Actor, singer and chronic personal PR nightmare-on-Twitter Tyrese has once again found himself getting bad press via the 140-charactr social network. While he usually gets roasted for his bad grammar and worse advice for the ladies, Jody got himself in hot water this time around after posting a new video of his which was almost  completely devoid of Black women (I peeped one in a corner). When his largely Black female follower-base took him to task, he informed them that its not his fault that the “best” women who came out weren’t Black.

How do I say this without snarking the women in this video…some of those women are only gonna be afforded “best” status by men who seem to have a fetish for the ‘exotic’.  Not that they weren’t pretty, but I doubt a White guy would have been so excited by the White women cast. And even if these were the most gorgeous non-Black women in the world, it takes a real asshole to say “Here’s a video from a Black artist with a largely Black female fan base. What kind of woman should we cast?” and comes up with that.

Anyway, forget Jody and this wack video. It wouldn’t matter if he cast Alek Wek or your cousin Keisha, this fool made a song with the Pied Pedophile of R&B AND Tyga. The girls were just the mayonnaise on the fail sandwich.


  • Erin

    I saw Black women in the video… or are ppl complaining about the lack of darker-skinned Black women for the trillionth time? I find it funny that women are complaining about the lack of Black women willing to slew it up for the world in a music video. Of course, what Tyrese said on Twitter is ignorant but why the surprise?! Why be upset about this?!

  • I got sense!

    @ Erin
    I agree!! I haven’t seen the video (not a tyrese fan after the age of 16) but if you couldn’t find any black women (or darker skinned black women) to be in music videos one possible reason is black women (or darker skinned black women) don’t want to be show cased like a car. I’m just saying.

  • Yana

    Also I agree with some of the other comments on one hand it’s good not to see “us” degraded (although no women should be) but on the other hand it’s not because they care it’s because they are selecting those that they think are more beautiful just like on TV shows, movies, magazines and commercials.

    Black women Please stop buying these supporting these artists. They totally ignore the ethnicity of the majority of their consumership without ever drawing any ire from the black women that support them!!!

  • jaded

    It looks like he did his casting at the strip club. This is definitely top 5 in the worst videos category, I am glad black girls had the sense not to turn out for this video casting.

  • LemonNLime

    Tyrese still makes music? That’s funny I thought it was 2011 not 1997.

  • Melinda

    This isn’t breaking news! Look at Jason Derulo,Snoop,Taio cruz and every other artist out there.They don’t want black women in their videos but our money is still green.
    It’s all good though.Who the hell wants to have their back turned to a camera,anyway?
    He can go right ahead and dehumanize women of other races.

  • LemonNLime

    Right! Am I supposed to take offense to the fact that we doesn’t have medium and darker hues of black women covered in oil, wearing little to nothing, feeling all up on each other, and basically assigning them the same value as a car or jewelery? If that is the case I missed that boat. I actually want to thank no talent losers like that. The more white, asian, and latinas are degraded in those videos that are exported all around the world maybe, as I travel, I will find less people will associate that type of image with black women.

  •!/AfroStyling AfroStyling

    Who the hell cares about this fool anyways? Oh yeah, i know…the idiot black women who are still following him on twitter and supporting his work.

  • Mimi

    Haha! I was thinking the same thing! Also, who over the age of 16 still watches videos?? I mean if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Are there any rap, r&b, pop or rock videos without half naked women in them? While I haven’t seen the video, I’m glad that there aren’t any black women in it because judging from music, videos, movies and tv shows of today, black women very rarely are portrayed in a positive light.

    P.S.: Don’t you love it when someone says something or sends a tweet in a way that they KNOW will offend people and they end it with a compliment?

  • Inna Leigh

    You are so right, this man is OFFICIALLY a clown. He’s just another Black celeb, with a warped mind….

  • Jocelyn Duncan

    Since when is he still famous?

  • AndreaNicole

    Co-Sign Erin. You know we’ve discussed this before and I am totally over fighting for brown skin girls to be equally objectified. Being in a video is not the only standard of beauty these days. So the brown skinned girls weren’t the best at lip licking and booty shaking this time. Okay. Am I supposed to feel like I lost? Because I don’t.

    Tyrese’s logic is not always on target anyway, so his standards don’t really have any relevance in my life.

  • sunshyne84

    Fast & The Furious…Transformers…

  • Icooka4u


    I was one that had a comment & a brief sigh of disappointment. However, I did keep the comment brief because it was a double edged sword. Yes I want to see a reflection of myself as a Black Woman in Black Mens videos, however, not baby oiled down playing naked 3-way twister like I’m at Hedonism II.

    Tyrese saying “I’m Black as shit” like that’s a free pass for not representing your reflection in the mirror, is to making a racist statement about a Black person, then saying, “But my best friend is Black.”

    When I want to see definite reflections from my brother of me and the entire 16 shades of Black, I tune in to “Black Coffee”, “Round Da Way Girl”, ect.

    No other race/culture of men do videos with a predominate or all different race of women in the videos but Black men, unless their trying to cross over to us because were their target audience.

  • Keshia

    It isn’t about representation it’s about where your support lies. If even one %100 black women isn’t part of the best (even though most of his fans are black women) then neither is he. Not supporting him!

  • Karen

    Could we just have some self respect and not support these losers. If it was not for Black woman his black ass would be nowhere. Not that we need to be seen shaking our asses up in his or anyone elses videos anyway.

  • Icooka4u

    First I’d like to thank Tyrese for inspiring & provoking the writter in me to produce a 5pg piece of literature which I’m not even sure how to categorize. After viewing the video, I felt the full effect of Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion: “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions.”;I reacted poetically with my 2nd sword, my pen, my mouth being the 1st sword.

    My comments immediately after viewing the video went exactly like this:

    (This one I think left on YT)
    Love Tyrese as an artist, however, I am once again dissappointed at the sterotypical display of one kind of beauty when it comes to women especially from a Black Man!

    @Tyrese I would b so happy 2 c a video from a Black Man full of beautiful diverse looking Black Women no disrespect

    “@celebritywisdom: Stop telling everyone your business and your plans cause most are NOT happy for you! -@Tyrese #celebritywisdom”
    3 Aug Unfavorite Undo Retweet Reply

    Tyrese Gibson

    So I’m getting tweets.. Why aren’t any “Black Women” in your video.. I had a 2 days audition. I welcomed ALL women and went with the BEST

    Tyrese Tyrese Gibson

    I dont do favors.. Doesn’t matter the race!! I’m black as shit!! Love my sisters!! You do auditions and go for the BEST! Not race!! Love u!

    (my FB comment on my pg not his)
    How is having a reflection of yourself doing favors, you love your sisters (where, off camera?) and “…go for the best!” You just put Shaq’s foot in yo mouth w/that ish – and need a #tamithat_oe smack for that shm

    Tyrese Gibson
    Be the change you wanna see in this world.. You got a problem with videos and movies.. DIRECT THEM YOURSELF!! Yes!! Let’s go sexy people!!

    @ Icooka4u
    @Tyrese I’ll stay in my lane as an Educator, Nurse & Mommy that’s what I do best. Out of all the compliments that’s all u saw? Sincerely…

    @Tyrese I will be getting the album, watching YOU in the vid’s & still waiting for your current books that’s been on hold for the last month
    1 hour ago

    @icooka4u Icooka4u

    @Tyrese No u can’t please everybody, & every fan which I am, is not gonna like everything, but it’s not that serious
    After that, I feel back because like I mentioned in a previous post it’s a double edge sword. Yes I want to see Black Women in videos by Black Men, however, positive images, not naked-3-way-baby-oiled-down twister.


  • hmmm

    ooops i thought he was gay.. shouldn’t he have black men in the video instead?

  •!/AfroStyling AfroStyling

    I am waiting for the day black women will realize their purchasing power is a force to reckon with. You can single handedly bankrupt all these losers who continue to shit in your face. If i see a black woman buying a lil wayne album or any album from one of these ignorant ass hats, i will personally dash her a slap to the face.

  • Infamous T Ronise

    While he’s focused on who’s in this video he needs to care about how craptastic this song is. This is just his piss poor attempt to stay relevant in the music industry especially with the Tyga feature. Tyrese has been acting for the last 10 years and just needs to stick to that, because there’s definitely no real effort here.

  • M.E.L.

    9 times out of 10, nowadays, if a Brother is successful in mainstream Hollywood and constantly promotes demeaning misogynistic, negative, and foolish stereotypes its because he’s sold out and agreed to be a life time sucker of the white man’s d–k, literally and figuratively.

    This video is proof positve that Tyrese is in the Suckers Club.

    Back on your knees where you belong, Jody.

  • Tracie

    I let Tyrese go along time ago, as usual…”when he get on he leave your as$ for a white girl!”

    I respect him being color blind, but regardless he should have had some form of representation of his race….don’t forget where you come from Black Ty!

  • binks

    Tyrese is an example of twitter gone wrong for a celebrity. Every since he got on twitter I find myself liking him less and less he was more interesting when he was a bit mysterious and didn’t say everything on his mind or drop “knowledge” …shrugs. As for his video it doesn’t offend me because I’ am not checking for it anyway, but if you are the one disappointed in it hit him or any other celebrity where it hurts by not supporting it

  • d_nicegirl

    I have been boycotting all self hating, misogynists for years and I have been patiently waiting for my sisters to join me. He doesn’t care how Black women, the purchasers of his garbage feel about his videos? Has he forgotten that videos are marketing tools? Nothing matters more than if Black women like it! But if Black women continue to buy music from people who hate them, why should he or any of the clowns change?

  • markus

    i wonder how many white women complain about robin thicke lack of white women in his video and dont give me the lame excuse that his wife is black. because that excuse wont work on a black man with a non black wife

  • http://none Kit

    Did I just hear him say he was bringing “class” back to videos!?! And then it cuts to a clip of three women wearing next to nothing on all fours feeling on each other!
    He’s having a laarrrf!

    It looked like any other music video to me:
    Near naked women with fake body parts attempting to look as vacuous and eager to please as possible, often either positioned like they have doo-doo in their bottoms or balancing precariously on ridiculously high heels that will surely one day give them spinal problems, while males with inflated sense of self sing/ rap uninspiring and often misogynistic nonsense over a distinctly ordinary beat.

  • http://none Kit

    Better not to have sisters in videos like this. He and all other musicians casting for scantily-clad objects can continue to cast the ethnically ambiguous or the non-black.

  • B

    Ask yourself why should we care if Tyrese casts one of us in his skank video? Why do we let ourselves care so much about what random black men (we’ve never met) think of us. We do better to focus on what the black men we know personally (sons, fathers, nephews, etc.) think of us. As black women, we really gotta stop letting black men define female beauty for us (or we have to stop thinking that what they view as desirable defines us). Yes, it’s easier said than done. But it’s the truth.

  • TheBestAnonEver

    Didn’t he have a relationship advice book for black women? Didn’t some stupid women run out and buy it? I am rolling on the floor with laughter.

    Black women, desperation is not a good look. Stop seeking validation outside yourself.

  • TheBestAnonEver

    @d_nicegirl: I am with you, but I cannot call it a boycott because I have no interest in them or the music they produce.

  • Yana

    9 out of 10 black men and 10 out of 10 black men with two nickels to rub together will pick a non-black or mixed looking woman over a brown or dark skinned sister ANY DAY! I don’t know why black women continue to get their feelings hurt. We need to mourn “the loss” and get over it. They don’t want to have black looking children nor do they want to look at their own skin and features on a woman. They think it is ugly, I have heard many black men say this and others show you by their preference.

    We need to let it go. Black men across the diaspora are showing the same behavior that black men in America have shown for decades. They prefer anything but black women and will hunt and peck through a pack of beautiful sisters for a tranny looking Latina or Asian and then claim they just wanted “the best”.

    Personally, with the lack of self control, discipline and chivalry many black men display, I say we are not losing out on much. Just maybe some industry money but oh well to that. I don’t know what black women should do honestly. Just stop getting angry over this shit because they don’t care how we feel. In fact, it make them feel good to have a large group of women to reject since they themselves are rejected by white society. So they get an ego boost of their “no dark butt” crusade.

    Fuck em.

  • Jada

    For once, I’m thankful the sistahs were left out this video. Really, what are they upset about being left out of . This is not the song to be pissed about being excluded from. Have they heard the lyrics to the song. Really? Maybe it was the people who audtioned and didn’t make it that are complaining, because this is a great video to be left out of . People need to find something to be really angry about.

  • Chica

    K that’s a weak argument because Robin Thicke’s primary fan base isn’t made up of white women. Plus he’s like one of the only white artists who doesn’t use a ton of white chicks in his videos. That being said, I could care less really what Tyrese Gibson is doing. I could hardly get through this video. It just oozed a lack of creativity and maturity. So thank you Tyrese. Thanks for not putting blacks girls like me in your poor excuse for a video.

  • markus

    that not a weak argument b/c he has white females who robin thicke fans and who buy his CD’s. i know for sure tyrese has female fans of all races i dont know y black women only believe they are the only ones buying CD

  • Chica

    it is a weak argument because his PRIMARY fan base isn’t white women. I didn’t say white chicks don’t buy any robin thicke CD’s but they definitely don’t make up the majority of his fans. Just go to one of his concerts. It’s also a weak argument because robin thicke is in the minority of white artists who don’t use a lot of white women in there videos. However a majority of black male artists tend to lean towards using non-black women in their videos. That is the issue at hand. I’m done with this now.

  • JustSaying…

    I feel sorry for you and all the rest of the LOST black women out here waiting for black men to validate them. This is what happens when you tie your existence to another group of individuals. SMH. Sad and pathetic.


    I’ll wait for the answer….

  • JustSaying…

    You pretty much described the black MALE collective…not simply the black men in Hollywood. I’ve been saying it for a while: The black woman’s real enemy is staring her right in the face.

  • JustSaying…

    Sisters are flipping the script in the most hilarious way though. Black women who are losing weight are getting smart and once they get thin guess what? They leave “his” ass for a white man or some non-black man. LOL.

  • J

    First of all who is still checking for Tyrese? I let that negro go years ago, Tyrese is so stuck on himself like he is hot shit but he is not. He and Steve Harvey are pseudo-intellectuals who try to pawn off their “knowledge” on black women, and black women eat it up.

  • lee

    If you don’t feel you are being represented in videos like these, you should be happy. The way these women are portrayed is not in the best light.

  • HoneyDew

    Oh Tyrese, so wrong on so many levels and still you don’t realize it. Tyrese you really and truly are intrinsically broke, the depth of your poor mentality (and incase you have not noticed I am not talking about money here) amaze me!!!!

  • C in Cleveland

    Wth, apparently you didn’t get the memo.

  • D-Chubb

    Any Black woman who remains part of dude’s fan base is a fool. And deserves as much scorn as he does.

  • chanela

    just sayin is about to have a FIELD DAY in this article . lol

  • feri

    Lol. I wonder how many followers he lost. I don’t care what he says about just choosing the “best” that showed up. If you don;t care enough about your core demographic to appeal to them in your video, not only are you dumb you have an issue.

    Personally I think twitter is great. It allows artists to expose their ignorance so that people can see who they’re truly supporting. He should be able to do whatever he wants, but I’m hoping his Black female fans with any sense have peaced out.

  • Lulu

    WOW…that video literally made me gag….talk about objectification of women…where three of them humping each other on the floor at the beginning? The guy is an idiot, our society has a narrow view of beauty in general and hollywood/the entertainment & modeling industries perpetuate these narrow concepts of beauty and these fools who are blinded by fame and money eat it up….next thing they know the industry they gave everything will eat them up and spit them out…the problem is that the everyday american who is comfortably brainwashed by whatever is spoonfed to them by the media absorbs the constant reinforcement of one type of beauty and nothing changes on a societal level. I have noticed that black women going natural and stepping out confidently are turning heads and changing thoughts about our beauty.

  • LemonNLime

    Right! Who cares about a music video, maybe when I was in middle school but now not even close to caring. As for the tweets, if we were thirsty forgotten talentless 90′s “artists” trying to get attention and stay relevant in a new decade, Im sure we would do the same thing! I’m more so worry about the pathetic women who are mad the don’t see women who look like them being portrayed as object.

  • Timcampi


  • Tiffany

    Finally! Black women aren’t in a video looking the fool! Keep the black woman out of the frivolous, tasteless video.

  • Isis

    Can we curse on here without our comments being removed?? Anyway I followed that self hating jerk on twitter until he posted a pic of a man talking about Wow this dude is black!!! I was like wtf?? U think ur light?? *unfollow*

  • Isis

    As long as black women support these self hating jerks they will ALWAYS have a platform cuz those white/light women they praise in their videos don’t buy their music. I refuse!!!! Wake up black women, these men don’t like you!!!! Stop being their doormats.

  • ruggie

    Anyone who thinks of themselves as “black as shit” would, quite naturally, not want to see a woman who looks like him in his video. White folks did a number on us big time. Tyrese, you need help.

  • Isis


  • Lucky

    Tyrese who? He hasn’t been relevant in years. If he’s tryna make a comeback, this is a heck of a way to do it. He’s going to lose (if he hasn’t lost already) his target demographic. This makes me glad I was never a fan of his.

    He’s a joke.

  • RealityCheck

    YES, NO BLACk WOMEN……. because we’re so much better than this. Thank you Robin Thicke for displaying black beauty in a tasteful manner.

  • Nasya

    I agree I don’t even follow him on Twitter . Such as a waste. Black home are going to do him like they did Wesley Snipes~~~stop buying his music and seeing his movies. How arrogant and cocky of Tyrese this is one sista who won’t download or watch any of his movies.

  • Nasya

    ^5 @ Isis you are so right. I have seen and heard the way he and other Black celeb men sing praises of women of other races that is fine if you prefer/want them but don’t use/blame black women as an excuse to why you prefer other races..its so dumb and obvious. They can have men like Tyrese and etc.

  • ChoCho75

    All I can say about this dumb-azz video is this: YAAAWWWWWNNNNN!!!!! How old, typical, UNORIGINAL, and the usual let’s have a bunch of dumb broads in tiny shyt bounce around, shake their azz, and slather on oil, and act like everybody’s having a good ‘ol time! Uh, no, we all know these chicks are all about the money, and were catty in-between takes! Yeah, it ticks me off a little, but not as much as Chad Ochocinco did with his show, had mostly latina/white chicks on his show, and the rest that he picked were three sistas! REALLY, dude??? And the chick he picked STILL wasn’t about shyt!!! These dudes need to be smacked with a skillet on principle alone!

  • Bisous


  • chinaza

    You are so correct.Why should black women seek to be degraded in videos anyhow?

  • positive songs

    My question is why would any person who is disrespected continue to sit, watch, and be entertained by their own hangings? Ignore the carrot because when it’s dangling in front of you, you know it’s a false promise.

    That channel and those who are featured in it have done the same thing with increasing degrees of boldness since Viacom bought it out. And, if you haven’t gotten the message by now…get ready to swallow more dung until you do. It’s past time to graduate from the box and only support the venues which honor you, even if you have to some digging to find them.

    Being on the outside of the mainstream is rewarding…you’ll never have to settle for snuggling up to those who are insulting you while selling to you. And, eventually, the mainstream will follow. FYI: Black girls rock was born out of a myspace page- Now it’s featured on the same venue that does psychological hangings of little black girls everyday…that in itself is a carrot. But, it still stands, they wouldn’t have bought it if there wasn’t power behind it. That power came from those doing something different and cutting off the rest.

    No settling necessary- find a better art, celebrate it, put your money there, and your attention, and make change happen for yourself and for those that come after you- If you want a real change. Just my 2 cents.

  • lola289

    Yea,has he ever had a brown or dark skinned leading lady in his vids?
    hmmm…sad ish! Happy I didn’t buy his book :P

  • lola289

    “Im black as shit”
    Wow…Tyrese got issues…another brainwashed fool :(

  • lola289

    Amen! Reality Check!

  • African Mami

    Shoot me, but I still think he is one sexy azz motherfrigger!!!!!! Heyyyyyy clutch!

  • jasmine

    I love love love being a black woman and no man can ever make me feel bad about that!

  • Allana

    Oh well…..I am not surprised at all.

  • whilome

    This motion has been presented and seconded.

    All agreed say, “aye”.

    The “ayes” have it!

  • whilome

    HA! That was my first thought too! And where’s Queen of Newcastle with her 2 pence?!

  • JustSaying…

    :-) I opted to leave this one alone (for the most part). I don’t take pleasure in telling black women “I told you so.” I just love when black men talk though–they almost always confirm my so-called generalizations.

  • York Patties

    I am feeling EVERYTHING about this comment! You are so 100% on the MF money!

  • Isis

    lmaooo I love how JustSayin took the high road. Yall come down hard on her but she isn’t lying about these black “men” yall love so damn much.

  • Leonie UK

    I remember a coversation I had with a mixed race friend of mine a few years back. I was going on and on about lack of Black women in music videos, unless it’s adult soul or neo soul music. I was on a full soap box/speakers corner tandom, when she said ” Well at least you got some clothers on”. She then started her soap box speech on the fact if you happen to be light/bright and white you are always naked/in a string bikini and viewed as the hoe or goldigga. Your the party girl/mistress or the sex object of the 21st century. She finished off with a chilling statement that still rings in my head ” and you know why they don’t potray women like their wives in the videos? cause they love her fair to much to disgrace her, unlike the exotic females like me”

    Sometimes we need to see the shoe on the other foot

  • Leonie UK

    Oh and by the way Tyresse is a damm fool, the man got no damm sense. Did you see Wendy Williams cut him full sentance on her show recently? That says it all…

  • lesismore

    “Anyway, forget Jody and this wack video. It wouldn’t matter if he cast Alek Wek or your cousin Keisha, this fool made a song with the Pied Pedophile of R&B AND Tyga. The girls were just the mayonnaise on the fail sandwich.”

    lol! That statement was priceless. Tyrese goin’ say “I’m back…we goin’ bring class and tact and good energy back to these videos…I’m just sayin…they in lingerie and all ‘lat, but you know what im sayin, you get what i’m sayin?” – cuts to oiled up females on top of each other playing twister in lingerie – o_O

    After looking at the video, I’m wondering why were black women complaining about not being in THIS video? The last time I felt the sting about us not being in a video was when I was watching Pharrell’s “Number One” video — but this right here…I’m quite thankful we aren’t in it. And reading a comment about the shoe being on the other foot for exotic looking women who are expected to be naked all the time to be ogled at…(which was another thought that crossed my mind after looking at the video), this, (like most videos) was a fail for ANY woman to be in.

    Having a fan base of devoted black women, does not mean he needs to reward you by having you oiled up and half-naked on top of some other devoted black woman, as another devoted black woman is grinding on your behind and rubs more oil on hers…while he sings thisclose in front of you for a shot.

    And for those black women who are speaking to be in this only in reference to their careers as models…best wishes in your continuing struggle to be recognized in the industry that doesn’t care for you too much in the first place. That’s a difficult battle, but I’m sure it can be won, one oiled up butt cheek at a time. Oiled butt cheeks unite! (kidding, but not really.)

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  • SisterAyiti

    What do you mean why shouldn’t we be upset? Of course it hurts! I don’t care if those women are working the pole– they should look like us because the song is marketed towards us because we’re his target demographic.

    What he and other artists are saying is “Only you’re money is good enough.” And if that doesn’t piss you off well damn.

  • SisterAyiti

    Of course its offensive. Everyone saying there is no reason to be angry because of the nature of the song and video but I don’t care if those women were working the pole. Black women are Tyrese’s target market. Don’t you get it? Without us, he doesn’t sell a damn record.

    And yet– he doesn’t even consider you that important or special except for your money. Those “fans” he speaks so highly of are good enough to pitch to when its times to go out and buy the record but won’t be on the cover posing with him or in the inside jacket either. He like most musical artists today don’t consider us “the best.” And to all the models, video girls etc. who do this for a living– are getting screwed. You may have your reservations about the moral issues at stake of doing videos but that’s not what the argument is about.

    Aint nobody preaching in this article. It boils down to the facts. Black women aint in the video because Tyrese and the rest of these niccas are self-haters. So and what?

  • Quell

    Why are black women even surprised that they’re not in these tired ass videos? I really don’t even care anymore.

  • Alexandra

    Can’t say I’m surprised by these comments, they’re actually predictable. When you place people on a pedestal, you’re setting yourself up to get upset; no one is perfect. There will be more Tyrese’s to come and as usual the Black female blogosphere will bitch & moan. Sigh.

    Black men don’t owe Black women outside of the ones in their families anything, why can’t some of you understand that? Some Black women can’t wrap their minds around the ‘fact’ that ‘some’ men (including Black men; oh-em-gee) simply dont like them. You can’t always throw out that typical: “he’s a self hater” crap. Sorry, but Black women collectively need to get over it; but I’m sure most won’t. You don’t hear Black men bitching about this like Black women. They keep it moving. Once these Black women start doing the same thing those skin color issues, hair issues, anti non-Black female hate will stop. Good grief.

  • huh

    Lets be honest-what he’s doing is no different than what 90% of the Black R&B singers/rappers do. The only thing is-usually they’ll make the lead biracial or have the toke dark skinned girl play a bigger role.

    If he chose what he & the others considered the best, Im not mad at them> It’s their project and their decisions. But I do get tired of that one standard of beauty, not just in music videos..but also who gets the music contract, who gets lead role in the romantic comedy, all of it. Its @ the point where most people will say a brown skinned girl is the ‘ugly’ one on reflex when they watch a tv show, just because we’re not used to seeing them on TV!

  • Tami

    I was a fan of Tyrese but I will no longer be. Tyrese is in the public eye. He should be singing Black women praises, especially since so many love his music. I thought he was a smart man. Does he not know that racism still exist in this country? What is wrong with people looking out for their own people first? Other races do it all the time. Tyrese, you are truly a fool.

  • Are You Serious Bro

    This is becoming comical, some of you all are absolutely reaching for the stars on these supposedly attacks against the black woman. I disagree with most of the things that Tyrese writes or tweets about, but in this case he was not in the wrong in the least bit.

    No where did he say he hated black women or that black women were ugly. What he clearly said was that he held an audition and went with the best women out of the group that was available for him to choose from at that time. Every Black Women is not a dime, just like every White, Latina, Asian, or green women out there is not a dime. Sometimes black women win out and at other times other races may win out. Beauty comes in all shades, colors, and ethnicity. I know it is out of the realm of possibility for some of you to believe that maybe, just maybe that he was not feeling the black women who happened to try out for this particular video. Or better yet it could not be that the number of black women who audition was particularly low in numbers making it harder for a great deal of them to make the cut into the video.

    The flip side to this is that if he did cast a bunch of black women in the spot of the other women in the video, most of you including the write of this piece would more then likely complain about how he is degrading black women or only sees black women as sexual objects and nothing more. *Cue the whole misogyny in HipHop theme*

    Which means we stand at a catch 22. The current situation is when black women are cast in these spots by black men, we get the Steve Harvey types coming out of the woodwork screaming about black men degrading the black woman. However as soon as a non-black woman is cast instead we get another segment of the population along with the Steve Harvey types screaming about how the artist is full of self-hate and wants nothing but evil things to happen to black women. Let’s not forget that these same artist would cut down their own mother to have a white women on their arm. *Cue Jason Derulo hates black women theme*

    No matter what Tyrese did with this particular video he was bound to lose in the end either way. He would either get the “Another Black Man Degrading Black Women” title or the “Another Black Man Who Is Self Hating” title. If I was an artist nowadays, I would just have a video with only myself in it. Anything else and you are bound to upset most of your fanbase.

  • Are You Serious Bro

    Is this not good enough:

    Plenty more videos where he honor the greatness of black women, our Mothers of the Earth and the Queens of all things love.

    On a side note, Mia Campbell was absolutely stunning in the 90s. No matter what personal struggles she had, she will forever be my childhood crush. Much <3 to her.

  • Kat007

    Agreed with everything you said…and technically I haven’t even supported (i.e. listened to since I sure wouldn’t buy these any of these albums LOL) R&B, hiphop, and rap in YEARS. Can you clarify though “9 out of 10 black men and 10 out of 10 black men”? It has to be a typo.

  • NikD

    So he’s saying over 2 days of auditions there wasn’t 1 black girl that was attractive enough to be in his video? :-\ #wedon’tbelieveyou #youneedmorepeople

  • fahrealtho

    damn that’s true though. They may not portray brown women as Sexy, but they do marry most of us. Pu$$y is for the videos, a wife and mother is for the house. THe videos are the average guys wet dream, but not life dream.

    If Tyrese felt that no good black women came out, we really weren’t there to judge. While seated at my computer, i recognize I am a beautiful black woman, but I also know that most of the chicks that show up to videos LIVE in the gym, plastic surgery center and the beauty parlor. I LIVE with my child and family, and I sometimes be slacking on the looks department, but I have a man who has seen me at my worst and best. On my best YES i can rival those girls (well maybe in 15lbs less and 2 cup sizes and booty sizes larger, and about 12″ more of weave preferably lightened up to a #4/27 lol), but then I would probably be single anyway because men don’t take that sexy girl seriously, she looks like a good time not someone you tell you love.

    Bottom line: Tyrese can cast whoever he wants to. I love myself a little too much to compare myself to women that are openly referred to as hoes, to try to LOOK like them or be worried about not seeing more like me in videos. This has an added bonus, browner women stop being looked at like hoes, and are more likely to be cast as wives, mothers, etc.

  • fahrealtho

    You guys, seriously. I didnt even watch it when i first commented but this SHIT IS BIZARRE!!! I dont want to see more brown women. Let them hoes have their day. Let them be objectified and slutted and let them get f-cked by all the negroes and the rest of them up in there. F- that, I don’t need it, I don’t want to be a part of it. Stop screaming over this bull. IF you beautiful throw your hands up. If you a hoe, go try out for that video.

    ANd black women, clearly if we came out half naked like those chicks did with super long weave they would have chosen us. But would you have been happy? Trust you wouldn’t have gotten paid anyway!

  • Remi

    Preach! There are far more important if not interesting things to be concerned about. We as Black women need to stop, reflect and access instead of giving these idiots amo.
    If it were more Black women in skimpy outfits in that video we would be just as mad too…smdh

  • Miss Moon

    The last sentence just sent me up to heaven!!! ROTFLMAO

  • Bridget

    who cares???

  • Lyoness

    I’m Black (not mixed race) but over the years I’ve come to the same conclusion as your friend. I have a few friends who are light skinned/mixed race and it seems that some guys only want to be with them because of their looks NOT because of anything else. The guys are actually surprised when my girls have ideas/thoughts/opinions about stuff. I don’t blame your friend. It’s really sad for any women when they meet a guy (I’m talking about real life, not a video) they think they have a connection with and the guy just fetishizes her.

  • Simone

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he is closeted. Looking back on his career, he has never been happy with ANY woman…period. And while his fan base may be sisters, he really could care less….it’s just about the dollars with him and his no acting self.

  • Kiku

    Okay people do not let the weave and light skin fool you into this game just to get his video some air play. There are sisters in this video!!!!!
    Let’s be real and think. First off do we really care? No, because we know that we are the trend setters and that our bodies are banging.
    No one not even Tyrese can take that away. So smarten up, wake up, and do not let some game playing PR rep that is trying to get a wack song some hype and air play!!!!!

  • Kiku

    @ Alexandra,
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tyrese owes me nothing.
    I owe it to myself, my daughter(s), and sisters the respect of being beautiful in our skin and comfortable with who we are and to teach them to be respected, and to respect them for it. Which has nothing to do with being black but everything to do with being PROUD.
    @ Remi you are right can’t win either way.

  • Angie

    You took everything out of my mouth. Perfect comment

  • maxineshawattyatlaw

    “it is a weak argument because his PRIMARY fan base isn’t white women.”


  • shantel

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! who cares. both the song and video are wack and Tyrese’s acting skills are mediocre at best.

  • chasey

    female objectification at its best…SMH…I have outgrown Tyrese

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    Who’s checking for Tyrese? If you have a Twitter account (and actively use it) you’ll have discovered many moons ago the man is a fool.

    But what wouldn’t surprise me is if it was mostly Black women that bought his book. *sigh*

  • taylor

    He FAILS. And he’s making his self irrelevant. People like him kill me when they kill their own selves. Black women make you relevant. Get a PR agent you idiot.

  • Kim

    I do agree that Black women need to stop responding to these sort of statements as if their heart has been ripped out.
    And yes, as a grown woman, NO ONE owes me anything, not just black men.
    On the other hand, it is truly SICK for any black man to “not like” black women. Yes, that is one sick man and I hope he receives the help he needs. One day he just might NEED a black woman in some shape or form. Karma is a biotch.

  • Alexandra

    Yes, it’s saddening that something as simple as a music video can bring out so many emotions. In the comments some people are saying they “don’t care”, but I think some of them really do. That is sad, because although it’s cliche, Black women truly need to stop expecting Black men or Tv to validate them. This is too much.

    @Kim: “One day he just might NEED a black woman in some shape or form. Karma is a biotch.”

    This where family comes in. He shouldn’t expect anything from Black women outside of this family either.

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  • BB

    umm am I the only one who’s happy about this?? I’m proud that less black women are in trashy videos! I would rather see black women in university or college..getting degrees or starting businesses…having self respect and success in life. NOT dancing in tiny clothes being an object for a bunch of men…:| smh

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