Taking a break from laying down tracks for her upcoming album, Alicia Keys visited the United Nations today to champion women’s empowerment during an UN AIDS Conference.

Polished and glowing in a navy suit, Alicia spoke on a panel titled “HIV Priorities for Positive Change: In Women’s Words.” Joined by fellow musician and philanthropist Annie Lenox, Alicia spoke in front of some of the world’s most influential diplomats.

For Alicia, this cause hit close to home. As global ambassador for the charity organization, Keep a Child Alive, Alicia has worked to advocate for AIDS treatment and raise funds to support programs that invest in children infected or at risk from HIV/AIDS. Speaking to those in attendance, she said:

“If we show the next generation of women and girls that we care by providing the resources to achieve universal access, this will empower them. If we do that, we will stop the epidemic in its tracks.”

While the star studded appearances certainly brought out the press, the UN used the opportunity to discuss the findings from its latest report, In Women’s Words: HIV priorities for positive change.

To download a PDF copy of the report, please click here.

  • I got sense!

    All her good deeds won’t change the fact that she is a HOME-WRECKER!

  • TPerk

    Glad she’s out there trying to make a difference in the world. It’s very important for the UN to hear about the impact AIDS has on a community from a woman’s perspective. And whether or not she’s a “home-wrecker” has nothing to do with the fact that she clearly has a good heart.

  • Star

    The hypocrisy that is Alicia Keys fascinates me to some degree.

  • Jess

    What’s hypocritical about Alicia Keys? She’s great. Most of her music has a great,positive and uplifting message and she does good work. That’s all that counts in this life.

    Plus I just love ‘Superwoman” – one of the most positive songs ever for Black women, imho.

  • sli

    Why do we, as women, always have to zero in on other women’s faults? Do men do that? I noticed the two articles that were done on Gil Scott-Heron. Nobody and I mean not one woman said anything about his personal lifestyle. We need to check that. I am not a big fan of Alicia Keys’ music, but she is an intelligent and beautiful black woman who is clearly trying to make a positive impact with her resources and fame.

    Does a person’s wrong choices in life mean that they should be silenced forever? Life will take care of people who do wrong to others. Let life happen. We don’t need to constantly bring up people’s sins.

  • guestonclutch

    what does this actually do though. like really.

  • Terra Nadir

    I completely agree. While I do not approve of some of Alicia Key’s decisions in her personal life, black women (hell, women generally) have got to stop completely crucifying each other over every little thing. Why do we allow men to be complex, flawed creatures while we hold each other to impossible moral standards? Nuts.

  • http://staff.washington.edu/danielrb/desertWiki/index.php?title=Best_News_of_the_Day Danica

    I love Alicia keys she is a great role model for all women and for her fans she is always supporting organizations and it is great.

  • damidwif

    it gets attention to bring in money to pay for big pharma meds for all that hiv and aids that is killing them. all stars have to promote something, even if the knowledge they have is inaccurate.

  • anita

    WOW! She is definitely serious about this. More power to you alicia! You are an angel for speaking for the many who cannot. There’s always going to be negative people who try to discourage the positvity in the world. I beleive Alicia is a very intelligent, beautiful, kind and caring person. I think she see’s the true need of people and knows what’s most important in life. I say, God bless her and all the people she strives to help. <3

  • http://brklynpsalm.wordpress.com/ MW

    it’s sad that her personal affairs, for you (and I presume many others) overshadows her public works

  • anita

    And all yours won’t change the fact that you’re negligently judging another person.

  • Gigi Young

    If everyone is sighing and wringing their hands over Lauryn Hill’s longtime drama, why is Alicia’s name irrevocably tied to one fairly recent event? Lauryn may spit game (or did in the past) about some “truth,” but has she ever been as vocal or as visible about issues like AIDS or world hunger, as Alicia has been since the beginning of her career?

  • Ash

    I commend her involvement in the AIDS dilemma. BUT I’m sorry, keep rolling my eyes that she’s at a women’s empowerment meeting when she’s a homewrecker. In her early career, her image was every positive and she capitalized off that. Now…all of a sudden, I’m supposed to look away when her actions don’t match her music?

    You can’t have it both ways.

  • afro chic

    Go Alicia! I’m not a big fan of her musically and who what exactly does her love life have to do with her advocating for Women and HIV/AIDS? Her affair was not right but the two do not connect and I’ve never heard her say that she was a saint. I think it’s commendable that she is lending her voice to one of the leading causes of death among young black women throughout Africa and the US.

  • Ash

    I commend her on being a voice for AIDS. However, her music has various themes relating to African female empowerment. But in real life, she acted like a chicken-head (for lack of a better word). And yes, if a man did the same thing…I would call him on it.

  • I got sense!

    @ MW
    That’s life sweetheart. Same as Weiner and his naked pics to his side piece, Tiger and the million women he cheated with, Bill Clinton and getting head (and then lying to the entire country about it) and the list goes on and on and on. If you want to continue to support people with little to no moral, values, and character by all means do so but I (and many others) choose to support people who have higher standards than Alicia.

    Really?? According to dictionary. com

    negligently: adj
    1. habitually neglecting duties, responsibilities, etc; lacking attention, care, or concern; neglectful
    2. careless or nonchalant

    I didn’t realize you knew me so well that you know my habits. Not to mention I haven’t judged anyone. I simply stated a fact. SHE IS A HOMEWRECKER and her good deeds do not make up for her wrong doing for me. PERIOD. You and MW are probably the same simply people that still support Chris Brown after all of his abuse and violent outbursts. Pathetic.

  • I got sense!


    And whoever said we need stop being critical of people’s personal life when they are a public figure because men don’t is an idiot. That’s the problem. Men do horrible things and we give them a pass. That’s why they keep doing it. Other than a slap on the wrist (sometime they get fired but someone else hires them immediately) what incentive do they have to change their behavior? None, because they know all will be forgiven and they can just keep going. Examples: Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Chris Brown, Swizz Beatz, Rod Blagojevich, Eddie Murphy, Don Imus, and their are more men being added to the list weekly. The latest Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    How many rappers have criminal records??? Drugs, weapons, domestic violence, etc and you all still give them awards and buy their records. Why would they change when they are still rewarded for bad behavior and furthermore how can you teach and EXPECT the next generation of young men to do the right thing when the men they look up to are doing illegal and immoral things?

  • Ash

    Any star can speak up at media event about women’s empowerment. And I’m not questioning her sincerity to the issue of AIDS. However, you need to live a life that promotes women’s empowerment. In my opinion, being with some other sista’s husband is against that. I should also add that I’m not just blaming Alicia, in cheating situations…men are just as culpable.

    What’s so empowering about getting a man….by any means necessary? Even if you have to brake up a home?

  • Domino

    Our society cares way too much about the personal lives of these celebrities. Its just so unimportant and a waste of time.

  • ash

    even though shes a homewrecker thats nice shes saving others

  • guestonclutch


    simply bringing in money for the big pharma meds only serves to make big pharma meds bigger. and richer. the un does not have enough power to change the world. nor do rich celebrities. and by starting their own charities, and putting their own money into projects (which is nice), they are stepping in to do what should be a government job. stars should promote grassroots movements at home to pressure government to stop cooperating with, and aiding, these big pharma meds.

  • Alexandra

    Some people may have their opinions on her but she’s still doing something great. She’s been very consistent in that area.

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