BET Puts ‘The Mo’Nique Show’ On Hiatus

by Britni Danielle

After two seasons on the air, BET’s only late night talk show, “The Mo’Nique Show” might be coming to an end.

Rumors circulated around the blogs this morning that BET pulled the plug on Mo’Nique’s talk show. However, the network just responded to reports by saying the talk show wasn’t canceled, but rather put on hiatus.

Eurweb reports:

“’The Mo’Nique Show’ will be on production hiatus beginning in the Fall,” BET spokesperson Kobe Swanson tells EURweb. “However, new episodes of the show will continue to air throughout the summer. Mo’Nique Hicks and ‘The Mo’Nique Show’ are important to the BET Networks family and we look forward to continuing our relationship with her.”

Word on the street is that the two sides, Mo’Nique and the network, are having trouble reaching a financial agreement. Rodney Perry, Mo’Nique’s late-night sidekick suspects the decision to put the show on hiatus has to do with money.

Perry told Atlanta Journal Constitution blogger Rodney Ho:

“They (BET) haven’t had this type of investment ever,” he said. “We did 300 shows over two seasons. That’s a huge investment.”

I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned to see what happens.

Did you watch ‘The Mo’Nique Show’? Would you like to see it brought back on the air?

  • AlesiaMichelle

    I’ve never watched the show. As I’ve mentioned on Clutch before, I don’t really watch BET. Kudos to Mo for working so hard for the show. I also think it is great to have a woman on the late night circuit, but the show should be a quality show. And she should getting paid properly for her work.

  • Aliyah

    I honestly dont want to see it come back. I like Mo’Nique but not on her show. She’s too extra and not entertaining enough in her interviews. I dont like her sidekick. I was done when I saw her “Ask Mo’Nique” segment (reminiscent of Ask Wendy) and when she kept calling jail “College”. WHAT?!?!?

  • Lo

    I’m certainly not a Monique fan, but I hate to see Black folk lose their jobs. However, that show was really a mess. Just over the top in the worst way. If they toned it down and revamped, it could be a dectn show.

  • Demi

    There is nothing wrong with Monique, per se. It’s the trend that’s the problem. I just wish that we had above-average writers and producers for our shows. The owners (see NOT us) have a vested interest in not seeing these programs do well as an excuse for precedent. However, the sponsors will pay for good shows, so why not demand better in the way our shows are handled?

  • Kim

    Honestly, I feel it’s about time for this show to end. Monique is a funny lady, and a prettty decent actress, but she needs major work as a talk show host. It just never seemed to come natural. This was definitely a nice try for BET; but next time, however, they should choose someone because they are qualified for late-night and not because they won an Oscar for the Black community. Monique will bounce back though.

  • Alivia

    I enjoy watching the Monique show when my eyes stay open that late! smh. It would be nice for us working women to be able to enjoy a talk show at night at a decent hour. I don’t however enjoy watching her sidekick. He always seems out of place & in my opinion not funny at all!

  • Maat

    I personally like the Mo’nique show. It has a wide range of celebrities that have come one the show and I think the producers do a great job in bringing a diverse group of people to her platform who are currently doing great things or who have left a legacy in the entertainment industry. One of things that I also like about her show is that you can feel the love and encouragement that she has for her guests. I do think it comes on too late for me and that could be a problem in expanding its viewership.

  • Mimi

    I tried to support the show when it first came out but all of the yelling and screaming got on my nerves!!!! I mean she would open the show yelling and hollering and all that “baby” crap. I just couldn’t take it. Her interviewing skills were bad as well. Like someone said previously, it just didn’t come naturally and her interviews appeared to uncomfortable for my liking.

  • Dalilah Whitmore

    I definitely think BET should let this one go. I have never been able to watch her show, even when some of my favorite artists where being featured. I just can’t take the stupidity of the questions she asks, perhaps that’s the writers fault. Like when Ryan Leslie (my absolute fav) was on her show, so I decided to give the interview a shot, she asked in a very serious manner… “So Ryan, who writes your checks?” he looked so confused like what kinda stupid question is this. And, I have never been able to buy into her dishing out advice so inarticulately.

  • rkj

    Bring back Michael Baisden’s TV show.

  • Inspired

    About 4 years ago, Michael Baisded had taken a 2 weeks sick leave and Geroge Willborn suggested that he let MoNique fill in for him. She was terrible. She try so hard to be like Michael and didn’t bring herself. Everyone emailed Micheal Baisden informing him how bad she was on his show. After that, she really thought that she could do radio. She got her own radio show and that was cancalled. After that Michael Baisden did a late night television show on TV One and for whatever the reason, she thought that she can do television. She wasn’t good on radio so what made her think that she will do good with her own television show. She is not Michael Baisden, she should have just been true to herself. When Micheal Baisden did a show about open marriages, she all of suddenly, started telling people that she was in an open marriage. I think she was full of it and was just trying to get some controversary like Michael Baisden. At least Wendy Williams and Michael Baisden are natural and true to themselves. They are who they are.

  • Nikki

    I’m not a fan of the show; Monique is extremely extra and the show just isn’t that interesting. I can’t take the overly dramatic, redundant praise she give EVERYONE and the way she has to put emphasis on every single word she says. Maybe if she learns to just be herself instead of acting like she’s Iyanla Vanzant , she’d actually be okay. Also the shows a victim of bad writing and producing, she has celebrities on, but they’re usually all D-list celebs that use to be famous at one time, but are irrelevant at the moment. She’s a talented comedian and a great actress, but as the person above said, “she sucks as a radio/talk show host. Besides the show being terrible, BET as a whole is an embarrassment to black people.

  • Sharonda

    I like the monique show and I like her as a person. Try saying something positive about people rather than being negative. I have a question for those that were saying discouraging things about the show. Do you ever think positive about other people. Try loving people rather than trying to tear them down. Ignorance is blisZZZZZZ!!!!! Monique will come back because she has touched so many people lilves and we love her.

  • ricoh

    Mo shows was very entertaining for the most part,and it was good to see abundant amount od african americans seldom.All of you negative people claiming she wasn’t a good interveiwer,she was a positive breath of fresh air,never tearing down are people,always up lifting ,saying something psitive and encouraging.Hopefully,her show will return this winter or later in the next year. My God bless nthis woman she always sent out love over the aieways,God bless the sister.

  • Rosemarie

    I love the Monique show. she is a true entertainer, a wonderful human being and has all sorts of interesting guests on her show. I record her show via my cable provider all the time and wondered why no new shows had been added lately. She is always updating her show, adding new interesting segments andkeeping it fresh. She showcases actors and recording artists, etc., that I did not know much about and I would tune into those shows to take a look and evaluate them for myself. I loved her energy and love for all people. Please, please bring her show back ASAP. I really do miss her. Her show is the hottest show on TV. Treat her like the other hot TV hosts, she deserves it. TY, get her back before some other station picks up her showi. I like her on BET and eventhe commercials that advertise other BET shows. She and her co-hosts keep me up to date on everything.

  • shbkyn

    I to watch the show, but stopped. Bring a talk show showcasing black problems, and solutions

  • merrilyn

    Mo’nique and her show is very entertaining and she should definitely be paid for the
    amount she is requesting!!!!! She and Rodney Perry make a great couple doing comendy. Her show always has guests that you would probably never see on any
    other show. So many shows with minorities (especially African-Americans) have been
    canceled. This would a big lost to those who watch BET late at night

  • Monica

    Monique has heart and apparently is a very hard working woman. Despite her size (which she also conquered) she has been on every media venue there is. Movies, comedian, comedy club owner, radio, television, host of several shows, sitcom, perfume.
    Honestly, I miss the show and want it back with a little tweeking. Sure she could have toned down a bit but, I liked her honesty. Monique brought on people that we would’nt normally get to see on the other talk shows. Credible actors and actresses that announced she was the first to invite them on a talk show. I also loved the old school artist show had on too. She also brought on people to encourage and inform us. I tend to look at the positive.


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