When I first heard the commercial for the dating site WhatsYourPrice.com I thought it was a joke. As I listened to the description of the site–which allows users to set prices they’d either pay or charge for dates–I couldn’t help thinking it sounded a little like prostitution.

I made a note to myself to go to the website to check it out (for curiosity’s sake) and, yeah, I’m still convinced that it’s verrrrrry close to prostitution.

WhatsYourPrice.com breaks users into two categories: The attractive (women) and The generous (men). It allows women to create profiles and name their own price for a date. So, if you think you’re worth $100, you can charge that amount for a first date. The man would then pay you $100, and you’d make money simply by going out on the date. On the flip side, a “generous” user can say he’d pay $100 for a date, and interested women can vie for his interest and snag a date that would pay them (the woman) $100.

Although the site insists the money is to illustrate interest and not sex, it sounds a little creepy to me. But according to the site’s testimonials seems to work.

One user wrote: “I had a wonderful date with a wonderful guy on Sat Oct.1st.He was a gentleman.He flew in from NYC,w had a great time.And the way he gave me the money was very creatve.So thank you for your site.”

While another (a Black woman), said: “It was nerve racking at first, wasnt really sure what to talk about but as the date progressed (and the drinks kept rolling in) It turned out to be a wonderful date and I left with cash in hand!!!”

Yet another user wrote: “I had a wonderful evening with a true gentleman!

He gave me 300. for our date and I enjoyed the evening so much we have a second date planned next week! I can hardly wait to see him again!”

And the most interesting review so far, included a morning after: “Within the first 10 days I have been on four dates through the site, and what’s interesting is that the money aspect means something different each time. I had one date give me back my money… the next morning. In bed.”

One thing I noticed as I scrolled through the site was that most of the testimonials included descriptions of cash exchanges, shopping sprees, and 5-star restaurants. But what I didn’t notice very much of (besides people of color), however, were love connections. Most of the women raved about the “polite” and “sweet” men they met, but very few talked about meeting “the one.”

I know dating can be tough, but by making men pay for not only the date (going dutch isn’t an option), but also the mere OPPORTUNITY to go out on the date, seems a little weird.

But what do you think? Does paying for a chance to date weed out the lames or is this site just another place to advertise the oldest job in the world?

Would you sign up?

Sound off!  

  • African Mami

    I’m heading over there right now to sign up. Sounds like an easy and great side hustle to make a little change!

    If you are getting paid to just dine and wine….that ain’t prostitution that’s HUSTLING!

  • Mimi

    In a country where there’s more women than men, I’d be a little skeptical of any man who would pay for a date. And I’m pretty sure after a few dinner dates, that man is gonna want a more “intimate” date.

    Also, what happens if the man doesn’t enjoy himself on the date? Does he have a right to demand a refund?

  • African Mami

    @ Mimi,

    How in hell is he not going to enjoy the date, when all the focus and attention is on him….I’d be boosting his ego and telling him he look like Lance Gross fine azz when he look like Flavor Flave in reality….

  • damidwif

    u continuously crack me the hell up. i think im gon sign up too

  • Mimi

    HAHA!!! I don’t know if I’m that good of an actress to be boostin a dude’s ego when he looks like Flav!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    if i pay i expect to get in…….

  • aedivine

    ^^^^^ exactly.
    I wouldn’t do it. It has date rape written all over it. Yeah sure,you’ll find the stories of the lucky ones who went on dates with nice guys who just wanted to have dinner and maybe make a relationship. but with ANY online dating site,you’ll get the creepers who will most certainly expect a little something extra on the side. I mean who spends $100 to go to red lobster or something? I would be verrry careful with a site like that.

  • African Mami

    @ j-philly,

    get in where?! I didn’t here any mention of doors needing to be opened!

  • aedivine

    And I also love how MOST of the women on that site are HALF-DRESSED! I mean really? who puts pictures of themselves in their bra and panties if they’re just looking to have dinner? and even if they are! that sends out the wrong message to would be dates!
    One women even wrote at the beginning of her about me <> LOLOLOL I mean really? It should also be noted that she is not wearing anything but a thong in the picture and covering her chest with her hands LOL oh yeah,hun. Nobody would ever get the wrong idea about you xD

  • aedivine

    it said “I am not a prostitute, so don’t even ask” LOL

  • jamesfrmphilly

    if it dress like a ho, and it talk like a ho……it most likely is a ho

  • African Mami

    @ j-philly

    so a ho, no longer becomes human?! They become an IT. HMMMM….Interesting so men are dogs….not like dogs, but just plain ol dogs!!!!! EVEN.

  • chanela

    i felt like those high school athlete auctions were prostitution. the school athletes would stand on a stage and girls would participate in an auction to “buy” the athletes and have a date with them at the movies and at dinner. i guess i was the only one who saw something wrong with it!

    i notice how they didnt do that to the cheerleaders… i guess then i would have been considered prostitution and potential date rape.

  • chanela

    its no different than an escort service. they just make it sound innocent and cute but once you go on the site then you realize that its basically prostitutes. also, i saw this newspaper and it kept advertising “adult massages” basically it was more prostitution but they covered it up by saying that its a “massage”…..if its just a massage then why would the advertisement say “sexy horny asian masseuses willing to do anything you want”???

  • Kit

    To keep it short and sweet- HELL NO!

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Love…American Style, LOL!!!

  • http://bloggingwhilenursing.com KalleyC

    Man, can you say take advantage of a weak economy. Just because people need money, doesn’t mean we’re going to do anything for it. SMH…dang shame.

  • Laura Nevitt

    Wow – so, I went to check it out and I couldn’t be more disturbed – this site is part of a larger online dating network that is all about exchanging money for dating – sugardaddy and sugarbaby.com, discreetmaritalaffairs.com and my favorite – friends and activity partners – the owner of the site is Brandon Wade who is all about sugar daddy arrangements – which is basically buying young, female companionship. his favorite quote on his website basically compares women to fish – not even human beings. This is exactly the kind of attitude that tells young women that they are just objects and can be treated however men want to treat them.
    The escort service and let us not kid ourselves – that is what this is, is exactly the kind of set up that leads to sexual violence and if you think it is all harmless fun – it is not – would you want your sister, mother, daughter to sign up for this?

    As one commentator already proved by his ‘ho’ comments -this is what happens – to you sir -how someone dresses does not define them and is no excuse to treat them badly.

  • Simone

    Wake up women and stop falling for anything.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    Just because YOU need money doesn’t mean YOU’ll do anything to get.

    We are capitalists, honey. Therefore we speak and do for ourSELVES.

    Just sayin.

  • http://www.techgrunth.com TechGrunth

    hey really nice post ..

  • Mr.niceguy

    Ok how about some real feedback. I am a 38 divorcee, and most of the women I meet want to get married and have kids. Well most of the women that fit into the I don’t want to get married or have kids, but I want to meet people and have a great experience are hard to find. Guess where I have found them? I have been on five different first dates through this service and non of which ended in the bedroom on the first date. Subsequent dates are just that, some become intimate some do not.

    So for a guy like me, who is not a player, hustler, thug, or gifted with gab, I get to spend time with an attractive woman who also meets a nice guy. Do I want to get her in the bed? Of course I’m a guy, but like most people I want the person in the bed with me to be attracted to me. Besides $50-100 can be spent in a night at a bar buying drinks for you and the woman you are trying to get the attention of in hopes of getting her number, so that after a few phone calls you can go out on a date. This way I don’t have go the club, be out late drinking, deal with being shot down, looking like I lost in a game of musical chairs, only to try it again on my next free evening. Same amount of money spent without the dating game drama/hustle.

  • http://www.itsalltech.in itsalltech

    Hey Nice Post! .

  • Alexandra

    I finally decided to try the dating approach offered via What’s Your Price simply because I felt that if I tell a guy that my time for a first date is worth $100 and he accepts, then the one thing I already know is that the guy isn’t broke and is serious about meeting me. I have spent the last two years on typical dating sites and got disgusted that 99% of the time the guy was ot financially stable and clearly was looking to hook up!!! I have NEVER had either problem with the guys I have met through What’s Your Price. I profile myself as exactly what I am – college educated reader, conservative politically, very world aware – NO SEX KITTEN and I am meeting nice, financially stable men. I am exceedingly happy with my dating experiences via What’s Your Price and if I am destined to meet my Mr. Right, I feel very optimistic that What’s Your Price gives me the best chance of that happening :-)

  • Don

    Well, I know where NOT to find a woman…..

  • Saffron

    I have had a profile on the site for a while now. Unlike the above mentioned profile pictures, mine features me in a tank top and jeans in a park. My profile is mature, with proper spelling and grammar, and a distinct lack of any unnecessary abbreviations or any of the dreaded “chat speak”. I am very picky about men, and this site helps to weed out the less appealing guys. I don’t feel the site is 100% geared to geared toward “twue wove”, but that’s not what I’m looking for right now -I’m only 23,after all. Like most dating sites, you can specify what type of relationship you are looking for. My profile states that I am looking for short-term dating, an activities partner, which I specify to mean that I am interested in a fishing buddy, or a Sugardaddy. Many people assume that a Sugardaddy/Sugarbaby relationship is essentially prostitution. This is not always the case. Like any other relationship, sex can be anywhere from a focal point to nonexistent in the relationship. Believe it or not, there are wealthy men who are willing to spend money merely to spend time in the company of a beautiful woman, with no sex expected. There aren’t many these days, but they do exist – some folks are just too busy for a “normal” relationship, and such arrangements are easier. I had a friend as a sugarbaby of my own for a while – I would take her shopping and buy her pretty things for the simple reason that making other people happy makes me happy.

  • Bean

    Actually, I’m a virgin who’s done well on both sites. I found a nice nerd to match my nerdy needs, someone who I probably would t have noticed IRL but since he was willing to pay, we met, hit it off, had fun. The reason why you don’t hear about “the one” in testimonials is because the site asks for a review right after the first date. Usually at that point you don’t know if he’s the one or not.
    As for the sugar daddy business, they have been in existence as long as money has been and are seen everywhere (Hugh Hefner, anyone?). Anyway, you don’t have to have sex if you don’t want to (like me) though most girls will because it is a “relationship” and that’s what most relationships include. The sugar daddy arrangement is just more upfront about a girl’s financial needs. As for me, I’m paying my way through my BFA with my SD. So yeah, they’ve been around forever, it’s sites are just making it easier to find.
    Besides, if the girls are more than willing to have sex, what does it matter? It’s their choice. It’s not like it’s a written contract, and they get to choose who they even see. It’s not any more or less dangerous than meeting someone from a traditional dating site.

  • Nick

    Great point! I think for me, if a girl posts that she’s open to a sugar daddy/baby relationship, she should know that sex is going to be on the guys mind, otherwise, he’d look for another type of relationship.

  • Lou

    Man. I hear you and I feel you. But, still, spend the money on a dating coach. Would be a better investment to yourself.

  • http://www.whatisyourprice.com tanya

    dishonest greedy people. don’t buy memebership. no refunds .

  • http://www.whatisyourprice.com tanya

    this website will rob you withot gun.do not buy membership. they are one of the worth experience i had on internet. work very good for scames

  • Eli

    I think you have a severely skewed sense of reality. Thug is a positive which you lack? Pffft, get real. I am 24, I have met a beautiful girl whom I have been with for 4 years so far and I had to do nothing but be myself. She is in the process of getting her masters in social work and is far more intelligent and loyal than I had ever hoped for. This site falls in with the myriad of institutions which are fosterin theg false ideals and pandering destructive false maxims which prevent long term devotion and result in divorce. For better or worse are just said and not meant. So, what does that mean when the money runs out or someone with more comes in? Sorry babe, sorry kids I’m leaving, this mans penis has more money and responsibility free fun.

  • Tanner

    Tanya. I think you hate the site so much is because you’re afraid to try it. Besides, what’s the difference in pain 1500 dollars to a broker at a dating site in some office building and getting nothing in return. I myself being a male has been out on 2 dates so far. And not once was there ever a conversation or an exchange for sex. This is no different than meeting a girl anywhere else or any other dating site. Eventually the guy has to pay for the meal and everything else anyway. And if they begin a relationship there’s always going to be sex so again what’s the problem?

  • http://[email protected] mary

    been on this site all guys want sex..most want the companionship..its fun and most of the guys are great. And most of the guys dont mind handing out the cash.Im a girl and have given guys money for their company…not just for sex. Women have less money and make less money and so need more money…men love women…love giving women money..so why not? Everyone is happy…and most women love men and it makes for a great date and lots of kissess and laughs and ….why not sex…women love sex too…its just the jerks that mess it up for everyone..if it was really up to women…they would love to have lots of sex.Just dont put up with jerks (men) and protect and love us women.And you men will not only have lots of sex but lots of love. And if you men dont want to pay women for sex….then pay women enough money to live on and not have to worry about money.It makes for happy women and when women are happy and secure it makes for peace and love in the whole world and your world especially. As most kids know..when mom has money..there is food..a place to live..and presents..and the bills get paid…security. Look at the world and where there is no respect and love of women…and women have no say in government..there is war..famine.. and death.

  • Sandra

    Lol… I am a member of the site because a friend of mine had tried it and had a couple of very nice dates with men who actually did have some substance. I have been on the other POF and Match for years and have had only about 2 good dates out of thousands of emails from guys who never seem to be what they say.. or they are just the kind that you would not want your enemy to sit and have a cup of coffe with. I have been on the most attrocious, hideous, and uncomfortable dates absolutely wasting my time. Yes, I am above the average bear but come on. there has to more substance out there. So this way you know if someone can’t afford 100.00 to date you then they probably can’t afford much else. At least this way if it does not work out you have not completely wasted your time in going on another terrible date where you could have gone to the gym .. Now don’t get me wrong… There are women who abuse this site of course – as well as men but they abuse every site so “to each his own”…. :)

  • anne wait

    no shit.of course it’s prostitution.mustang ranch online.

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