The Plot Thickens: Swizz Beats’ Alleged Mistress Speaks

by Britni Danielle

Well…things just got a little realer.

After “losing” her cell phone, aspiring singer Christina Elizabeth, came from behind her Twitter timeline to talk about her (alleged) relationship with Swizz Beats.

During an interview with Columbus radio station Power 107.5, Christina Elizabeth shed even more light on her dealings with Swizzy. One verrrrrry interesting tidbit? Christina Elizabeth revealed that she and Swizz have had a thing going on since 2007. At the time Swizz was still married to his first wife, Mashonda, who confronted Christina when she found out her husband was creeping. Since splitting from Mashonda and marrying Alicia Keys, Christina said she and Swizzy have had limited contact (and they haven’t seen each other), but recently he’s been trying to get that old thing back.

Recently, Swizz Beats celebrated his 33rd birthday and what lavish gifts did he get? Nada! The super-producer brought wife Alicia a brand new Lotus sports car. Hmm…perhaps he was feeling a little guilty? Who knows.

Listen to the interview and tell us what you think.


  • B.Payne

    Alicia’s about to get a house now, lol

  • tabatha

    “if you marry a man who cheats on his wife, you are married to a man who cheats on his wife”

  • alwaysthere

    oh well. she shouldnt have creeped. like she said everybody makes mistake. hopefully she learned

  • LN


  • Ashley Sykes

    funny how she get scared about what her family might think, even though she gave not 2 shits about HIS family. thirstyass sket.

  • Ashley Sykes

    um no. knowingly messing around with a man who is a public figure and EVERYBODY knows is married (all you gotta do is google it) is NOT a mistake. everybody doesn’t make that “mistake” cause some people actually know better. shes just trying to play the victim

  • boho.barbie


  • Savoy

    Interesting. She might not have cared about his family, but he doesn’t either lol. He makes babies all over the place and has zero respect for the women he marries. I don’t even understand the why Swizz or Alicia are lying or saving face. So he cheated? that seems to be what he does. Alicia knows, she was once his mistress.

  • Savoy

    oh and he didn’t “buy” Alicia a car. He works for Lotus. Him and Alicia are convince us that they are happy. Why else would you make it public that you gifted your wife a car that was gifted to you? lol

  • DebDeb70



    I say Alicia got what she had coming. She got’em the wrong way, she will lose him a horrible way. But, I bet she stay with him. Dummy!

  • Tracie

    And lil mama, need to find a bible to read, and focus preferably on the section about adultery. This whole situation is a mess.

  • bosslady

    Why should SHE care about HIS family. HIS family is HIS responsibility! She is not married to Alicia not is she a blood relative. Obviously I do not condone sleeping with a married man and she was stupid and is of a low moral standing, but let’s not place this all on the woman. #Swizzisthemarriedone

  • LocalCeleb

    I mean.. it’s always going to come to light.. sometimes sooner than later.. #pathetic

  • JaeBee

    Tell it!

  • Simone

    This is tacky…all the way around. Including the djs doing the ‘interview’. Is really sad to see how the low self esteem affected ALL the women involved with this idiot guy. To even share a man is a joke.

  • Pink Panties and Leopard Lipstick

    You do dirt, you get dirt! #PERIOD!

  • Mimi

    I’ve always wondered why anyone would want to marry someone like Swizz. I mean, dude has babies all around the world! And while he may be taking care of them financially, (at least I hope he is) what type of relationship is he having with these children? It’s easy to write a check when you’re a millionaire, but its a lot more difficult to share of your time. I do not feel sorry for Swizz, Alicia, Mashonda or missing phone girl. I feel sorry for all of Swizz’s kids who have to realize that their father considers them a business transaction instead of his children.

  • Merci

    Love it!!!

  • C&S

    Ugh that just boils my blood when i hear people say that about cheating. Esp those who KNOWINGLY participate in breaking up homes.

    “Everyone makes mistakes”

    Umm…no, you made a CHOICE, a bad one and you kept making that choice over and over.

    There are no “mistakes” in being a participant in infidelity. You may regret that choice, as you should, but it wasn’t some accident. There are too many point where this could have been stopped from going any futher for her or anyone to keep getting away with that sorry excuse/explaination.

  • C&S


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