What you wear underneath it all is just as important as your makeup and outfit. No need to wait until Valentine’s Day or your man’s birthday to turn on the sex appeal with lingerie. Keep it spicy at all times.

Single? Not a problem. Like our weekly feature “Be Sexy For You” so eloquently says, you don’t have to be in a relationship to look and feel sexy. It doesn’t matter what size, shape or insecurities have kept you from adorning yourself with fabulous lingerie, you should be tempted by at least one of these styles.

Bra and Panties

Bra and panty sets are perhaps the most popular piece of lingerie. They make a sexy girl feel like she is fully dressed, put together, feminine and complete in her wardrobe. Look for a set with matching color style and fabric to create allure.

The Garter Belt

The garter belt is that special touch you add to your lingerie. It gives you a supremely feminine aura, and makes you appear as confident as any professional vixen! The cutest part: you can mix and match the colors of the belt and the rest of the lingerie.


Bodysuits are sexy because they’re feminine and fun. They render that classic-yet-daring cabaret look, and they hug your assets in just the right places. Find a suit with bows and lace to add a bit of romanticism.

The Corset

You can’t dare wear lingerie and forget the corset. It is the foundation of all things “woman,” all things bedroom sex, and all things “make-your-body-look-perfect!” The dramatic curves of corsets work wonders on a woman’s body.

What style of lingerie do you prefer? Does lingerie make you feel sexy or can you do without it?

-Krystal Franklin

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