It seems like Amber Rose can’t win. After a “life-changing” trip to Ghana to host the Vodafone 020 Music Festival, Rose twitted photos of herself in some of the country’s poorest areas (and with a group of school girls she had spoken to). She was apparently moved by what she’d seen, and mistakenly commented that Ghana had extreme wealth and abject poverty, but no middle class. She was immediately taken to task by many Ghanaians who felt her comments painted a skewed picture of their country. One Ghanaian wrote a letter to the editor of to express her anger with Rose’ comments. The reader was extremely critical of Rose saying, “the only decent credibility this chick carries around is ‘ex-girlfriend of Kanye West.’” While Amber’s comments were misguided, many Americans/Westerners have made similarly wrong observations before. So are people just overly critical because it’s Amber Rose, a woman many find easy to criticize?

On her blog, WhoSay, Amber took some time to respond to her critics and explain her misguided comments.

Rose said:

“U do something positive in this industry u get scrutinized I really came to the conclusion that its not even about me its the fact that I’m a woman. Men in the entertainment industry are praised constantly for their ” wrong doings”. if ur a drug dealer and u took care of ur family before ur fame everyone understands. If u get shot in the mist of u hustling ur cool as fuck. If a mans naked pics hit the internet ppl think its cute or funny then just talk about how big he is. A Man can date 20 models at the same time and he is respected by the world and if a girl does it she’s a disgusting whore and a “Star Fucker” Women get destroyed by the media and our peers constantly but I am writing this to specifically speak about myslf. Regardless of the fact I dated Kanye for 2 years or the fact I was a stripper at 15 years old or that my most private pics were stolen from me and a new batch hit the internet every week, I am a human being. I’m a daughter, a best friend, a great wife and a all around good person.”

Along with making questionable comments about Ghana’s class system, Rose also came under fire for speaking to a group of school girls. Many wondered why Rose was allowed to speak to young girls, considering her past. However, Rose says she was the perfect person to speak to the girls because she understands what they’re going through.

She wrote:

“I keep my life positive and I stay strong every time my ex talks about me in his songs or when these blogs tell nothing but lies about me or when ppl say that I shouldn’t be speaking to young girls in Africa. Why wouldn’t I speak to those girls? I AM West African* just like them, I grew up poor just like them, most of those girls quit school to take care of their families JUST LIKE I DID. So how the hell do they not relate to my life and I theirs??? Talking to those young girls wasn’t a job for me feeding those kids wasn’t a job for me it wasn’t for publicity and I didn’t get paid to do it. I went there cuz I LOVE to help ppl.”

Rose continues by saying she’s been nothing but positive and hasn’t engaged in the mindless bashing of others. To her credit, whenever she’s been talked about negatively, she seems to respond with positivity. In her post, she also mentioned that, although she says she’s all about “female empowerment,” her biggest critics are women.

“And the one thing that is extremely upsetting is the fact that woman criticize me more then men do. Look at yourselves before u criticize someone u don’t know Look at the mistakes you’ve made in ur life. ppl are so negative it’s ridiculous But I will continue to be positive, Loving and all about women empowerment.”

For some reason, I like Amber Rose. She wears her heart on her sleeve, she loves her man and doesn’t care who knows, and despite what many say about her, she seems oddly optimistic and nice. Has Rose had the best life and made all of the right decisions? Most certainly not. But her story–with all of its trials and triumphs–is one many can both relate to and learn from.


What do you think? Are people just too hard on Amber Rose or does she bring it on herself? Do you think women are harder on other women as Amber asserts? Sound off!


*Amber Rose has said she is biracial and of Italian and Cape Verdean descent.


  • Joan

    Her heart seems to be in the right place, but to be honest, she’s an easy target. She’s pretty, but she’s not a woman that most mothers would want their girls to aspire to be like. She’s more of a cautionary tale. LOL. And yes, she’s going to get a certain amount of sh@t because she’s a woman, but I don’t think someone like Alicia Keys or Venus Williams would have the same sort of experience. I mean, come on…She has to know how she is perceived by many women and for that matter, many men.

  • Kim

    This is just mean-girl syndrome at work. There is nothing more detrimental to female progress than the insidious poison of gossip, by women, about women. Women keep each other down with varying degrees of the complaints Amber Rose is making here. It is ridiculous, especially as outsiders, to claim that Amber shouldn’t be engaged in this work. It’s weakness on someone’s part to decide they are on a high enough moral ground to diminish someone’s character and motivations. And she has every right to complain. Unfortunately, she will just have to manage the criticisms because this kind of character defamation is so deeply engrained in our experience. It starts with deciding the girl in your 6th grade class who you heard kissed a 10th grade boy is a slut. 25 years later you’re telling women with imperfect pasts that they’re not fit to talk to young girls. le sigh.

  • secret ninja

    honestly i’m not the biggest fan or a fan period of Amber Rose, but i don’t understand why people are trippin’. there are a lot of people in the public eye who have had a life similiar to or worse than Amber. i could see if she was still on the pole, but since she’s not and she seems to be trying to do something positive with her life (she’s not making millions off of those leaked photos like a certain somebody we all unfortunately know) then what is the problem?

  • Sweetilocks

    Personally, I like Amber. I respect her for remaining positive in the world of hateful, woman-bashing hypocrites. Women are her biggest critics because they believe the poison that patriarchy and sexism has taught them. Amber is completely honest about who she is and was. She’s not catty and she doesn’t pretend to be perfect. People act like celebrities don’t have feelings, but they do. And she is showing that she does. I respect her more than anything for aiming high for herself. If she doesn’t, then no one will. Be encouraged Amber. It is making a difference!

  • Sweetilocks

    Funny how misogynistic critics can only give her “credit” for dating Kanye, yet they are criticizing her for dating him at the same time. Remember, misogynists aren’t always men. And it’s not funny, it’s just sad.

  • African Mami

    One thing has greatly stood out for me in Amber’s response, she is a “great wife”.

    Hold up, she’s married to Khalifa???????????????????????????????????????????

  • BigBertha

    Um, how is she a good role model for theses girls?!
    Publicity stunt, to try to clean up her image.

  • KingJason

    Her heart was in the right place they need to pull up on Amber.


    Amber just score some points with me
    women(black women) hate on her because she is a cute lightskin woman.

  • secret ninja

    please don’t start that sh!t on here, you are barking up the wrong tree…

  • Guulo

    I don’t know who this Amber Rose is apart from seeing her on magazines semi-nude while I stand at the checkout line at the store. Only God knows what is in her heart and further only those who have shared a life with her can attest to her statements of being a good human being with a good heart, the rest of us just see what our eyes see as we have no one way of knowing what is in another’s heart nor can we judge her humanity because we have not spent quality time with her. That I believe would be unfair to claim we know her motives and her heart. But I don’t think any of those things are relevant and I understand she is defending herself against her critics. I disagree with her saying it’s about her being a woman, I am sure the same thing would have been said about Little Wayne giving a lecture to school children.

    I do agree imperfect pasts and past mistakes should never be held over someone’s head, like Malcolm said, “to have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace”, so Amber Rose’s past is not the issue it is her present that is and I am not sure what business she is involved in currently to make a judgment on the issue. But if she is still a video vixen girl, who walks semi-nude in public and dates rappers, then she has no business giving a lecture of any kind to young girls, especially at an Islamic school that values modesty in dress and conduct.

    As for the issue of poverty tourism, of course there are those be celebrity or non-celebrity who are all about the photo-op opportunities. Such people never make an investment in the people and children they claim they care about, but instead they spend a few fleeting moments with them during their trip enough to snap a photo to take back and share with their family and friends back home about “their awesomeness in serving the poor”, such people are pathetic and there time will be spent more in checking out the night life and safari’s than serving the locals. Who are they fooling? Heh

    Ps: I don’t see poverty in these pictures. I see vibrancy, happiness, and incredible beauty in these children.

  • RuthIsOnFire!


  • Faye

    Yes, she is hated on immensely by jealous women, but her low status in society is a result of associating with MEN who hate women.

  • Rest.

    I could see if she wasn’t making an effort and trying to ruin the people who she used to affiliate herself with a la Karrine Steffans. I think there is more to this woman as there are multiple sides to every person. She is really trying hard to change her image and just be a good person. I’ve dogged her in the past, but it’s probably because I wasn’t able to hear her side of the story. Leave this chick alone. Maybe she could’ve done some more reasearch before making a statement, but she is only human and she obviously went their to help people who were struggling. I don’t know what conditions her family was in whe n they lived in Africa, but I assume they came to America to have a better life for themselves. Amber is doing well she has a moive coming out, she has a child, she has a man who seems to really love her. Let her live. Sick of hearing people tear into our women like Halle, Nicki and now Amber. You should either support her positive achievements or work on building the future you wish to see starting with your own daughters. Ahh thats just my two cent…

  • JC

    Why did it blow up like this? All they had to do was give her a chart of the income distribution in Ghana and call out her ignorance of international economics. May be they could have linked it to western bias.

  • KrissyG

    Amusing. Amber Rose is progressive. LOL! What next? Katy Perry is the new Gloria Steinhem or Angela Davis? No offence, but comments like these just really demonstrate how low some people set their moral and ethics bar.

  • KrissyG

    And what’s your explanation for light-skin women who think she’s trash? If you cannot elevate the discussion, it’s best to shhhhhhh….

  • chanela

    omg OF COURSE men wont criticize her. they want to be in her thats why!!! men never complain about beautiful women no matter what they women are the only ones without blinders on

  • Timcampi

    Ghana is actually doing better than the U.S in terms of income distribution…

  • Timcampi

    Whoops. There is a discrepency between this listing and this one:

    Where Ghana has a 39.4 hrmmmm. Sorry for the brief misinformation.

  • tia

    just because she may do was she does doesn’t mean she can’t care about poverty or less fortunate people… get off your high horse

  • Quell

    I thought I was the only one that noticed that, I read that part twice.

  • http://blackcelebrityenergy Black Celebrity Energy

    That’s not good enough, everyday I see why Black women are and raise daughters that always have a slight tarnished, stinky, ENERGY around them.

    We have no obligation in allowing Amber Rose to ;use the spotlight to redeem herself. The spotlight should be for those who offer the best example, especially when it comes to someone like her who is just there and has no real talent.

    So now we have become the race to let all the hookers, strippers and raunchy hoes climb to great heights using our culture? I despise being part of this screwed up race that has such a worthless tainted, nasty culture, and I despise Black women who have these mentalities and raise Black girls you can’t help to despise either.

    There are many other women out there worth supporting. You can’t let this type of ENERGY come in the backdoor and plant it’s roots in this culture. It doesn’t give the youth anything to aim for.

    The same thing happened with Hip Hop, there are alot of Brothers that despite what they are doing in the street, have the hope they can become successful and wipe away all their past deeds. That’s not how this metaphysical world works, as Amber Rose is demonstrating. God would not allow it.

    She’s in a position she shouldn’t be in so she will always suffer spiritually and feel unworthy. And considering she shifts back and forth from apparently trying to have a better image to not giving a damn makes her more of a person to detest. Just a couple of weeks ago naked pictures surfaced that clearly show she was posing in very graphic sexual positions, just a couple of weeks ago she was tonguing down Wiz Khalif on the carpet of the VMA’s.

    That’s why I don’t trust Black people, there is no consistency to the ENERGIES we try to support, all is welcome. All your broken down, ex-strippers, whores and opportunist rejects are welcomed in this race. that’s why most low standard people start out by trying to get support through this race. Once they get this support and rise up like Kim K they wish to shed the tarnishing ENERGY of this race in order to truly look like a person of class.

    I guess it’s only natural metaphysics, just like our communities anything goes. So our culture reflects the same, anybody can slip through and influence and affect this culture. Just like the men Black women pick anybody can crap on this race.

  • TtotheK

    LOL! yol are hilerious, thought I was the only one who noticed that to.

  • Kim N. Campbell

    You might be referring to someone else’s comment but I know in the comment I made earlier I made no reference to Amber as progressive. I don’t know enough about her views to form that opinion.

    And when I think of people who are lauded for exceptionally high moral ethic…say for instance, Jesus, Dalai Lama, Buddah, it’s their acceptance rather their rejection and judgement of that sets them apart from people who have actually set their moral and ethic bar quite low.

    Just a different perspective.

  • Penny

    I’m surprised by some of the comments. Of course, it’s great that she is trying to help others and change her image. However, what is going on now is her so-called past coming back to bite her in the a$$. If she is serious about helping others, she will let her work speak for itself. And she won’t be so concerned with how she is perceived by the haters because her life is supposedly not about that sort of thing anymore, right? Yeah, right…Sorry, but I think she’s full of it. Brad and Angelina didn’t sit around whining about how people thought they were scum because of the whole Jennifer Aniston thing. They devoted their lives to helping others and they are now recognized for that. It just tickles me that Amber thought that her actions would be praised without question. Up until this, she had devoted a good part of her life to raising eyebrows. If she’s serious, she should do it for her own approval and not rely on public approval. Otherwise, she’s just the same silly, misguided woman many people think she is.

  • Penny

    Amber and I are about the same complexion. (I’ve never had any problems with attracting men. LOL.) I just don’t see how her complexion relates. Sorry, I just don’t like what she represents (so far). For me, she just does not leave a very good impression.
    If I could say anything to her, I’d say this:

    “If you want to help people, help people. But you know what people think about you, so don’t be surprised if you have a whole lot of negative comments posted about you on the internet. If you are serious about what you are doing, then keep doing your thing and don’t look back. When you do that type of work, you are supposed to do it out of the kindness of your heart and not expect anything in return…that includes public praise.”

  • Rest.

    Hon it sounds like you have some deeply rooted problems. This woman is in a relationship with a (somewhat) high profile celebrity. Why wouldn’t all of her life be on public display? She wasn’t the artist she was just invovled with them. Some pervert took very private photos of her and decided to spread them all over the internet. I haven’t seen them and I have no desire to. Kanye West has leaked photos of himself on the internet and is anyone crying foul about that? People are devoting so much negative energy to tearing her down. The fact that I even have to dicuss this with you bothers me.
    Would you rather her stay on the pole living in squalor or would you like to see black women do well and overcome their faults. To say you DON’T TRUST BLACK PEOPLE is a problem for me. I love who I am. I love my people. I recognize the struggles we have had and it gives me great joy to see us accomplich something good. Amber Rose is African so I’m glad to see her going to help in a place she considers home instead of going somewhere and volunteering for public approval.
    It is the parents’ responsibility to raise their child not a celebrity’s. Amber Rose is trying to use something other than her face and body to make a change so why tear her down for something in her past. You just sound bitter to me… Tell our young black women everyday that they are beautiful, tell them that their mind and spirits are valuable. Hug them. Tell them you love them. Tell them it’s OKAY to make mistakes so long as you try to correct them. We put so much pressure on our black youth they have to be one thing our another. If they aren’t the best or breaking new ground for black people we want to dismiss them or pay them no mind. I see it on Clutch Magazine alomst everytime is visit. We ask for stimulating articles about black women changing lives or excelling in various fields yet some of the highest read/commented articles are always about some scandal or something in entertainment. That’s a problem. If you want your daughters to aspire to be the next expert in binary fission quit constantly talking about celebrities. Give your kid a book on biology or make it interesting to them. Stop letting them media raise your kids and uplift our black people when they are trying to do right.

  • Rest.

    @Black Celebrity Energy I dont think my comment sent so I’m going to summarize. It is not Amber Rose’s nor is it any other celebrities’ responsibilty to raise our black youth. She has a child and she needs to do right by her that is HER priority. I believe she is trying to do something positive in her life so either support that or move on.
    I see it on Clutch all the time. We ask for articles about intellegent black people making changes in various fields yet when we comment, articles about pure garbage(entertainment, scandals, etc) are normally the highest rated. Why?
    She has a man who adores her and she wants to be in a commited relationship. Who are you to judge? Parents need to tell their young black girls that they are beautiful and worthy. Tell them that their opinions and their minds do matter. Tell them that you love them. Tell them that it is okay to make mistakes so long as you try to do better and try harder next time. I remember sitting in on my nephews 3rd grade class and when the teacher asked about prominent historical balck figures most of the children couldn’t name more than three. THREE!? Who’s fault is that. Not Amber’s. Take your kids off the idiot box and give them a book or play with them. Just show some interest instead f letting the idiot box raise them.

  • Dom

    She’s trying, I just hope it’s coming from the right place.

    SN: Why did she use texting grammar to address an issue she seemed to feel so passionate about? If you want people to take you seriously you should take yourself seriously…I’m just saying…

  • secret ninja

    okay Grammer Police, you should use your Master’s Degree in English to actually help someone rather than critique a comment on the internet.


  • Sands

    I have nothing against Amber Rose personally but I cannot imagine an instance where an ex stripper and celebrity girlfriend would be invited to talk to school children in the U.K (where I live) I can’t speak for the U.S.A so I can only assume.

    It’s one rule for the West and another for everywhere else. Ghanaians are supposed to be grateful this random woman is shedding light on their issues when she has never done anything for humanitarian issues in her own country? Errm ok. And as for giving the impoverished a voice she has generated more publicity for herself and the people she visited will be forgotten about as soon as she leaves. Kudos to her for trying to do something important, she clearly cares about what people think and it’s going to take a while for us to believe she’s serious.

    Also the whole “Black women are mean spirited and jealous” argument is getting old. I would feel the same about any D list celeb thinking they can offer incite into a country they know nothing about.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Amber Rose thinks she’s attacked by her detractors because she’s a woman? No, sweetie, try again please. How about the fact that her only claim to fame is who she is sleeping with- a la Kim Kardashian? How is a person supposed to take her seriously when all she amounts to is a famous guy’s beatpiece?

  • Sweetilocks

    Or maybe she has a heart. Ever think of that possibility? Or were you too busy hating and judging?

  • Sweetilocks

    I agree with most of what you said. But I think Lil Wayne definitely has male privilege on his side so that any criticism would not be as harsh as it is toward Amber. And Wayne poses shirtless all the time, nothing said about that. That is male privilege.

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