Kevin Hart Moves To “Modern Family”

by Risa Dixon

This man is not only hilarious, but he seems to be unstoppable as well. He hosted the 2011 BET Awards, his movie “Laugh At My Pain,” broke Eddy Murphy’s record for being the first African American to sell over $1.1 million in ticket sales and now he is joining the cast of the hit ABC comedy, “Modern Family,” according to

The 32-year-old comedian will guest star as Phil Dunphy’s new neighbor, Andre, who makes his living as a physician. Hart has starred in “Krod Mondoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire,” “Death at a Funeral” and “Epic Movie.” He also starred in the 2004 movie, “Soul Plane” with Sofia Vergara from “Modern Family.”

Good luck to Hart with his new endeavor. This show is already hysterically funny so Hart should fit right in.

  • ghosttown

    Modern Family’s first black character…interesting

  • Akua

    This show is already hilarious!!! Now you’ve got a black man (a physician at that!), a male gay couple w/ an Asian kid, and your average dysfunctional American family! PURE COMEDY!!!

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I love the show, I don’t really like Hart’s routine. I hope the writers temper him a bit and I really hope he doesn’t ruin my show.

  • Estava Morioka

    Im super excited. Modern Family is my favorite show and I love Kevin Hart!!!!! Congrats to him!

  • Dee


  • LurkerG


    Modern Family is a great show. They will benefit from having him on. Love Kevin. Congrats to him!

  • The Comment

    I hope he doesn’t ruin it.

  • Pink Panties and Leopard Lipstick

    I love that show… good look Kev. I didn’t know he broke Eddie’s record… thats wassup! That’s history!

    As for those who think he may “ruin” the show…. *sideeye*

  • LKJ

    Personally I think K Hart is hilarious. His bit about the time his mother gave him permission to cuss at school leaves me in tears. I’m excited to see what he brings to the show.

  • The Comment

    Don’t get *crossed-eyed* There is more to come.

  • GTBOy

    HAH! in your face!

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