• http://sisterescape.blogspot.com Nic Nic

    I want those pants!!

  • Jess

    Fab! And her hair looks great. She never ever needed a weave wit hair like that. Really good look, casual and comfortable but super cute.

  • BluTopaz

    Suspenders over large boobs–yes that’s a great look

  • BluTopaz

    being snarky i guess–this look is goofy imo

  • blue bella

    drab…..with all her money and fashion experience she can not dress to save her life! not even on her talk show or antm smh

  • http://getme-lolly.blogspot.com getmelolly

    Oh Tyra!

  • http://www/theretronatural.blogspot.com TheRetroNatural

    she looks casual but she looks nice..better than 99% of the people I see on the daily…and it doesn’t take tons of money to look good. I look good everyday because I put in effort. Looking good takes effort, not a million bucks.

  • nicthommi

    @Jess., that’s a wig. She was on the View this week and you could clearly see that it was a high quality wig that is a bit more red and silky than her own hair (but similar in length and thickness).
    She does wear her own hair out, but she still alternates with wigs for the very reason that a lot of women do…lots of daily styling would be a bit much, esp. on heavily processed hair (when she did her hair on the show, you could see that she has it relaxed pin straight).
    I do like the fact that she opts for a more realistic wig now instead of a giant, blondish one, but this is a wig.
    Not being snarky, but I think that when women see images in the media, they should be aware of what they are looking at b/c I think it’s what makes some people feel as if they will never measure up.
    I’m surprised maybe that some of the black women who use wigs the most don’t promote them. Jessica Simpson has a line of hair clips or whatever they are called since she uses them herself.

  • sli

    She looks fabulous!

  • http://www.bing.com/ Ireland

    Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my queistons are answered!

  • http://lndqtwccexbl.com/ qvazvuuqm

    n7Fv0w pipoktsbbktk

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