Her hair and make-up are FLAWLESS!! (but Jill has ALWAYS been a stunner).

    That outfit tho? ehhhh….not so much.

  • cinsational

    i love that jill scott is EVERYWHERE!!! HA!

  • KB

    Like I said before I like all of that!!!

  • kelly

    look at jill scott

  • lulu

    i like the top half the bottom ehhhh

  • Leonie UK

    @ Lulu I agree totally, and I also will be waiting at HMV tomorrow to pick up the album. Under a tenner, that’s a bargin for the week.

  • http://sisterescape.blogspot.com Le Chele

    Don’t get me wrong, I love to see thick sistas show off their curves. But I thought the leggings were too shiny and she could have done better with a splash of color.

    She’s still my girl and that album is BANANAS!

  • ziggi

    Adore Jill Scott – not sure its possible for her to be anything other than Fabulous!!!
    definitely be ordering the CD tomorrow!!

  • Jenell

    Fab…but only from the waist up! those pants!!

  • http://globetracer.wordpress.com She traces

    I’m sad…will have to wait to get her album bc Im out of the States. But I love that she’s taken charge of her shape- for herself, and not folded under industry pressure.

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