Gorgeous and smart, Tamron Hall has captured much of the country as an anchor on MSNBC.  The Texan is one of the few African-American cable anchors and is highly visible and respected.  However that visibility took a dangerous turn this week, when a man was accused of stalking her from her work to her Manhattan apartment.

The New York Post reports:

Kevin Lee Miller, 55, of Delray Beach, first allegedly approached the 40-year-old host of MSNBC’s “NewsNation with Tamron Hall” outside her Murray Hill building Monday at 7 p.m.

“I see you are being incognito. Do you live around here? Do you like New York better than Chicago?” asked Miller, who lived in the Windy City during seven of the 10 years Hall worked there for Fox affiliate WFLD.

The 5-foot-11, 185-pound Miller — who has a 2009 bust in Florida for soliciting a hooker — then allegedly followed Hall along East 34th Street to Second Avenue.

Building employees later told the Texas-born beauty — whose sister, Renate, was murdered in 2004 — that Miller had been lurking outside her apartment for three hours until super Robert Andrzejewski ran him off.

According to police reports, Miller was seen again at Hall’s residence at 3:30 on Wednesday and stayed there until her landlord saw him and notified Hall. After Hall called 911, the cops came and arrested Miller. He has been charged with stalking.

Sadly, this is not the first time that, Hall has had to deal with stalkers. While working in Chicago, Hall was harassed by phone and email with messages and proposals from a man who one day showed up at the studios of WFLD where she worked. He was sent to jail for three years.

When she is not on the air or in the newsroom, Hall works to promote awareness for domestic violence. Her sister Renate, was murdered in 2004. Though police considered her boyfriend as a suspect, he was never charged.

  • lola289

    Thats awful… she needs security, seriously.
    (sidenote* Did u say 40 y.o? she looks great)

  • African Mami

    cottttttttttttttamn! 40???????????????????????????????????????? My president is black, and clearly we don’t crack!

    She is BEAUTIFUL (i know this has nothing to do with the story at hand, but oh well)

  • Timcampi

    @African Mami

    I have loved you and goat meat consistently since my last username, haha.

  • JoeClyde

    She is a gorgeous woman. It’s a shame public figures have to deal with this.

  • hehe

    “My president is black, and clearly we don’t crack”

    ROFL! Thia should be on a t-shirt.

  • Jennifer

    I love her too. She is 40?! Absolutely stunning.

    I am glad he was arrested and I hope she doesn’t have to deal with him again.

  • S.

    I read about her sister’s tragic murder a while ago, so sad!

    I really love Tamron Hall and she’s really beautiful so stalkers are to be expected. I hope this guy gets locked up for a while, but in the mean time I will be praying for her safety

  • C.O.

    I think it says a lot that one of the first few results that came up when I tried to google her (I don’t watch MSNBC) was a you tube video entitled “Tamron hall braless in dress…” o_O

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