Bold Beauty: 5 Black Bald Bombshells

by Fajr Muhammad

Courageous and bold. Beautiful and spirited. In a world where long hair is coveted, it takes a fearless and sassy sister to shear her locks. While rocking a close crop is not a new trend, model Grace Jones pioneered the look, it has become increasingly more popular for young black women to forgo the salon in lieu of the barber’s chair.

Rocking a bald head screams confidence and self-acceptance. Deciding to break from the norm and traditions of what makes a black woman beautiful, there has been a line of beautiful black women who have dared to answer the call of the bald. India Aire sang “I am not my Hair” and whether its a style or a statement these five women clearly live by this mantra.

Chrisette Michele

Known for her ingenue looks, Chrisette shocked her fans when she debuted her new cropped do with the release of her latest album, Let Freedom Reign. With beautiful vocals and equally stunning features, Chrisette spiced up her cut her with colors from auburn to bright blonde.

Alek Wek

In an industry that is obsessed with flowing locks, Sudanese model Alek Wek has defied the status quo by not only being a dark-skinned model but by staying true to her signature bald look. Rising to the top of the fashion industry, Alek proves that being true to yourself is never out of style.

Thelma Golden

Art director and Chief curator at the Studio Museum of Harlem, Thelma Golden has rocked a short natural style for much of her career. In a professional setting, her low cut looks perfect with her polished, vibrant and creative style.

Erykah Badu

The quintessential rebel, Erykah has rocked every hairstyle from afro wig to locks. Never one to follow trends, Erykah cut her hair long before it was popular or acceptable. When she removed her signature turban revealing her shaved head, Erykah confirmed her status as one of a kind.

Sidra Smith

Twin sister to actress Tasha Smith, there is no mistaking Sidra. With her closely shaved bald head, she stands out from the crowd and is distinctively different from her famous sibling. A Film/TV producer in her own regard, Sidra is fearless in rocking her simplistic style.

Would you follow in these fearless footsteps and shave your head bald? Have you already taken the plunge and shaved your head?


  • BluTopaz

    I would consider shaving my head if I had sculpted cheekbones like Sidra Smith! These ladies are stunning.

  • E

    This is GORGEOUS. I just BCd for the second time and it took a few weeks of thinking “Sheesh my FACE” but now I am loving it. A little color, some fun earrings (not necessarily big, loce rocking my pearl studs too) and a little makeup. I’m rocking my TWA for summer 2011. Also, my husband loves playing in my hair. he never played with my locs bc he said he didn’t want to “mess them up”. Also many black women have excellent bone structure. Sidra Smith is LOVELY!

  • afrochic

    alek wek has been bad in my book since day 1…sooo beautiful!

  • DeePDX

    Natalie Stewart of Floetry is also sporting the bald look, too!

    Love this article!

  • Morghanne B. Foreman

    I am Bald! Well Kind of, I have a fade now and I love it!!! NO HAIR, DON’T CARE!!!!
    I love who I am, with our without hair.
    but the Bald is me and I am it!

  • AustralianGirl

    nice! You’d have to have nice facial features to pull it off… and in my opinion need to be reasonably slim so your face looks its best.

    Yes, plus nice earrings, as E said.

  • Robin Nicole

    Been there done that (for 5 years)

  • sli

    I have locs, but I have been thinking about shaving my head. I’m nervous-if it doesn’t look right; it can’t be fixed. In the meantime I’ll keep rockin’ my locs and thinking about it. Sidra Smth is stunning.

  • Nadell

    My goodness, these women are gorgeous!
    I wish I had the boldness to go bald…..although I’ve cut all my hair off before when I started my dreads but I always covered my head.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    most black women are beautiful. i don’t see why such a fuss is made over looks.

  • S.

    Ajuma should have been added as well as a load of Black women I see on the daily… kinda agree with James except i would add most Black women ‘that take care of themselves’ are beautiful

  • omg

    i used to wear my hair like chrisette’s and thelma’s for years.

    i’ve let it grow out now – down past my shoulders.

  • omg

    this is sorta what i believe.

    i’m sometimes saddened that people can’t see the awesome physical beauty of black women because we are so fat and neglected.

    for me, if you put an amazing black woman next to white, asian, or latinas – the black woman wins hands down. the skin, lips, body, eyes, and the natural hair – slam dunk, imo.

    unfortunately, when people imagine a black woman, they imagine an overweight woman who wears weave and stuff.

    but, i don’t think black women are beautiful universally anymore than i do white women or asian women. i’ve seen some fug black women.

  • Erin

    I actually prefer this look over the mini fro on most women. I absolutely love Chrisette Michele’s hair. Her head shape is perfect lol. Also, I was so sad when Solange grew her hair back out, even though I do like the big natural look too at times on certain women. This look really highlights the face, which I feel is the most beautiful feature that most women have but they try to hide.

  • Andie

    Gorgeousness!!! If only I had the bone structure and the confidence to pull it off…it takes a special face to effectively and effortlessly rock a bald look….Everything about your face is on display so it helps to have a nice head shape, beautiful eyes, defined yet feminine cheek bones and nice lips.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    yes, i mean that black women who mind their health are all beautiful.
    the only way a sister is not is if she has done something to herself.
    poor diet, no exercise, whatever.

    we treat these “stars” as if they are exceptional. they are not.
    i see fine black women every day on the # 23 bus.
    with sisters it’s all gravy.

  • Alex1

    No comment…

  • Alex1

    Chrisette Michele is BADD. Eyrka Badu… I think she looks better with hair. W/o it she looks pretty, but in a “unique” asexual type of way. I’m not even gonna mention the others bc I already know people who can’t handle a “different” opinion(nvm the fact they secretly know I’m just tellin it like it is) are gonna go bonkers. Sigh… I guess….

  • Ummm yeah OK

    LOL @ Alex we know men en masse don’t like this look…and Black men C’mon we already know so save it.

    I love the bald look on women no matter the race. I dig the humility it takes to rock such a style fearlessly in this day. Power!

  • Tomi-chan


    Headwraps and big earrings are your friend! Pair with a dramatic eye and bold lip shade and you pretty good to go. My hair is about 7 inches and I’ve been natural for a little over a year. When I get bored with styling and just break out the Naija print and coconut earrings.

  • Ummm yeah OK

    Me too! My locs are down my back and I’m like OK how long are we going to for lol…I have a big ol head but I really want to do just because I’m a rebel w/o a cause lol…

  • Tomi-chan

    You only need the confidence hon. =) I’m sure you have lovely bone structure.

  • Tomi-chan

    * I just break out the Naija print

    Sorry wasn’t paying attention haha.

  • Penny

    They’re all beautiful ladies, but I don’t like when Alek Wek’s hair looks straightened.

  • bosslady

    Alex Wek is HOT! The most beautiful in the list, though they all look good.

  • minna k.

    I think this is erykah’s BEST look!

    There was a sister that walked past my job yesterday, she was bald with a massai round head, (like erykah) with a gorgeous face and a slim curves body. I am mostly a strait girl, but damn was I drooling and I almost threw my back out to watch her go by.

    I wish that i could pull of this look as well as these ladies.

    I did this back in ’04, when my ex cut my locs. Though i did get positive attention from men, one of my close girlfriends said that i reminded her of a buddist monk. LOL. But not in a bad way.

  • Melinda

    Wow,I had no idea Tasha Smith had a twin!
    I’ve done the close shave thing and I loved it.I’d wake up in the morning and go.

  • ruggie

    Fierce, Fly and Fabulous!!

  • omg

    i’ve never understood why big earrings are so necessary for short hair for some people.

    i never wore huge earrings when my hair was cut low – just gold balls, hoops (small to medium), etc.

    i guess i preferred to radiate a quieter beauty, i never felt like the big earrings would add anything to me. there’s no need to shout.

  • Whitney

    I just let my boyfriend cut my hair, and yeah…I’m pretty bald, lol. But I love it, I really do. I didn’t know I had such a nicely-shaped head, lol.

  • Tomi-chan


    Well some people feel less feminine with short hair, or their hair wrap (I have a dorm sissy who has recently transitioned and this is one of the issues she brought up). So an easy way to remedy that would be to ornate the space that surrounds your face! I personally never wore earrings when I was bald, I just dyed the little growth outrageous shades of red and blonde. I felt like a rebel.

  • Monica

    Women have rocked shaved heads for years. I shaved my hair in 1999 to go natural, and I looked HOTT!!! Shaved it again in 2008 for a new look. For those of you sistah’s who don’t think you can rock it. It’s just hair it grows back. The only thing that is disturbing is that I would get approached by so many lesbians. I don’t have anything against them, I’m just not one!!!!!.

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