Perhaps they were trying to capitalize on the popularity of the new Planet of the Apes film or maybe the just thought the ad was a good idea, but skin care company Nivea is coming under fire for a new ad targeted at men.

The ad features a well-groomed, stylishly dressed Black man holding the head of a (noticeably brown) man with a considerable afro and beard. The tagline urges men to “Re-civilize” themselves.

While I remember the old school Gillette ads that warned men that anything less than their products would be “uncivilized,” there is somethng about this image that rubs me the wrong way.


What do you think of the Nivea ad? Is it dissing Black men or just good marketing? 


Let’s discuss! 


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  2. The tagline for that product of Nivea is excellent. However, the illustration created a problem. That look (afro and close beard) is a more of a trend and identity nowadays. People who have that look, and color, would surely react. They should’ve put up a Tarzan-ish man or java man instead of an afro guy. In this way, they will still be able to put their message across plus a slant of humor.

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  4. Ihatenappyhair

    Black man or caveman hair- it’s nappy and disgusting. The cleaned up guy looks hot and sexy. Natural black hair is NEVER clean, civilized, or sexy.

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