I saw ‘Slow,’ an award-winning short film by Darius Clark Monroe, a few months ago.

After watching it, I had so many questions: What the hell just happened? Oh my God did he just do THAT? Wow, word?

Those were my responses to Monroe’s film, which had me watching–mouth open, hand covering one of my eyes.

I don’t want to give away the film, you’ll have to watch. But it’s dark, intriguing, unexpected, and veeeeeeeeery interesting.

Kudos to Monroe, a Houston-born, Brooklyn-based filmmaker, for showing men in a different light. Get ready to be caught up. I know I was.

Watch ‘Slow’ and tell me what you think! 

(Warning: The film may not be safe for viewing at work due to nudity & sexual content.)

  • African Mami

    Ummm…………………………..what in the world, I was really dissatisfied…

  • http://Clutch OKC Lonely

    It was interesting, but it left me conflicted. Dating is hard enough, and to think that you are so lonely that having dinner with someone who attacked you is better than being alone….its scary.

  • http://www.tobiaswright.com Tobias

    Should probably mention NSFW.

    I didn’t get it either, but the production value is good.

  • Smilez2569

    UMMMM………..yeah, what just happened? Did I miss something?

  • http://www.ericabunker.com Erica B.

    I feel like I “got it”. It seems like the message is that all gay guys are not just looking for a quickie. But actually want to take the time to get to know a person and nurture a relationship. Slow that ish down. Or maybe, I’m just a romantic at heart.

  • http://www.clutchmagazine.com Clutch


    Sorry…I will add that little disclaimer!


  • Kay

    I agree, I got the same message watching it too. Seems like he was so in need for company and a relationship, he was willing to compromise with the (almost) sexual assault. Not only is it hard being a gay BLACK man in this society…he also had a disability.

  • TPerk

    I think it is beautiful. The direct really had vision and a massage and I got it.

  • Srenda

    Really good work! Moving, dramatic, tense. Budding filmmakers take note: you don’t need a big budget, lots of actors, multiple locations to make a thought provoking, interesting film worth seeing.

    I really liked that this film makes the viewer work to understand it and also allows you to have your own personal experience with it. Monore’s direction revealed the humanity of the characters with such power, grace, subtely and nuance. I will be checking out more of this Directors work in the future.

    We need more films like this that don’t spoon-feed everything to us.

  • Gigi

    wow that was intense and somehow sad. I thought it ended perfectly though – leaves it up to the imagination whether the ‘date’ would stay and take things slow. Very anxious moments watching this.

  • Naffy

    Awww… that was actually kind of sweet.

  • PGS

    hmm…would it be “sweet” if it was a woman who nearly got raped?

    I think your opinion, along w/ many others, would be different.

    I really enjoyed this because it show black men as vulnerable. it also highlighted double standards in sexual assault (only one person mentioned this man was almost RAPED) and how we view men.

    I think we need a more diverse picture of men, especially Black men. It’s why i love Byron Hurt’s work. Especially his film “Barack & Curtiss” http://www.bhurt.com/barackandcurtis.php

  • Naffy

    *Shrugs* I think a lot of things about this scenario would be different if it were a hetero couple, including how and where they are getting together. I really don’t believe that guy was going to rape him. I think that the culture of how gay men socialize romantically is a whole lot different than how straight people socialize, whether it is good or bad or a double standard is not for me to judge. What I got from this scenario is that guy got naked because it worked for him in the past. If he was really trying to assault old boy he would not have dropped his hands and opened himself up for the boy to cut him talking about “you got me now”. He would have been trying to really injure the guy. That guy did not throw one punch.

  • Rest.

    Yes I caught this on Shadow and Act a while ago and also wondered how this would play out if it were a man and woman. The roles wouldn’t mesh like this though. the message about the dangers of online dating especially in the homosexual community where some men just want a quick hookup really resonated with me. Some people just want to take things “Slow”.

  • Kaydee-P

    Whoa. Loved it.

  • whilome


    Makes me think of my girlfriend who wonders why her hookups never turn into relationships. I asked her if she is sure she is communicating what she wants. To her partners and to her own self. Muy importante, methinks.

  • whilome

    Folks who characterize this as an “almost rape” need to review the film.

    It starts with miscommunication.

    The date thought he was coming over for a hookup and began operating under that assumption. That nearly fatal pas de deux between the men was about indignation. “Just who do you take me for?” both seemed to be saying. It was quite obvious that the sister’s communication with the date wasn’t related to our protagonist. Or was it? Hmmm? Had he bravely assented to a Casual Encounter, but decided to treat it as a date instead? Was this his first time? Had he just come out and wasn’t even ready for intimacy yet? Or was he just skeeved that homedude just jumped on him without dinner and movie? We will never know. But they will. Hopefully. After they eat.

  • Saraih

    wow i was really tripped up watching just a lot of stammering stuttering and what what why what the hell on my end…but it left me very very sad, to think that someone almost assaulted to you but to be that lonely you still want them to stay, hell i have been there where the loneliness is so consuming just feels like your being murdered slowly…maybe thats why i can relate..good short film

  • http://AirInDanYell.tumblr.com Erin

    :( Wow. Thought provoking… I truly didn’t get it until the end.

  • whyaskquestions

    the guy was blind right? what of that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Semaj-Dunson/625860135 Semaj Dunson

    This was very thought provoking….it allows viewers to make their own assumptioms on what took place.

  • B

    Yeah, I saw this a while ago back on Shadow and Act. Very well done, and thought-provoking.

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