Cheers: Lauryn Hill Pregnant With 6th Child! (Updated)

by Britni Danielle

Lauryn Hill had a big surprise for her fans over the weekend. After dazzling the Detroit crowd on the latest stop of her “Moving Target” tour, the singer announced she would be taking some time off to have her sixth child.

According to Ashley Trybula of Detroit’s Hot 102.7, L-Boogie told the crowd, “I’m going to be taking time off to give birth.”

For months many have speculated that Ms. Hill was preggo. She has been spotted rocking flowing dresses and layers of clothing, some say, in attempt to conceal a baby bump. Ms. Hill even hinted at a possible pregnancy two months ago when she performed in Los Angeles.

“I keep having these children,” L-Boogie told the L.A. crowd. “I don’t know if I’m the most fertile woman in America.”

Although Lauryn and Rohan have been very private about their family in the past, recently we’ve been learning more about them. A few months ago, the couple’s daughter, Selah, graced the pages of Teen Vogue, and the kids have been popping up at several of Lauryn’s performances.

The newest addition to the Hill-Marley clan marks the couple’s sixth child.


After hearing that Rohan Marley was denying that he was the father of Lauryn’s 6th baby, I decided to go straight to the source.

I asked Marley a question via Twitter and a brief, yet interesting conversation ensued. You be the judge.

Things that make you go hmmm…..


What do you think, Clutchettes?


  • JerseyBred323

    Maybe Rohan will marry her after he finally divorces his wife.

    Not that she’s above it all, but when you consider the content of her music, you’d never think that L-Boogie would just be a baby momma to someone’s playboy husband.

  • Simone

    My thoughts exactly. Not that marriage fixes anything, but she should still want something a little more permanent. Being a baby momma doesn’t guarantee anything. And before anyone accuses us of being negative, we’re not. A baby is a beautiful thing but black families are becoming extinct, with the traditional married mother and father model. I had a friend who was raised to believe her father was one guy she used to see in the streets, only to find out he was some rich dude who worked for the NY Knicks organization. WTF???

  • PGS

    Congrats to Lauryn & Rohan! She’s better than me with all those kids…LOL

    On a sidenote, I find it interesting how some of us are always so quick to judge and label. Why must Lauryn be labeled a “baby mama” and not Rohan’s life-partner?

    Obviously their relationship is long-term. They’ve been together (at least) since ’98…that’s…13 years. I think we can stop trying to make her out the “fool” in the situation.

    I don’t know about Rohan’s marriage status…if he’s married, divorced, etc. I DO know that it’s their business and we shouldn’t be so quick to comment or judge other folks’ relationships, especially when we don’t have all of the facts.

    Peace to them!

  • JerseyBred323

    My sentiments exactly.

  • Emelyne

    Rohan already has a life partner, his wife. I they were both single and just anti-marriage, it would be a different story.

  • JerseyBred323


  • rs

    I think Chris Rocks face in the background of the articles photo says it all lol!

  • alexis

    Did she say Rohan was the father or are people assuming?

  • http://[email protected] Tracie

    Congrats Lauren….but why Chris Rock looking like that in the background?!?

  • LN

    Can we pause for a moment to reflect on the hypocrisy of readers here? On the one hand, whenever the question is asked; is marriage necessary, people go OUT of their way to say it isn’t. Yet we sit and judge Miss Hill because she is unmarried with 6 kids.

    It is really frustrating.

  • Emelyne

    @LN: No one is hating on Lauren because she is not married Rohan. The issue is the fact that she continues to be a broodmare for a man who is STILL married to someone else. let’s not get it twisted: Everyone here is pro- black families, even ones in which mom and dad remain single yet live and provide for their kids together. But this is not a family, at least it’s not for Rohan’s wife. This is an infringement on her marriage to him and these kids a constant reminder that her man thinks with his dick first, last and always. As for Lauren, I’m not even a little bit surprised at her acceptance at being the side piece, since she was once with Wyclef, who is also married. I respect her as an artist, but I can’t respect a woman who would give her children no better than to be some man’s bastard offspring or one who would dismiss another woman’s marriage for her won selfishness. i’d have more respect for her if she had more respect for Rohan’s wife, her kids, and herself.

  • Britni Danielle

    This is interesting…

    According to Rohan, he ISN’T married & isn’t expecting a child…(or so he tweeted)

    I’m willing to take his words w/ a grain of salt, though. I tried to follow up and get him to answer SPECIFICALLY if he is or isn’t married to the ex OR lauryn…and if she’s not expecting HIS child, but he didn’t say….just tweeted back saying, “You’re kidding, right?”!/Romarley/status/77807739123937280

    So….case still unsolved…

  • sli

    Actually, PGS, they have been together since 1996, and I agree with you; we don’t have all the facts about their relationship. So,we shouldn’t be so quick to comment about something we don’t know about.

  • Simone

    @LN, I don’t see the hypocrisy if I know I’ve stated the same thing over and over again. Marriage isn’t a band aid to ANYTHING but there is no sense of permanence when having a child with someone you’re not engaged to or otherwise…especially if he’s married to someone else. I have friends with multiple kids from the same guy and after a while, he eventually just walked away. Come on!! There has to be more something more to bind a couple because children obviously aren’t enough to keep a man there.

  • PGS


    where is the sense of “permanence” in marriage when the couple gets divorced?

  • sli

    Lol, yeah, in the land of Clutchville, some of these people pretty much condone anything, but now it’s time to have some morals.

  • Simone

    PGS…*le sigh*
    Now lets remember, when couples divorce, there are usually custody hearings. *MOST* parents are actually willing to go to court to either get custody or share custody. Every once in a while, some parents don’t give a damn. But most divorced parents are willing to still find a way to be to be with their child, even if they decided to be with someone else. A BIG difference compared to walking away, and in some cases acting like the kid doesn’t exist. If I got divorced, I know DAMN well my husband loves our kids enough to go to the courts to make sure that the court guarantees time with his kids. With divorce, they at least TRIED to make it permanent. It’s a big difference compared to having a baby with someone and she’s the girlfriend until the sh!t hits the fan.

  • sli

    Lol, Chris Rock’s face always looks like that

  • Girl

    Cheers? She has 5 kids with a married man and we’re cheering? why? cos she’s black? so we must support her BS? Cheers my behind. She’s a disgrace. THAT THING THAT THING

  • Girl

    People are assuming cos they dont wanna admt that their precious Lauryn Hill is shameless

  • Jennifer

    @ Emelyne: She already has five, what is one more. I mean, it is not like we are debating whether she should have a second child with a married man. She has five with him already. At this point, all these arguments are moot. How can she be the side piece if his wife is aware of her? I thought the side piece was a hidden mistress. Where in this world can he put his wife that she’ll not know about this? I mean if we are going to make the “self-respect” argument, they both should have left him.

  • PGS

    You do realize plenty of couples (or former couples) have custody agreements without being married, right? (all it takes is going to court to work out specifics…)

    And being married, then divorced doen’t mean any one parent will be any more likely to stay in the kid’s life?

    I have friends whose parents were married…parents got divorced, dad disappeared. Poof.

    And how many stories have we heard about somebody’s husband going to the store and never coming back?

    Being married won’t protect you from single parenthood.

    Also, the fact that that some parents were MARRIED doesn’t mean anything, really. Just as the fact that the parents aren’t married doesn’t automatically mean either parent feels less responsible for a child.

    Plenty of people successfully co-parent without being in a relationship (or married). It happens and we shouldn’t demonize them for choosing to parent whatever way works for them.

    What we SHOULD call out are deadbeat parents…who can be deadbeats whether they were married or not.

  • Jennifer

    Wait, so all the people judging are not even certain he is married? WTF! How hard can it be to find out if he is married?

  • Danielle Gracewood

    But I thought Rohan was dating Debbie Weinburg….

  • Simone

    Understandable, but what message do we leave for our children? Single parenthood happens, with a million different reasons, but what message are we teaching our daughters, especially when actions speak louder than words? The things we condone, would it be okay if our daughters did it? Would Lauryn want her sons to father kids with different women? I make sure I let my stance be known, so one day my kids will understand “you have your first kid with a man you’re married to.If it doesn’t work, you tried.” Yes, deadbeats should be held by their nuts but for the women who have a kid by different men, are we telling our daughters that’s the norm? We have to start laying foundations for future generations becaue the foundations that were set forth by our grandparents and great grans are GONE. We have allowed the traditional black family to errode.

  • PGS

    I wouldn’t say the foundation is gone, i would say we have a generation who didn’t learn the basics…for whatever reason.

    Perhaps they are a child of a single parent & didn’t see loving relationships as a child, or maybe their parents did it the “traditional” way…and it still didn’t work.

    I think we need not focus SOLELY on the institution of marriage as the savor, because it cannot (alone) save anyone.

    The ideals behind marriage however–commitment, love, dedication, communication, cooperation, team work, etc, etc, need to be taught to everyone. Perhaps then we can have thriving relationships and marriages that will be a lot closer to forever than we have right now.

  • serenissima

    well… is he married? are they expecting? can Clutch answer these questions for us? theyre kind of pertinent…

  • Simone

    Agreed.And like I said, there are a million different reasons as to why people break up but all we can do is teach the following generations about love,dedication and commitment.

  • Wendy

    Lmao!! I didn’t even see him back there.

  • whilome

    Real talk: My parents split when I was two. My dad had gotten his new woman pregnant.

    My parents didn’t divorce until 26 years and 3 half-siblings later.

    My mom wasn’t “infringed upon” while my dad had his new family. They just simply never got around to being divorced. And my step-mom wasn’t a “babymama,” a “broodmare,” or even a shame. She was a woman who loved her man and created a family and a life with him.

    She took his name after 29 years together. Not that it made it a difference.

    Marriage is a societal construct and so I understand that society wants to put their two cents in. But grown folks can handle grown folks’ business if it ain’t affect my tax dollars.

    I’m quite sure that Marley money and “Miseducation” residuals are handling Hill’s brood quite well. Those kids are fine. I’ll leave the morality lessons to their parents.

  • JerseyBred323


  • PGS

    WTH kinda response was that? Why can’t he just say it plainly…?

  • QueenofNewcastle


    LMAO. I know. Chris has a family with his wife. Lauryn is not even a shack up.

  • QueenofNewcastle


    We are talking about probabilities here not a science. Obviously a divorced man can abandon his children to his former wife but the likelihood of him doing it vs. a man who was never married to the woman is far far smaller. Stop hating on marriage. No one said it was perfect but it is FAR AND AWAY superior to the alternative. So lets support it. I mean havent black fols experimented with your views long enough? Has it produced anything positive? Thanks.

  • Girl

    Exactly Queen Gays are fighting HARD to get married yet you have black people making up lame excuses against marriage. so pathetic. you know they want it, they are just being mind-effed by their KANGS. LOL

  • PGS


    I don’t have anything against marriage, I’m married.

    But I’m also under no allusion that marriage alone is the answer. GOOD RELATIONSHIPS (in whatever form they take) are the answer. And villages. Children need villages (extended fam/friends).

    I don’t like generalizations…and that’s what was happening.

    How do you know the majority of divorced fathers are there for their children? You don’t.

    Just like you don’t know the majority of non-married fathers aren’t.

  • PGS


  • PGS

    FYI: Black people aren’t the only ones rethinking marriage.

    People are waiting longer to get married, and some are choosing not to marry at all. Marriage rates in Europe are also lower than those in the U.S. (for everyone), yet they don’t seem to have as much of an issue with it (or as many social problems) as we do.

  • Girl

    why the comparison to Europe and not Africa or Asia?

  • PGS

    Because Europe and America are both considered “western” societies, with similar amounts of diversity, economies, class mobility, opportunities, etc.

  • poppy

    What is so special about Rohan that Lauren and the wife put up with his behavior?

  • lolita

    just let the hoe go and have her 6th kid.. its no biggie! she just another stereotype with artistic skill… nothing new here


    Great question!

    Hill’s life, so she should do whatever she alone thinks is best in it and for it,
    but WHAT, indeed, is so wonderful about Rohan?!
    Curious minds want to know.

    And — yes — I’d also love to know Chris Rock’s opinion on the subject.
    He’s looking like he’s got something ready & funny & non-PC to get off his chest!

  • JerseyBred323

    “It” must be made of gold.

  • sli

    Well, dang-why the sister got to be a hoe? You don’t know her like that, smh.

  • minna k.

    I just want to know what exactly is she taking off from???

    She barely shows up for 2 shows and needs a break?

    She hasn’t had any new releases in 10 years or someone please school me.

  • chanela

    @sli you dont know her either. and come on its basically the “walks like a duck,quacks like a duck scenerio” oh but im sorry shes a “conscious rapper” just like erykah badu huh??hmmm that changed everything *not! *lol

  • sli

    I don’t have to know her, and it’s not about her being a “conscious rapper.” It’s about her being a human being. I don’t go around calling people names-never have, never will. But if that’s your thing, have at it if it make you fell superior-just don’t fall off that horse, okay.

  • sli

    *makes you feel

  • Girl

    @sil, get over it. plenty of people called alicia names for her situation, why cant Lauryn get the same treatment. If anything she’s worse

  • QueenofNewcastle


    It isnt difficult to research whether a once married man is more likely to be with his children than a man who was never married. Stop the BS please.

    And lets be real here, no one said children didnt need extended families but as the term implies, it is an ‘extension’ on the family they have. Not a substitute. Children are best raised not by a village but by two competent adult parents. Please dont ask me how I know. Please consult 40 plus years of longitudinal studies that have proven it conclusively.

    It makes me sad that I always have to have this argument with a segment of the American population whose children have suffered the most from these same personal views. There needs to be a mass adoption of black children by white families if this mentality is going to continue.

  • Dallas Limo

    When is enough is enough. Yeah Lauryn maybe you are very fertile but you say you keep having these kids so why doesn’t your partner use protection? 5 kids is more than plenty. At this rate you’ll end up with 10 kids. My question is how do you give each kid enough attention? To me you don’t & that’s not fair to the kids. Please stop having kids. You have enough already.

  • OyyHeaa

    L-boogie been touring by herself across the states and she is also with the Rock the Bells tour… I don’t know how she is suppose to perform the whole Miseducation album if she is about to go into labor… my local Rock the Bells is in August.

  • OyyHeaa

    Real Talk!

  •!/AfroStyling AfroStyling

    Let me get this straight….She has 5 kids for this man and he was married the entire time? Am i wrong? Someone please fill me in.

  • NatrlGal

    I’m a fan of her music.I don’t have to be a fan of her life choices.

  • Alexandra

    Same for me.

    I guess I should be happy for her…but seriously. Does he even claim her?

  • Erin


    Rohan Marley was all on Twitter saying that he’s not married and is denying paternity to Lauryn’s sixth child.

    SMH. Scum of the Earth.

    I don’t care if this isn’t his baby, you don’t put the mother of your five children out there like that.

  • Clutch

    Thanks for the link, hon…but I quoted my tweets in this very article yesterday. Scroll up :)

    ~britni danielle

  • edub

    Yeah, they may be rethinking marriage but they are not going out and having kids out of wedlock at the rate of almost 75%. Apples and Oranges.

  • PGS

    @ edub,

    you sure?

    from Wikepedia:

    “The proportion of children born outside marriage is rising in all EU countries, the USA, and Australia.[13] In Europe, besides the low levels of fertility rates and the delay of motherhood, another factor that now characterizes fertility is the growing percentage of live births outside marriage. In the EU, this phenomenon has been on the rise in recent years in almost every country and in seven countries, mostly in northern Europe, it already accounts for the majority of live births.[14]

    In Europe, the average has risen from one out of four in 1997 to one out of three children born outside wedlock. Nowadays, national figures in Europe range from 5% in Greece and 9% in Cyprus to 58% in Estonia and 64% in Iceland. In Britain the rate increased to 44% (2006) and further to 46 % (2009);[15] in Ireland the percentage increased to 33.2% (2006).[16] In the USA, the percentage born extramaritally increased 21% during 2002–2007, reaching an historic peak in 2007, at 1,714,643 (or nearly 4 in 10 U.S. births).[10] The percentage of first-born children born outside wedlock is considerably higher (by roughly 10% for the EU), as it often occurs that a marriage takes place after the first baby has arrived.”

  • PGS
  • JerseyBred323

    He’s really immature for that.

    People should refer to Toure’s Rolling Stone article for details on Rohan’s first marriage and his “marriage” to Lauryn and other stuff:

  • Erin

    My fault. Just read the comments on the first page and didn’t read the article.

  • JerseyBred323

    I can’t believe that Lauryn found about his marriage after Zion was born. Makes you want to Google a person before you lay down with them :-(

    In the Rolling Stones article, it’s also noted that Lauryn turned down roles in Charlie’s Angels, Bourne Identity, and The Matrix. Oh. My. God.

    She obviously made choices that were best for her but I’d have loved to see her climb even further in her career.

  • edub

    Yes, I am sure. Nowhere near 75%.

  • edub

    Sorry, I did not finish my comment. Yes, by reading your links, I stand firm behind my claim for a couple of reasons:
    1. A little further research shows that after the first child, most get married.
    2. A little further research also shows that they are not having multiple children by multiple partners.

    However, thank you for your links!

  • edub

    I still think that we are comparing apples and oranges. For reasons I mentioned earlier.

    also, within your article, I found this gem:

    “People are less concerned about their kids being born outside of marriage because they’re generally born to two parents in a relationship that tends to be stable.”

    Can we say this about the African American community here?

  • EIRIC™

    What the shiznik!!! This right there don’t make a lick of sense. Good luck to them and their brand of crazy.

  • chinaza

    I don’t care how she lives but why are people being blasted for supporting marriage or basic decency.Or plain common sense?
    Moral values still exist whether you like them or not.
    Feel free to say that you would encourage your daughters to live like her.

  • edub

    Thank you. I agree with you completely.

  • African Mami

    Do he have a job?! Coz I know six kids ain’t a motherfriggin joke….all the same CONGRATS Ms. Hill~


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  • sli

    Rohan Marley says that he has been divorced form his wife since 1996:

  • sli


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  • BluTopaz

    I got into this debate a few years back re: Erykah Badu and the men who have fathered her children. I love Erykah and I get she marches to her own tune, but 3 kids by 3 men is–different. A

  • Girl

    Blue Topaz, I personally think Badu is gross.

  • Jenell

    …it’s not a clown car…

  • nonsense

    lmfao… why do people care who the father is? its not their children

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