NFL player Albert Haynesworth is under fire. Not only because he was arraigned this morning for allegedly groping a waitress at the W Hotel in Washington D.C. back in February, but because his apparent defense against the sex abuse charges is pretty pathetic—he can’t possibly be guilty, Haynesworth asserts because he “doesn’t even like Black girls.”

According to The Root, Haynesworth refused to accept a plea deal for simple assault, which would have kept him out of jail. Instead, he was arraigned on sex abuse charges for allegedly “sliding his credit card into the bra of a waitress and touching her breast during a birthday party,” and may face up to 180 days in jail if convicted.

Aside from Haynesworth’s ridiculous, “I don’t even like Black girls” defense, the troubled Washington Redskins player went on to claim the waitress was just mad because his girlfriend is white.

“I didn’t touch her. I don’t even like black girls. I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend. I couldn’t tell you the last time I dated a black girl. She was trying to get with me, ” Haynesworth said.

Perhaps sensing the stupidity of his client’s defense, Haynesworth’s business manager, told reporters that the “real” reason the waitress filed charges against his client was because she was upset over her tip.

The Washington Post reports:

A letter sent by prosecutors to Haynesworth’s attorney, A. Scott Bolden, Friday and filed with D.C. Superior Court outlined the content of a 911 call made the night of the alleged incident. The business manager was not identified.

Prosecutors also provided a CD of the call and recordings of D.C. police radio chatter during the incident.

After Haynesworth got into a “verbal altercation” with a waitress over the amount of the tip, according to the letter, the waitress threatened to say she had been harassed unless he left more money. The business manager then called 911, the letter said.

On Monday, Bolden said he was “aware” of the 911 call and was “still investigating” it.

In the court filing, prosecutors said they had interviewed “numerous” witnesses present during the alleged incident — including some identified by Haynesworth’s defense team — and none mentioned a verbal altercation.

Prosecutors also reminded Bolden of Haynesworth’s sworn statement to investigators, in which he said that other than ordering food, “I did not talk to the waitress.” Haynesworth also allegedly told investigators the waitress was upset with him because he rejected her advances.

Although it is up to the court to decide if Haynesworth assaulted the alleged victim, I am troubled by his assertion that he couldn’t possibly be guilty of assaulting the waitress because she was Black.

With his disparaging comments, Haynesworth joined a growing list of Black male celebrities that have had less than stellar things to say about Black women.

Despite his apparent diss to Black women, however, I would argue that Haynesworth’s claim that the waitress was “just mad” he was dating a White girl is not only extremely tired, but says more about his mindset than hers.

Sexual assault and abuse is rarely about who the perpetrator finds attractive—it is about power. And asserting that he couldn’t possible be attracted to the waitress, and therefore not be guilty of assaulting her, because she is Black does little to make Haynesworth sound like a falsely accused man, but rather a complete asshole.

What do you think of Albert Haynesworth’s “I don’t even like Black girls” defense? Sound off!


  • aj

    *deep sigh* i seriously feel like clutch should take a break from these kind of posts. i mean almost every week though? come on. the reality is, most black men and athletes DONT MARRY or DATE WHITE WOMEN. just because that’s what you see on tv, doesn’t mean its the truth for all black men.

    nothing against the author. i’m just ready to move on … and besides why the f*ck would any black woman want to date a man with wider hips and a fatter a$$ than hers? smh …

  • tamar

    Thank you, Im glad Im not the only person who is tired of these posts. I keep coming to this site with hopes that the post will be…..i dont know…..less whiny! im sure there are more positive things to talk about than, big butts, black men not loving us, being disrespected and stereotypes. its getting old. maybe we should take a break from clutch…..i really love this site but come on already.

  • WoW

    OH DAMN!!!! his hips that wide??? Damn!

    I men who carried this pain and self-hate around with them would have a scarlet letter on their forehead. It would really help women out.

    But my opinion is that when black men insist on dissing black women. LIKE INSIST–they azz is a closet homo. Just my thoughts.

  • WoW

    oops! I wish men who…

  • Persia

    ugh he Hanyesworth sounds like a typical, ghetto, ignorant, just got some money and don’t know how to act pompous fool! Does he knows that the fact that states with his ignorant self, he doesn’t like black girls make him seem more liable to harass her? Angry black man on the scene…yes they are out there too. I have walked pass in NYC black men who have white women by there side and still will go out of there way to incite reactions when NO ONE CARES!

  • PGS

    Hmm, did you guys read the post?

    It wasn’t a “woe is me…why don’t black men love us!” post…lol

    It’s news…and Clutch is covering it just like other sites that cater toward Black people have covered (The Root, I read it at the Washington Post, and Madame Noire also covered it…)

    So you can stop reading Clutch if you want to because of a FEW posts, or you can ignore the ones you feel aren’t worthy of reading and read the others.

    Easy, right? Cool…

  • aj

    ummm i think you might be missing the point.

    no one cares about albert haynesworth or his child-bearing hips. the only reason he made “news” on this site was because of his comments about black women. albert has been a fck-up for awhile now. those that live in the DC area know this. but all of a sudden now he’s the topic of conversation?

    no ma’am.

  • jane

    Thank you PGS!

  • jane

    It’s funny how he can make these comments, assuming his mother is as black as him…

  • Clnmike

    Actually this article is valid this wasnt a “lets incite a riot” article, this was news that deals with black women, (and men), if they cant talk about here then where? As for Haynesworths defense, besides being just plain ole dumb and lazy as far as excuses go, I am more inclined to believe he did do it based on what he said. If you can say that about your own people then there is definitely a level of self hate there. If that is present then it means you have no respect for them and are likely to heap abuse on them when given the opportunity. Besides what history has taught us is that race or the hating of another race has nothing to do with having sex with someone from that race. You can look in the mirror to see that.

  • quest

    Yeah. Thanks PGS.

    I realize that all of us interpret things differently, but I didn’t find the writer to be whiny at all. I’m going to keep reading Clutch………….

    I don’t live anywhere near DC, so this is the first time that I’ve even heard of this douche.

  • zy

    Thank you AJ. I’m trying to understand why this is “news”? I haven’t heard about or read about this on any other site yet somehow… it’s “news”? give me a break Clutch, you can do better. Lately, the posts here have all had the same rhetoric. It’s getting old…

  • Sunny

    Zy and Aj – leave then. So tired of people complaining about this site. I love it and they are mainly positive and reporting news. Bye!

  • aj

    @ Sunny … gurl BYE! albert has been in the news for this mess for OVER A MONTH! i come to clutch for entertainment and enlightenment … NOT for news. especially if it pertains to black men hating black women.

    there is almost a post every week about “black women drinking the koolaid”. last time i checked no one here has anything against clutch OR the author, but the repetitive topics of conversation or well … OLD.

    step of your soapbox. please and thanks!

  • PGS


    No, i’m not missing your point. I get it. You’re tired of reading articles like this and my solution is easy–DON’T.

    Don’t read posts you are so “tired” of…and read other articles.

    Simple enough, right?

    I don’t understand your complaint, really. That’s like me complaining that a restaurant serves salmon & how I’m sooooo tired of eating salmon when I could easily order something else.

    No one is making you read this post. You could read the one about Black Love, or Languages, or the travel piece from last week. So much to choose from. You’re not going to LOVE everything Clutch writes…i know i disagree with some things and if it’s something i’m tired of reading, I don’t read it. Simple.

  • aj

    @ PGS

    “Don’t read posts you are so “tired” of…and read other articles.”

    oh my bad. i have it wrong. the comments area on a site is only for people who AGREE with the content of the article? i gotchu. i must not have read the commentors handbook for dummies. what a peaceful world we would live in, if people who disagree with something just put their heads down and moved along …

    *insert sarcasm and a blank stare*

    it’s kinda ironic though. you tell me if i dont like the article i can just ignore it and move on. but i suppose i could say the same about you. if u didnt like my comment. no one is forcing you to read what i have posted. so why not just scroll past my spike lee puppet to comments that you agree with?

    just a thought. *shrugs*

  • Shanroc

    This is one of the clearest signs of self hate. He is suffering from a disease that many blacks suffer from. As a black man, I’m shocked and appalled that another black man with a black mother can make that asinine statement. Haymesworth is a first class idiot. I wonder what his mother thinks about that statement.

  • Nadell

    This dude is laughable!

  • poppy

    I don’t care about Albert Haynesworth legal problems, dating habits, or his career.
    He is a non-enity that will be forgotten tomorrow.

  • C

    Never fear gals, like so many other professional black athletes before him, he’ll probably be broke, homeless and pawning his NFL rings (if any) in about 10 years. At that point no woman, black, white or other, will touch him with a 10 foot pole.

  • Vanessa

    HA HA HA!!! SO TRUE!!!!

  • PGS


    “oh my bad. i have it wrong. the comments area on a site is only for people who AGREE with the content of the article? i gotchu. i must not have read the commentors handbook for dummies. what a peaceful world we would live in, if people who disagree with something just put their heads down and moved along …”

    Did I ever say you couldn’t disagree with a post? Not at all. However you weren’t disagreeing with the content of the post (IMHO), you disagreed with allowing the topic to be discussed at all because you were tired of hearing similar posts.

    (and before you apply my logic to your comments…i never complained about your comments, i simply disagreed *ha!* But we are having a discourse, which is what these sorts of forums are all about, no?)

  • Jennifer

    Truth. I wonder if he realizes his “defense” makes it more likely he abused her. I don’t think people grope the breasts of strange women they like, they do it to women they’ve decided not to respect. I wonder how his white girlfriend feels about this? I would not feel good if my man said something this ignorant. I mean is he with her because of who she is not?

  • Jennifer

    I read it is a rite of passage for NFL and NBA athletes. It is kind of sad actually.

  • lee

    In his defense he is probably lacking in the intelligence department. Sometimes white women do us a favor when they take certain brothers off our hands.

  • KissOfDanger

    I can’t help but laugh at this story.

  • aj

    @ PGS

    u said if i didnt agree with the posting i could move along … which was my point. it didnt matter what i disagreed with … u felt i should basically keep my comments to myself. so if u want play a game of semantics we can … lol

    and of course this is what commenting, blogs and these types of platforms are about. i’m not mad. not one bit. i like civil conversation of opposing views.

    besides, life too short to be arguing with strangers online. lls

  • sunshyne84

    True, but even if I were white I would feel some kinda way about someone saying something llike that about women of their own race. That’s just ridiculous. No one should want that.

  • sunshyne84

    *claps* he look a dumb fool in that pic

  • sli

    If I were his mother, I would be crying right now.

  • Alexandra

    Assuming he’s a man; why would he like Black ‘girls’? That would make him something else, no?

    Very uncreative excuse. I don’t see how that’s gonna help his case anyway. His excuse sounds similar to that of a White man accused of raping a Black woman during the Jim Crow era. The White man got off cause his defense was similar to Haynesworths. And considering the time period, it would make sense (& was acceptable) Its impossible for a superior white man to even touch an inferior black woman.

    I don’t think that excuse will work for him, and he’s Black?!! He just exposed himself.

  • sli

    Um, there’s like a million other articles you can read besides this one.

  • Alexia

    single best reply on this post. i’m sick of these men and their ignorance.

  • binks

    This is one of the dumbest things I ever heard…really. Like mention I know plenty of woman get grabbed, sexually assaulted and rape and the guy didn’t find attractive or wouldn’t date such and such girl so that excuse isn’t flying…sighs I just don’t know what to do except SMH

  • EmpressDivine

    “I Don’t Even Like Black Girls” is his excuse? That didn’t stop Thomas Jefferson and all the other swirling on the down low slave owners.

  • RetroChic

    Not that it matters but “consider the source” on this one.

    This male person has left a man paralyzed due to his speeding.
    Is being sued for over 2 million by a commercial lender
    Being sued again for punching a man
    Being sued by his baby mama (a stripper)

    ……now this.

    Something tells me this guy has entitlement issues and looks for the easiest way to discredit the plaintiffs.

    In other words, him keeping his penis out of a black woman is a step in the right direction for community improvement. LOL.

  • African Mami

    It’s perfectly okay that he doesn’t even like black girls…he’ll be getting hit on his round head with a golf club soon and very soon and that will probably bring some sense into him.

    Money sometimes fucks someone’s psychology up…ya digggggggggggggg!

  • Cat

    Let’s stop giving idiots like this publicity. I could give a rat’s a$$ about who ANYONE dates. This issue is so dead.

  • http://[email protected] ross

    if he assaulted her than that’s terrible.. if not that was hilarious..”I DON’T EVEN LIKE BLACK GIRLS”… i know a lot a black guys who say that… SHOCKING LOL

  • WoW


    Do you think he is a closet homo. When someone expresses hate toward women they not only have self esteem issues, they are masking their true sexuality. Like Mr. Cee.

  • Soul Brotha

    As a young black man, I have a problem with black men making comments about how much they supposedly hate black women. This crap is all over youtube and someone even posted old Ricki Lake shows on this very topic. Go to youtube and look it up for yourself if you so desire to get further information. Some of these brothas just want to control, use, dominate, and get money from white women. White women feel as if they are superior to black women and they are not. The majority of black men who talk like Hayensworth, always have a white counterpart in the background. What does that tell you? THEY HAVE NOTHING ON YOU, MY BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, SPIRITUAL, BLACK SISTAS. Never feel less than them, because most of them are nothing to begin with. They only value a black men for his penis, which means he is not considered educated, a man, a persond of value for his contributions, and etc. This is so true. This is the reason most of these black men who date interracially, are doing it because they are prostituting and getting paid for sex.

    Black men should love and value themselves more as men for their education, self-respect, dignity, pride, culture, spirituality, and contributions that they make to their communities and to the world. They should never let anyone value them only as a piece of meat. The same goes for black women. We are a gifted, spiritual, talented, creative people, who should value our history, beauty, creations, and contributions to our communities and to society. I’ve done a lot a research on this and most white people and other ethnicities lust for black men because of the sex. Personally, I have encountered whites trying to apporach me and I don’t give them time of day. They have nothing on my people and I am proud to say, I have never given them “any”.

  • lara

    i actually think this article isn’t too bad in that the main subject is an famous / known person and it is serious in that he is being sued but i do agree with those that are fed up with these type of topics.

    news can’t be positive all the time but it should still be able to bring information, education or awareness, if it isn’t entertaining or uplifting.

    its all very well saying don’t read it if you are not interested but that is just being ignorant. you have to care what your followers or customers think as it will affect your product. i have enjoyed most of the articles this week, so keep up the good work.

  • Sargewp

    And does anyone look at the mother NO!

    There are black women sittin on this page right now who are going to be asking their 16 year old sons why they dont’ date black girls.

    And what r u gonna say, He just came out self hating? U raised him.

    The defense is HELLA STUPID No doubt.

    But i think it’s being used as too much of an AHA! MOMENY BY BLACK WOMEN.

  • minna k.

    Wow, this is exactly what i was thinking. Why would some man assault a woman that he likes or respects as a human being?

    His language is scary and reminds me of a book recently published about black women in history that chose to challenge their white rapists in court.

  • minna k.

    I appreciate the kind sentmate. However,

    “I’ve done a lot a research on this and most white people and other ethnicities lust for black men because of the sex.”

    Can you imagine the bad sex with this dude? Just considering his profession, the constant wear and tear. And chief doesn’t look anywhere near 18 years old with those child bearing hips.

    I don’t think she is with him for the sex.

  • MW

    Thank God he doesn’t like Black girls! One less senseless and worthless egomaniac to worry about.

  • Gylain

    sli loved your comment, if i was his mum i wouldn’t cry but i might have a little word with him. i find it sad and really strange when men say stuff like that. i am all for interacial relationships but i don’t get why some black men feel the need to say mean things about black women. i love men of all races and when dating white men i never ever even think about saying anything negative about black men.

  • minna k.

    Sentiment! X (

  • Lteefaw

    Why in the world is this even news? Who gives a good crap what this man likes. 99.9% of the men who “claim” not to date nor like black women aren’t men of substance anyway.

    Call me when Barrack says he doesn’t like black women.

  • Tami

    Any man that could say that “he doesn’t like Black girls” and he was raised by a Black mother, is a man full of self hatred. But you will shower your money on a white woman? Would that same woman desire him if he wasn’t rich? Will she be there when he falls? He has truly been affected by the media & doesn’t have brains.

  • MsMooreinDC

    Love it!

  • V. J.D.

    Sad. As an attorney, I hate to even hear his attorney allowed him to voice the comment beyond the 2 of them. Aside from the PR/legal standpoint, he should be ashamed altogether. Instead of jail, he needs some time with a positive role model.

  • Jessica

    Haynesworth is just an idiot period, so coming from him, who cares? Check out his recent employment issues with the Redskins and you’ll see what I mean. The only thing you can expect to come out of a fool’s mouth is foolishness.

  • Rhuebeakh

    Well I hope he doesn’t have a daughter… maybe he won’t like her! These men crack me up with their I don’t like black women bs. I am sure you liked black women before you made it to the NFL. You better start liking black women b/c I am sure your mother is black, you sister is black and your future daugher will be :gasp: tainted with black!

  • minna k.

    His mother didn’t assault this woman, he did.

    That being said, he is grown. Even if she did raise this poor bastard in a dysfunctional manner (or maybe she simply didn’t love herself her blackness included), he is of age, and free will to choose to live life as a kind, respectful, and compassionate human being. To take the necessary steps toward healing, and functioning at a higher frequency. This is a choice.

    He is obviously employed, and is receiving an above average paycheck. He has resources. He can go to therapy and yoga. He can buy a few self help books. he can get a massage, or hire Dr. Phil. He can choose his friends more wisely.

    That bad parenting crap doesn’t hold a lot of weight, in my opinion.

  • Rhuebeakh

    That and the fact that if he does have children with his current wife….. He may have a daughter. What would he say when his daughter come home from school crying b/c the little boys only want to be with white girls and she is not white? I wonder how he would feel.

  • brit

    my only hope for him is that a white girl falsely accuses him of rape and he goes to jail and is labeled a only hope in life lol

  • desi

    maybe men should start blaming their fathers for walking out on them…that would make more sense

  • Soul Brotha

    Oh, and by the way, most women of other ethnicities use black men for money. I even heard one black man say if he get rich, he sho wasn’t going to give it to a black woman. Kloe Kardashian is a prime example, she has Lamar Odom trapped. He is taking care of her brother and another white dude. Some of these dudes have become ignorant beyond belief, which actually enables whites and other non blacks to further target them and exploit them. From my research, they start this off early when they are in high school and they lure them into college sports and basically brainwash them for the interest of collegiate corporate profits. They may throw them a few dollars, plenty of white girls, and notice how education is not the top priority. Sports and winning the game are. That’s the reason so many of them make stupid choices like drugs and criminal behavior. Real Sports on HBO did a special about this very topic and black athletes always get the worst end of the stick. Robin Roberts also talked about this in a special she did as well.

    I recently read a story about a black man who was duped out of several hundred thousand dollars by a two black sports agents. The athlete had bought his mom a house and car, of which she lost both because the athlete had entrusted these two agents with managing his money and the crooks defrauded his bank account and took his money. The payments on his mother’s house and car were not being made and as a result, were repossesed. Black men need to be educated and not fall for these childish games. The reporter who wrote the story gave a whole list of guidelines as to how to lure these athletes into this sports game. It was crazy. They target the more younger ones and brainwash them into their web of lies and deceit. They also go after the brothas in the hood who have practically nothing going for themselves and they only see sports as a way out. It’s sad and the brothas don’t even realize their are being used.

  • ebony

    I say more power to the brotha’s that don’t like black women. We’re strong enough to push forward and wish you the best. At the end of the day, we love being black and beautiful.

  • Claudia Mccoy

    Mr. Haynesworth, the woman who bore you was once a black girl! Do you not like your own mother?

  • Tamara

    Since when is that an “out” for alleged abuse…all I can say is WOW.

  • Wello

    so true

    he is a poor excuse of a person. he’s not only self hating but he actually thinks this is a valid reason.

    i feel sorry for any children he has, especially daughters.

  • PGS


    Real talk, why are you even here?

    Every post you hop on and say some (sooo predictable) tired things about Black women….FOR WHAT REASON?

    No one is:

    a: taking you seriously
    b: taking you seriously
    c: taking you seriously

    Man…you’re wasting all these words to “tell black women about themselves” or whatever you said many posts ago.

    we get it.

    you called us out….now, move on.

    K? thanks, bye.

  • MC

    same here. More power to them. My life goes on whether sad person x,y,or z hates black women or not. No sleep lost here. & I sure do love being black and beautiful :D

  • TrivalComments

    Maybe someone should inform black men that dating a white woman isn’t a get out of jail free card. I’m all for personal choice but using race as a way to gain some false sense of status is just as bad as excluding a race because of some stereotype. Oh well. All is lost for the dating community anyway. Isn’t the world suppose to end May 21?

  • @work_Bored

    Honestly I wish people wouldn’t look to his mother as an issue to his preference. He prefers white women and that’s fine, however to use it as an excuse is so juvenile! I’ve flirted with every race and yet, I prefer chocolate smooth skin men, right now I’m currently dating a light skin brother. so honestly I’m going to need for him to man up and stop thinking black women care that he prefer white women, honestly what would be shocking is an athlete who doesn’t like white women lol. some times I think when you sign you league contract, they provide you with a complimentary “rich black athlete guide to dating white women” lol —long story short he needs Jesus, keep it moving, don’t always blame the mother please, pretty sure she is shaking her head now.

  • @work_Bored

    wow is all i can say because your right. I want to see this HBO special now

  • Yana

    SWP you are truly an idiot!!! If you knew anything about parenting you would know that children don’t learn everything from their parents. Oftentimes kids learn things from the media and friends!!! Dude you are so DUMB jajajaj

  • Yana

    Black men like you disgust me. You will come up with everything under the sun to cover up your self hate and your guilt for not finding the women within your race attractive.

  • Yana

    Tami, i agree with you 10000%. These white women would not be with these fools if they were broke, point blank period. Thats why I just look at these fools with pity when they try to disparage black women.

  • denisesdy

    dumber than a box of rocks! the white girl needs to understand that this man does not have respect for any woman white or black!

  • D-Chubb


  • D-Chubb

    I hear you SB. Generally, Black people don’t think about long-term financial stability and wealth allocation. For white people, finances are considered before they do anything.

    Someone once explained it to me like this: When a rich Black man marries a non-Black woman, all of his wealth goes to her and her community upon the event of his death or divorce. This ensures that the wealth this Black guy has “earned” will remain in White hands. You best believe white women understand these things when they marry these black ball players. Unfortunately, the players don’t know a game is being run on them until the money’s gone.

    But, whatever. It is what it is. And we should accept the choices people make for their own lives, no matter how ill-informed.

  • TR

    @Soul Brotha
    Is that a “black men” issue? Or is it a “I’ve never had money before and I don’t know how to manage it” issue? Poor white people who come into instant money are just as likely to blow it as blacks. And white women are not the ones sucking black athletes dry. The black families of those black athletes are sucking black athletes dry. Read up on Antoine Walker’s story. Becky didn’t drive dude to the poor house. His black family and friends did. These guys are often supporting entire groups of people. When they sign the dotted line every cousin, childhood friend, and old girlfriend comes out of hiding with their hands out.

    As far as pro athletes go most of them never make it to the end of their lives with large sums of wealth. The LA Lakers Derek Fisher was quoted saying 2/3 of NBA players are broke within five years of retiring from the league. That money may be going to white hands, but it is not at the time of death. It is during their high rolling days while they are still playing their respective sports. And I would say women of all races are trying to use athletes for their money. Let’s not assume the black groupies are somehow more benevolent than the white ones. They all operate the same.

  • Mannie

    I totally agree! It’s part of the news and if you don’t wanna read it, click elsewhere!

    Nobody asks you to read the first page of a newspaper if you don’t want to! It’s a free society and if Clutch wants to put up those stories, it is allowed to do so.

    And you will be back here anyway….

  • Sonia

    Wow, and what color is he? It’s amazing how Professional Athletes always think their sh– don’t stink when they have money and moderate fame. He can date whoever he wants, but you know, when the money is gone, so will his white girlfriend.

    When his career ends and it WILL, he will be back to the 8 to 5 grind like everyone else. Most are too stupid to invest and prepare for the times when their body tells them they can’t play anymore.

  • http://facebook william

    Sonia , good lookin out that needs to be told to all of them and the next time someone tell’S that one to you ? just tell them………….. YO MOMMA IS BLACK ! and to think most of the guy’s who say that aint even a SMOKY ROBINSON EL DEBARGE KINDA BLACK THEY GOT THE HAIR SOME CAN EVEN PASS LOL ! AND YOU NEVER HEAR THAT FROM THOSE GUY’S ! This is the thing i want to say to all those kinda guy’s ………you hate yourself ! and anything that looks anything close to you ! You know what you are punks for having that mindset and i hope you stay away from young men who know nothing about that stuff !

  • Sidjaz

    There was a time when a post like this would make me angry, sad and resentful but not no more because age and knowledge as taught be how to love myself and accept that when God made beautiful Black women like myself he made no mistake. My hope for all Black women is that they will love themselves enough, so that what the doucebags out there have to say won’t matter.

    Now Clutch do me a favour…start writing some articles about beautiful black families and how successful our lives are. You can start with mine, because I’m tried of coming on here and reading about black men who really doesn’t like themselves wanting to take out there self hate, wimpy, dickless shyte on me. I’m raising 2 beautiful little black girl and they won’t be reading your articles when they are older if this is all that you guys have to offer them. WTF, please make this a positive place for black women to visit, we have enough haters out there to contend with. Get out into the real world and make it happen Clutch, posivitey is a necessity in our community, do your part and stop writing stupid, non important, waste of time pieces…

  • Pam

    Black women lucked out! Thank God he doesn’ like us. We don’t like him, and now more Black girls are safe from trash like him. Who wants a rapist or a sex abuser??

    If some white or non-Black woman wants our trash, oh well, that’s their problem…so be it! I think they would be crazy to take someone like him, but if that’s what they want, a big fat than k you froma Black girl! You just saved one more of us from sex abuse.

  • Pam

    @Lateefah: Hello!

    Thank you – who gives a hawt-damn if some rapist doesn’t like Black women?? Bye! I’ll take the Baracks, and leave the jailbirds to themselves.

  • Pam

    sorry, I mean @Lteefaw, not Lateefah…sorry, typing too fast {:-)

  • anony

    and besides why the f*ck would any black woman want to date a man with wider hips and a fatter a$$ than hers? smh …

    lol irl.

  • Brittany GIRL


  • Isis

    As much as I despise these self-hating black men that self-hating shit starts at home. This dude I follow on twitter was saying his mother, a dark-skinned black woman, says to him I want you to marry light but you like dark-skinned hoes. His own mother planting the seeds of hatred towards black women to her black son. It comes a point when you have to question the mothers of these self-hating black men. Ain’t no way I’m gonna tell my black son to hate women that look like me and to love the ones who don’t.

  • Sky

    The man has a right to his opinion as well as his preference in the type of women he dates because if my wife and I ever divorce, Ill never date a sista ever again. they;ve put us down and stomped on us for years and now it;s a problem when we do it, give me a break. I dont bewieve it!

  • Lisa

    @ Isis: I will go a little further and state, I have no intention of ever telling or in anyway imparting a message to my future children to date people based on any physical characteristic: skin tone, skin/hair color, height, size of hips/boobs/feet, whatever. I hope they learn the real path to relationship happiness is finding someone they connect with intellectually and emotionally.

    That being said, this is not about colorism. Whether the color of your skin is like dark chocolate or beige pantyhose, this is supposed to be a slam on all black women. I say supposed to because for whatever reason, black women don’t seem to be outraged.

    I hate how these discussion become black women vs. black men, when this should be decent and reasonable black people vs. angry and mean black people.

  • sli

    Ok, Elmer Fudd

  • Lisa

    Most black athletes, and some of the most successful ones. are dating black women, but you never hear about them for some reason.

  • Deester

    I feel you, Sky! If I ever get free from my husband, I will never date a brutha ever again! I am so tired of black men putting black women down, calling us all kind of derogatory names, making jokes at our expense, abusing us and leaving us with numerous babies to raise alone!

  • Kim

    Some Black women have no self-respect and his mother just may be one of them. My son would be missing a few teeth right about now.

  • Isis

    @Lisa I see what you are saying. But, my sons will learn to love and adore black women only. The son that I carried for 9 months, fed, clothed and raised will NOT sit in my face with some mess about I don’t like black girls. Oh no, no, no! If she ain’t black don’t bring her to my face. But others are free to raise their children as they see fit.

  • Latasha Pierce

    I could care less who does it for him sexually. If this goes to trial he’ll change his tune if there’s one sister on the jury. Look before you leap, Albert, and think before you speak!!

  • jimmy

    If this was a WHITE man being accused of this, and he was with a black woman, a lot of y’all would be claiming she was just a bitter jealous white woman. But a “sista” can’t possibly be wrong in any situation where there’s a black man and a white woman involved. No. It’s somehow obvious he’s at fault. It must be so hard to remain neutral until all the facts are revealed huh? Funny, when everyone taught Serena Williams threw all black men under the bus many of y’all were overjoyed.

  • Kim

    Dear Jimmy,
    Why is it that black folk like you keep interjecting yourselves into the lives of black people? Why don’t you all simply get out of our lives? Trust me. We will survive despite your absence.
    Some of you are so sick inside until it is mind boggling.

  • dt

    As black as his ass is, he has some nerve to say ‘i don’t even like black girls’. His mama’s black!

  • Dawn

    Now that is a shame. I can careless what his female preference is but it’s statements like that, and they wonder why black women are bitter. As if the mere thought of a black woman makes him want to toss his cookies. I’m sorry, maybe I’m bias, but black women (real women) would never put down a black man like that. Most black women date white men because they are feeling each other and she is being treated the way every woman should be treated. But we are tired I can tell you that. I know I’m tired of worrying about damaging his ego (black man) because the guy I’m with so happens to be white. I always get the feeling that black men consider black women sell-outs when the man they are with is white. I can tell you right now, do not think that white men are not attracted to black women because they are. They do not act on their desires to avoid confrontations with the black men. We have a black man shortage, and if I meet a white guy and we click on every level………………………that’s whats up!!!!

  • Oneika the Traveller

    Embarrassing… so soo soo embarrassing. What a fool and what a disgrace.

  • Ustreetrocks

    I don’t know what’s more interesting — the actual case or the thread of comments. I live in Washington and heard the story the day it was leaked to the press. It was not until now that I learned the woman involved was African American. When reports of this first broke, it was revealed that Albert had stated to the waitress that he was in a hurry and would like to pay the bill. He then asked if he could place the card in her shirt while she was clearing the table. She agreed, and it was then that the alleged “fondling” took place. I was repulsed by the entire incident (if this is indeed what took place) and chalked it all up to “opportunity.” His opportunity to get what he wanted — in this case, a quick feel. And her opporutnity to get what she wanted — compensation.

    The real issue here is that we have an over paid athlete who has a history of violent behavior, including a traffic altercation with a motorist that lead to legal problems in another state. He obviously thinks he is above the law and because we as a nation are so celebrity and entertainment addicted, his past bad behavior has been excused and overlooked. Are we surprised that it has esculated to sexual assualt? And really women, do we care that someone this ignorant, who probably has a hard time spelling “black” would not want to date us? When I see men like that, with little brains or couth, I’m thankful that I am taken out of their dating pool. That goes for the poor bitter male commenters on this thread. Just because you made a bad choice in who you married, you shouldn’t take it out on a whole race. Are you that limited? But I digress…Back to my point…

    Each year, Americans pay billions of dollars on sports entertainment. We are indirectly contributing to the modern day slave trade that is better known as the NFL and NBA. While there are many educated African American players who use their success as athletes to give back to their communities and seek other ways in which they can be productive citizens off the field, there are still just as many that are small minded, uneducated (dispite being given the opportunity to gain an education at America’s best Universities) and ignorant. For this group of players, the obscene amount of money they make gives them carte blanche to do anything they want. If that means, rape, assault, theft, it doesn’t matter. And because we don’t demand they be held accountable and we want to see our teams win the championship, we turn a blind eye. That is until we are the object of their violence. With that said, Albert has done no more than what is expected of him what he knows. He’s an uneducated, well paid thug who’s doing no more than the trained animals at the circus. The thing is, just as with any circus animal, while he’s in the cage, he’s controlled. But once you let him out….

  • Shanetta

    That is the dumbest shit I constantly hear. Men like you have no idea how ignorant and self loathing you really are. You have not dated every Black Woman so how dare you generalize all of us. It is your fault that you have only dated rude and disrespectful women. White women can be just as nasty and belittling as a Black women. You should reevaluate yourself and the reasons behind your “preferences,” before you bring children in this world because if you have a daughter she will be a Black woman. Will you hate her too, or inforce self hate in her?

  • Leah


  • Simone

    Sorry ladies, I agree with Jimmy……if this had of been a white guy, the comments would be soooo different. As for the player in question…he’s an ass, and we’ve seen this before—so this is nothing new.

  • http://cnn Cocomotion

    Ok all this dialouge is not neccessary lets face it the mans an idiot no matter what his preference in race is….it looks to me as big as his a#$ is he should be happy to take what he can get because I dont care how much money you have it just cant fix stupid…case in point

  • jimmy

    @kim thats pretty dramatic of a response considering I never attacked anyone. I did however state an inconvenient truth, and so I’m “so sick inside” because of it lol.

  • Deester

    Hey, Albert, whatcha gonna do if and when you have a daughter (if you don’t have one already)? Are you gonna tell her that you don’t like black girls when you yourself staring back at you?

  • Evelina

    My only comment is — Is his mother Black? If so what happen and when did this aggression and dislike toward Black women became apparent.

  • Dawn

    He couldn’t handle a real black woman!!!

  • Evelina

    My feelings and only mind. To degrade a Black woman, lady, sister is ignorant. Is your mother Black?

  • Evelina

    correction–only mine.

  • Ravi

    And the nominees for most embarrassing black person of 2011….

  • Victoria

    @ Dawn, I’m with you on that. I love black men always has and always will, but I am sick of the bashing as well. Maybe its time for Black women to open our eyes and date other races. This subject is so TIRED! To be honest, there are still black men out there that still wants to date black women, but they are located in other regions (Africa, the Caribbean, etc.) so just don’t limit yourselves. I think Americans screwed up anyways with the way a lot of them think. Black women you are beautiful, If a black man wants to put you down, move on. As a few of my fellow white male friends say, its usually the “low” quality black men that always ends up with white women anyways. oh pun intended (lol).

  • Ravi

    Unfortunately black women do put black men down like this also and quite frequently. You can find quite a few instances of it on this website. It’s terrible either way.

    I would think that most people are dating whomever they date because they are feeling them and being treated well, but I know many black women that simply prefer white men. Doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling the white guy they choose, just that their preferences are shaped by eurocentric norms and standards. The black people that prefer white people to all others are the ones that usually get called the sellouts. This football playing idiot is a prime example.

  • omg

    see now the problem i have with black men is that they don’t seem to “get” that black women are really entitled to their indignation.

    several years ago there was this thing called the million man march. and one of the reasons they had this was for black men to “take responsibility for their lives and families, and commit to stopping the scourges of drugs, violence and unemployment,” according to farrakahn.

    see, unlike other women, black women have gotten little for being with black men. we’ve gotten broken communities, communities where black children and women are unsafe, poverty, etc.

    other women’s men (asians, whites) go to school, protect their communities – women and children, value them, etc. we can’t say the same for black men.

    black men have not done these things and the proof is, well, everywhere. so you’re talking about being treated “better.” lol.

    black men just don’t get it. you want black women’s continued adulation but black women have received virtually none of the things in return that other women receive from their men. it’s as though you want something for nothing.

  • Ravi


    How about a little personal responsibility? You think that all the problems that exist in the black community can simply be laid at the feet of black men alone. Black women are also in an oppressed state. Do you really want to compare academic performance to whites and Asians? It’s counterproductive to sit here and play the blame game. You are no less entitled to your indignation than I am to mine. Do you think you are the only one that has been wronged by members of the opposite sex? I could write a book with my experiences. The difference is I’m not about to hold that against all black women. All this infighting gets us nowhere and trying to simply blame black men for all the problems facing the community is disingenuous at best.

    Many black men “get it” just fine. What you seem to not get is that you can’t lump all black men in a single monolithic category, no more than you can with black women. There are highly successful black men and women that do have their shit together, just as there are black men and women that are bringing us down.

    At this point you are just baselessly bashing black men, yet you complain about this football player doing the same thing. How are you any different? You speak in absolutes about what black men aren’t doing, but I’m working on my 3rd and 4th degrees. I worked for 8 years in a public school and have been studying the academic achievement gap for over a decade. I’m effecting a solution to fix our communities as are many black men. What have you done besides complain on a website? How are you deserving of adulation where I am not?

  • Dawn

    I haver never known for a black woman to put a black man down. You might have one or two, but for the most part… we are pretty supportive.

  • Ravi

    I’m sure that might be true for the circles you run in, just as the guys I hang with are very supportive of black women on the whole. But to generalize to the entire population, 20+ million black women in the US, based on your experiences is a bit of a stretch. I have personally witnessed black women putting black men down on a fairly consistent basis. It’s very prevalent on the web. Entire blogs are written about how white men are better than black men — by black women.

    I’m not saying that this is the majority of the time, just as it probably isn’t for black men, but one or two? I’ve seen that many in the last ten minutes.

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