In the latest issue of Vibe magazine, Chris Rock talks about Black actors dressing up in drag for comedic relief. Eddie Murphy has done it, Wesley Snipes did it and Tyler Perry is notorious for it with his character Madea. But do we want to see more Black actors putting on a dress in order to make us laugh? Here is what Chris Rock had to say about the topic:

“I mean, hey, lots of comedians dress up like women, not just Black. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. Men in drag…There was Mrs. Doubtfire. [Adam] Sandler’s next movies is Jack and Jill. He plays his brother and sister. [The Black community] doesn’t have that many movies, so if there’s only four Black movies in a year and two of them star Black men in dresses, I could see how that would upset some people. But that’s a job for some people. Tyler Perry is great in a dress, but I don’t want to see Denzel or Will Smith in a dress. And I don’t think we’re in any danger of seeing that.”

Interesting. So do you think more Black actors should take roles where they have to portray the opposite sex or is it more humilitating than funny? Talk about it!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i do not go to see brothers in drag.
    i have better things to do with my dollars.

  • Bisous

    Didn’t Dave Chappele make this SAME argument YEARS ago? I’m tired of this homophobic society we live in like its hilarious to see straight men put into situations which may be ignorantly assumed to be homosexual. Chuck and Larry being one of the most flagrant examples. I think it’s a ploy for cheap laughs and to members of the LGBT community it could weaken the argument for acceptance.

  • Bisous

    I just find it downright inconsiderate and insulting to the viewer or people who do struggle with their sexuality. You can be funny without pissing off people in the process.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    To be fair, Will Smith did play a gay man in “Six Degrees Of Separation”, about 20 years ago…

  • Mr. Man

    But Will didn’t dress in drag though…..

    More than that, why is it I could only hear Chris’ comments above in his voice no matter how many times I read it??

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm…

  • Nasya

    This topic has been beaten with a dead horse.

  • Sully F. Baby Esq.

    We have to take into account that it’s disrespectful to transgender people… kind of like white people dressing up in black face. Don’t make a parody of somebody’s existence. Drag is a beautiful art. Tyler Perry does nothing but disrespect the art and perpetuate myths about black women.

  • Guulo

    that’s interesting he doesn’t want to see Denzel or Will in a dress, but he wore a dress in Ummm fresh prince anyone? @

    Anyway chris rock, in my opinion rocks, he is funny as for movies and leading black men in movies, i’d love to see epic stories and story lines featuring the black race, i am thinking like movies like Troy, Robin Hood, Braveheart, that have a black man as a lead and a strong black woman lead, portraying honor, love, great principles etc…ahhh if only i was in the movie industry!

  • Ridge Slipnslide

    Does anyone remember the movie CB4? Chris Rock in drag was terrifying…

  • Val

    You know, I thought I remembered seeing Chris Rock in drag in something. I just couldn’t remember what.

  • max

    I’m almost positive this has nothing to do with our homophobic society. It’s an argument concerning the beginning of blacks in media, in the 60s i believe, during the civil rights movement. Blacks were forced to portray idiotic, stereotypical characters if they wanted to be on tv. I think all Chris Rock is saying is that he doesn’t want to see a return to that type of thing, where someone as talented and prominent as Denzel or the like would resort to drag or other forms of trivial comedy simply to get on the screen, although I could personally never see that happen, anyways.



  • Roman

    Will smith was in drag in that terrible movie wild wild west… Hello


    The only reason Chris Rock is talking is because he dressed in drag himselfin CB4

  • snoopydogcat

    And in fresh prince of belleair


    Oh please… The LGBT community has very little concerns over the imagery and portrayals of blacks overall.

  • Concerned citizen

    gay agenda it starts with the kids via seasame street, and it follows you all the way through your life. tv is making your kids gay. Dont catch the gay virus!

  • Bassman

    Also in 6 degrees of separation, he played as a homosexual.

  • Hahah

    Dave Chapelle is the only one who said NO., they came back 5 minutes later with a different script…. Chris rock is a sell out, Jay z is a bigger one, Will Smith? Don’t get me started.

  • tyrone

    I just saw Chris Rock in drag in an episode of Fresh Prince…

  • Paul

    Men dressing in drag is disgusting. Especially strong black men.

  • Revelation Knight

    Thanks I was looking for this info :)

  • Jeff

    No, no more men in dresses.. for at least a couple yrs. I have some stand up material for Mr. Rock that would tie in with this really well… about black men coming out in sports.material for myself but, would come off of for mr.rock. could put in about 5 to 10 min. Of material for stand up.if any1 from his team is interested, contact at return adress. Probly sounds crazy, but telln u its to funny to not get out b4 others stumble across it.

  • Barton Porter

    No man should ever wear a dress for no reason!

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