• Isis

    I don’t like the shoulder pads

  • Nneoma

    I’m usually in love with Shaunie’s style, but this outfit was highly reminiscent of a Salvation Army find. The dress is not doing her any favours, in the least. If it weren’t for Shaunie, the outfit would be a fail, fail, FAIL.

    Would I rock it? At the right price, perhaps…but then again, I’m just a civilian, not a celebrity.

  • sli

    Today, I just happened to be watching a YouTube clip of Mary J. Blige on the “Ellen Degeneres Show,” and she had on that dress. That show was from Jan 2010. Does that mean that Shaunie is out of style? Although it looked better on Mary, I don’t like it.

  • Nneoma

    Yep Mary rocked it. I think what’s hurting Shaunie is that she perhaps thought the dress was not figure flattering and then thought the belt would help in giving the look some shape…but the belt made the dress look somewhat tacky. And if your playing up the broad shoulder pads, drop the belt, not need to pile it on.

    I am of the opinion that the broad shoulder look caters to those women (of any size) who have enough of a bottom half to balance it out.

  • African Mami

    That dress is the bizness!!!!!! What what!! Shaunie looks FABULOUS, as ALWAYS….but I will need her to stop having reality shows with crazies.

  • WoW

    The dress is Alexander McQueen. Get rid of that belt. You have to be super thin to rock this dress.

  • Penny

    I usually like Shaunie’s style, but for this look, I’ll have to say drab. It just does nothing for her.

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