• minna k.

    Target in East Harlem?? Where have I been?

    Oh yeah.



  • bosslady

    I really don’t like this hairstyle :-(

  • Jennifer

    I am hoping it was the humidity and sun that caused her hair to look so horrible. I couldn’t get past it to see the dress. Just dreadful.

  • http://AirInDanYell.tumblr.com Erin

    I absolutely LOVE her hair like this… It looked better on GMA this morning though but I was so tired of that straight messy blonde weave she was wearing. This looks so much better!

  • TS

    i love her hair! it’s funny that the sec she wear a weave that looks natural people don’t like it.

  • chile

    i want that dress
    and that hair
    and when did Harlem get a target and why nobody told me??

  • bosslady

    “Natural” It looks FAR from natural. She is beautiful and I respect her as an artist (before I get labelled a “hater”) but it is WAY too big and makes her look like a character from Lion King. The curly afro wig she wore in her work it Out video looked natural. Not this.

  • ……………..

    are you kidding me?i love her hair like this!

  • Jennifer

    Oh please! None of that crap. I am natural myself. That color is awful. It is brassy and seems terrible. It is also not her hair and it looks it. It is not even falling the way hair does. In the past year, I have not liked any of her hair styles.

  • omg

    1. i’m natural and i don’t like it. i happen to dislike all of her hair. i’m very anti-weave.

    2. i dislike curly/kinky weaves even more because, and especially with someone like beyonce, a lot of those women would never go natural. and it’s done with a particular texture of hair that is more “acceptable” which also makes me dislike it.

    3. beyonce is so tired to me. i find her too conventional for my tastes. she is like the prom queen – she fits/meets everybody’s idea/expectation of who/how she be. she’s not disobeying anybody, don’t matter how edgy she is trying to be.

    4. i detest this blond crap. everybody and their mama is dying their hair blond. yuck.

  • coolie

    Nor do I :- (

  • OhPlease

    I love her hair like this…don’t understand why people give her (or any other woman of color) crap when they want to dye their hair. It looks great and the curls look similar to what is achieved with a flat-twist out.

    Fall back haters geesh.

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