Ok, so there’s really no reason to include Idris other than the fact that he’s FINE. I wonder what’s on his mind.

I was reading Demetria Lucas’ book, A Belle In Brooklyn: The Go-To Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life, when she mentioned that often times when she wants to get inside the minds of men she goes to the source. Lucas has a group of male friends she calls her “Male Mind Squad” and she asks the important questions that women really want to know.

Over the weekend I attended the Blogging While Brown conference and found myself in the company of several cool men. As our conversations flowed, many of the women and I began to ask these brothas for their perspective on things that women tend to obsess about: What do you really think about a woman who asks a man out? Do men think women are  hoes if they have sex on the first date? Why do men take extra long to return calls/text? What exactly do men want in women? What’s up with needed so much space?

Most of us don’t have access to a group of men willing to share their thoughts and opinions on the regular, so sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and do a little Googling.

Because y’all are my girls, Clutchettes, I’ve done the work for you and am sharing five websites that give us a peek (and sometimes a humorous one) inside the male mind.  Check it:

Single Black Male: SBM is a collective of seven Black men who write candidly about sex, relationships, marriage, and everything in between. What makes it work is that each of them has varying opinions, voices, and senses of humor. If you really want to know what men think (and talk about) when women aren’t around, check them out.

The Good Men Project: The Good Men Project is a multicultural blog that tackles sex and relationships from the male perspective. Their aim? To show and prove that there are still tons of good men out there, despite what we see on Maury. Known for their “enlightened” view of masculinity, the GMP is the perfect counter to the foolishness of most male mags.

Brothers With No Game: Little is sexier than a man with a British accent (peace to Idris Elba), and this blog boasts four of them. Add to that a wicked sense of humor, an astute insight into dating and relationships, and a willingness to share their innermost thoughts, and these brothers from across the pond definitely have game.

Very Smart Brothas: In short, VSB is very, very funny. Men who can make you laugh while dropping knowledge is a beautiful thing. Although some of the posts may not be for the faint of heart (they go in), every time I read VSB I’m giggling at just how funny each of the writers are and nodding my head at what they have to say (oh, and taking notes!).

Naked With Socks On: NWSO is takes aim at everything from relationships to entertainment, and erotica to technology. The brainchild of journalist Anslem Samuel, NWSO openly and honestly discusses the issues, while still leaving a little something to the imagination.


Ladies, do you have your own “Male Mind Squad” you turn to when you want to know what men really think? Do you read any of the sites or have other recommendations?

What do you really want to know from men?

Let’s talk about it, Clutchettes!  

  • http://visityourownstalker.blogspot.com/ Robin Nicole

    I will pass these sites on…

    But more importantly can we please focus on the FINENESS of Mr. Elba.

    I really hate to act like that old desperate woman in the strip clubs, but DAMN. Lol.

    Clutch can we please get an Idris devoted piece??

  • JustSaying…

    Can we get a list of sites by progressive non-black men? I don’t give a ish what black men think. Often times what they think is typical and worth ignoring.

  • http://www.therealslimjackson.com Slim Jackson


    That’s just the attitude that makes the world a better place.lol.

    Brittni, thanks for the mention here. It is very much appreciated.


    So agree, after i saw Mr Elba’s picture i was too distracted to read the article lol :)

  • Mae

    I am going to check out these sites. I love black men, I really do, but at some point I just became terribly apathetic when it came to black men. I want to break that. I don’t want to hear some white people railroading a black male co-worker and shrug my shoulders. I want to go back to the days when what affected them, affected me.

    I think I have been paying too much attention to gossip sites and all the black male-female drama. I think this site, if the men are as cool as you say they are, will remind me of all the wonderful black men I once loved and bring back my protective instincts when it comes to them.

  • Summertime Fine

    I don’t know what this says about me, but I religiously visit Very Smart Brothers and SBM… lol! On my way to check out Brothers With No Game in 5…4…3…2 :)

  • Bisous

    I LOVE very smart brothas. Sometimes you need to hear the good bad and ugly straight with no chaser. I think they do that very well. I find myself sometimes guiltily laughing out loud at their articles.

  • CaliforniaDreaming

    I find that sites like the ones mentioned above usually make me cringe because of the writing and content of articles.

  • sunshyne84

    I’ve been reading NWSO and VSB for awhile.

  • Tonia

    Love Very Smart Brothers. Will be sure to check out the others!

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    Yeah, Sunshyne I’ve appreciated your support and avatar over the years. lol

    Thanks for the inclusion #teamClutch.

  • MsBettyjn

    OMG!!! I thought i was the only one! I could not focus because of Idris’ sexy self!!!! mmmm… BTW I’m going to check these site out. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Free

    I agree. I’ve read some truly misogynistic content on both SBM and VSB. Surprised to see and endorsement from Clutch.

  • omg

    not interested.

  • chanela

    LOL @ naked with socks on!! i cant stand when men do that.lololl

  • Honey

    Do you think progressive non black men give a damn about you? We always make articles about white boy fresh or date outside your races I never saw an article from non black men with the same enthusiasm about us…

  • Honey

    I used to read nwso

  • Dede

    @Honey – I gotta agree with you on that. Most could really care less….

  • JustSaying…

    @Honey and Dede

    I got news for the two of you: Most black men could care less about black women too: The truth! Just look around and open your eyes. Every time one of them speaks about a black woman it’s usually what SHE needs to do to make herself more appealing to HIM. Not to mention MUCH of the stuff on these sites listed is sexist to say the least or did you, the owner of this site, miss that little detail????

    As for white men…last I checked it was a white man that created this blog…


  • JustSaying…


    Can’t imagine why you’re surprised….there are some thirsty chicks in this world.

  • Mae

    @ Honey: Not to defend JustSaying because what she said was uncalled for, but they also write books about it, which you are not going to see if you spend time mainly on sites for and by black women:



  • Mae

    I just read two articles on VSB because it seemed to be highly recommended. Yikes. Holy hell misogyny. I am scared to check out the rest. I might check out the British one just because I have not met a black Brit I didn’t like :D

  • OSHH

    3 of those sites I visit reg VSB, NWSO and Brothas with no game.

  • LMO85

    Co-sign, I have perused the VSB site and could not agree with you more. However, I will say to Just saying in particular, that I have checked out ” the Good men project,” and so far, from what I have seen–they run a pretty progressive (non BM) website. It was refreshing to read a couple of blogs on there actually….

  • http://virgoveryown.blogspot.com Virgos Very Own

    guyspeak.com is another good one.

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    …And then we broke up. Didn’t even leave a note on the nightstand #Heartless

    LMSO [Laughing My Socks Off]

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    If you can’t stand it, you should try it laying down :P

  • http://www.RealTalk123.com AlesiaMichelle

    After ALL these comments I really wonder why they may not care… hmmm lol

    I will keep my head in the clouds and my hope alive jeezzz…

  • Dijah

    Agree with @CaliforniaDreaming–particularly SBM and VSB. If you’re the type of woman that continuously wants to read a blog that puts the sistas down –please, definitely go for it. You can read such articles as to why your not pretty enough, light or dark enough, stop wearing weaves, why you must lose weight and most importanly following their rules on keeping your own man. I will check out the other ones though.

  • http://www.RealTalk123.com AlesiaMichelle

    I must admit I’m surprised no one mentioned Jozen Cummings’ blog http://www.untiligetmarried.com...

  • Kim

    I’ve visited VSB, I agree its funny but I take their advice with a heaping spoonful of salt. There is a hint of mysogny here and there but its entertaining. Its also nice to get Black male perspectives that don’t consist of those creepy trolls who post on Black women’s websites who believe all Black women are the devil incarnate.

  • http://twitter.com/ThisIsMissRae Tionda Rae

    I love VSB, although I don’t agree with everything they talk about, I still find it entertaining.

  • james

    “Most black men could care less about black women too” @justsaying

    so you’re saying this derived from a few blogs and your personal experiences with black men you know what ALL black me think? (if you are in your 20′s you really havent lived long enough to comment on much in life and if you are my age well Gen X did as much to bring themselves down as any generation I have ever seen, some Gen X’ers would screw up a one car funeral and blame dead guy in the hearst).

    Have I had some bad times with black women, yes doesnt that speak for ALL of you, no.

    Making sweeping judgements based on skewed media representations ( that we personally pick and consume) and combined with even more bizarre personal dating patterns in todays culture-in which the tail wags the dog, reeks of bitterness.

    Think about it, who wants to work with someone that makes sweeping judgements about everyone in their industry, based off a few blogs that they visit on their own and a few bad personal experiences?

    My pops walked out on my moms, she never dissed him or men to me, not once, she never expressed any real anger to me about him or men in general. She didnt take him back and decided in 78 to raise to kids in the hood. I never heard her make one negative remark about men. It took till 84 for the divorce to be official still she always made me understand her relationship with her husband does not speak for me.

    I dont care how bad it gets with black women I refuse to play this “its greener on the other side” from some avatar on a blog. Is a white man going to respect that you are only dating him because you “know” he is “better”? I know white people who find that assessment very bigoted and it is. Question how many IR couples you know. How many of you have girlfriends married with kid(s) from non black men?

    Oh and I have a white friend who got divorced after giving his wife her a STD and of course is mad at her that she got mad at him. Also another friend her first husband-a white guy- beat her, she divorced his behind and re-married.

    We can be here for days with the blame game. But I aint buying it. They wasnt lying when they say bitterness blinds judgement.

    And I need more proof than some blogs…typical 21st century whiners.

  • LemonNLime

    “some Gen X’ers would screw up a one car funeral and blame dead guy in the hearse”

    That made me laugh out loud and everyone in my office started looking at me. I hope you don’t mind but stealing that one liner!

  • LemonNLime

    Thanks for the article! I was just turned on to VSB, which I find to be very funny, and I was looking for some other blogs that were similar so I will check the others out. Although “naked with socks on”… that title brings to mind some libido lowering images.

  • answer

    A. I’ve been to a couple of these sites and I would not characterize them as mysoginistic unless you’re a complete stiff who speaks English as a 4th language and fails to understand some of the humor that requires understanding of the culture as well

    2. The article was about providing insight into a male’s mind to see how they really think; not about where to find a panty pandering website written by males that is designed to make even the most wretched woman feel like Queen Sheba

    D. Why is there this demand for an explicitly white male opinion for a woman of color audience? Not that I’m against it, but how many white publications are screaming for the opinions of women of color, or better yet how often are they saying we want to get inside your head more because we value you as a dating option too. If that was the case, minorities wouldnt have to demand to be included in the mainstream or to not be offended with off-color remarks in those mediums.

  • TR


    Don’t waste your valuable time. I’m convinced she is a troll possibly planted to generate more comments. There could be an article about Antarctica and how cold it is and she would blame black men for blocking out the sun. Sometimes it’s actually entertaining to see just how far she can reach. Other than that she contributes very little to the discussion.

  • http://globetracer.wordpress.com Tracita Linda

    Love, love, love men that write with substance.

    I love reading Heard Him Say, and The Realest Dude in the Room.

    Also for very interactive discussions, my friend Jsin blogs and hosts podcasts (for those with short reading attention spans) lol :

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    LOL it’s a metaphor actually for “revealing everything while still leaving something to the imagination”

    Plus, it’s just a funny and memorable name

  • Mae

    @ LMO85:

    I will bookmark it and check it out later. I will also check out NWSO.

  • christiane f.

    i remember i subscribed to a popular black man’s podcast because i wanted to learn about black men and what i was doing wrong..after two weeks i had to stop because it was so degrading and it hurted my feelings so much .. i found myself hating myself after only two weeks of listening.. i deleted them all and never took that route again

  • Genuinesol

    To begin, I have only visited 2 of the aforementioned websites, Very Smart Brothas and Single Black Male, in the past. Honestly, I found a lot of their articles lacked depth and focused solely on relationships and sex but, in a way that seemed very narrow minded and nearly degrading. While I do understand that those articles I read were not representative of the entire site, I just left both sties feeling like they were not for me. Many male targeted magazines lack depth and variety in the topics that are explored and some are just downright vulgar and nearly insulting. This is not limited to websites designed for black men because the Internet is filled to the brim with websites that cater to white American males and females, immigrants, and etc Finding a quality websites takes time, the same as finding a quality school, book restaurant, and so forth so I am not generalizing all black men websites. What I really want is a website targeting black males that explores a vast range of issues that can be comparable to Clutch Magazine that presents a motley of views. When I have some more spare time, I will give those sites another gander. I just hope they are more than the usual articles about sex and this suppose “black men vs. black women” war that some people seemed to be waging amongst themselves.

    P.S. The Good Men Project seems very interesting and open minded thus far.

  • CaliforniaDreaming

    In my very personal opinion, most Black men seem to lack the ability to think beyond topics of little value.

  • Mr. IDGAF


    Who hurt you chicks?! Seriously?!

    To e honest, everytime I see people say that these sites lack depth…. to me yall lack reading comprehension. If you want a dude to suck you off in written form, find a simp off the street! These dudes do their thing, and if you want a different perspective of a mans mind other than a man, then who the fuk is simple?!!

    I never saw bitterness on a website like Im seeing now. Yall lonely broads need a hard peen and a coca-cola.

    Hurt ass broads.

    Shout to my VSB SBM BWNG NWSO max-Logic and all the other dope blogs. Clutch get these trolls alll thee wayy off my screen!

  • http://www.singleblackmale.org TheMostInterestingManInTheWorld

    What’s going on folks,

    First off, shout out to Clutch for shouting out our website SingleBlackMale.Org. Second, thanks to all for all of your feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. I’m taking it all in and will continue to try to be great.

    That said, for those of you who say we don’t have deep thoughts (lol) or we all misogynistic… etc… etc… please peruse the following link – it contains every article I’ve ever written for the site. Not to be arrogant, but my sh*t is pretty dope and not misogynistic in the least. And while I do focus on love and relationships (being that it’s a site centered around love and relationships) I try to present everything from a unique and unexplored perspective. Anyways, thanks again for the shoutout and for the feedback. All of my fellow SBM writers put the same or more effort into their work as I do, and we’re all sensitive about our ish. I’m linking my stuff because I don’t want to speak for everybody (more than I already have).


  • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

    Here’s the thing about the “open-mindedness” of the Good Men project versus VSB. One of the writers of VSB? Also writes for Good Men Project. Point is, they’ve written about FAR more than just relationships and sex, but for some reason the critics just see a small percentage. Hmmm.

  • keisha brown

    tell em why you mad son….

  • keisha brown

    my 2 cents

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder..and so is all forms of art.
    you could walk through the Met, MoMa, or Louvre and find things that are considered priceless – but are ugly to you.

    the moral of my point? i’ve read sbm. i read vsb. i’ve also read nwso and other additional blogs written by men to get their OPINIONS on life, love, sex and other things. they aren’t writing bibles, they are posting their opinions. sure, how its done may not sit well with some, but unless you know the writers personally, you should not assume their intent.

    i dont always agree with specific writers on certain sites, but that is the beauty of choice. i can choose to read or click away. what i would never do is make broad statements based on a very small sample. if someone said writer x seems to always write controversial posts – cool. but all of these blogs mentioned have very REAL and hard working people behind them, who somehow, someway manage to win and get nominated for awards – for the people and by the people.

    love em or hate em…if you are a heterosexual woman, you want to know how men think (it’s why cosmo is still in business). these were four great examples of men (and women s/o to maxlogic) who make you laugh, think, shake your head and want to throw something against the wall. in other words, they are men.

  • http://twitter.com/MarieDenee TheCurvyFashionista


    I read VSB and SBM (a new convert) and most recently NWSO (love) and I find the dialogue that happens on these two sites to be quite interesting, enlightening, and quite fun.

    I don’t understand the harsh criticism and slam those who articulate a point of view (a male’s sometimes open and brutally honest). What I enjoy more about the posts are the insights and conversations that these posts provide…

    It is in the dialogue of these blogs that help both men and women understand each other and if it is not for you, then yes, there are other blogs.

    Misogynistic? Far from it… Do we all hold specific tastes, desires, thoughts, and assumptions about each other? Yes, and it is in this that these sites engage the audience so well. They say what we often think about and dare not put to the permanency of Google.

    Fellas, keep up the great work in creating spaces for dialogue and perspectives otherwise left a mystery.


  • http://www.max-logic.com max

    I find it so hilarious that women choose to go on sites written by men where they express their point of view and then dismiss said point of view as misogynistic. Is it misogynistic or did you just read a critique that hit a little too close to home?

    I’ve read each of the sites on this list and none of them pretend to be anything other than what they are; a place to hear what these men have to say about the topic of the day. It’s not meant to be a roadmap for life. they’re not there to fix all of society’s problems, and they’re not there to blow smoke up women’s asses and make them think they never do anything wrong. If you don’t like it, why not just click the little x and move on with your life? Or better yet – why not avail yourself of the contact forms that are available on all of these sites and share your feedback in a productive way rather than writing wrongheaded comments that diminish all the good these sites do?

    And I wonder how many people who criticize these sites for lacking depth have ever run a site the size of these ones. Tell you what – go write a 700-word article a day for three years and tell me how many times your writing came from the depths of your soul. What these guys do is not easy and even if you don’t like what you read, you have to respect the hard work and dedication that goes into it.

  • LemonNLime

    This is true! I didn’t forget the name and I checked it out last night, awesome site!

  • LemonNLime

    Honestly, some people won’t be happy unless they can find fault with something.

  • LemonNLime

    I haven’t read EVERY article on every site mentioned (except for VSB… when I found that one, I spent a several hours on it reading it) but I have never seen anything misogynistic or degrading toward women. They are funny and I love the fact that they don’t seem to have the PC police monitoring them so the authors are free to write an honest article. Often I wonder how many times writers at Clutch have had to censor their opinions because of the PC police on this site. I enjoy and male point of view on things and it’s cool to see they go through the same crap we go through like insecurity and love issues. And props to the writers on all these sites, including Clutch and others like it. Lord knows I’m way to lazy to write a 500 – 700 word essay on a different topic everyday. I couldn’t even keep up with a blog for 3 weeks.

    Misogynistic is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a hatred of women”. “Hate” is a very strong word and I think if you look through, you will see nothing resembling misogyny on those sites. Will you see peoples opinions and critics, positive and constructive, of topics that include women? Yes. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it is misogyny. If that is the case then I’m sure that there are many men who consider Clutch to be misandric (man hating) which we all know isn’t true. So in short stop throwing the word “misogyny” around because when you apply it to everything you dislike just because, you lessen the meaning of that word and it loses its original meaning.

    Honor killings = Misogyny
    Setting young men up as successful only if they can exploit women = Misogyny
    Writing an article about how you don’t like dating women who wear weave because it falls out all over the place….NOT misogyny

  • African Mami

    VSB and NWSO are the best hands downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

    VSB takes the OSCAR award for me though….those brothers are HILARIOUS!

  • African Mami

    @ Tracita,

    heardhimsay is one of my blog cravings! Word up Drew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Ms. Pillowz

    OMG! Thanks for this! I checked out VSB so far and the first article I read about what he would rather do than get his penis cut off and thrown in the garbage disposal had me in TEARS!! Hilarious!! Looking forward to checking the rest out and adding them to my Reader. Thanks again!

  • LMAO.com

    Your comment is really ignorant. Black women are free to make their own decisions and judgments based on what they find offensive or not. You are not the gatekeeper, just someone who sounds like the same type of bitter troll who leaves offensive comments on Black men and women’s websites. Poof Be gone.

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    Thanks sis. Appreciate it.

  • answer

    Troll?!! wow! Trolls use repetitive arguments that arent filled with a substantive stands such as calling other people “trolls” or “bitter.” In order to reduce repetition, please scroll down to “LemonNLime says: July 14, 2011 at 8:11 am” in order to understand what misogony is. Black women are also free to call out other black women when they feel the latter is disconnected from the main point at hand.

    Nothing I wrote was bitter, however I do not have an appreciation for the lack of reading comprehension the “real bitter” people have throughout the internet. Folks are so quick to negate something because they aren’t comfortable in their own skin and anyone or anything that irritates their insecurity is called a name such as “misogynistic,” “troll,” “racist,” “homophobic,” “ignorant” or “uneducated.”

  • http://www.twitter.com/SmartFoxGirl SmartFoxGirl

    Wow, I’m late but will weigh in all the same. VSB and SBM are my fav male perspective blogs, PERIOD. I’m not a stan and don’t always agree with the writers….but to me, that’s a good thing. Maybe some of you didn’t get the memo but these are blogs written by MEN, not women. These men write about their thoughts (not yours) on a wide variety of topics. Thing is, if I could read the minds of most men, I probably wouldn’t like everything they thought. If I wanted a man to think like me, I’d date women. MESSAGE. I like that I disagree sometimes, I like that the topics they discuss challenge me to think outside the box. Not everything is for everyone. I know when I’m reading their posts, I’m reading something written by a man and since I’m trying to date men and would like to know what they think, I really don’t see the problem. Maybe you women are on the wrong sites.

    Oh one more thing: there are some posts that upset me or get a little under my skin but the next day there will be a post I love. Just because you read one post that upset you, doesn’t mean you should discredit the entire site.

  • uh no

    aw with someone attacking intelligence..i wish you would have wrote that with better english, i was really rooting for the comment

  • Free

    Since I was the first person who threw out the word “misogyny”, I will respond.

    I respect all the comments and views represented here, and in response I say “To each his own.” Clearly there’s a type of female/male that VSB and SBM (I can’t speak for any of the other sites because I have never read them) cater their posts too, and for that they seem to be well-appreciated. I found a significant amount of the content offensive to me as a woman, and a bit… elementary as far as depth and content. Fortunately I have a number of real men in my life who can offer me intelligent advice and insight into male mind and behavior if I need it. Furthermore, based of what I read, they aren’t the type of men I’d really be into for either a relationship or friendship (and the reverse is probably true as well lol) so the “insight” doesn’t really matter regardless.

    So the commenters are right, there is a lot of content on those two sites that I didn’t read, but based on the little that I read, I just couldn’t be bothered to read further. If it means anything, I did go back to read today’s post on SBM abt when women can or cannot deny their husband sex. Heavy heavy stuff. I mean, I was totally wrong about you guys with my earlier comment. I just completely missed the mark.

  • http://www.therealslimjackson.com Slim Jackson

    And Monday’s post will be a recap of a discussion on condom usage in relationships (or lack thereof) and HIV awareness. What’s your point? Maybe I’ll switch that to a post on how to solve world poverty in 700 words or less.

    I was with your comment until the last little jab. Good luck in your internet perusing and I’m glad you at least took a second to go back to the site.

  • http://twitter.com/tdlove5 TDL

    I feel “Relax, Relate, Release” would be appropriate in this comment section. lol

    Ladies: I understand how some might not appreciate some of the blogs listed on this post, but some of your criticisms sound really negative and unnecessarily so. There is a difference between honest critique and sounding just plain bitter, and some of you have crossed that line.

    But this is a free country, I guess.

    I appreciated most were those that listed alternatives instead of just plain bashing. Also those that stated you shouldn’t disregard the whole blog, because you dislike one or two posts. No one is going to ever be 100% spot on every single time. We are human beings not robots. We should give the brothers the same consideration as we would give to ourselves. (I am pretty sure some of the stuff ladies write about men, aren’t spot on as well)

    Let’s do more to respect and uplift each other, PLEASE. Even if you don’t like it. Respect the work and energy put into it. These brothas are doing us a service (and for free for the most part). I applaud that they are giving us something to read in the first place.

  • Courtney

    Not misogynistic in the least… you know, it’s been SEVERAL months since I read SBM. The last article I read that made me decide to never visit your site again was the lovely post in which you talked about some of the ways you’ve expressed anger, or arguing while naked, or some such tie-in. I refuse to re-visit your site to articulate the exact topic of the post, but I certainly remember a few striking details… Remember when you wrote about yelling at a woman, naked and crying, about all her moral failures? Remember your COMPLETE lack of introspection or shame in writing about this? Remember almost your.. dare I say… tinge of pride at just how amazingly cruel you were? I was pretty sickened by that post and the whole host of male-identifying females who apparently saw your abusive behavior as perfectly ok.

    This confirmed, at least in my opinion, that you were just another in a very long line of black men who do not respect, cherish, and will not support black women and nurture our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. But sure. Hey, maybe you’ve grown up a bit since then.

    (not directed at you) VSB is alright, certainly much recommended over SBM. To be perfectly honest, I tend to avoid “male perspective” blogs like the plague because I get enough harrassment on the street and demonizing in the media as a black female to actively seek it out in my free time.

  • http://twitter.com/streetztalk Metta World Streetz


    Thank you for at least giving a honest assessment of why these claims are made and your personal experience.

    As a writer for SBM, I can honestly say I do not remember the post you spoke about in question. I even searched on the site to see whats what and still…nothing.

    Like other people said, we won’t write stuff for everyone, but I have to say we have done a LOT of good in our time of existence and our following cosigns that.

    As someone who fights a personal battle with Delta Airlines constantly, I know the meaning of customer service and the importance ofdedication to your audience. However, to dismiss all the great writing we do for one alleged blog that turned you off? A bit off base.

    Respect your opinion though. We will agree to disagree.



    COO – Single Black Male Dot ORg
    Founder – streetztalk.net

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  • Leah

    What about blackmenvent? They HATE black women over there.

  • http://www.singleblackmale.org TheMostInterestingManInTheWorld

    @Courtney, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t yell – period… let alone yell at a woman. You obviously have me confused with someone else.

    But thanks though.

  • http://www.thecolorcurve.com Nathan

    Definitely check out The Color Curve. I’m a black man and I’m POSITIVE you’ll like what I have to say.

  • http://www.thecolorcurve.com Nathan
  • http://none Kit

    Lurk at your peril if you take the opinions of individuals to heart! These are blogs written by men and so they are bound to be critical of women at some point, just like blogs written by women will be critical of men from time to time.

    Some of it may be immature, shallow, etc, etc, but women’s blogs are guilty of the same thing too. It’s only hurtful if you let it hurt you and one blogger’s peronal opinions don’t reflect every man’s views.

    If you find it upsetting to read, dismiss it as rubbish and don’t read it. To continue to read it and get worked up is a bit sadistic and probably not healthy for your blood pressure!

  • http://none Kit

    I forgot to add the most important point… Idris Elba is dreamy

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