For the folks who thought Beyonce’s star couldn’t get any brighter- there’s this.

Yesterday, the megawatt performer gave the crew of the NASA space shuttle, Atlantis, a wake up call with cosmic reach. Beyonce pre-recorded a message for the astronauts backed with her “Run The World (Girls)” track. In the wake up call Beyonce, a Houston native, said:

“Good morning Atlantis, this is Beyonce – you inspire all of us to dare to live our dreams, to know that we’re strong enough and smart enough to achieve them.”

She then went on to make special mention of female crew member Sandy Magnus, saying:

“This song is especially for my girl Sandy and all the women who’ve taken us to space with them and the girls who are our future explorers.”

After Beyonce’s message ran, mission specialist Sandy Magnus voice came through saying,

“Good morning, Houston. A big thanks to Beyonce for taking the time out of her schedule to record us a greeting and we’re ready for another day here on Atlantis and hopefully we as a team at NASA can keep our inspirational work up for the young people of America.”

For NASA, Atlantis is the agency’s 135th and final space shuttle mission. This morning the Atlantis bid farewell to the International Space Station, where it had docked after its July 8th liftoff.


  1. The reason you’re hearing so much about Bey is because she has an album to promote. We will continue to hear from Beyonce for the next 10 to 12 months to keep people thinking about buying that horrific album.

  2. This is not Clutch Mag worthy… Who cares!? I clicked hoping that there would be more to the story… There wasn’t. I’m not a Bey hater. I’m a non story hater. Cosigning with the previous posters.

  3. hahahaha i think those people would rather hear from the people who worked in NASA for years or maybe even loved ones and family members? Seriously beyonce? I’d be so mad if I was an austronaut…i’m about to go into space and I can’t escape this woman?! lmao priorities need to be set…

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