So his opinion is laughable. But the outrage– which is not faux– is important (as well as the lack of it).

  • Daisy

    Someone should ask Mr. Kanazawa to do a study on why most Asian men are coming up short on the penis scale.

  • browniegirl360

    Black women do need to boycott ALL ASIAN HAIR SHOPS!!! we need to patronize ourselves. This I agree on, There is no issue with women of other races wearing this stuff as they are not the target thus are the standard of beauty. Don’t think any blacks are trying to convince becky, lupe or suzy wong or their men of anything that is about us…at least I hope not…

  • browniegirl360

    Yes you did, sharpen your reading skills and then RE READ what you’ve posted about black women. And you wonder why black women and black men will NEVER get along. Glad you don’t care; because I stopped caring LONG AGO, broaden my horizons and never look back!

  • ClassyBlackLady

    Hi Ladies!

    I just wanted to drop in and say congratulations to you for yet again stepping up and fighting back against this continued media onslaught. There will probably be more to come, but soon enough the media and advertisers will learn to leave black women alone. It doesn’t make much financial sense for them.

    As I say time and again on my blog, black women spend over $600 billion per year. We need to start boycotting products, magazines and advertisers on a larger scale to make our presence felt. We all see what happened to Pepsi after releasing that horrendous commercial – I read somewhere that they dropped from #2 to #3 in the month of February. Coincidence? I think not!

    This is what I call progress. We don’t make change by insulting this “researcher”‘s looks or sitting around saying “woe is me.” We boost ourselves up in spite of media attacks by fighting back and making our voices heard.

    I suggest that we continue to send letters to the London School of Economics (LSE). It reflects very badly on them that they continue to employ such a narrow minded racist. Is he teaching students?

    Again, congratulations and keep you head held HIGH.


  • Dawn

    @browniegirl360… hair weave is an addiction, black women ain’t boycotting that. Besides, you can’t get upset with all Asians just because of this one unattractive, little dang dang having man.
    @israelite-monster… no disrespect, but guess again… “other women trying to look like black women is minimal because it is a short term thing just to be smashed.” White Women (and yes some black women too) are enhancing their thin features to have much bolder features. Surgery is not minimal!!!!

  • Dawn

    LOL… too funny. Did you see “Hangover” The little naked Asian who jumped out of the car trunk…. his stuff was so small it didn’t even dangle!!!!

  • http://[email protected] Charlotte clark

    He coulda kept his opinion to himself! I dont think well of his people but if I was in the limelight , I wouldn’t be dumb enough to say it ! Lol and…risk losing my job also. What a fool! How did he get a degree ?! Poor thing! Lmao !

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    When being a troll posing as an academic goes wrong.

    Fire his ass.

    There is no tolerance for real-life trolls trying to poison impressionables.

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    This is a great idea too, and good point about the editor.

  • Keith

    Jealously is a mother. Michele Obama is so damn fine and sexy that I want to CRY everytime I SEE her! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid…..

  • Mia

    Well, I would agree with this comment almost entirely 5 years ago, but from where I sit, Black women are going natural IN DROVES. We are finally throwing the shackles off and embracing our own beauty.

    I expect to see this mushroom cloud in the next 5 years.

    Yeah i’m down – down with the weaves:)

  • Mia
  • Sonia

    He is just pissed off because some “sister” probably turned his ass down.

  • Ms. French

    My concern is why in the world would Physcology Today a well respected publication would publish an article that would spead this blatantly rasisit article that is CLEARLY unfounded. Whatever editor let this article get past his circular file and into press should be FIRED for terribly poor judgement. This article has done far more damage then we can even conceieve because before it hit the magazine it was already in the hearts and minds of thoes who published it. Mr. K should peharps do studies and research on things and subjects hes famliar with and dig deeper into his own race and his own soul

  • Alexandra

    Put your money, where your mouth is. Who hasn’t heard that? I agree.

    As far as buying power goes, Black women seem to be unaware that they have a lot of it (contrary to statistics). But more Black women should place their money (and energy) where its wanted.

    And some people may have disagreed with ripuree, but that’s something that also needs to be talked about. You cant convince people otherwise, when theres a big industry flourishing well because of Black women.

  • Lauren

    And what are YOU doing besides sitting around complaining?! And why is it EVERY time something like this happens some chucklhead like you starts whing about black ‘music which has NOTHING to do with this?! A$$hole.

  • israelite-monster


    then take whatever sentence from my origin comment and copy paste it so i can see it. i have no idea what u r talking of. i read it agin and i never said BW where ugly.

  • odecyent


  • http://aol mike

    I really like this post great job…

  • Janet

    You are very narrow minded in terms of women. As though you’ve seen them all. Keep living! Your preference of who has the total package and who does not is not important to anyone but you. So keep who you think has the total package to yourself because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. God can only guess what you look like saying something like this, and my guess is you look a mess!

  • Janet

    Asian women leave Asian men because it has been proven that they have very small penises, and since this man knows he is not packing and could not possibly satisfy a black woman, he bashes us!

  • Janet

    RIght, you need to re-read what you wrote because you put Black women down just as this idiot has done. You talk act as though you have seen us all. But, this is your opinion that I can’t simply agree with and continue to stay narrow minded. And, why is this important anyway? Don’t get us started on what you and your race of people look like!

  • http://AOL Greg

    BM date outside their race just as BW do as well! So, please you can leave your usual “double standards” at the door! Why do most do that now? Well, it’s for the very same reasons that the majority of all men of all races do! That’s because BW are across the board considered as undesirable! Who’s even marrying BW anymore? They’re the least desireable, and continue to be the least desirable for marriage of all races of women in the US! That’s a fact! Only, 29% 0f all black women in the US are married…again the lowest for all races of women. 71% are single, most with their usual OOW babies, 62% have never been married, and 45% will “never” marry in their lifetimes. The article was right! BW are the most unattractive for al races of women. True some are very beautiful like Beyonce, Halle berry, and Alicia Keyes, but they represent perhaps 10% of all BW! And, one can just look around, and clearly see that the overwjelming majority of BW don’t look like those mentioned…even on their best day! Most BW are either very average, or below! the question that I don’t understand is why are BW all in a flap over this article, when in realty it’s the truth! they already know that themselves, but I guess their feelings are hurt now that they’ve been called out! If, BW are so beautiful, then why are they busting their butts to look like, and emulate white women? Why all the fake hair, colored contact lens, etc… BW hate themselves for the way they look, and that’s the long and short of the matter. But,,again they already know that fact! They’re as usual in their sad world of denial! Go check out the Clarke study that claerly showed that all the black girls in that study when given the choice to select either a black doll, or a white doll. Virtually all the black girls choose the white doll as being the most beautiful, and the one that they also wanted to look like! That’s what BW are trying to hide from themselve…the truth! This man isn’t going to lose his job, nor should he. Why? Just, because he told the truth?

  • MrsSunshine

    As a BW, I have to be honest – the truth is we are some of the most unique women that have walked the face of this earth. From our hair textures, which can range from pin straight to coarse. To our skin complexions, which can be extremely light to blue black (my daughter is extremely light, and she is not biracial). Our physical attributes are extremely rare, exotic, and beautiful. But unfortunately everyone does not embrace diversity, and I’m not sure that mentality will ever completely change. However, if we are being honest we must be COMPLETELY honest. This study and article was not truly written to single out black women. If you research the writer, he has co authored a book that examines why beautiful people have daughters. So his niche is discussing topics that evaluate ones outer appearance.

    The data collected during this study, is what I find alarming. And was apparently alarming to the author, which is why he wrote this article. Yes, I’m sure this was written with selfish intentions – the more publicity the better for him. However, we all know that there are tons of beautiful black women out there, so were the people who participated in the study contributing their opinions solely on physical attributes or were they basing their opinions on negative experiences they had had with us? I’m willing to bet that a majority of the study, though it was supposed to be based on looks, were actually affected by the negative attitudes that are so often displayed within our sisterhood.

    I see it day in and day out – the black woman that is stressed, single, overworked, underpaid, longing for love, and unhealthy – treat others badly. Ironically, a majority of these factors are self imposed. We have been groomed to believe that we are every woman and that we don’t need a man. Well, reality check – that is far from the truth. We were created out of man, therefore in order for us to be whole we do need healthy, loving, caring relationships with the opposite sex. As a result of this myth, we stretch ourselves too thin, worry about other peoples problems and put everyone else before ourselves.

    This should never, ever be the case. We have to make a conscience effort to start taking better care of ourselves. Our well being affects us from the inside out, not to mention, the people around us. Stressed, unhappy women are not feminine or beautiful. Beauty radiates from the inside out, and no one can see your beauty if you are not taking the time to nurture it.

    Listen to the undertones of the article, he also evaluated how black women see themselves – and how typically a woman is considered the more attractive sex in her race, except us. That’s a key indicator that negative interactions with us have affected peoples view of us. Even some of the negative comments on this message board, are extremely disheartening to me. Some things do not require a negative response, we know the study does not represent the opinions of everyone. But look a little closer, what is this guy really trying to imply? It is really speaking volumes, you don’t have to agree – just quietly evaluate it.

    Virtue, humility, strength (strength doesn’t alway have to be loud and boisterous, we can express ourselves as ladies by demonstrating refinement and class), character and a soft, transparent spirit are things that Godly Women are made of. Ladies we need to stay on Proverbs 31, and take it to the next level!!!

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