From C+CJust because an oil is edible doesn’t mean it’s not amazing for your hair. When used correctly, hair is shinier, softer and lighter after being coated with oil from your kitchen pantry.

Not every oil will give you saturated, stringy hair and regardless of it’s texture, your hair needs oil to survive.

Castor Oil

Castor oil strengthens individual hair strands, which prevents breakage and hair loss. It also conditions the scalp. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties protect hair and scalp from infection. It has Omega-9 fatty acids that prevent the scalp from drying and stimulate hair growth. It’s also a humectants’ so it locks in moisture.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is the godmother of hair oil. It works wonders as a pre-poo treatment, a deep conditioner and moisturizer. Olive oil locks in moisture and lubricates thirsty hair cuticles. This lightweight oil fights dryness in both relaxed and natural hair. It also has antioxidants, which combat hair thinning and loss.

Rosemary Oil

If ever there were a hair oil with dual benefits that should be a mainstay in your beauty cabinet, this is it. Rosemary oil cleans the scalp and strengthens your locks while boosting shine. It’s ideal for tackling a dry scalp and ridding the scalp of dandruff. In addition to these nourishing benefits, this popular Mediterranean herb gives hair a visibly soft finish after the first use.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil reduces protein loss, thickens the hair, adds moisture to split ends and replenishes damaged hair. It reduces flaking of the scalp and is also a good styling aid (use it moderately).

Avocado Oil

This nutrient-rich oil helps with thinning and scalp irritation. Avocado oil has a lightweight formula so it absorbs into hair and scalp easily. It also has humectants, which means it adds moisture. It also works as a natural SPF. Furthermore, it’s full of vitamins A, D, E and B6 and amino and folic acids, all of which your hair craves. You can use avocado oil on hair as a deep conditioner, shampoo or hair mask but it works best with other oils such as olive oil.

Which natural oils do you use on your hair?

-Margaret Francois

  • lucy

    jojoba oil is great

  • MIB

    Good article. I do agree with you about jojoba..Coconut oil is the staple for me every night. I use olive oil is used for my pre poo and to kick up my conditioners. I haven’t tried the castor oil yet but know it’s benefits.

  • Andi

    Yes, I love using olive oil as a prepoo and to pre finger detangle my natural hair. I use olive oil more for my hair than I do for cooking. lol. I also like jojoba oil to seal my ends with since it’s a more lightweight oil

  • cassidybarrett

    I use Grapeseed oil, Argan oil, Olive oil, Castor oil and Rosemary oil.

  • Ms. Pillowz

    Do you mix them all together?

  • bosslady

    Carrot Oil!!!! It really strengthens your hair. It eliminate hair breakage within a couple of weeks with me.

  • Ms. Pillowz

    Really?? Where do you get it??

  • Dasia

    I love vitamin E and shea butter oil. They work wonders for me hair. Btw, I’m transitioning.

  • zy

    I use a mixture of peanut oil, castor oil, olive oil and jojoba. i’ve got locs and when i first started them a few years ago, i was using a loc gel that left my hair dry and really hindered growth. since going to my loctician almost 3 years ago, this mixture is the only thing she uses in my hair to twist as well as moisturize. in a short time, my hair has gone from shoulder length to waist length. i attribute it to the fact that these oils are all natural and have no fillers, additives, etc. to clog my follicles. it works like a charm.

  • d


    I have locs, too. But sometimes it just gets super dry and ‘ashy’ looking…I’m def going to have to try your oil mix!

  • Theresa C.

    I live by coconut oil and have fallen in love with rosemary oil which has a great smell :) But coconut oil as a pre-poo is truly fabolous! Still experimenting and discovering oils.

  • CG

    I use Argan(sp?) oil. Just have to use it moderately. Also I use oil olive. I relax my hair but I make sure I use great products to keep it healthy and thick. Also eating right and drinking plenty of water helps as well. I always get compliments on how thick my hair is.

  • Me27

    I use coconut oil, olive oil, and sometimes vitamin E oil.

    I also have products that contain argan oil and neem oil that i use regularly

  • 3 D.O.L.L.S.

    I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my deep conditioner. I also use Coconut oil and Castor oil daily! I love my oils! They keep my hair feeling moist and soft every day!

  • Melissa

    Great article choice, I need to purchase Rosemary Oil asap. I also like Moroccan oil :)

  • Mae

    I’m not natural and have no plans to be… but great choice on the photo for the article, my friend from college, Dede! Love to see her still modeling and looking fab. :) Ok, carry on.

  • Fatimah

    Sweet almond oil is my thing! I use after shampoo and conditioner on slightly damp hair. Also, if my hair is a bit dry mid-week I use some more and it immediately adds life and shine

  • Angstandhumor

    Rice bran oil,wheat germ oil and hemp seed oil. They contain ceramides that work wonders on hair.

  • boomer

    voodoo spirituals is what i do

  • Cocofabulous

    I use a combination of olive oil, grapeseed, sweet almond, avocado, with a few drops of rosemary, peppermint and lemon. Abosultuely the best and can be used on the face from time to time! Just picked up some apricot kernel and will add a little to mix.

  • honeybuns

    I use olive , jojoba, grapeseed , ccoconut and about to add avocado oil to my hair regimen! The benefits are awesome that I never knew about . Wow

  • adaddyslove

    rinse with apple cider vinegar before shampooing..also neem oil,rosemary,cedarwood oils will nourish your scalp stop dandruff

  • adaddyslove

    i use rosemary,cedarwood,and neem oils to nourish my scalp,and it keeps the dandruff has a great scalp revitalizer serum

  • Mel Stevens

    I suggest trying the pro naturals argan oil, it smoothes the cuticle and cures all split-ends!

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