After much speculation, rumor and Internet innuendo, Fantasia recently announced that she was pregnant with her second child.

The announcement came as the former American Idol singer was performing at the opening of the Riverview Apartments in Jacksonville, FL (Why she was there? I have no idea).

Last month, the blogs lit up with speculation about Fantasia’s weight gain and her vacation with former beau, Antwaun Cook. Last year, Fantasia and Cook were involved in a very public relationship that left her in the middle of Cook’s nasty divorce scandal, and so depressed she attempted suicide. After kicking Cook to the curb (or so it seemed), many of Fantasia’s fans were shocked to see the two of them frolicking on the beach in Barbados.

As she started to perform over the weekend, Fantasia told the crowd she was pregnant, and she didn’t have to hide it anymore.

“I share this with you, because I can relate to you. For a while I walked around figuring out what will they say, and what will they think of me. But now I tell you I don’t live my life for folk. So, this child that I carry…God has given me this child, and I don’t have to hide it from none of y’all,” she said.

Although I wish her the very best, part of me wishes Fantasia would get it together. I’d hate for her to jeopardize her career, squander her amazing voice, and end up on an episode of “Unsung,” because her personal drama brought her down.

I’m rooting for you, Fanny!

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  • Stephanie

    Something is mentally wrong with her.

    A few months ago she was pregnant and announced her abortion and now all of a sudden she is pregnant again and possibly by the same person that made her question herself?

    Ok. Clearly, she is not living for her daughter that she already has.

  • Magister Veritatis (RNI)

    I thought she was pregnant a few months ago? I remember reading something about her being pregnant by a married man. What happen to that child? Either way, Fantasia is a hot mess. I’m sure the baby father is a dead beat loser. Just the way her type likes them. Women like her play right into my new article about black families in America.

    • Persephone

      Magister Veritatis (RNI), I read your blog and I completely agree. I am an educated black woman who knows the difference between a one-night-stand and a potential life partner. I’ve messed with a thug before (while on birth control and using condoms), because he was cute. Did I expect him to change for me? No. Did I take him home to meet my family? No. Did I let the fool impregnate me? HELL NO! Black ladies, if you can afford weaves, blackberries, and to get your nails done every 2 weeks you should be able to afford birth control and condoms, which if you took the time to look into you could actually get for free anyway. Yes, if a man knocks someone up he SHOULD take responsibility, but if he wasn’t responsible to begin with why would you expect him to be just because you’re carrying his seed? Get it together ladies!

    • edub

      I read your blog as well and agree 100%. I want to know, from black women, what percentage of the responsibility we need to own up to.

    • Magister Veritatis (RNI)

      Thank you, I appreciate the feedback..

  • KingJason

    Could it have been…a simple case of the sex was too good?

  • starr

    We got to do better

  • Mimi

    I can’t stand when people try to portray themselves as holy and God fearing, but they live their lives in a completely different way. I watched her show on VH1 (mainly because her brother was HILARIOUS) and she’s going on and on about how she’s not breaking up a marriage and how she’s not involved with a married man and how she knows what the bible says and blah, blah, blah. First, separated is still married. Second, if you’re so religious why not get married and then have your child born in wedlock? But when you think about it, it really isn’t her fautt because it appears that she wasn’t taught the things that a strong-minded woman have been taught. Her mother and aunt both appear to be a tad bit dim so we probably shouldn’t expect much from Fantasia. Messy, messy, messy!

    • JaeBee

      True dat! I actually used to like Fanny back when she was on American Idol, but once she started to have more media presence, and all the messy details of her life started to come out, I quickly tired of her nonsense. She acts too silly and irresponsible to be a mother. I know she struggled when her daughter was first born, and I think it’s amazing that she has come as far as she has–but let it be known that Fantasia is her own worse enemy. A lot of the problems that she currently has in her life come from poor decision making–something you can’t be careless about as a parent.

      Fanny needs to go sit down someplace!