Lil Wayne’s Jeggings and The Policing of Black Male Style

by Jessica C. Andrews

From C+C – Last night, after being lauded as “the greatest rapper alive,” by Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne took to the stage to perform “How To Love” and “John (If I Die Today)” at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Immediately, Facebook feeds, Twitter timelines and blogs erupted about his outfit, namely, a pair of leopard print jeggings.

I don’t think his leggings were particularly stylish, especially the fact that they were sagging and his bright blue Polo Ralph Lauren boxers (briefs?) were exposed. But what disturbed me was the callous and offensive reaction to a piece of clothing. A Twitter account was created almost immediately, @Waynes_Jeggings, and people spent most of the night questioning his sexuality—ironically, more so than when he was photographed kissing Baby (which he maintains is a nod to traditional mob greetings).

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  • Brodie

    I can’t……..

  • Jess

    I am so tired of seeing grown mens under drawers!!

  • Tracie

    These are bloody awful! I cain’t understand why these guys wear their pants hanging off they a$$ you might as well not wear pants at all. Like for real, whats the point. you already got then pass your a$$…

  • Clnmike

    No one complains about Andre 3000, but than again he doesn’t lead with his manhood.

  • rkj

    I look forward to the day when sagging is played out.
    It was played out shortly after the trend started to me.

    The “gay” comments on twitter were (of course) silly. So, walking around with your tail hanging out is not gay. But wearing tight pants is. Glad we cleared that up. ha

  • Keshia


    Period. A guy or Lil’ Wayne can wear what he wants. Just leave sagging pants to inside jail one size fits all so sagging pants are appropriate fashion.

  • Lady T

    I wish he would just come out.

  • O’Phylia

    Can’t we just kill jeggings all together?

  • Miss Jae

    These pants are soooo not the business!

  • CaliDreaming86

    Men, especially Black men are so ass backwards. They view sagging as masculine even though they are walking, or should I say limping like they need a hip replacement with their ass hanging out for anyone to see.

  • Whatever

    YES!!!! He looks GAY!!! It is NOT policing anyone’s damn style. Also he looks like a fool. The jeggings, pants sagging, awful facial piercings, and feminine mannerisms are screaming gay wayne.

  • O’Phylia

    Gay does not equal bad.

    If you’re on this site, you’re too old for that crap.

  • LurkerG


  • d_nicegirl

    As for him being gay, how many kids does this man have to sire before he convinces himself and others of his manhood? And another thing. Aren’t jeggings supposed to fit tightly against the body? If so, why the hell are they sagging?! That man or his stylist are obviously confused. And as a side note, those jeggings are just bloody awful, period.

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  • Imhot

    I think he looks hot. He is probably the only one who can pull this off. It does not look gay at all. As we know gays don’t have a certain look. We have under cover brothers all the tome. Who cares what the dude wears.

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  • BetTy HaNa’ McglOthin

    Leave Little Wayne Alone! He is a Libra, a trend setter! He is a different kind, and people love him for being different. All the negative comments is tipping his libra scale.

  • lickyluv

    First all, Why is the clothes he is wearing is making him seem gay. Back in the days we all wore tights and ur man hood was not judged.. I like it!! If u dont like it stop sweatin it… U still will dance to his songs jeggins and all..

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