You and your girlfriends stand in a circle, there’s always someone who starts to clap first.

Clap, stomp, cheer. Ya are 11, 12, still too young for fake nails, but definitely had a perm or two.

Jig. A looooowww. Clap.

Jig. Jig a looooowwww. Stomp.

Jig. A loooooowwww. Jig jig a loooowww.

It’s your turn. You’re ready! You do your best dance and everybody has to do what you do. It’s fun!

It’s a pasttime! But is it more?

Jessica Solomon and her team at Girl Griots: The Handgame Society not only remember those old cheers at the playground but are challenging black women everywhere to bring them back!

The website is in its infant stages calls people to submit audio, video and even text of cheers they used to play, Ms. Mary Mack, Telephone, Rockin Robin.

It’s important that black women and women of color who are gatekeepers and of position to tell their stories. That would be like the tipping point. It’s a common thread we don’t talk about because we grow up and we put childish things away but the fact that I know those games, says something,” says Solomon, 28.

While jig a low gives even the shyest young girl a chance to be a leader, other cheers like rockin robin’s lyrics give DC-based Solomon reason for pause. “Mama in the kitchen cookin rice/ father downstairs shooting dice/ brother in jail raising hell…” lead to questions about how it affects the pysche of young girls who are the women we are today.

“It affirms that those words, those chants those experiences with my friends were important enough that I carry it with me and can draw from them. Yes, we can create words and language that helps us to create something else because words matter. That’s what we wanna explore to there’s power in what we say.”

What’s next for Girls Griot?

Solomon excites, “We just wanna take over recess! Just roll up on some girls with some dope games that say: I am beautiful! I am strong I can sing my song! Yes! All that! I wonder who I would be if I had games like that!”

To submit your handgame to Girl Griots or get more involved visit:

Clutchettes — we would love to hear from you! What was the first hand game you played?

  • Vonmiwi

    This brings back so many memories when we actually had childhoods. Miss Mary Mack was our game.

  • SayJerve

    OMG This just made my day!

  • EssDot323

    That was my game. I can’t still play it too.

  • Lana M

    OMG!! Those were the good ole days! I remember “Slide” was my favorite. Rockin Robin and Mrs. Mary mack were the next in line. This is good for all of us! I’d love to help in any way with spreading the word and gaining more exposure!

  • stone

    He grabbed me by the collar, he made me pay a dollar!

  • stone

    Slide was my favorite. Chi-town! It more about counting and going faster and faster with the hands.

    I remember:

    ” Yo mama, yo daddy, you greasy greasy grandpa go beep beep beep down sesame street! “

  • Ms. Information

    In Georgia we played “Slide”, “Hands Up to 85″ and “Here we go Sally”….

  • Free

    I loved jig a low… I also liked down by the banks and rockin Robin and shake it seniorita! However my rockin robin didn’t talk abt brothers in jail, or anything like that….’it was something about Batman losing his underwear.

  • Blair

    After reading this article I began to reflect on how many games me and my group of friends used to play. Slide, numbers, tweet baby, miss mary mack, double dutch, hop scotch, tag and more.

  • MsMango

    This post has made my mind flooding with memories of me and my girlfriends (many of whom I am STILL in touch with) playin these games or just singing the song to pass the time.

  • S.

    “Reese Pieces butter-cup, let’s see Nene do her stuff…”

  • Danielle

    I was just playing some hand games with my 6-year old cousin! It was cute, she started singing “I don’t want to go to Mexico…” and I chimed right in with her. Then I sang Ms. Mary Mack with her, definitely brought back memories!

  • Alissa

    I used to love handclaps and chants!!!! But wow seeing them written today gives me pause. Ummmm why were we chanting about jigaloos and brothers being in jail (I dont even remember the jail line lol)?

  • Miss B

    I miss the simple days of playing hand games with my friends at school. :shakes fist at complicated adulthood: LOL!

    When I was 15 I went to Togo, West Africa for a volunteer trip, we were staying in a small secluded village high in the mountains in the northern region and it’s funny how those little girls knew the SAME hand games like “slide” that I played as a child in the states, with a little variation of course but it was basically the same thing. Makes you realize how little things stayed with African Americans from slavery through today.

  • eh hem

    Down by the river go hanky-panky, bull frogs jump from base-to-base.

    Yes, ma’am. I remember!

  • Brodie

    Sometimes we forget about the things that are part of our culture as Black/African Americans. We’d spend the better part of of nice days outside in a square just slapping hands, hips, and feet in a coordination we picked up from the older girls who had moved onto boys, make up, and walks to no where. Bet I could get something jumping off right now with 4 grown sisters if I wanted to.

  • Leanee Beanie

    My favorite hand game was Miss Mary Mack.

    I was just thinking about how little girls don’t really play hand games anymore. If you were to ride down any residential street and you were bound to find at least two girls playing hand games. The last time I saw this was in the early 90′s. I’m going to teach my little girl hand games, and maybe she’ll teach her friends when she starts school.

    (And another thing I miss seeing girls do is jumping rope.)

  • binks

    wow, I haven’t thought about hand games in ages. My favorite was the hanky-panky one. Awww…i wish I see more girls doing them, I don’t even think my little cousins know or at least play them :(

  • So Over This Ish

    Oh my word…down by the banks! That was one of my favorites back in the day. I can just see it now. It was 1993 and we were all in a circle at my elementary school. I remember the part about “yo mama looks like Donald Duck”. Those were good times. ;)

  • So Over This Ish

    LOL, we said “Reese’s pieces butter-cup, yo mama looks like Donald Duck”. A trip down memory lane….

  • Cherish

    I remember Mary Mack, Mailman, Concentration, Jigaloo, and all that jazz! Takes me back to the times where innocence was fresh.

  • S.

    Word? Where did it go after that? lol

    I just remember…

    “Reese pieces butter-cup, let’s see _____ do her stuff”

    “I can’t”
    “Why not?”
    “Because I can’t”
    “Why not?”

    “Because…. my back is aching, my bra too tight and my butt is shaking to the left and right” lol



  • Alexandra

    So many ‘Mary Mack’ lovers; that was my favorite too. Great post, I have lots of memories in hand games.

  • Tiffany W.

    One of my favorites:

    “I’m a nut *clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, clap*,
    in a hut. *clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, clap*
    I showed my butt at Pizza Hut, so what? *clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, clap*
    I’m craaaaaaazy
    I’m fooooooooolish
    I’m crazy, I’m foolish, I’m ticklish! *tickle your partner*”

    SO FUN!

  • d_nicegirl

    The regional/age group variations are so funny. My version was more like…
    “I’m a nut *clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, clap*,
    in a hut. *clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, clap*
    I stole the apple off the tree, so what? *clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, clap*
    I’m craaaaaaazy
    I’m fooooooooolish…”

  • WAVY

    Its so sad that more little girls don’t play or even KNOW about hand games! I have a daughter (4 y.o.) and I make sure to teach her how to play hand games, even from this age. It was such a fun thing to do as a girl and she LOVES it! Even double dutch! We would jump for HOURS as little girls and nowadays little girls don’t even know HOW to jump double dutch! Back in the day you’d get laughed out the ‘hood for not knowing how to jump DD! At 4, my daughter knows how to jump single rope better than girls twice her age… There isn’t much from my childhood that I can pass on to her because neighborhoods are just different (kids would be flooded on the block rain/sleet/snow) but to be able to pass down the love of hand games and jump rope is priceless to me. And the fact that she loves them as much as I do is so heartwarming. It really is our bonding time because it seems like these neighborhood staples are gone today.

  • sandrine

    Miss Lucy had a steamboat, the steamboat…

    Rockin robin

  • Chazzy

    Some of these I remember & some I dont. I’m sure there are different ages represented up here. i’m 22 . I think my all time fav is rocking robin. Some friends even played that freshman yr in college!
    Anybody remember this 1:
    down down baby down by the rollercoaster. sweet sweet baby mama never let u go. shimmy shimmy coacoa puff. shimmy shimmy oww. i like coffee, i like cake…(im forgetting)…something about a colored boy to kick your behind…no sticks no stones no stick of chewing up. lets get the rhythm with the hands….& it goes on lol

  • Chazzy

    i got it!
    “i like coffee, i like tea. i like a colored boy & he likes me. so step back white boy u dont shine. i’ll get a colored boy to kick your behind!”

  • caramelgirl

    ah yess this article brings back great memories. I’m sure Im in the group of the youngest clutch readers (I’m just shy of 18) but when I was younger my friends and I definitely played handgames. I’m from philly and we played everything from, ” Swing swing swing, E.T., Numbers, Hands up to 85, Jig-a lo, Telephone, I dont wanna go to mexico no more more more, hollywood and tons others” I used to love playing those games and its funny how I dont really remember anyone teaching me them. I vaguely remember playing them with my mom as a little girl, but when I met up with the other little girls at recess it was like we each had this unspoken class of handgames and jumprope games and we all knew our stuff. Just curious does anyone remember punchenetta? It goes:

    “Punchenetta punchenettaa look whos here, punchenetta punchenetta look who’s here

    (everyone claps and sings in a round circle while the person in the middle does a dance)

    “punchenetta punchenneta what can you do, punchenetta punchnetta we can do it too”

    (then everyone in the cirlce copies the person in the middle of the circle)

    Its a little more to the chant, but you get the gist of it. Ah I loved this game so much, whenever the person in the middle closed their eyes and started to turn around and point to us kids in the circle, I would get all nervous and hope the person wouldnt pick me. The funny thing is, even though we get older, us women still remember these things from our girlhood.

  • n&h

    lol on the northside of Chicago it was…
    “I’m a nut *clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, clap*,
    in a hut. *clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, clap*
    I stole my momma’s underwear so what? *clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, clap*
    I’m craaaaaaazy
    I’m fooooooooolish…”

  • JaeBee

    The way I learned it was:

    “Reeces Pieces buttercup…Mess with me I’ll kick your but…bang, bang choo choo train…watch [insert name] do her thang”

    “I just can’t”

    “Why not?”

    “I just can’t”

    “Why not?”

    “Cause my back hurts, my bra’s too tight, my booty shakes to left to the right”

    “To the left. To the right. To the left, right left”.

  • JaeBee

    I think “Batman” was one verse of Rockin Robin.

    The way I learned it was:

    “Mama’s in the kitchen…cookin rice. Papa’s in the basement…shootin dice. Brother’s in jail pi**ing in a pail while sister’s round the corner sellin fruit-c*ck-tail.”

    [Rockin Robin chorus]

    “Batman and Robin flyin through the air. Batman lost his underwear. Batman said, “I don’t care”. Mama’s gonna buy me a brand new pair”.

    I never realized how sexually suggestive some of these rhymes were until I got older.

  • JaeBee

    Love this post! I’m about to turn 30 in a few days, and boy does this post bring back memories.

    Surprised nobody mentioned “Ms Sue” (from Alabama) yet…

  • JaeBee

    “Miss Lucy had a steamboat, the steamboat…”

    had a bell…”toot toot”

    Miss Lucy went to heaven and the steamboat went to…

  • Leanee Beanie

    LOL, I remember that one. I love that one too.

    Where I’m from, it was

    “I’m a nut”
    “In a hut”
    “I stole an apple off the tree, so what?”
    “I’m a nut.”
    “I’m crazy, I’m foolish”
    “I’m C-O-O-L, cooooool”

  • Ashley Sykes

    omg i was just thinking about these hand games the other day.. i did wonder though… why the hell did we little girls sing about gigalos? arent those male prostitutes? lmfao

  • Kimmy

    NUMBERS! You were handgame elite if you could keep up.

  • Ashley Sykes

    my favorite was dr.pepper,down down baby, down by the river.

    down down baby down down
    a roller coaster.
    sweet sweet baby sweet sweet
    dont let me go. shimmy shimmy cocoa puff
    shimmy shimmy.. rahh?lol i dont remember

  • Ashley Sykes

    omfg i remember that one!

    did anyone play ”hot hands”?

    or lemonade?

  • Ashley Sykes

    kids dont even come outside anymore. when i was little (probably 8 years ago) wayy before facebook or myspace the ENTIRE neighborhood was full of kids jump roping,playing tag,football,basketball,baseball,volleyball, laying out on blankets playing barbies,playing house,hide n seek,hand games,jumprope n everything!

    now we have 6 year olds with smartphones sitting in the house playing angry birds and xbox all day long. i see 8 year olds on facebook and myspace all day long. its ridiculous. kids are growing up WAAYYYYY too fast lately. what the hell does a 6 year old need with a blackberry or iphone? why did my family member get his 5 year old son a PSP,wii,and xbox instead of getting him some books so he can learn to read?or some outdoor activities? its really ridiculous.

    i noticed that ever since myspace got really popular in 2006 then all my neighborhood friends were MIA and all gained a shitload of weight from sitting in front of a computer all day. now it looks completely deserted outside and it makes me sad. every now and then we all hang out and talk outside but after 15 minutes then people start going back in the house to check their facebook. SMH

  • Nikki

    Wow this article brings back great memories!

    What about Ms. Mary Mack, Mack, mack
    All dressed in Black, black, black
    With Silver Buttons, Buttons, buttons
    all down her back, back, back

    She jumped so high, high, high
    She touched the sky, sky, sky
    and she never came back, back, back
    til the fourth of July!

  • JaeBee

    Can’t remember whether it was “Ms. Sue”, “Ms. Lucy”, or “Ms. Mary Mack”, but who was the person who was “sittin on a fence, tryin ta make a dollar outta fifteen cents”?

  • JaeBee

    Is “Numbers” the same as “Slide”?

  • ENH?

    For more on this subject, read this outstanding book:

  • JaeBee

    I learned it as:

    “Shimmy shimmy cocoa puffs–shimmy shimmy pow”

    Then it descended into the verse that another poster upthread already posted:

    “I like coffee, I like tea…”

  • sandrine

    We used to dance in a circle with someone in the middle and sing, “we’re going to Kentucky, we’re going to the fair to see the senorita…”

    We also did, “Quack a dilly oh my quack…”

  • Kim

    We’re the same age! This is how I learned it:

    Down down baby down by the rollercoaster
    Sweet sweet baby I don’t wanna let you go
    Mama Mama sick in bed Called the doctor and the doctor said
    Lets get the rhythm of the head.. ding dong *shakes head*
    Lets get the rhythm of the feet… stomp stomp *stomps feet*
    Lets get the rhythm of the hands… clap clap *claps hands*
    Lets get the rhythm of the hot shot x2 *puts hands on hip and shakes from left to right*
    Put them all together and what do you get…ding dong stomp stomp clap clap hot shot

    By far my favorite!

  • Thegirlwiththecrown

    =) Yeeeeaahhh… It was “I like coffee, I like tea, I like the little boy he likes me. So….”

    I forgot the rest! Lol

    Wow this is great!

  • Thegirlwiththecrown

    I always sing this! LOL!!!

  • Thegirlwiththecrown

    Wow this brings back sooooo many memories that I haven’t thought about in years.

    I had all girl cousins so hand games, hop scotch, and jump rope consumed our afternoons. I even remember getting in trouble at school for playing them on the playground lol.

  • Pink Panties and Leopard Lipstick

    Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup, Mess with me, I’ll kick your butt!
    Bang bang choo choo train, come over here and do your thang!
    I can’t! Why not? I can’t! Why not?
    Because my back hurt, and my bra to tight, and my booty shakin from left to right!
    From left to right – from left to right!


    Take me back!


  • Raven

    Mailman, mailman, do your duty, here comes miss american beauty.
    She can do the can-can, she can do the splits,
    but most of all she can kiss-kiss-kiss!

  • Abbie

    I’m a 28 year old teacher for children with learning disablities and I make time to teach them the hand games I remember. My favorites are Rockin’ Robin and Ms Mary Mack. I have those people who look at me like I’m silly, but I don’t care. We have fun.

  • ThisIshRightHereNinja

    OMG OMG! This is so awesome. My girlfriends from law school are getting together this weekend for a mini vacay and I will INSIST that we play handgames!! Soo excited :)

    Oh and we called “numbers” Twee-lee-lee. I went to Trinidad as a little girl and remember being afraid to make friends with the other girls there. And one of them came over to me and said in a thick dialect, “do you know how to play Twee-lee-lee? I was in HEAVEN!”

    “Last night, the night…the night before the onion and the pickle came knockin at my door. I got up to let them in, they hit me on the head with a bowling pin…”

    or, or what about:

    “Uno dos.. siete I met my boyfriend at the candy store, he bought me ice cream, he bought me cake. Brought me home with a bellyache”


  • ThisIshRightHereNinja

    yes! Slide and numbers are the same (my NY friends called it numbers and my BMore friends called it Slide Baby). Speaking of handgame elite, what was the one that could be played with 4 people?

  • Ramona DaPrototype Jefferson

    I grew up in Dallas ours went. “Mailman Mailman do your duty, here comes a lady with a African booty, she can do the pom pom she can do the twist, Most of all she can kiss kiss kiss K-I-S-S :)

  • So Over This Ish

    Part of our version of Down By the Banks when I was a kid…

    “E, I, O, U
    Yo mama stinks and so do you
    Reese’s pieces butter-cup
    yo daddy looks like Donald Duck

    Michael Jackson went to town
    riding on a pony
    He stuck a feather in his cheese
    and called it macaroni!”

    Yeah, I know it’s wack…but that’s what we said.

  • Nica J

    Wow this brings back so many memories. Im 21 so I played these games between 95-98 and i was expert at the nubers game. No one could beat me. My favorite was “Down by the river where the green grass grows there was a little girl as sweet as can be. She sang, she sang so sweet along came a boy and kissed her on the cheek.” I also loved “Oh Gosh she’s crazy” lol i guess the later the times the more the words changed.

  • lee

    Miss Lucy went to heaven the steamboat went to…

    hello operator dial me number 9

    If you disconnect me I’ll kick you in the…

    behind the ‘frigerator sat a piece of glass

    Miss Lucy sat upon it and cut her little…

    ask me no more questions I’ll tell you no more lies

    That’s all I can remember. I don’t recall how it ended :)
    This thread brings back memories. I am too amused at some of the chants we sang during recess at my baptist church school. Jig-a-low? Really. At the time, I had no clue what I was saying. As far as the sister selling fruit c*ck tail, I always said “saying fruit-c*ck-tail”. I thought she wanted a cup. I miss the school yard.

  • Linda

    Miss Mary..and down down baby down down a roller coaster.

  • Me27

    i like coffee
    i like tea.
    i like a colored boy
    And he likes me.
    so step back white boy you don’t shine.
    i’ll get a colored boy to kick your behind
    Last night, the night before,
    I met my boyfriend at the candy store.
    He bought me ice cream, he bought me cake,
    He brought me home with a belly ache.
    I said mama, mama I feel sick
    Call the doctor quick, quick, quick,
    Doctor, Doctor will I die
    Close your eyes and count to five
    (close eyes) 1…2…3…4…5 I’m alive!

  • Angie

    “My back ache, my belt too tight, my booty shake from left to right…heeeyyy” Then we would stomp our feet and clap our hands to a beat that somehow we all just knew.

    Then there was “black and gold…ice too cold…roasted you….now what you gone do, whoa!” (Yeah we were ghetto, but it was innocent and we were having a blast!)

    Man those were the days. We would play outside singing and dancing, clapping and carrying on well until sundown. And we were all so skinny, healthy and active because there was no such thing as sitting around the house; “you ain’t grown, you need to be outside playin. Now git!” is what the grown ups would say to us if we tried to linger in the house too long.

  • Mona

    I’m 33. My girlfriends and I used to play this game all the time. Nowdays you hardly ever see kids outside playing. These kids today are too grown for me. I see them walking home from my son’s elementary school talking on cell phones. They don’t know how to be young.

  • Culturally Aware

    Ms. Mary Mack was the ‘it’ thing to do in my day…I never even knew this was an African American tradition……wow! My social circle as a child was black children with immigrant parents..and these hand games somehow became part of our lives too. I wonder if little girls play these games today?

  • Devan Townsend

    Grandma grandma sick in bed! Called the doctor and the doctor said:

    Lemme hear the rhythm of the hands! *clap, clap* (2x)
    Lemme hear the rhythm of the feet! *stomp, stomp* (2x)
    Lemme hear the rhythm of the head! Ding dong! (2x)
    Lemme hear the rhythm of the hoooooot dog!

    On another note, I joined a double-Dutch meet up here in Brooklyn. I still got it!

  • Crystal

    Oh man! You all reminded me of all the hand games me and my friends used to play. Ms. Mary Mack, definitely. Rockin’ Robbin, Quack a dilly oh so–quack quack quack. Senorita, rita, rita, rita… Slide.

    And I remember one that I think was called 86 Alive. All I remember from that is something about Gucci and “Get lost (86 alive) cause I’m the boss (86 alive).”

  • Janell Godwin

    i would have to say down down baby down by the rollercoater sweet sweet baby i never let cha go shimmy shimmy co co puff shimmy pow shimmy shimmy coco puff pass it to me now i like coffe i like tea i like the boys and the boys like me to front to the back to the side side side … its long but i loved it there were just so many lol!!!

  • Sherese Francis

    A few months ago, I read a book by Kyra Gaunt, a Baruch professor, called “The Games Black Girls Play,” in which she talks about how black girls and handgames influenced Male dominated Black music, especially Hip-Hop. It is a very interesting read. I wrote a post about it on my blog:

  • Me27

    **Mama’s having a baby**

    Mama’s having a baby, Daddy’s going crazy
    If it’s a girl, I’ll give it a curl
    If it’s a boy, I’ll give it a toy
    If it’s twins, I’ll wrap it up in toilet paper and send it down the elevator
    First Floor Stop…
    Second Floor Stop..
    Third Floor Stop…
    Keep on moving till your hands get hot

  • Me27

    Miss Lucy had a baby. She named him tiny Tim
    She put him in the bathtub, to see if he could swim
    He drank up all the water. He ate up all the soap.
    He tried to eat the bathtub, but it wouldn’t go down his throat

    Miss Lucy called the Doctor. The doctor called the nurse
    The nurse called the lady with the alligator purse

    He didn’t like the doctor. He didn’t like the nurse
    He did like the lady with the alligator purse.

    Out went the doctor. Out went the nurse,
    In came the lady with the alligator purse :)

  • Atl Lady

    apple on a stick just makes me sick…makes my heart go 246
    no becuz you”re dirty…not becuz your clean…no becuz you kiss the boys behind the magazine!
    girls girls…how ’bout a fight…here come kesha with her pants on tight! she can wiggle she wobble she can do the twist! bet you $5 she can’t do this! close your eyes and count to ten! if you mess up you do it again!

    SIGH…. bring back carefree memories. If i have a daughter i want to make sure i pass on those chants to try to keep those traditions alive.

  • MW

    AH!This made me miss my childhood!

  • DeePDX

    These were good times! Like clock work after school or on the weekend outside my grandmother’s house me and the neighborhood girls always kicked it! Going to the candy store and getting buble-gum cigarettes with powdered sugar in them for one cent (yeah, I know that was setting us up to develop the bad habit of smoking), getting hot pickles from the jar and putting Green Apple Now & Later’s inside to knock off some of the spiciness of the pickle, just being kids with less than a $1. Sharing the seat of a bike to go to a few blocks over to hang out.

    Selecting friends to play tag, or Red Light, Green Light, or Hide – N – Seek by playing:

    Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum In A Dish
    How May Pieces Do You Wish?
    *Someone says 3, and then pointing to everybody’s toes”
    I…2…3 and you are not it!
    And so it goes until there is one foot in the circle remaining and that was the one who would have to ‘tag’ others or ‘Seek’ everyone out in the game.

    Jumping rope and double dutch:

    “Orange peel’in, Orange peel’in. Big and Round!”
    “See if you can touch the ground!”

    “Everybody, everybody, come on in” would start with one jumper and ended with, like, 10 of us jumping rope together until whoever stepped on the rope and get out and to take over turning the rope.

    Miss Mary Mack- Mack- Mack
    All Dress in Black – Black – Black
    With Silver Buttons – Buttons – Buttons
    Going Down Her Back – Back – Back
    She Asked Her Mama-Mama – Mama
    For 15 Cents – Cents – Cents
    To See The Elephant – Elephant – Elephant
    Who Jumped The Fence – Fence – Fence
    He Jumped So High – High – High
    He Touched The Sky – Sky – Sky
    He Didn’t Come Back – Back – Back
    ‘Til The Fourth Of July – July – July

    LOL, I could do this all day!

  • sblazer227

    awww this is so great… i hope little girls are still playing this way when i have kids do i can teach it to my kids. great idea ladies.

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