Jennifer Hudson’s affiliation with Weight Watchers moved to the next level as the songstress has opened her own Weight Watchers center in Chicago. After losing 80lbs as a spokeswoman for the nearly 50-year-old program, the Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center is not only close to her home, but dear to her heart.

In honor of her slain nephew, Julian King, the weight-loss conglomerate has pledged to donate a portion of the center’s revenue to a foundation that Hudson co-founded in his name. During the grand opening, the Grammy winner shared, “I never thought I would make it to have my own center… I’m so honored to be here and see this day.” Speaking on her goal for the fledgling center, the trim singer said, “I love to target children, because that’s the thing that makes a difference. We hope to do the same thing and start here at home in Chicago with health, with education, with dreams.”

Dig ENews’ brief & highly stylized coverage J-Hud’s newest venture below:

  • SAA

    omg yay, congrats J-Hud!!! She is an inspiration to losing weight and getting in shape.

  • LemonNLime

    Does anybody else hate those WW commercials she does? I feel like she is screaming at me through the TV.

    On a side note, JHud lost 80 lbs and she looks really toned. I wonder if she toned up as she was losing or if she had surgery to tighten up the extra skin from weight loss? I just wonder bc I am on my own slow weight loss journey. I am down 30 lbs and I want to lost another 50 so I am at the low end of my target BMI but toning is the thing that worries me.

  • sli

    Success is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity, and man was she prepared. She’s come a long way from American Idol. Congrats Jennifer!!! I wish you much more success and happiness.

  • Drew-Shane

    I love hearing her journey. Very inspiring and really shows you never know what will happen. She hooked up with the right people, right place and right time. I still never understand why all the hate. People don’t want her to sing, lose weight or act. I get so confused.

  • July

    Good for her! But seriously, I’m getting sick of hearing about her weight loss journey.

  • lulu

    i hope she inspires many black women to start the journey to losing weight. but…weight watchers is overdoing it with her commercials…her voice is beautiful and i’m happy for her but hearing it so many times in the same way…is getting annoying…

  • Tracie

    For Pete’s Sake Jenn…let it go! As if the WW commercials werent enough! She is becoming very annoying to me!

  • July

    I agree. I think you can only talk about your weight loss for so long before it comes annoying. We get it, you joined weight watchers and exercised. When does it end?

  • African Mami

    Go Jenny Go Jenny!!!!! Congrats mama….Talk about your weight loss all day long, cash in and run wid it!!!! LOVES IT.

  • Pink

    Congrats Jennifer!! Now get those over-weight kids and adults moving in Chicago. Most people won’t and don’t admit they’re over-weight. But I see it all the time…grossly obese people that is. And anyone that can help curb the overweight trend whether it’s Jennier or anyone else I applause.

  • Pink

    It’s a health issue, and so many people all over the country are in denial about being over-weight, and most people don’t want to put in the work that it takes to curtail obesity.

  • Jennifer Peerless

    The rumors are there, but because 80 lbs. is not a drastic loss it’s highly possible she did it in the gym.

    I joined a weight loss class and many of the women who dropped weight in that range did it slowly, as you are, with lots of interval training and weight lifting. They usually didn’t have excess skin to worry about because it had been gradually tightened.

  • Mimi

    @LemonNLime—YES!!! I hated her WW commercial where she’s doing all of the screaming. If you noticed, her second commercial is her singing a lot more softly. Too many people must have complained about all that damn screaming!

    Lets not forget that she got into a war of words with someone on twitter asking her the same thing about her allegedly having surgery and she went straight OFF!!! I think she did it naturally though. No surgery. It can be done. I think that you only have those skin issues when you drop a huge amount of weight like 150-200 lbs or more. She only lost 80 so skin shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

  • Ketta

    She said she could, and she did…a little over the top now, but whatever can get more Black Americans motivated to live a healthier lifestyle, I’m game!

  • sli

    Lol, you and me both. Some of these people commenting need to take themselves over to the “Are We All Just a Bunch of Mean Girls?” post and confess, “My name is_____, and I’m a mean girl.” How the heck are you going to get irritated and annoyed by someone’s success?!? This is a sister who came from the hood, had a dream, realized it AND some, but people are annoyed with her. And she’s not even doing anything negative as claimed in the articles discussing Tyler Perry and Rhianna. She’s just doing her thing, getting it done in a big way, and people are still complaining about trivial crap. Wow, just wow!

  • Candy

    The only problem I had with her commercials was the yelling. Now that she has a new one where she’s singing softer, I don’t mind. I do do wish she’d talk about her journey a bit on her commercial, but either way, she looks great.

  • sunnyboston

    LOL. I don’t like the WW commercial song either but I think she looks great! I also think its great for her to encourage other people to get healthy.

  • BASE

    I am happy, I am elated and thrilled. Jennifer I take my hat off to you. You are doing what a great business person is blessed to do . Your Choosing Chicago means that you care about the people you grew up with. I can see women , men and children improving their health . God bless you Jennifer Hudson

  • Pilot

    Jennifer Hudson looks simply delicious at her new weight, and I applaud the discipline and hard work it took for her to get to her new figure. Did I mention she looks fantastic and incredibly hot? I did? Sorry, must have lost my train of thought…

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