Peeped a really disgusting reader letter over at The Dirty this week:

Nik, so first let me say- I am a college student, double majoring at a university that I will not mention in a city that I will also not mention because I have quickly noticed this is a national/world wide issue. I also work in a bar on the weekends doing bottle service and I am used to drunk guys hitting on me all night long so it is not like I am overly sensitive to this issue. With that said… It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach the way that thuggish and to be honest ghetto black guys feel entitled and holler at white girls. It is f*cking disgusting. I go to a school in a coastal city, and I can’t even walk from my car to a building without feeling like some f*cking black dude is going to harass me. So I just wanted to make a public service announcement…. If you are a f*cking ghetto ass dude and you think that smacking your lips and spitting game at me is going to get your nasty *ss purple crayon in this– you are crazy.  So Nik, here is my question to you… What the hell is the problem? Are there seriously attractive white girls who give into this sh*t? Where do they live? Can we slap the jungle juice out of their system? Someone has to be to blame for this. I know tons of girls who are made so uncomfortable by things like this, and the issue is only growing. Nik please help.

Unsurprisingly, the site owner’s reply was pretty simple: “I think you are racist.” And while there was nothing surprising about the email either, it’s sad that this idiot broad (who is, obviously, a racist…and I have my doubts about the quality of that “university” based on her writing AND the fact that she thought a gossip blogger could help her with her ‘issue’) doesn’t understand that her Black female classmates are likely made to feel uncomfortable themselves when approached by thuggish guys. It’s called street harassment and sisters suffer more of it at the hands of men who look like them than anyone else. There is an “entitlement” issue with men of all races when it comes to approaching women…I’ve had terrible experiences with lower and middle class White men talking to me like I was a piece of meat. This isn’t Black man’s territory only.

I’m sure of you are wondering why even highlight this waste of flesh and bone, but its yet another unfortunate reminder of the glory of post-racial America. It’s amazing that those who have not suffered the transgressions of racism are still so filled with anger and hatred. Can you imagine the sort of paradigm shift it would take to get a woman like this to understand why those men behave as they do and how class/education inform those behaviors? God bless the USA. Ugh.

  • S.M.M

    *rolls eyes*

    I guess the people who are saying that this type of behavior is exclusive to “thuggish” Black men have never had contact with affluent, White men, who won’t hesitate to sexually harass you every day and offer you obscene amounts of money to lay their piggy-pink poker next to you.

    I have always worked with executive, level White men and this had always been the case across industries in my 20 plus year career. I tell you if I didn’t have any moral scruples I would be filthy rich.

    Addtionally, my online dating experience has been the same. The majority of men who make contact with me are affluent, White men. Despite the fact my profiles ALWAYS specify that I’m not interested in White men. Unfortunanetly, this seems to make them more persistent and obnoxious in my case.

  • Alexis

    I agree with this for sure. It’s definitely women in general.

  • Jabjab

    Well you would be right. I don’t deal with rich white men but I could see them being a holes just like “thuggish” black guys.

  • JS….

    “So to your comment about men of other races not feeling entitled to women of other races I would say that historically white men did feel entitled to black women, especially in the south, which resulted in massive amounts of interracial rapes. And then there’s the whole specter of lynching of black men accused of raping white women.”

    Historically this is accurate, but I’m more incline to believe their entitlement stemmed from White supremacy in general. They felt the world and everything in it belonged to them…not just black women.

    I’m not sure if ^^this is still the case where women are concerned and I think this can be best illustrated by both the way white men approach black women or if they approach at all (and many do not).

    I date white men. I’m currently with a white man. He is not an aggressive man. In fact, he was very timid and shy about approaching me. This doesn’t speak of someone who feels entitled to another human being. This has been my experience with white men period. The same with Asian men.

    Now this might in part be because of the belief that black women aren’t interested in dating outside the race (or their lack of interest), but none the less I think non-black men’s laid back approach to women speaks volumes about their lack of entitlement issues. Having had this discussion with non-black women they say the same thing: Non-black men (particularly Asian and white men) don’t approach them aggressively.


    I’ll have to take your word for it. Drunk people do and say crazy things.

  • Alexis


    yeah I agree with what you’re saying

    idk I think a lot of it may boil down your comment about inadequacies of some black men in other areas and feeling the need to overcompensate.

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